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Women sharing their stories about the impact of prayer and God's Word in their lives.




Women sharing their stories about the impact of prayer and God's Word in their lives.






Do You Still Dream? - Sheryl Kloehr

In this episode, Sheryl delivers a timely message about the power of dreaming. There are 14 different dreams in the Bible and each one holds significance for God's communication to His people. Sit back and enjoy an encouraging message all about DREAMS! Learn more about iRefresh and Prayer Opportunities here:


Creating a Balanced Daily Diet - Dr. Sherri Thomas

Dr. Sherri Thomas gives insight on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and specific tips on how to adjust your diet in a practical way. Check website for detailed list over the categories that are essential for your well-being. Episode 112 Learn more about iRefresh and Prayer Opportunities here:


All About Free Radicals - Dr. Sherri Thomas

Why change your life style when it comes to nutrition? Dr. Sherri Thomas discusses the process of what our body does when we eat more of the nutritionally deficient foods over fruits and vegetables. She breaks it down in a short explanation on biochemistry to help us realize the value of foods helping not only are hunger, but promoting health over a life time with quality of life as a bonus throughout the years.


Let God Prove You Wrong - Angie Hawkins

Have you grown up around the church and yet struggled to have a personalized relationship with Jesus? Angie Hawkins shares her story and lessons learned when she surrendered to God and allowed Him to have access to her heart. She is passionate to share the love of Jesus she personally experienced and encourage you to call out to God and watch what He does. Episode 110


You Were Made to FLOURISH - Sarah Wehrli

On this episode, Sheryl talks with Sarah Wehrli about lessons Sarah has learned from the struggles she has faced in life and how God has helped her through them. They talk through the different points of Sarah's recent book and remind us to never forget that God is working in every season, good or bad. Episode 109. To pick up Sarah's book, visit Learn more about iRefresh and Prayer Opportunities here:


What Matters Most - The Kittingers

What holds the HIGHEST value in YOUR life? In this episode, Danny and Carrie challenge us to remember what the important things in life, such as family, celebration, and of course, Jesus. We pray this podcast reminds you to stay let go of the unimportant and stay committed to focusing on WHAT MATTERS MOST. To purchase What Matters Most visit, Learn more about iRefresh and Prayer Opportunities here: Episode 108


EP 107 God Never Fails - Sheryl Kloehr

Remember God's faithfulness in the past to bring victory so you can press through now when you are in a dry and weary season. Feel like giving up? Stop! Listen! Find hope in Sheryl's message. Learn more about iRefresh and Prayer Opportunities here:


EP 106 The Roots of YOGA - told by Christian Indians

On this episode, Sheryl and Tim talk to their dear friends from India, Rose and James. They share how believers in India are being persecuted as well as the fact Yoga's foundation comes from Hinduism. We pray this podcast encourages you to see the importance of the postures we take and the things we meditate on. Let’s set our mind on things above! Learn more about iRefresh and Prayer Opportunities here:


EP 105 Living BALANCED in a TILTED World - Julie Wilson

What happens when you disagree with someone but you know you're called to love? On this episode, Julie and Veronica talk about keeping the Gospel first and foremost above our own opinions and ideas. They encourage us to keep grounded in the Word so that God's Voice remains the loudest above all other noise. Learn more about iRefresh and Prayer Opportunities here:


EP 104 Caring for Parents - Julie Wilson

In this episode, Julie shares her story of walking with her mother through Alzheimers. How can we let God into these difficult seasons of our life? She encourages us to trust in The Lord and let the Holy Spirit work in the situation. We pray you are pushed to lean into Christ when you face tough circumstances and let Him show you how He is still working in your life. Learn more about iRefresh and Prayer Opportunities here:


EP 103 Be Anxious About Nothing...

On this Episode, we talk about the ways we have dealt with anxiety in our lives. We address ways in which we have learned to live out the truth of Philippians 4:6, "to be anxious about nothing" and instead choose to bring our requests to the Lord. We are so excited for you to hear this conversation! Learn more about iRefresh and Prayer Opportunities here:


EP 102 Challenged by Anxiety

We each are faced with the possibility of anxiety from life's unplanned circumstances, but what can we do to change the storyline and decelerate the affects of anxiety and find ideas to help bring peace in the midst of circumstances. Listen to iRefresh' prayer team panel including experts who offer suggestions to bring victory.


EP 101 Do I REALLY need to pray?

On this episode, Sheryl, Laura and Veronica talk about the misconceptions and problems we face surrounding prayer, especially in community. But they also encourage us to see the positives of praying with others and how much strength and peace comes from it! Learn more about iRefresh and Prayer Opportunities here:


EP 100 Celebrating 100 Episodes!

Over the past few years, we have interviewed incredible women of God who have been gracious to be authentic to tell their stories to help each of us be encouraged to never quit, keep pressing forward, pursue your dreams, stand strong in the power of the Lord and watch the hand of God come through to answer your prayers! We highlight 10 of those women here - you can hear their segments on time frames shown below: 1 - Episode 37 Isabell Bowling - Living with Epilepsy as a Teen 2 - Episode 18 Hannah Waters and Kasey Price - Dealing with Loneliness 3 - Episode 80 Jere and Amber Marie - How they started the Amber Marie & Co. Store 4 - Episode 7 Roberta Pepin - Mother of 10 Children and her Legacy 5 - Episode 15 Cari Lyons - Living with the Pain of Lyme Disease 6 - Episode 36 Kelly Martin - Fostering and Adopting as a Single Parent 7 - Episode 29 Monette Matadi - Overcoming by Losing 150 lbs by Holy Spirit's Help 8 - Episode 3 Lori Voth - Overcoming Addiction that Affected a Christian Family 9 - Episode 37 Brenda Black - Knowing our Identity in Christ 10 - Episode 32 Deana Spyres, Carrie Kittinger, Patty Gerstenberger - How to Forgive


EP 99 Serving Those With Special Needs - Molly Ziriax

How can we help the community of children with special needs? Maggie Bond interviews Molly Ziriax to talk about programs and ideas to help rally us as believers to walk alongside families who welcome our support. Molly provides an understanding of what families walk through and how to best support them. May we challenge you to listen prayerfully and consider how one idea could be initiated in your church or community.


EP 98 The Love of God - Debbie Barker

Do you find it easy or a challenge to recognize and receive the love from God? Debbie shows us in Scriptures of the revelation of knowing God personally in a way where you can understand and take in the blessing of God's love to you. Once you receive His love, you can learn to love yourself and then love others as God designed us to do. How can we live out a life of love? What about the people who make it difficult to love? Debbie Barker and Sheryl Kloehr discuss what the Scriptures show to live in peace with people, pray for them and love them with the help and guidance of God. Learn more about Debbie Barker's ministry at:


EP 97 Crafting a Pattern of Prayer - Kasey Price

Sheryl and Kasey talk about how they personally walk out their own prayer lives. Be encouraged by their stories and how they sought to keep God at the center even in the busy seasons of life.


EP 96 Healing Through Vulnerability - Lisa Goins & Bridgette Tomlin

Lisa and Bridgette talk about healing that comes through Christian community. Be encouraged and challenged to pray and stand strong with those in your own circle!


EP 95 God Image vs Self Image - Anjanette Korakis & Brenda Black

Anjanette and Brenda address one of the most common topics in today's culture, Identity. While the world says to look INWARD, they instead contend that we are called to look UPWARD. Listen in and see how you can apply this principle into your own life!


EP 94 Reclaiming Purpose After Hardship - Angie, Jackie, & Debbie

Have you ever felt purposeless after tragedy or failure? Have you ever felt like you have messed up too much to be used by God? In this podcast, Angie, Jackie & Debbie address those questions as they talk through their own personal testimonies. See how God reminded Angie and Jackie of their purpose in Him and the power of His Grace.