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Imperfectly Human is a podcast charting the entrepreneurial journey of Mr Daley. Entrepreneurship is not easy so what happens when you embark on entrepreneurship as a Christian determined to live out your faith in life and business? Well that is what this podcast is dedicated to finding out and cataloguing, so follow Mr Daley as he walks the road to his purpose.


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Imperfectly Human is a podcast charting the entrepreneurial journey of Mr Daley. Entrepreneurship is not easy so what happens when you embark on entrepreneurship as a Christian determined to live out your faith in life and business? Well that is what this podcast is dedicated to finding out and cataloguing, so follow Mr Daley as he walks the road to his purpose.






Time To Shine - Interview With Adegoke Beecroft

In this episode, Mr Daley sits with Adegoke Beecroft of Adaine Property. Ade is a rent 2 rent property entrepreneur who is driven and focused on carving out the life he wants for himself. Ade comes from humble beginnings and has a unique story that is both inspirational and engaging. You can check out Ade on his Instagram page @ade_adaine_property. Mr Daley is the principal consultant of Yellow Eight, a design agency that focuses on transforming the perceived value of analytical...


Time To Shine - Interview With Dr Brandy Victory

Mr Daley sits down with Dr Brandy Victory to discuss her role as a quantum functional health and functional blood chemistry practitioner. Dr Brandy is a vibrant and positive soul who has an infectious smile. Her love and passion for her business and more importantly, her desire to help people to improve their health and well-being is evident! Throughout this interview, her positive outlook shines through in every response. About Dr Brandy Victory Dr Brandy Victory, D.C. is a Quantum...


Don't Sleep On The Talent

The parable of the talents is about how a master entrusts capital to his servants to invest and grow whilst he is on a long journey. The parable got me thinking about how we have human capital at our disposal but a lot of leaders today do not manage that human capital correctly. We still live in an age where nepotism is prevalent and talented people are overlooked because leaders are threatened by their potential. In this episode, I share 5 reasons why I think talent management is important...


Time to Shine - Interview With Lola Bejide

Everybody has their path and like me, Lola had an early start in entrepreneurship but also found herself in the corporate world. I guess the story is the same, there is only so long you go until you have to answer the call of your purpose. This story definitely rings true for Lola and in this interview you will hear how driven, fearless, confident, audacious and bold she is! She is going after her passion, carving out a lane for herself and taking no prisoners whilst doing it! All of this...


Time To Shine - Interview With Susan Gabriel

What do you do when your whole world is turned upside down and you are asked to accept it and give up? That was what happened to Susan Gabriel in the '80s when her new husband of 6 weeks was suddenly accused of abusing her daughter. Susan went through a roller coaster of emotions but she decided to fight against an unfair system. This was the start of her journey to legislative reform which has undoubtedly transformed the lives of many who experience the same thing. This conversation with...


Time To Shine - Interview With Morissa Schwartz

Being an entrepreneur is not easy, I think I have said this countless times on the podcast. Your journey is often filled with long days and nights, self-belief sprinkled with a little self-doubt, juggling multiple things and plenty of ups and downs. I am someone that finds inspiration through the journey and story of others and this week I get to sit with Morissa Schwartz, a lady who is taking no prisoners as she builds two successful businesses. She exudes determination and grit whilst...


Impossible to I'm Possible!

Sometimes in life, we run at our careers at full speed without much thought to whether we will enjoy it and whether it aligns with our purpose in life. This generally leaves many of us feeling unfulfilled and trapped. We can at times find ourselves as passengers in our own lives watching our dreams pass us by. Some of us are brave enough to throw caution to the wind and change our course of travel but many of us stick it out, afraid to take a leap of faith. What does it mean to take a leap...


Placing Your Flags

We all have goals and dreams! We all want to achieve something. The endpoint may not have crystalised in our minds, in fact, it may be a hazy dream seemingly riddled with obstacles but irrespective of that, it is our dream. So how do we make this seemingly hazy dream a tangible reality? Something we can touch and share proudly? Well, we need to set some milestones or markers that help us identify that we have progressed in our journey toward our endpoint. That is what a goal is! A flag, a...


Entrepreneurship Is A Lonely Journey

I have never been a person to shy away from honesty and transparency so I have made no secret of my struggles with my own mental wellbeing. I think that most entrepreneurs suffer this but I guess my personality type compounds this issue. I fall into a rare Myers-Briggs profile "INFJ" of which one of the characteristic traits is being a 'perfectionist'. This constant search for perfection in everything leads me to construct my 'ideals' in my head and try to make my reality align with those...


No Safety Net

14 years ago, I took the leap of leaving my permanent role with a well-defined career path, prospects for management and beyond, a regular paycheck, benefits and bonuses. Looking from the outside in, it looked like a crazy decision to leave that world to step into the world of entrepreneurship. The decision was not really that difficult for me as I had a major client lined up and I was heading into a 3-month project with the client so it didn't feel too dissimilar to what I was leaving...


Happiness or The Bag

I have been in the fortunate position of having money and not having money. Whilst you may think that not having money is not a fortunate position, I would argue that not having money gives you a whole lot of perspective. It helps you filter out the people who really care about you and those who are just there for a good time. Not having money is a humbling experience and you find out how deep your resolve is and what you can truly endure. I would say that you find out who you really are...


WhyYou Need To Do Data

Data, in my opinion, is one of the sexiest things about business. Gathering information, joining datasets together to unlock insights about customers, products and services, identifying opportunities and flaws in your offering and many more applications. It just makes me so excited and it is something I can spend hours playing with. So, you will not be surprised that I am an advocate for data, no matter the size of your business and I think that anyone that fails to embrace data is...


Tips For Efficiency

One of the key skills I developed was knowing how to learn from the successes and failures of others. As part of this, I learned that what the bible says in Ecclesiastes Chapter 1 verses 9 to 11 is really true. There is nothing new under the sun, everything has been done before. For that reason, if you are looking for information about something, if you search hard enough you will find it and it will help you speed up your process. I am not one for reinventing the wheel and whilst preparing...


Success Is The Best Revenge

In this episode of the Imperfectly Human podcast, Mr Daley discusses the importance of self-belief and having the ability to visualise your end state, especially when nobody else can. Sometimes people will want you to believe that your dream has no merit and your vision is impaired but the reality is that people are limited by their experiences. Not every creator is an entrepreneur and not every entrepreneur is a creator. It is truly rare when you find someone that has the ability to do...


Cut It Off!

In this episode of the Imperfectly Human podcast, Mr Daley talks about values and value systems. Understanding your own personal values and setting minimum standards for your values allows you to assess the things and people in your life to determine if they fit with your values. The things we allow that do not meet our minimum requirements when it comes to values, take us off track and take up energy that we can use to achieve positive things. Having a minimum standard does not mean...


Keep The Same Energy

Energy management is so important. Depending on how you present yourself, your customers and suppliers will develop a view and rapport with you based on the energy that you put out. This energy can be infectious and positive or it can be low and damaging to you and your brand. So how do we ensure that we are consistently putting out the energy that matches what we want for ourselves and our brand? In this episode of the Imperfectly Human podcast, Mr Daley provides you with his approach to...


Scalable By Design

Most entrepreneurs get bogged down in the detail of their business and make the error of becoming trapped, working in their business and not on their business. As a result, many entrepreneurs struggle to grow beyond their initial venture and become frustrated by their lack of progress. One of the most common reasons for this is a lack of scalability in their businesses. Many businesses are great single location businesses servicing a small segment of the market but once the owners try to...


All Work And No Play

In this episode of the Imperfectly Human podcast, Mr Daley gives you his 5 top tips for achieving work-life balance. Now, it is important to stress that these are the 5 things that have worked for Mr Daley and this is not a statement of fact that if you do the same you will achieve a work-life balance. These 5 tips are points to consider that can help you on your journey to work-life balance. The critical success factor in all of this is you. If you do not consider what is required in your...


Real Entrepreneurs Don't Fail

Mr Daley returns with season 2 of the Imperfectly Human podcast! Entrepreneurship is a lifelong journey and the ups and downs of entrepreneurship is something that is not openly spoken about. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs have had the hardest and most challenging journeys you can imagine yet this is hardly spoken of openly. People see the fruits of success but are oblivious to the number of withered trees the entrepreneur has left in their wake as they pursued their...


Weathering The Storm Part 3

David and Terrence touch on 3 questions that you need to ask yourself in order to weather your personal storms! 1. How do I change my perception of the storm? 2. How do I remind myself of God’s authority over the storm and the authority that he has given to me? 3. What is the storm trying to remove in me? As always the conversation is honest and transparent with a view of providing inspiration for living Christianity outside the 4 walls of your church and not just on Sundays! Subscribe...