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Stephanie Filardi, entrepreneur, mentor, author, yogi, shaman, podcast host is inspired to live in a world where people laugh more, love more, and choose JOY as a way of life. She believes life is short and we all deserve to live well...with health and wealth in all its forms. Stephanie believes it is our birthright to be who we are, and live our own unique journey! Together. Show topics include: Transitions, Relationships, Health, Nutrition, Values, Presence Practice, Goals, Visualizing, Fulfillment, Overcoming Obstacles, Meditation, Spirituality, Resistance, Suffering, Energy, the Holidays, Reflection, Ego, Commitment, Comfort, Wellness, Coaching and more. https://www.amazon.com/Reclaiming-JOY-4-Step-Guide-Healthy/dp/0692663630 Podcast edited and produced by Rich Masotti.


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Stephanie Filardi, entrepreneur, mentor, author, yogi, shaman, podcast host is inspired to live in a world where people laugh more, love more, and choose JOY as a way of life. She believes life is short and we all deserve to live well...with health and wealth in all its forms. Stephanie believes it is our birthright to be who we are, and live our own unique journey! Together. Show topics include: Transitions, Relationships, Health, Nutrition, Values, Presence Practice, Goals, Visualizing, Fulfillment, Overcoming Obstacles, Meditation, Spirituality, Resistance, Suffering, Energy, the Holidays, Reflection, Ego, Commitment, Comfort, Wellness, Coaching and more. https://www.amazon.com/Reclaiming-JOY-4-Step-Guide-Healthy/dp/0692663630 Podcast edited and produced by Rich Masotti.






Episode 86 - Stop Worrying

In this week's episode of Mind the Gap, Stephanie encourages us to stop worrying! For some of us, worrying is a constant companion. We worry about everything! We worry we are falling behind, we worry we aren’t doing life right. We worry about people we love or want to love. The list is endless. Ready for this? We even worry once our dreams come true! Stephanie shares how her recent dream come true of purchasing a beach house kicked up worry! The worry prevented her from feeling the joy and excitement. Crazy, right? Stephanie shares how worry is a distraction that prevents us from manifesting our dreams. Worry also prevents us from enjoying the results of manifesting our dreams. Makes no sense, friends! She invites you to shift your energy from worry to faith. As you do, your energy will attract the resources to help you get what you say you want. You deserve the BEST life has to offer. Stop worrying NOW. Get busy focusing your energy on what you want to create TODAY and take inspired action NOW. Let’s go!


Episode 85 - How Are You Doing

In this week's episode of Mind the Gap, Stephanie invites you to pause. In the pause she asks you to let her know how you are doing. Maybe you’re doing amazing and seeing your dreams manifest. It’s exciting! Or - maybe you are stuck...and things don’t feel like they are moving. That’s not so exciting. Perhaps you find yourself somewhere in the middle... Whatever the case, you’re worthy of having your dreams come true. You matter! Let Stephanie know how you are doing: stephanie@yourmillionairecoach.com Let’s Go! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mind-the-gap-awakening-with-stephanie-filardi/id1473648351 https://plinkhq.com/i/1473648351 https://mindthegap.libsyn.com/


Episode 84 - You're Good Enough

In this week's episode of Mind the Gap, Stephanie acknowledges, affirms, and reminds you — you are good enough! 💯 Many of us start out setting goals for our life and when the obstacles / challenges arise we want to quit or we do quit. Example - we say we want the loving partnership - maybe we even date — and yet we are “still” alone because we say “there’s no good men/women” available. Really! No way. That’s a limiting belief. Somewhere in our subconscious we believe there is lack/not enough good people. Maybe we even feel we aren’t good enough (attractive enough/ young enough, smart enough) yet we “blame” it on something else. Unless we are aware of our limiting beliefs, in this case, we will continue to be alone. Here’s the deal. We all have limiting beliefs. I am not good enough is one that most of us carry. It goes back to childhood and extends / gets energized in adulthood. Stephanie discusses why / how these beliefs show up and what to do to free yourself of them! She also offers coaching support to help you uncover and clear these limiting beliefs and the negative energy associated with them so you can manifest the life of your dreams. You’re doing great. Keep going! You’re good enough. Let’s celebrate that! Let’s go... https://www.stephaniefilardi.com/


Episode 83 - Keep Going

In this week's episode, Stephanie reminds us to keep going toward our dreams. The difference between those who live their dream life, and those who don’t, comes down to not quitting! Stephanie shares how on the path to creating what we say we want in life (epic love, amazing career, beautiful home, fabulous family, spiritual freedom etc...!) sometimes we want to quit/stop/give up when it feels “too much”. She explains why this happens (it’s normal!) and how to keep taking small actions. She reminds us we are all worthy — and we all deserve to live the life of our dreams. Remember - Quitters never win and winners never quit. We got this! Let’s Go! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mind-the-gap-awakening-with-stephanie-filardi/id1473648351 https://mindthegap.libsyn.com/ https://plinkhq.com/i/1473648351


Episode 82 - Leap of Faith with Makenzie Evangelisto

In this week's episode, Stephanie interviews special guest Makenzie Evangelisto to talk about what it means to truly take a leap of faith in the direction of your dreams. Makenzie shares her journey of working hard to get her "ideal" job in wellness at a hospital to realizing the job was in fact not ideal and was not making her happy! In this heartfelt conversation, Makenzie shares how she took a leap of faith by leaving her job -- in order to align with work that is truly fulfilling and supports the lifestyle she wants. We discussed everything from emotions that arise (fear/guilt) when we go off the "traditional/safe/expected" path to money matters and staying the course. Makenzie is refreshing to listen to! She is a living example of someone dedicated to personal development and serving others by teaching them through her own journey. Makenzie understands the value of commitment, getting support, and enjoying the adventure of life! Makenzie reminds all of us to "pay attention" to the signs when uncovering your "bliss" and reframe "no/rejection" as the universe's way of re-directing you to your highest calling. Why do we resist so much??? Profound and lighthearted, this discussion will inspire you to get started, keep going, and remind you that you are not alone. Many people have taken leaps of faith, and when you surround yourselves with others who have done / are doing what you want to do, you succeed! To connect with Makenzie, email her: Makenzie.Evangelisto@gmail.com and find her on IG @MainlyMakenzie BIO Makenzie Evangelisto, is founder & owner of Makenzie |W|holistic Health. Makenzie has an undergrad degree in exercise science and is currently pursuing her masters in applied clinical nutrition. As an individual who struggled with her own health journey, Makenzie believes in bio-individuality and addressing the root cause by looking at the body as a synchronistic system from a physical, mental and emotional perspective. Makenzie empowers individuals to take back their health through real food that speaks directly to your ancestry and supports food autonomy.


Episode 81 - Dealing with Depression

In this week's episode, Stephanie talks about a topic that all of us have encountered in one way or another - depression. It's real and can affect anyone. In our culture there is still a lot of shame, secrecy, and even fear around depression. With suicide rates on the rise and continued uncertainty in our world it is vital we speak about this topic. In real and honest terms, Stephanie shares ways we can bring more awareness to this topic and how it's a very normal thing to feel depressed at one point or another in our life. When depression hits, we may feel powerless, helpless...hopeless. We are scared, confused, embarrassed and feel alone. By addressing how we are feeling, and then accepting it, we regain some power. With this power comes our ability to choose to reach out for help -- which gives us an opportunity to deal with it and move beyond feelings of helplessness. By feeling and dealing, we activate the healing --> process as we move forward slowly. As we make progress, hope is slowly restored. Let's work together to bring healing to our world. It starts with us. Let's Go! https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mind-the-gap-awakening-with-stephanie-filardi/id1473648351 https://mindthegap.libsyn.com/


Episode 80 - Deep Dive into Letting Go with James Kennedy

In this week's episode, Stephanie interviews special guest James Kennedy to talk about what it means to really let go and take a leap of faith when making significant life choices. He ought to know about having faith --- in addition to being an outdoor enthusiast, he is also an Emergency 1st Responder, NCAA Coach, and Professional Rock-Climbing Instructor to name a few... In this eye-opening conversation, James shares about his decision to take the path less traveled - and a leap of faith when he and his wife decided to build a tiny house (300 square feet!) in the mountains to raise their 2 kids. Be sure to watch the video as he gives us a tour! James talks about what it really means to let go and face our fears in order to follow the beat of our own drum. He shares many "gold nuggets" of wisdom that include feeling the fear and doing it anyway. His approach to life is refreshing - he demonstrates what it means to walk in faith and focus on things we can control, rather than things we can't. Perhaps what Stephanie loves most about James is his ability to hold space for others to let go, be themselves, and discover what path works for them. When she met him a few weeks ago he was leading an outdoor adventure that put her face to face with a fear of heights + letting go -- when she jumped off a platform 50 feet from the ground in the middle of the woods. The whole time, Stephanie was literally shaking with fear and he allowed her to feel the discomfort -- to "stew in the soup" so to speak. James didn't force her to make the jump -- or make her feel bad about her choice if she decided not to. He accepted her fear and even the possibility that she wanted to back out. Stephanie ended up making the jump -- one of the most terrifying experiences of her life. His ability to create safe space and also let her "be" was powerful. It was a reminder that whether we are jumping off a platform, or walking into a room of strangers, we all face fear. Accepting fear is part of life. It's what we do with the fear -- let it stop us -- or use it to move us forward - that gives life meaning. No matter what you are facing in life - you will want to tune into this inspiring episode! It's rich and enlightening in the best way. To connect with James, you can reach him at: jken0606@gmail.com or on IG @mrfitjc


Episode 79 - You Gotta Love Yourself

In this week's episode, Stephanie reminds us - You Gotta Love Yourself! What is love? It’s everything! She shares an exercise on self love you can do to reveal the parts of yourself that are hard to love. Why? The parts of ourselves that are hard to love - keep us in a state of suffering. When we learn how to love all parts of ourselves, we thrive. A prosperous life starts with loving yourself, unconditionally. You deserve it! Let’s go. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mind-the-gap-awakening-with-stephanie-filardi/id1473648351 https://mindthegap.libsyn.com/ Special acknowledgement to Haddaway et al.


Episode 78 - Entrepreneurial Life: How to Pivot with Danielle Abele

In this week's episode, Stephanie interviews special guest Danielle to talk Entrepreneurial Life and what it means to pivot in order to stay happy, relevant, and keep moving forward. Danielle shares her first pivot of leaving the corporate world to create her own marketing business to what she is up to today — coaching people on building their social media platform. Danielle is also an “aspiring” real estate investor and yoga teacher! She is dynamic and inspiring. In this authentic conversation, Danielle shares specifically how she has dealt with “the pivot” in order to follow her heart and the vision she has for her life. She brings wit, wisdom, and tools to help you navigate change no matter what stage of life and transition you find yourself in. To check out her latest offerings, find her on IG @danielle.abele BIO Danielle Abele is an entrepreneur, founder of Silver Linings Group (a digital marketing agency), an aspiring real estate investor, and yoga teacher.


Episode 77 - You Gotta Relax

In this week's episode, Stephanie reminds us to relax! Easier said than done, we know. Yet essential. You may be thinking - How can I possibly relax during such challenging times? Guess what!? You can! Building on the previous episode - letting go - we can choose to relax when we let go and have faith in the unfolding. Stephanie shares tips - both big and small - on how to add more time for relaxation into daily life. She also discusses how she engages with technology and social media these days - two areas that cause stress for many of us. She invites you to slow down, unplug and really listen to this episode. You can even treat it as part of your relaxation time. Keep up the great work. We got this. Let’s go. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/mind-the-gap-awakening-with-stephanie-filardi/id1473648351 https://plinkhq.com/i/1473648351?to=page


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Episode 76 - You Gotta Let Go

In this week's episode of Mind the Gap, Stephanie reminds us that both the energy — and results we desire happen as a result of our ability to let go. She explains how letting go (Step 8 and the last step in the process of manifestation, episode 58) isn’t about being apathetic or indifferent. Quite the opposite. Letting go is about having faith and belief. It's about consistently working to build this faith and belief. When we follow the steps of manifestation and then let go - we ALLOW the universe to give us what we want OR something BETTER. Re-read that. Or something better. When all is said and done, you gotta let go. When we micromanage or control the outcomes, which many of us do by forcing and resisting, we actually close off infinite possibilities that may be even better than what we are asking for. Re-read that. Stephanie shares her experience of letting go as she was transitioning from the corporate world to owning her own wellness business. She never would have imagined all the amazing things that have happened as a result of her letting go of specific outcomes. Stephanie reminds us that letting go isn’t easy — yet it’s the only way to experience freedom and truly get what we say we want, OR BETTER. You deserve to be happy. You deserve to experience everything your mind can imagine and your heart can desire. You gotta let go! Let’s go. Call this week's sponsor, Tax $avvy at (845) 313-8648 and ask for Tina. Or look for them on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/TAX-AVVY-103087554992965


Episode 75 - Let's Talk Happiness

“I finally figured out that the only reason to be alive is to enjoy it.” -Rita Mae Brown Happy New Year! We made it. In this week's episode of Mind the Gap, Stephanie wants to inspire you to kick off 2021 HAPPY. Why? We are all going to die. Time is the only commodity we don't get back. You deserve to be happy. In this episode, Stephanie explores what it means to choose happiness, and how to actually do it while facing real life "challenges and obstacles" that arise. She also discusses how our mental conditioning (negative thoughts) often create unhappiness by keeping us in resistance to what is thereby leaving us feeling stuck and dis-empowered. Life is short. Choose happy, be happy! Let's Go. Copyright 2019-2021 Find us on YOUR device here! https://plinkhq.com/i/1473648351?to=page


Episode 74 - You Got This

In this week's episode of Mind the Gap, Stephanie reminds you —You Got This! As we enter the final week of 2020, wow — congratulations for showing up, again. You are doing great, you’re unstoppable, and you got this! This week Stephanie shares what happens when we believe so strongly something is true, and then find out... it isn’t. Think North Pole. What happens when our firmly held beliefs turn out to be simply not true? Our whole world gets rocked! Why? Our beliefs inform our thoughts... and our actions — and this creates our life. Beliefs are everything. Stephanie encourages you to use this time of year to reflect on your beliefs and see what serves you...and what doesn’t. You deserve all the dreams you can see and feel - that’s why they are there! Now you gotta believe. You’re doing great, you’re Unstoppable, and you got this. Believe me? If you’re ready to take inspired action to create your best 2021, visit www.stephaniefilardi.com & check out the group coaching program kicking off January 19, 2021! Register by 12.31.20 for the special offer. Let’s Go!


Episode 73 - You're Unstoppable

In this week's episode of Mind the Gap, Stephanie reminds you — you’re unstoppable! It’s been quite a year, and if you are reading this... you made it! You keep showing up! You are unstoppable! Well done. As we close out 2020, Stephanie shares a simple practice of “feeling and dealing” to keep you on the path to living your dreams as we prepare to welcome 2021. She explains how **effectively** dealing with emotions (they are a 6th sense!) will allow us to take inspired action instead of derailing us or keeping us stuck. You’re doing great and YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE. If you’re ready to take inspired action to create your best 2021, visit www.stephaniefilardi.com and check out the group coaching program kicking off January 2021! Let’s Go!


Episode 72 - You're Doing Great

In this week's episode of Mind the Gap, Stephanie shares the gift of her frustration being sick for five days. ***Make sure you listen until the end as she has a very special first time coaching giveaway.*** Stephanie shares how for those of us who experience being controlling and action oriented (i.e. her!) — not feeling well is usually a miserable experience / waste of time etc. In her frustration, she realized her “attachment” to being a very healthy person - attached both to the image of herself and the emotions generated by always feeling “good”, she was making a bad experience worse! (Caught in that negative spiral one could say...) As always, Stephanie eventually used the opportunity to ask “what” is the lesson here? And there is one! A recurring one :) She chose to focus on the question “WHAT is the lesson here” instead of “WHY is this happening to me”. When we overly focus on “why” we get caught in the analytical / judgment / victim experience which is counterproductive when we already feel like sh*t. When we ask “what is the lesson”...we shift a negative experience into a positive one — which is the secret of life really. The lesson? She is doing great, and so are YOU! That was the message of “being sick”. It’s easy to beat ourselves up, focus on what’s wrong / missing when instead we can be learning a valuable lesson! Or be reminded of one that keeps repeating, thank you very much. As we close out the year, Stephanie encourages you to reflect on how great you are - not “ego” great - but more like, what are 3 things you are truly proud of this year? You’re Doing Great! Let’s Go!


Episode 71 - Building Wealth with Luis Fernandez

In this week's episode of Mind the Gap, be prepared to get totally fired up by learning from Luis Fernandez, Business Coach, Consultant, Investor and Restaurateur how to build wealth in any economy. In this heartfelt conversation, Luis shares how he came to the USA at 17 from Peru and learned quickly that life doesn't give us obstacles. In fact, life gives us opportunity. Actually, Luis doesn't even use the word obstacle. His approach to life is simple: know what you want, commit to personal development, and always give back. Luis shares his journey in the business world and most recently for the past 10 years in the real estate market where he is building a team to handle everything from finding the deal to fixing up and getting the property sold. It's pretty amazing actually - their team makes 5000 cold calls PER DAY. WOW. Luis shares honestly about how even with all of his success he still works at uncovering and replacing limiting beliefs with empowering ones. He does it for himself, to teach his son, and to be a leader for others. Anyone who is looking to be inspired, grow your wealth, get in to real estate, or teach your children what matters in life, you will want to listen to this. Connect with Luis here: https://www.facebook.com/lfernandezrealtor https://www.facebook.com/groups/152234229161418 Ready to get the results you want in 2021? Enroll in Stephanie's personal development & empowerment program here by 12/31/20: https://www.stephaniefilardi.com/blog/groupcoaching Let's go!


Episode 70 - Guided Meditation Gift for You

In this week's episode of Mind the Gap, Stephanie wants to say thank you for showing up each week to watch, listen and learn by leading you through a meditation. Stephanie gives a few tips on meditation and why it’s so important these days!!! Think emotional balance and staying positive. She then leads us on a guided meditation to relax your mind and clear your energy. Her intention is to remind you how deserving you are and empower you to go after what you want!!! For those ready to commit to making big shifts, you will want to check out Stephanie’s coaching program. It sis designed to help you create a blueprint for success. You can find out more information here: https://www.stephaniefilardi.com/coaching


Hannah Ernst's Faces of Covid Victims

Please check out the new podcast from the editor/producer of Mind the Gap. You can listen here to this very special episode and then go follow Rich Masotti at https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/covid-19-death-recovery/id1524749145 Hannah Ernst, 15, stops by to share a little about her beloved grandfather, his battle with Covid-19, and the inspiration behind a project she started to honor those we've lost during this pandemic. Her artwork has already comforted over 500 families and caught the attention of multiple news outlets. If you or someone you know lost someone with the coronavirus disease this year, please consider visiting Hannah at one of the following links: https://www.facebook.com/covidfaces https://www.instagram.com/covid.victims/ "Her portrait of my father captured the essence of his photograph and touched our hearts." Copyright 2020 Rich Masotti. Music used with permission from Jason Bieler at JasonBieler.com and Josh Vincelette.


Episode 69 - Staying Positive

In this week's episode of Mind the Gap, Stephanie shares ways to stay positive during these challenging times. She reminds us that we have choices on what we focus on. Stephanie invites us to be intentional about how we want to close out the year amidst uncertain times and the busy-ness of the holidays. She also shares about her group coaching program that kicks off January 2021!!! This personal development program is based on her 8 steps of manifestation and is designed to help you create a blueprint for success in 2021. To learn more email: stephanie@yourmillionairecoach.com Edited and produced by Rich Masotti. Copyright 2020 Stephanie Filardi and Rich Masotti.