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Teaching and Preaching podcast; proclaiming a simple gospel that works, produced by Tony Broome Ministries.


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Teaching and Preaching podcast; proclaiming a simple gospel that works, produced by Tony Broome Ministries.




Our Glorified Body

One of the most wonderful benefits and promises of being a born again believer in Jesus, is the fact, the promise, that we will have a glorified body to live in heaven for ever. That’s what this session is all about. Meant to bless and encourage the body of christ, the title is: Our Glorified…More


Joy For Endurance

Jesus was a man of sorrows and acquainted with grief. But, contrary to what some people think, he was also a man of joy. And he wants for you to have that same contagious joy today. Here’s a session using the first four verses of Hebrews chapter 12. The title is: Joy For Endurance.More


The Sons Of God

Behold, what manner of love the Father has bestowed, lavished upon us, that we should be called the sons of God; First John chapter 3 verse 1. This session is a sermon about the most wonderful relationship and the highest position in the kingdom of God. The title says it all: The Sons Of God.More


The Woman Left Her Waterpot

Everyone who knows much of anything about the Bible has knowledge of Jesus in John chapter 4, meeting the woman at the well. This is a grand story indeed, but I never have seen what the Lord gave to me to bring to you, until now. The woman came to draw water and therefore, she…More


Riches Of The Righteous

People talk about how poor they are. Many of them are even born again, redeemed, Christian believers. We do not realize just how rich we are in God through Jesus Christ. Because we still live on this earth, we are so accustomed to talking earthly talk, that we negate our positive confessions by speaking words…More


Gullible Galatians

Paul addresses the Galatian church believers in the Bible book that bears the same name. He was astonished and astounded that they could be led away so easily, after all they had been through as Christians, and having received all the blessings God had bestowed on them. This session takes a journey through this book,…More


Benefits Of Being Justified By Faith

Romans chapter 5, verses 1 through 11, has a whole bunch of benefits which are the results of being justified by faith in Christ alone. Tony Broome Ministries brings this session of the old fashioned preaching of God’s word, in the hope and sincere desire that the believer will be encouraged as to what their…More


The Praise Of Heaven

The Praise Of Heaven is and will be unlike any you have ever heard or have ever been a part of. but, the good news is, that you can be a part of it, by knowing Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and receiving him as your Lord. He will write your name in his…More


The Song Of Heaven

Here is a session featuring a sermon from the book of the Revelation. The title is: The Song Of Heaven.More


The Gift Of Grace

The bible is full of references to the grace of God. The book of Ephesians is a treasure field full of grace gold. This session is all about God’s grace. The title is: The Gift Of Grace.More

My People Shall Never Be Ashamed

This session features a powerful sermon from Joel chapter 2. The title will hopefully encourage many in the body of Christ today. Here is: My People Shall Never Be Ashamed.More


Fill In The Blanks

This session reminds you of your school days. So, how did you do on multiple choice tests? What about those portions where you had to fill in the blanks. This is the title of this sermon, which has to do with Bible events and the last days: Fill In The Blanks.More

What You Need To Know About The Antichrist

This is probably one of the most timely and current sermons you have heard lately. It’s about the evil super man who will come on the world scene just afther the Rapture of the Church. He will come in peaceably, then turn tables and deceive the whole world into worshipping and obeying him. What an…More

Believe He Is Risen

You have no doubt heard many say that one Jesus of Nazareth was raised from the dead. But, how do you feel about it? Presenting this session from on location at New Covenant Ministries, located on Highway 158 Business West, between Warrenton and Norlina North Carolina, pastor Broome brings this sermon entitled: Believe He Is…More


Emblems Of Death And Life

There are several Emblems in the gospels which can represent either Death or Life. This is our focus during this session, where we observe holy Communion together, followed by the message entitled: Emblems Of Death And Life.More


I Have A Lot To Tell You

Some folks think that god is not even speaking any more. But, Jesus teaches the opposite. In this Bible sermon produced by Tony Broome Ministries, you’ll learn from the gospel of John just how he earnestly longs to speak to his Church and to us individually today. We are reminded of the words of the…More


Don’t Fall Out

When Joseph made himself known to his brothers in Genesis chapter 45, he urged them to bring all their households into Egypt where he could nourish and care for them. See that you “fall not out” by the way, he told them. This is the background for this preaching session entitled: Don’t Fall Out.More


Sealed, Filled, Spilled

God seals every believer as his own private property. He desires that we all are filled with the Spirit and have such a walk with him, that we can count on being so, when the need and occasion arises or demands for it. We are to be spilled out into this world as an offering…More

He Never Lost One

No one wants a coach with a heavy losing streak leading their team. You would opt for a leader like Jesus. As this session title says, so it is true: He Never Lost OnMore


Reasons For The Christian Judgment

If Christians are indeed already saved, why then do we as believers need to be judged? Here is a sobering message that should cause all of us in the body of Christ to wake up and think, as well as get serious about our treatment of others and service to God. The title is: Reasons…More