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When we encountered New Age philosophies in Life Coaching that ran counter to our Christian beliefs, we decided to take the best practices of Life Coaching and infuse them with the rich traditions of our Catholic Faith. We're Matt and Erin Ingold, Catholic coaches and the founders of Metanoia Catholic, our Catholic Life Coaching Company. Join us as we share practical coaching tips to being transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you can be free to discover and choose your greatest calling in life.


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When we encountered New Age philosophies in Life Coaching that ran counter to our Christian beliefs, we decided to take the best practices of Life Coaching and infuse them with the rich traditions of our Catholic Faith. We're Matt and Erin Ingold, Catholic coaches and the founders of Metanoia Catholic, our Catholic Life Coaching Company. Join us as we share practical coaching tips to being transformed by the renewing of your mind so that you can be free to discover and choose your greatest calling in life.




137. The Art of Managing Your Emotions: Love and Hate

Join us for the kickoff to our new 5-part series on The Art of Managing Your Emotions! We're anchoring our discussion in Aquinas's 11 primary passions, starting with Love and Hate. When you learn the art of managing your emotions, you have better mental health, stronger and more authentic relationships, and a deeper prayer life. Listen in and begin your crash course in emotional management! ____________________ ► Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to the Metanoia Catholic YouTube Channel! ► Find...


136. Unlocking the Secrets of How God Communicates with You

How does God communicate with you? Join us with special guest, Nick Redd, of St. Paul's Outreach and gain clarity on how God is communicating with you today! God communicates through more than just the spoken word, sometimes it is in sight, feelings, and even deep interior movements. In this episode, we focus on cleaning up the mind and getting rid of distortion so that we can clearly see how God is communicating with us. ____________________ ► Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to the Metanoia...


135. Seven Lessons for New Catholic Coaches

Calling all new coaches! This episode is for you. What knowledge would have saved us a headache or two when we first started? Tune in to find out. We share seven essential lessons to remember when getting started as a Catholic coach. We learned these the hard way and share them here today so you can apply them out the gate and build momentum for your new coaching practice. We also get into limiting beliefs around money and the business mindset. Don’t know your niche? Take our Niche Test...


134. Getting Specific on Your Niche

In this episode, we discuss the importance of finding your niche. We are all called to be a gift – whether you’re a coach, have your own ministry, or your own family. You can’t make yourself a gift unless you know what your specific gifts are. Picking a niche is acknowledging and claiming how the Holy Spirit is uniquely overflowing from you into others. It gives such glory to God and healing to the body of Christ. You may be a coach, or may not, but either way you'll enjoy listening and...


133. Learn the Art of Lent-ing

Sometimes our sacrifices can be a barrier to what Lent is all about: Repentance and God’s Mercy. In this episode, we discuss some of the physiological impact of our Lenten sacrifices and how to respond in a way that leads to the transformation, detachment, and deepening relationship with Jesus that we desire. Tune in for tips and tricks to Lent’s Sacrifice Success! Avoid resentful white-knuckling and experience a transformation in intimacy with the Lord. ____________________ ► Make sure...


132. Better Journal Questions to Ask the Melancholic

The Melancholic temperament (which according to our research, most of our audience happens to be) can often get a bad rap for being perfectionists. It’s the last of the four-part mini series on asking better journal questions for each temperament. On this episode, we learn how to harness the Melancholic’s perfectionist energy for the good and use it as a tool for greater self-awareness! Tune in for some of the best journal prompts that we've identified to help those with this dominant...


131. Better Journal Questions to Ask the Phlegmatic

In our final episode of our four-part series exploring better journal prompts for each temperament, we turn our focus to the Phlegmatic. The goal of this series is to understand your unique motivations for goal setting by being aware of hangups common to your temperament... which can all be done with asking better questions. Meanwhile, learn how to follow this whole process in our Metanoia Catholic Journal. ____________________ ► Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to the Metanoia Catholic YouTube...


130. Better Journal Questions to Ask the Choleric

Get your journal ready, cholerics! We've learned if you ask better questions, you get better answers. In our 2nd episode of our 4-part series, we're sharing the journal prompts that the choleric will find most inspiring. Our dominant temperaments will often color what we value and what motivates us. Whether you are a choleric who wants to get more out of your journaling or someone who wants to know how to ask better questions to their choleric loved one, this episode will not...


129. Better Journal Questions to Ask the Sanguine

By far our most popular podcast series in 2022 was on the four temperaments. We get it. The journey towards heaven always starts with self-awareness, and for that, temperaments are a great starting point. We know at Metanoia how transformative journaling can be, but also know that based on your temperament some questions may be better journal prompts than others. So, for the next 4 episodes, we'll be sharing the best journal prompts for each temperament to help them get more out of their...


128. Where is the Human Formation Movement Going? with Patrick Molyneaux

Can you imagine a parish where people knew their unique gifts and shared them abundantly? It can transform a parish when leaders know their strengths. On this episode, we have Patrick Malyneaux, founder of the Human Formation Coalition, helping us flesh out this vision for robust human formation. Pat focuses on elevating awareness and conversation for leaders — whether that's clergy, seminarians, or companies. If you want to learn more, tune in or go to...


127. Wealth Without Guilt with Lisa Canning

Can you imagine a church that is focused on what we can give rather than what we receive? Can you also imagine the SAME church not feeling guilty for our wealth? In this episode, we bring back our friend, Lisa Canning (The Possibility Mom) to talk about her "coming out as a Catholic entrepreneur" and how she helps Catholics unlock their creative potential. As we roll into a new year, what new value do you want to create in God's Kingdom? Let this episode jump-start your co-creative...


126. Making Your Trolls Your Teachers

In this age of keyboard-courage, social media can be filled with trolls and cyber-bulling. The troll is not willing to enter into dialogue, right? They just want to be heard and their opinion is what it is. They don't want a discussion. That's what is so frustrating... But perhaps God is allowing this for your growth and betterment. As you prepare to welcome the gift of the newborn King of Kings, consider these 5 steps for gleaning hidden wisdom for your trolls and...


125. The 7 Do's and Don'ts of Setting Boundaries

Do you set boundaries out of fear or love? Most people use fear as the motivator when it comes to setting boundaries. It may be time to shift your perspective to create healthier habits. Fear not, they aren't as scary as they seem! Plus, boundaries actually benefit your relationships. In this episode, we give 7 do's and 7 don'ts for setting boundaries. When done well, these can be amazing tools that propel us and the people around us towards sanctity! ____________________ ► Make sure to...


124. Discovering Your Personal Vocation, with Dr. Josh Miller

What's your personal vocation? If you're tempted to say "priest" or "married," this episode is for you. Personal vocation is actually happening right now. It means you have a unique mission, purpose, and expression of God that ONLY YOU in all of history will ever be able to share with God's Kingdom. Join us with Dr. Josh Miller from Franciscan University of Steubenville and discover how this movement of discovering your personal vocation is poised to reverse the trend of declining Church...


123. Catholic Fasting in the New Year

Ever feel frustrated, defeated, or DREAD when it comes to fasting? Enter our guest, Beth, the Catholic Spiritual Fasting Coach, with some tips on how to enjoy the Christmas feast without the distraction of overeating. When we bring our fasting to the Lord, a strength beyond us emerges from within in situations where we feel very powerless. Beth teaches us the dynamic combination of weight loss with spirituality. Tune in to find out the power of what happens when you put the two...


122. Don't Be a Quitter...Like Us.

As coaches, we're not supposed to use the "q" word. But yes, we are talking about... quitting! Join us in this episode about our thought patterns that lead to quietly quitting: you know, when you no longer feel committed to one of your commitments. Sometimes we quit before even starting. We have Hannah Dustman here and are coaching each other on our reasons for quietly quitting. Come laugh at our ridiculous reasons and see what excuses you've been using, too! ____________________ ► Make...


121. Forming Catholic Coaches through Human Formation

There are four pillars of formation for the human person: Intellectual formation, spiritual formation, vocational formation, and human formation. Human formation is an area that we've recognized as a deep poverty in the church. This will be a complete game changer because it is the foundation that all other pillars are built upon. Sure, we can know theology back and forth intellectually and spiritually, but can we have conversation to share this? Human formation is not just knowing these...


120. Part 2: 20 Lessons I Wish I Knew at 20

"Hindsight is 20/20." Looking back on what we wish we knew then... We are continuing our 2-part mini-series this week on the 20 human formation lessons we wish we had when we were 20. Last episode we shared the first 10, and this episode we are going to reveal the last 10. What we're sharing with you is what we wish we know decades ago, and how this Catholic Coaching and human formation has changed the way we look at the world and changed our lives tremendously. Tune in to hear our life...


119. Part 1 - 20 Lessons I Wish I Knew at 20

What if you could go back to your 20s and give yourself some advice. What would you say? In this episode, we're sharing our first 10 of 20 tips we wish we knew in our 20s that would have made all the difference in our lives. We look particularly at the human formation side of things that we weren't taught in a classroom and have had to learn through experiencing life. As Erin turns 40, her and Matt look back and reflect on the last 20 years of their lives and are excited to share what they...


118. What Type of Coach Are You?

What is your dominant coaching style? Take our quiz here to find out! In today's episode, we go through and unpack the five different styles of coaching: the visionary, guide, commander, healer, and encourager. We lay out where the coach finds motivation in each style and where the client finds return on investment in each style. When we know our dominant styles for how we show up, it can enhance our relationships and vocation. Take the quiz and tune in! ► Take the Quiz: What Kind of...