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A Bible study podcast of the Olsen Park church of Christ in Amarillo, Texas.


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A Bible study podcast of the Olsen Park church of Christ in Amarillo, Texas.






Portrait of the New Testament Church

How does the biblical portrait of the church described in the New Testament match how the world pictures the church? How do our own concepts conform to this picture? Transcript


God's Regret

On occasion, the Bible speaks of things happening that God is said to "regret." How can an all-knowing God "regret" anything? How should we understand this aspect of God's makeup? Transcript


Why Do We Pray?

Critics of faith often appeal to prayer as a reason to reject the validity of faith altogether. They conclude if prayers are not answered there is no God or He is cruel and unwilling to help those who believe in Him. What does the Bible teach regarding these charges regarding prayer? Transcript


The Name of the Lord

How is the name of God used in common speech today? Is it used with respect and reverence, or with casual disregard? For many people, it has become nothing more than a way to express surprise or dismay. What does the Bible teach about the use of the Lord's name? Transcript


"He Hates" or "God Hates"

Many Christians have begun using the formal equivalence translation known as the English Standard Version. When reading from this translation in the book of Malachi, the student of Scripture will notice at once a reading dramatically different from that found in most other English translations. Why is this the case? What is the evidence behind these different renderings? Transcript


Am I a Christian?

If I call a piece of broccoli an "apple," does it make it an apple? If I do it long enough, will it ever become an apple? Only the Bible can tell us what it truly means to be a Christian. Am I truly a Christian or am I just applying that name to myself when I am not truly a disciple of Christ? Transcript


Alive in Christ

We've all heard the expression, "now that's living!" In Ephesians 2:1-10 Paul describes a condition of true spiritual life. He does not offer fleeting and superficial hope that rests in material things. Paul addresses the significance and glory of what it means to be alive in Christ. Transcript


Mending Broken Relationships

In every human relationship, there can be times when things happen that damage the trust, closeness, and love that once existed. How should Christians handle such damaged relationships? What should be done? Whether we are talking about relationships between classmates, co-workers, family members, or members of a congregation what does the Bible teach about mending broken relationships? Transcript


A Strategy for Victory

A battle the Israelites fought against the Canaanite city of Ai teaches some important lessons that can help Christians as they face their own spiritual warfare. Transcript


From Confusion to Peace

Our world is filled with confusion. How should we live? What should we believe? How do we cope with life's trials? Is there a way to find peace in such confusion? Can one find a sense of direction? The good new of Jesus Christ offers the confused soul direction, guidance, and the way to go from confusion to peace. Transcript


Maturity in the Church

Spiritual immaturity can have a profound impact on the functioning of a local congregation. Understanding some ways this can happen will not only safeguard against the problems this can cause but it can also stir us towards maturity in our own lives. Transcript


Denominational "Salvation"

Throughout the religious world, men and women promote and express confidence in concepts of salvation in Christ that are not found in Scripture. What does the Bible teach about salvation? How does this differ from false concepts taught by denominations of men? Transcript


The Apostle to the Gentiles

The apostle Paul fulfilled a special role in bringing the gospel to Gentiles in the first century. His work offers us some powerful and important lessons as we seek to spread the gospel in our own world. Transcript


Prayer in the Early Church

The book of Acts is the inspired history of the early church. It sets patterns for how early men and women first obeyed the gospel and worshipped God under the New Covenant. What patterns can be discerned from what the book of Acts teaches us about prayer in the early church? Transcript


Jesus Is the Bread of Life

Since the beginning of man’s life outside the Garden of Eden bread has been the food God has set forth to sustain man’s life. When Israel was in the wilderness God fed them with bread from heaven. After the feeding of the 5,000, Jesus identified Himself in this same way, as the bread which came down from from heaven. What did this mean? What was Jesus teaching? Transcript


Conscience without Offense

The world has many different ideas about the conscience from a soft voice that speaks in one’s head, to a cute cherub that appears on the shoulder. What does Scripture teach about this part of our inner being that is called the conscience? Transcript


Does God Violate His Own Laws?

From time to time the critic of faith or the believer facing doubts levels the charge against God that He is inconsistent. The argument is that He makes laws for human beings but violates those laws Himself. If this is true, it is argued, then God demands more of us than He does of Himself. Is this argument valid? How can this charge be answered? Transcript


Warning Signs

We have all seen them—those flashing signs that tell you your speed in relation to the posted speed limit. If you are going too fast they give you a gentle warning that helps you change your speed before getting a ticket. These familiar street signs parallel some powerful principles that we should realize about spiritual things. Transcript


"Not Dead, but Sleeping"

Is death the end of life? When life passes from the body, do we cease to exist? The Bible teaches that physical death does not bring human existence to an end. Instead, death is described as "sleep." What does the Bible teach about this "sleep" of death? Transcript


Step Outside of Yourself

Why does life so often feel overwhelming? How much interest do we take in the lives of others? If most of your focus is only on your own troubles and hardships, perhaps it is time you need to "step outside of yourself!" Transcript