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Strengthen your faith walk and live empowered! Transform your daily faith walk through Christian stories, connections, and more, so you can live the spiritually empowered life you desire.


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Strengthen your faith walk and live empowered! Transform your daily faith walk through Christian stories, connections, and more, so you can live the spiritually empowered life you desire.






Shannon Rhodes: The Joy of Walking in Purpose

CEO, coach, and national best-selling author Shannon Rhodes desires to see people, especially women, walk in their purpose. Not only does she cheer them toward their purpose, but she also exemplifies what living in your purpose looks like. For example, her company, Pure Rhodes, ladens every one of their soap bars with a scripture. Often, you will find her in deep conversation with someone as she coaches them through difficulty and navigates them toward greater. She expounds rays of joy wherever she goes. An encounter with her will cause you to wear your sunglasses because she radiates brightly. Special offer available for listeners of this episode. Tune In to hear more.


Elizabeth Louis: Increase Impact, Influence, and Income

If you want to increase your impact, influence, and income as a Christian executive, you must shift your mind. Former producer Elizabeth Louis felt mentally tortured as she sought ways to move past her childhood trauma. Then, she heard about positive psychology emphasizing coaching and decided that was what she needed to learn to help herself. So, she reenrolled in school. One day, while reading the bible, she realized positive psychology was laid out in the scriptures. After transforming her thinking, she shifted to helping others. Now, she helps Christian executives increase their impact, influence, and income.


Sharon Hughes: Who Would You Be if You Let Go of Your Past?

Sharon Huges is a confidence coach and the award-winning author of "The Girl in the Garage: 3 Steps to Letting Go of Your Past," a faith-based book for breaking free from a lack of confidence, self-worth issues, and a painful past. Growing up, she suffered abuse, emotional neglect, and a barrage of negative incidents, including date rape, which left her believing she was not good enough. However, an encounter with a book started her journey to discovering who she was meant to be, and now, she is using her experiences to ignite confidence in those she meets. Learn more about her and her story in this podcast episode. #confidence #confidencebuilding #overcome #christianpodcast #thecwspod


Aaron Smith: Look for the Pink Flags Before You Say I Do

Everyone looks forward to the wedding date, the beautiful decorations, flowers, cake, the groom in his tux, and the first appearance of the bride in her dress, but let’s back it up. That’s only the wedding date. Do you know the questions you and your fiancé should ask before you say I do? Are you only looking for the red flags, or have you noticed some pink flags? Wedding officiant Aaron Smith shares insights about what couples should ask and do before they say I do, as well as what they should consider doing long after the wedding date is over. Tune in. #wedding #engagement #christiancouples #christianpodcast #thecwspod


Brigitta Hoeferle: Listen Deeper

She had the education, the charisma, and the perfect model, but she still struggled to communicate as she executed God's plan for her life. She stepped back, pointed the finger at herself, and dove into communication methodology. She realized that communication was more than the words she said, and it included purpose, tonality, mindset, and body language. A better understanding of communication caused her to listen on a deeper level, thus making her more effective with people. Now, she is helping others do the same. How we communicate will determine whether someone will receive the message we desire to give.


Carrie Pierce: Be the Light

Have you ever started reading a story to a child but paused because there was something more to the story? Carrie Pierce, children's author, reminisces about a time when children's books were free of agenda, pure, only providing essential lessons a child needed to learn. Recognizing a need for that, she delved into writing children's books focused on overcoming and taking leaps of faith. She urges other Christian writers to take up this mantle too. If we ever needed light, we need it now. She furthers this message as she works with authors through her publishing company.


Cindy Rand: Be More Than the Box

Cindy Rand is affectionally known as the Busy Woman's Cheerleader. She coaches women on breaking outside the boxes that society, family, and even friends seek to place them in because she knows that God has made women for greater. Emphasizing the importance of never becoming complacent, she cautions that we must remain wary of the limiting beliefs that we allow others to speak into our lives and prophecy what we desire for our lives. Amid women acknowledging what they want, Cindy helps them balance all aspects of their lives, mind, body, spirit, and finances, giving them the 360-experience. Tune in.


Sylvia Worsham: Discovering My Soul Identity

International best-selling author and coach Sylvia Worsham says she sought significance through her corporate job and accomplishments. However, a life-threatening situation with a twenty-percent survival rate refocused her eyes on whom God said she was in Him. Her journey led her to discover her soul identity, and she authored the book Journey to Me: Trust the Wisdom of Change, sharing her story and emphasizing the importance of letting go of our ego-identities. Daily, she invokes a spirit of gratefulness because she knows her harrowing journey guided her to where she needed to be, living her divine calling. Tune in!


Wendy Zahorjanski: Go for It!

At nineteen, Wendy Zahorjanski's life took an unexpected turn. After completing one year of college, she still did not know what she wanted to do with her life. Then, while praying about it, her older brother invited her to visit him in Kyrgyzstan. During her time there, she realized she needed more biblical training to be sure of her beliefs. So, God led her to a bible college in Hungary, where she met her husband. Together, they returned to his home country of Serbia to minister. Reflecting, she realizes that the seeds of missionary work were planted as a child, and she shares her story in the upcoming book Hard Is Only Half the Story.


LaDonna Humphrey: Show Up!

As an investigative journalist and advocate for victims of cold cases, Ladonna Humphrey fully understands the need for hope in this dark world. Investigating some of the most gruesome crimes, she says it is her active faith in God that helps her serve in this untapped mission field. Often, she finds herself sitting with the victims' families. Although she cannot remove their pain, showing up is one of the most crucial steps for someone who has suffered a loss. As Christians, we have multiple opportunities to demonstrate the love of Jesus Christ, but we must recognize the opportunities and show up. Tune in to hear more of her story!


Steven Snook: Extraordinary Solitude

Born to an impoverished teen mom, placed in foster care by age one, and transferred to another state to live with a distant aunt, Steven Snook's start in life was not ideal. He was involved in crime at an early age, eventually leading him to federal prison. While there, he discovered his younger brother was fighting for his life because of his continued involvement in crime. Desperate for his brother to live, he turned to God, starting his Christian journey. He grew exponentially, helping others similarly situated, and it was during solitude that he began to write his upcoming book. Tune in for more!


JR Rivera: God Work through My Hands

His teachers said he would never amount to anything. He did not fit into the traditional educational curriculum, and while people rejected him, he rejected the educational standards of the time, eventually dropping out of school. In the process, he drifted from God, maintaining a belief but not living as he should. But suddenly, his life changed. His mother died by suicide, and with his father's prompting, he returned to church to find answers. From that point, he chose to live with purpose, asking God to work through his hands and standing on his pillars of faith, family, fitness, and finance. Tune in to this empowering episode.


Johnathan Drayton: Going Deeper

One day, Johnathan Drayton was struck by Proverbs 9:10, which says, "The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom" (KJV). He wanted to live more wisely and realized he had to have a more intimate and intentional relationship with God to achieve his goal. Previously, his relationship with God hinged on his parents' relationship, but he knew he had to have his own. So, he started by reading the bible and having deeper conversations about God with others. These deep conversations would develop into a podcast, and today, he is known as the Christian Philosopher.


Marnie Swedberg: Well Done Comes with You Being Uniquely You

Marnie Swedberg says you should experience excitement about who you are as a person. God created you uniquely, and if you can embrace this truth, giving yourself over to your uniqueness and God's plan, you will receive the well done intended for you. Marnie is the founder and director of She has given her life over to God to follow the unique plan He has for her life. As a result, He has expanded her territory mightily, affecting thousands through her obedience. Are you ready to do the same? Tune in to learn more.


Susan Gabriel: Propelled to Purpose

#CPS #justice #christianpodcast #publishing #TheCWSpod False accusations became the propeller she needed to answer the most significant call in her life. Experiencing traumatic events with child protective services made Susan question whether God was real, and He didn't let her down in providing proof. Gradually, He revealed through her situation that He was real, opening her up to the greater possibilities He had for her life. She wrote a book detailing her experience with child protective services, but that was not the end of her journey in the publishing world. God wanted her to go further and start a publishing company that is now producing more extraordinary acts of service to others. Tune in.


Dr. April Brown: Intimacy, Christian Couples, and the Church

#christianpodcast #christianmarriage #church #intimacy #TheCWSpod When we hear the word intimacy, its meaning is often fast-tracked to the word sex. However, according to Dr. April Brown, intimacy is much more than the physical act of sex. In this interview, we explore the definition of intimacy, how the lack of intimacy affects Christian marriage, the "taboos" around sex for Christian women, how the lack of intimacy in couples' lives affects their worship and service, and how the church can assist. Tune in.


Nikole Thompson: Shades of Truth

#christianpodcast #TheCWSpod #drugaddiction #prison #overcome What is the truth? According to Nikole Thompson, the truth is knowing you need a relationship with Jesus. She and her husband experienced great success through God's blessings but allowed idol influences to enter their lives through friends. Soon, they experienced rapid downfall, fighting to overcome drug addiction, alcoholism, and general sinful living. Finally, a determination to settle into what they knew to be truth fueled them to victory. So now, they help others through their ministry, Prison 2 Preacher, and book, 50 Shades of Truth, to overcome as they did.


Mark Sowersby: Forgiving the Nightmare

*Trigger Warning: Graphic description of child and sexual abuse shared in this interview. Mark Sowersby's abuser left him broken, insecure, and searching for dignity and value. A mountain of pain before him, an invitation to church set him on the path to healing. While on a church youth trip, he chose Christ as his Savior. Step by step, God helped him experience healing. Eventually, he was able to write his book Forgiving the Nightmare, outlining his story and the hope one can find after abuse. Tune in to listen to this episode.


Michael DeLon: Be the Expert in Whatever You Do

Michael DeLon's joy in the Lord is infectious! He understands how God is concerned even when you need to find the job that best fits you. When he didn't know what to do about his career, God told him to go, and he established himself as an expert in what he already knew. He launched his book On Marketing: The Definitive Guide for Small Business Owners, becoming an Amazon #1 best-selling author. However, he did not keep that talent to himself. He went on to help multiple small business owners establish themselves as experts through authorship. His best tip is to show up as yourself and impact people. They want the authentic you! Tune in!


Sandy Kirkham: When They Prey

When Sandy Kirkham went to church at age eight, she fell in love with it. But at age sixteen, this innocent bright-eyed child would face the unthinkable. In the "safest place on earth, " she would encounter a wolf in sheep's clothing who would abuse her sexually, mentally, emotionally, and physically. Even though he was a known predator, the church elders would force her to leave while this wolf continued to serve in a different congregation. Over twenty years later, she spoke up, and now, she has given voice to her story through her book, Let Me Prey Upon You, bringing hope, healing, and empowerment to help you overcome. #sexualabuse #rape #clergy #church #hope #healing #overcome #TheCWSpod #christianpodcast