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If God is real and Christianity is true, then they should conform to objective logic and reason. That is the premise of the Faith By Reason podcast – systematically examining Christian Philosophy

If God is real and Christianity is true, then they should conform to objective logic and reason. That is the premise of the Faith By Reason podcast – systematically examining Christian Philosophy


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If God is real and Christianity is true, then they should conform to objective logic and reason. That is the premise of the Faith By Reason podcast – systematically examining Christian Philosophy




Faith By Reason Has Been Censored!

Freedom of speech is a cherished American value, but it is apparently NOT valued on Youtube since they have censored and removed one of my Revelation videos! Why? For medical misinformation! (yes, it's as stupid as it sounds). So it looks like I will soon have to make other arrangements to host my videos. Please see the short video for more information. Here is the offending topic:


Revelation Unveiled Ep 43 The False Prophet

6/23/2022 The man/entity called the False Prophet has horns (authority) like a lamb (the sacrificed Christ), but speaks like a dragon (Satan). In our current world, there is one figure who fits this description - The Pope! He falsely claims the authority of a "Jesus" who perpetually suffers through the ritual of the Eucharist (even though the Bible says that He was to suffer ONCE) and mingles Christianity with satanic paganism. He will also give "life" (or rather spirit)...


Revelation Unveiled Ep 42: The Beast From The Sea – Return of Nimrod??

6/1/2022 Revelation chapter 13 continues John's vision of the culmination of all history. This chapter features the Beast from the Sea who will rule the world and demand to be worshipped during the final 3 1/2 years of human dominance of the world. This Beast is the ultimate incarnation of the Antichrist. During the first 3 1/2 years, he will be the charismatic world leader. But during the final years, he will die and be reincarnated as the Besat - the most vicious and...


Revelation Unveiled Ep 41: The Coming World Leader And Satanic Bloodlines

5/31/2022 Since the fall of man, the secular world has been clamoring for a powerful leader to usher them into a utopia. For the first half of the Tribulation, the Antichrist will seem to be that leader! He will have answers and solutions to the world's problems (even the ones he and Satan created). He will be a great speaker, charismatic, "spiritual", and persuasive. But of course, he will have a notable dark side. He will speak blasphemous words against the true God of...


Revelation Unveiled Ep 40: The Antichrist in the Bible

5/9/2022 There are more prophecies about the Antichrist in the Bible than any other person, aside from Jesus. He is the inverse of Jesus in every way. While Jesus is the Son of God, the Antichrist is called the Seed of the Serpent - so he will be the spiritual, and possibly even physical offspring of Satan! In this episode, we will look at the "who", "what", and "why" of the Antichrist as outlined in the scripture


Revelation Unveiled Ep 37 Two Witnesses (not who you think!)

There is much debate over the identity of the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11. But their identity is FAR less important than their mission and message


Revelation Unveiled Ep 36: Trial of the Ages – Verdict; GUILTY!!

4/17/2022 Revelation Chapter 10 represents the conclusion of a legal trial that has been going on since at least Daniel Chapter 7! In that passage, God puts the evil demonic entities that rule the nations on trial for failing to be just and fostering the horrific evils that have plagued the world for centuries. Revelation 10 is where Jesus declares that the trial is over and He has inherited the kingdoms of the world. It is finally time for spiritual evil to be judged!...


Revelation Unveiled Episode 35: Demonic Horsemen and the Revenge of the Fallen

4/16/2022 The 6th Trumpet of Revelation Chapter 9 results in 4 powerful fallen angels released from the river Euphrates along with an army of 2 million that will kill 1/3 of mankind. Who are these angels? Where does the army come from? What is the significance of the Euphrates river? And why do they kill so many? We'll discuss it in this week's episode. Related Link Demonic Horsemen


Revelation Unveiled Ep 34: Locusts From The Bottomless Pit

4/15/2022 When the 5th Trumpet of Revelation Chapter 9 sounds, locusts from the bottomless pit come out and are given the power to sting men like scorpions. They are not permitted to kill, only to torment unbelievers for 5 months. During these five months, people will seek to die due to the torment they are experiencing, but they won’t be able to! What on earth does that mean, and what is the significance of the 5 months? Things just keep getting stranger. What are the...


Revelation Unveiled Ep 33 – Seven Trumpets part 1: Earth Catastrophes

4/15/2022 The 7 Trumpets of Revelation 8 and 9 are intended to break the strongholds that Satan will have erected over the Tribulation world to clear the path to Jesus’ conquest of the earth. But while the walls of Jericho were physical, Satan’s strongholds are spiritual. What are Spiritual Strongholds? Spiritually speaking, strongholds are the false/negative belief systems that allow Satan to have power over our lives. The events of the 7 Trumpets will shatter those...


Revelation Unveiled Ep 32: Seven Trumpets Intro

The traditional view of the 7 Trumpets of Revelation 8 and 9 is that they are continuing judgments of God. However, the concluding Trumpet makes it clear that these events are intended to clear the path to "the Kingdoms of the world becoming the Kingdoms of Christ"! The purpose of the 7 trumpets is to "close escrow" on Jesus' property by bringing down the strongholds of satanic evil which currently dominates Jesus's legal earthly property. The model for this is the conquest of the Promised...


Revelation Unveiled Ep 30: The Story of Evil

7/18/2021 We know that the Bible is God's story, but what about the story of the enemies of God? What is their perspective on the world and creation? what are their motivations for opposing the plan of God? Here is the history of the world through the perspective of spiritual evil - the story of evil! Related posts: Satan's motivations Why Satan hates us Next episode - The 144,000


Revelation Unveiled Ep. 29: Demonic Aliens and the Wrath of the Lamb

7/3/2021 The 6th seal of Revelation chapter 6 is the culmination of Satan's False Apocolypse! This is where the forces of evil present themselves as mankind's supernatural (Alien???) saviors! Yes, I'm serious when I say "alien". Have you noticed that in the accounts of so-called alien encounters and abductions that the main message from these creatures is always some derivative that the Bible and Christianity are wrong, and man can evolve into a "god"! Does it really make...


Revelation Unveiled Ep. 28: The Pale Rider and the Return of the Nephalim

6/28/2021 The Rider on the Pale Horse is named appropriately named "Death", and he will kill a 4th of humanity (2 BILLION people!!). This is all a part of Satans plan to usher in his long-planned one-world government, by vastly reducing the population to a more manageable size. This will be done through military action, mass starvation, wide disease outbreaks, and...the beasts of the earth. But these are now cows, chickens, raccoons, and goats going crazy and attacking...


Revelation Unveiled Ep. 27: Red and Black Riders – Blood, Money, and Demons

6/28/2021 The Red and Black Horsemen of Revelation chapter 6 are traditionally (and culturally) called "War" and "Famine" respectively. But when you look at the actual language, those descriptive names do not seem entirely accurate. The Red Rider’s power is to cause men to kill one another, and while there may be an aspect of war, the word “kill” is “sphazo” in Greek, which means to slaughter or butcher – primarily for an animal sacrifice ritual. This may point to blood...


Revelation Unveiled Ep 26 The White Rider and Satan’s Empire

4/6/2021 In this episode, we begin a deep dive into Revelation chapter 6, from the perspective I've established - namely that the 6 seals and Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are not judgements from God, but are actually a deception from Satan. The deception is that of a false apocalypse to usher in his false messiah and one-world government. We start with an examination of the concept of the Four Hoursemen and a look at the first rider on the White Horse who most...


Revelation Unveiled Ep 25 – The Olivet Discourse Deception

2/22/2021 I believe that Revelation Chapter 6 is not the beginning of God's judgment, but actually documents a deception by Satan. Deception of a False Apocalypse that will usher in the Antichrist. One of my main proof points are the words of Jesus in the Olivet Discourse of Matthew 24, where He clearly states that the end times will begin with a MASSIVE deception! We'll discuss it on this weeks episode Related links A Hose(man) of a Different Color...


Revelation Unveiled Ep 24 – Revelation Ch 6

The traditional view of Revelation chapter 6 is that the opening of the first six seals represents either the beginning of God’s Tribulational judgment on man or a big picture overview of the entire Tribulation period. Most commentators see the Four Horsemen and the seals as God releasing retribution on the world for millennia of sin. And while Faith By Reason has a fairly significant divergent view of these events, the traditional view has merit and is widely accepted. So I will spend this...


Revelation Unveiled Ep 22: The Purpose of the Tribulation

1/24/2021 What is the purpose of the Tribulation? Is this cataclysmic period a time where God throws a big tantrum on the world and lets all His pent up frustration out on mankind? Is this His divine judgment for all the evil men have done over the generations? If so, then why is His wrath ONLY reserved for people who happen to be alive when the Tribulation occurs? Why do THEY receive God’s end-time wrath and not the evil people who lived and died generations ago? How does...


Revelation Unveiled Ep 21: Chapter 5 – Worthy is the Lamb

1/17/2021 Revelation chapter 5 focuses on a seven-sealed scroll, and the person qualified to open. The scroll is a title deed – the title deed to the earth (if not ALL creation). No one on earth, under the earth, or in Heaven is worthy to open it and take possession of the title…except for the One who paid the price for it! Jesus not only redeemed us, but he redeemed the entire physical world! And now that He is FINALLY ready to take possession of it, the entire universe...