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Answering questions about married sexuality and intimacy




Answering questions about married sexuality and intimacy




SWM 112 – Do men have it harder when it comes to sexual expectations?

Answering the question: Hi Jay, I've noticed a dichotomy when it comes to expectations for male and female sex drives and what's considered desirable sexual performance. As a man, I feel like there's a lot of pressure to perform sexually. This means being able to become sexually aroused when seeing a naked woman (my wife in this case), being able to maintain the erection and having the sexual stamina to keep from climaxing for a sustained interval (not sure what the average woman considers desirable stamina but let's say 10 minutes?) Not to mention the societal pressure that men face when it comes to the size of their penis. I myself feel insecure about not having a large enough penis. Who doesn't want to add a couple of inches to their penis? I've become somewhat perplexed/frustrated because I feel like there are very few expectations placed on females. We live in an age when "all women are supposed to be seen as beautiful." It seems that females are simply expected to be willing to participate in sex when the mood is right, and that's it. There's no expectation on the size or quality of female genitals, no expectation on their ability to get aroused or maintain arousal, and no expectations on the level of physical or mental effort they invest in sexual activity. It seems they are just supposed to be the recipient while the man does the thrusting. Even when it comes to the subject of natural lubrication, there's a stigma around a man who can't naturally achieve and maintain an erection, but for the woman, there doesn't appear to be a stigma around the inability to produce sufficient arousal fluid (vaginal wetness). As it pertains to the topic of pornography, I've read many articles about the dangers of pornography for men, how it leads to sexual desensitization, and when paired with masturbation, decreased sexual stamina and even erectile dysfunction. I can't say I've read many articles discussing how viewing pornography is detrimental for women. Is it just me, or is there a double standard when it comes to sexual expectations for men and women?


SWM 111 – August 2023 Anonymous Questions

Topics include: Sex in heaven Oral sex positions How to recover from an affair I want to become a mom


SWM 110 – July 2023 Anonymous Questions

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SWM 109 – June 2023 Anonymous Questions

Topics Include: Crossdressing Reframing "duty" sex Wife gets sex when she wants, but he doesn't Afraid to have more children


SWM 108 – What does the Bible say about hell?

One of the most confusing subjects in Christianity is the topic of hell. The popular view is that hell is a place of eternal torment where vengeful God sends you for all of eternity for not obeying Him. People use this belief to try and scare people into being Christians. Let's see what the Bible says about hell. Do people get tortured for eternity? Is it just an infinite existence of everlasting torment? Is God really that sadistic?


SWM 107 – May 2023 Anonymous Questions

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SWM 106 – April 2023 Anonymous Questions

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SWM 105 – March 2023 Anonymous Question

Topics include: Threesome temptations Aversion to receiving manual and oral sex Penis size Falling asleep during sexy time


SWM 104 – February 2023 Anonymous Questions

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SWM 103 – January 2023 Anonymous Questions

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SWM 102 – December 2022 Anonymous Questions

Topics include: Does my wife know what I'm doing to her? I want to share orgasms with my husband What are your thoughts on BDSM? Is bondage a problem for me? Wife doesn't like direct clitoral stimulation How do I hold my wife accountable?


SWM 101 – Why does my spouse always push for more during sex?

Answering this question: Jay, I enjoyed the book (Introduction to Talking Dirty) that my hubby put on my iPad. The thing is, no matter what I do in my comfort zone, it isn't enough. I do many, I mean many, of the examples you use, even the F WORD. How do I get him to be grateful for what I do instead of needing more? I always feel inadequate.


SWM 100 – My daughter’s speech – The crisis of my generation – transgenderism

My daughter's speech that the judges decided they couldn't let win because of the topic, but went on to districts despite them.


SWM 099 – November 2022 Anonymous Questions

Topics include: Spouse falls asleep during romantic getaway Husband wants her to wear revealing clothes Public sex Are we responsible for our dreams? How to encourage your spouse to be healthier


SWM 098 – October 2022 Anonymous Questions

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SWM 097 – September 2022 Anonymous Questions

Topics include: Where are you? How to hide bruises What role do I have in God changing my heart? Mother of 3 young kids isn't as interested in sex as husband How to recover from faking orgasms? Husband wants to be pursued Where do you get your garbage theology?


SWM 096 – Why men being submissive is problematic

A post in response to this question: Hi. I wanted to know if there is any reason that the man can't be the submissive part sometimes during sex. Because I feel like I want to be submissive from time to time, but I don't want to ask my wife because it's an awkward topic.


SWM 095 – August 2022 Anonymous Questions

Topics Include: Coming clean about faking orgasms Wanting wife to wear a diaper Wet and messy / humiliation fetish Is oral sex a measure of love? Married and lonely Chastity play Sex outdoors Pre-orgasmic wife


SWM 094 – Anonymous Question: Who is more righteous?

A reader poses a question: There are two people. The first person participates in the modern Sexual Marketplace by dating around, having a series of mid-to-long-term relationships that involve sex, and having a few hookups, but ends up in a stable marriage and has children by his mid-to-late twenties. The second person follows Biblical Courtship (or whatever you want to call it), saves sex for marriage, only courts/dates Christians, but never finds a spouse and ends up as a 40-year-old childless virgin. Who was the more righteous of the two?


SWM 093 – May, June and July 2022 Anonymous Questions

Topics include: Crossdressing Counseling not fixing her sex drive Should I keep fantasies to myself? Husband addicted to porn Wife has no sex drive FaceTime sex Spouse's facial and body hair Does Viagra work for women? How do I stop her from seeing me as submissive? No sex due to pregnancy complications Wife struggles with overeating How do I stop masturbating? Anal fisting