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At TVC, we've realized that we have a deep need to nourish our spiritual lives. We've grown tired of our tendency toward spiritual lethargy, cynicism, skepticism and brokenness. So, we're doing something about it. We're becoming intentional about our faith by drawing close to God in worship, studying His Word, and learning to give and take in the context of a community of believers. At The Village Chapel, we seek to be transformed as we feed our minds on God's truth and our hearts on God's love.


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At TVC, we've realized that we have a deep need to nourish our spiritual lives. We've grown tired of our tendency toward spiritual lethargy, cynicism, skepticism and brokenness. So, we're doing something about it. We're becoming intentional about our faith by drawing close to God in worship, studying His Word, and learning to give and take in the context of a community of believers. At The Village Chapel, we seek to be transformed as we feed our minds on God's truth and our hearts on God's love.




Matthew 23 - From Woes to Worship

As we come to study Matthew 23, the context is the Passover week in first century Jerusalem. The hillsides, roads and Temple precincts are jammed with pilgrims who have come to present their sacrifices, and there is mounting tension in the air between the religious leaders of that time and the carpenter turned rabbi and healer, Jesus of Nazareth. We find ourselves drawn in, wondering what will ultimately happen between them. As we look back through history, sometimes the final public words...


Matthew 22:15-46 - A Coin, a Casket and a Commandment

During Holy Week, Jesus engages with the Pharisees, Sadducees and Herodians as they all seek to trap Him politically, theologically and legally. Jesus’ answers to their questions leave them marveling and the crowds astonished as He deals with a variety of issues: what does citizenship and allegiance look like? What will heaven be like? How does God want us to live in the here and now? And lastly Jesus asks them a question they cannot answer: whose son is the Christ?


Matthew 21:33-22:14 - You’ve Been Invited!

Jesus often taught in parables to help His listeners understand more about who He was and is, what He was up to while He walked the planet, and what it means to join Him in the kingdom of heaven. How should we understand the Gospel and the Kingdom of Heaven in our own day and time? Sometimes it helps to begin with what it is not. The Gospel of Jesus is not a demand for us to do something; it is a declaration of what God has done for us in the person and work of Jesus Christ; it is an...


Matthew 21:23-32 - The Freedom of Divine Authority

Both the words and works of Jesus displayed a unique authority which attracted thousands of followers to Him, but at the same time, created a great amount of tension between Jesus and the religious establishment of that time. How do we respond to the idea of Jesus’ divine authority in our own day and time, especially when it comes to understanding who we are in Christ, our role as members of God’s kingdom, and the way we should conduct ourselves in this present world? Join Pastor Jim as he...


Matthew 21:1-22 - Waving Palms and Withered Trees

Matthew 21 is a transition point in the life of Jesus from His public ministry toward His mission to the cross and resurrection. The text tells us that Jerusalem was “stirred up” as Jesus entered the city during Passover. He came on a donkey, not a warhorse. The King had arrived, although not in the way we might have expected. When Jesus entered the temple, He drove out the corrupt and welcomed in the blind and crippled. Some in the crowds asked, “Who is this?” Join Pastor Tommy as he helps...


John 1:1-18 - Beginning Again

In the opening lines from The Gospel of John, we have one of the most amazing summary statements about Jesus, His personhood, His nature, His role in redemption history and what all this means for us. What would it look like to begin every day fully embracing the fact that Jesus is the Word, the Life and the Light of God in our lives? We turn to one of Jesus’ closest friends and followers for answers to questions like these and more. Join Pastor Jim as he walks us through this brief but...


Luke 2:21-38 - The Song of Simeon

After the extraordinary events surrounding the birth of Jesus, we are introduced to Simeon and Anna, two faithful people who had been waiting for many years, expecting to see the promised messiah. Join us as Pastor Tommy helps us consider this remarkable account of Simeon and Anna witnessing with their own eyes the promise fulfilled.


Luke 2:1-20 - The Song of the Angels

The third canticle of Advent we find in Luke’s gospel is the song the angels sang to the shepherds. Like the other songs of Advent, it erupts with themes of God’s glory, God’s goodness, and delight in God’s grace shown towards humanity. What was the meaning of this exuberant angelic song? Why was it sung to simple shepherds? What difference does it make in redemption history? Join Pastor Jim as he walks us through this short but powerful song that declared the great news of how the God of...


Luke 1:57-79 - Zachariah’s Song: The Symphony of Salvation

The second canticle of Advent that we find in Luke’s gospel is the song of Zachariah (often called the Benedictus). It explodes with themes of God’s greatness, God’s goodness and an expression of true delight in God’s grace. As with the other three songs, this one has a context. Here was an elderly Jewish couple whose marriage had been overshadowed by decades of disappointment. However, we are told both individuals had remained faithful to God. Enter the angel Gabriel with some shocking...


Luke 1:26-55 - Mary’s Song: My Heart Magnifies the Lord

The angel Gabriel is sent by God to a small Galillean village called Nazareth, and visits a young peasant girl named Mary, betrothed to a man named Joseph. Gabriel tells Mary that even though she is a virgin, through the power of the Holy Spirit, she will bear a child whose name will be Jesus, who will be called the Son of the Most High. Mary responds to this startling and miraculous news with obedience and worship! Join Pastor Matt as he teaches through Luke 1:26-56 and we hear Mary’s song...


Psalm 98 - Stir Us Up

Thanksgiving is upon us and the Advent/Christmas season lies just around the corner. Many of us will gather with family or loved ones, sing carols, light candles, and be reminded over and over again of the mystery of God becoming one of us. Why did Christ come and what real impact can believing this have on us? How does it offer hope for the broken-hearted, the disappointed, or for those struggling under clouds of darkness and despair? Is there something to Advent that is more than mere...


Matthew 20 - The Upside-Down Kingdom of Jesus

Matthew 20 opens up with Jesus scrambling all the usual ideas of fairness and equity. How do things in God’s economy work? What about commonly embraced principles of fair play and getting what we deserve? How is the Christian gospel starkly different in essence from the concepts of moral merit and/or karma? The last half of the chapter describes two requests made of Jesus: the first from a proud mother on behalf of her two sons; the second, the cries for mercy from two poor blind beggars....


Matthew 19 - Rules, Regulations, and Redemptive Relationships

Jesus has left Galilee for the last time, and is headed towards Jerusalem and the cross. He has three encounters in this chapter: with Pharisees who want to trip Him up regarding divorce, with parents who bring their children to Jesus for blessing, and with a rich young man who wants to know what one thing he must do in order to get into heaven. How does Jesus respond in each of these encounters? What does He have to say regarding our marriages, our children, and our wealth? Join Pastor...


Matthew 18:15-35 - Reconciliation, Restoration and Forgiveness

C.S. Lewis once said, "Everyone says forgiveness is a lovely idea until they have something to forgive." Because we are all sinners, we all need to receive forgiveness and we will all need to show forgiveness to someone else at some point in life. Why are both of these so hard for us? How does believing the Gospel help us with this? No other person in human history is more connected to the subject of forgiveness than Jesus Christ. What can we learn from the life and teachings of Jesus on...


Matthew 17:22-18:14 - Greatness Redefined

In the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 18, the disciples ask Jesus a bold question: "Who is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven?" Though they have recognized Jesus as King, the Son of God and messiah, earthly values like position, prestige and power lingered in discussions about their own positions in the Kingdom of Heaven. Jesus answers the question in a most surprising way. Join Pastor Tommy as he walks us through the the kind of greatness Jesus intends for all those who are a part of His...


Matthew 17:14-21 - The King in His Power

As Jesus, Peter, James and John descend from the glorious experience on the Mount of Transfiguration they are immediately confronted with chaos, conflict, frustration and failure. Here in Matthew 17 we read the account of a father in anguish over the dark and destructive forces at work in his only son’s life. Where could he find help for his child? Could he get his son to Jesus and if so, would Jesus even see him? Would Jesus be willing and able to do anything to help? Join Pastor Jim as he...


Matthew 17:1-13 - A Glimpse of His Glory

Matthew, Mark and Luke all record an event commonly referred to as “The Transfiguration.” What is meant by the term 'Transfiguration?' What does this event teach us about Jesus? And what difference can learning more about this event make for those of us who follow Jesus now? Join Pastor Jim as he helps us catch the mind-blowing glimpse of glory and rich depth of meaning we find in the Transfiguration of Jesus!


Matthew 16 - A Call to Die

Following some of His most notable miracles, Jesus begins to tell His disciples the kind of messiah He is going to be. Once they start to understand the kind of savior Jesus is, they begin to realize what it will mean to truly follow Him. Join our Director of Youth Ministry, Ryan Motta, today as he dives into the richness and implications of Matthew 16 and discusses what it truly means to follow Jesus.


Matthew 15:21-39 - Foreshadowing the Future

Foreshadowing what the kingdom of heaven will look like when it comes in its fullness, Jesus broke through national, racial, religious and social barriers. Through His miracles, Jesus gave us a preview of what He intends to do when He returns again to set the world to rights. Join Pastor Jim as he unfolds the beautiful tapestry of Matthew 15 that offers us a foretaste of the future in the kingdom of heaven, where we will feast together at the table of the Lord, and every knee will bow...


Matthew 14:34-15:20 - Kingdom Faith or Mere Tradition?

Midway through Matthew’s Gospel, Pharisees and scribes travel from Jerusalem to confront Jesus about the way His disciples break with their traditions. Jesus turns the tables on them and reveals how they have broken God’s commandments for the sake of their traditions, and then He teaches the crowds and the disciples that it is the condition of the heart, not the washing of hands that God is most concerned with. Join Pastor Matt as he helps us look at what God truly desires for us and from us.