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Super-charge your faith with timeless messages by Pastor Steven that will inspire you to step out and do…The Impossible!


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Super-charge your faith with timeless messages by Pastor Steven that will inspire you to step out and do…The Impossible!






Morning Glory - Running With The Vision

We are commanded in Scripture to run with the vision, not sleep with the vision. In today’s message, Pastor Steven outlines five practical applications to assist you in running with your God-given vision. You will successfully reach the finish line.


Sunday Morning - There’s Room On the Cross for You

Join Pastor Steven as he talks about how to walk in the overcoming life that is pleasing to God and deeply satisfying within your heart.


Morning Glory - Walking in Divine Guidance

Join Pastor Steven as he gives insight on how to follow God‘s path for your life, as well as how to verify that you are on the path going in the right direction.


Sunday Morning - Vision & Divine Guidance

Everyone is created to fulfill a purpose here on earth, but it takes vision to discover that purpose. Divine guidance is what allows you to fulfill the unique vision that God has assigned to you. Find out more in today’s intriguing message with Pastor Steven.


Morning Glory - The Empowerment of Faith for Dominion

Pastor Steven shares the various ways through which faith empowers you for dominion. Discover how you can tap into the power of God at will. Find out what it takes to experience divine intervention when you most need it. This, and more in today’s message


Sunday Morning - Displaying the Multi-Faceted Wisdom of God

The wisdom of God has many facets and different shades of color. God wants to display His wisdom through the church. This means that God wants to display His wisdom through you. Get ready for a wisdom explosion within your life.


Morning Glory - Running With the Spirit of Revelation

The spirit of wisdom and revelation gives us insight into the knowledge of Jesus. Today, Pastor Steven covers the Spirit of Revelation, and how the flow of revelation can be increased significantly in your life.


Sunday Morning - Reaping Unusually Large Harvests

Pastor Steven’s message will help you break the grip on the magnetic pull of the world’s system, which is an anti-God system. Position yourself to reap the maximum harvest of the seed of God‘s word sown into your heart and into areas where you need breakthrough.


Morning Glory - God Can Do A Miracle For You

In the Bible, we see that many people received miracles from God. Even Naaman, who was from Syria, received a miracle, and the Syrians were constant enemies of Israel. God wants you to have a miracle mentality. In today’s message, Pastor Steven builds your faith to receive your own valid, genuine and authentic miracle from God.


Sunday Morning - Seven Dimensions of Dominion

Join Pastor Steven as he shares the Seven Dimensions of Dominion that you can experience through the Spirit of Faith. You are not a victim, but an overcomer, and more than a conqueror. Step up out of any negative way of thinking and get on the frequency of faith in God, and thereby receive miracles.


Morning Glory - A Fresh Infilling of the Spirit of Faith

Join Pastor Steven as he shares insights that will build your faith to expect your greatest breakthroughs towards this end of the year season. Be filled with a fresh filling of the spirit of faith, and you will truly say from your heart that nothing is impossible with God.


Sunday Morning - Seated! Not Depleted or Defeated

Some Christians are suffering from an identity crisis. Because they do not know who they are in Christ, they therefore do not know where they are in Christ. In today’s message, Pastor Steven reveals that you are seated with Christ, at the King’s table. Find out more in today’s message.


Morning Glory - The War Weapon Shout!

Sending terror and confusion amongst the enemy camp, the war shout is a spiritual weapon that breaks through evil defenses with fierce power. Find out more in today’s message with Pastor Steven.


Sunday Morning - Securing Your Future

Pastor Steven teaches on biblical principles that will put you on a solid foundation to secure your present and future blessings. There are certain things we must do to establish not only success, but a work that endures.


Morning Glory - Faith as a Divine Mystery

Join Pastor Steven as he goes into depth on the subject of faith at an advanced level. You will clearly understand what Apostle Paul meant when he spoke concerning the "mystery of the faith".


Sunday Morning - Joy Unspeakable and Full of Glory

Join Pastor Steven as he teaches on how to experience deeper levels of joy in the Lord. This divine joy can build up as a fountain inside of you that reaches a level that is truly indescribable. It is a taste of Heaven on Earth.


Morning Glory - Eat the Fat of the Land

God’s fullest intent is for you, His child, to experience His best. Discover how God wants you to eat the finest wheat, which is representative of God‘s desire for you to have the best in life. This message will expand your thinking to receive the good things that God has for you.


Sunday Morning - Entering the Zone Where All Things Are Possible

Happy Feast of Tabernacles! Pastor Steven unveils important insights that you must be aware of in order to enter the zone where all things are possible. Get ready to receive what some said you could never receive, and prepare to do what others have said could not be done.


Morning Glory - Hope & Expectation

Join Pastor Steven as he ministers from the Holy Island of Lindisfarne. Let a new hope rise within you for an expectation of the receiving of sudden blessings.


Sunday Morning - Encounters With Unusual Favor

It’s important to not only understand the great difference that favor can make in your life, but also to know what it takes to earn God’s favor. Pastor Steven explains this clearly in today’s message. You will be blessed.