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A Shared Financial Value System

It may be true that opposites attract, but opposite values don't keep real intimacy going or growing, especially when those values are reflected in financial decisions. Committed, long-term relationships require a shared value system for success, and money is one of the biggest areas those values tend to show up. No wonder so many fights between couples are about money! The good news is that we don't have to keep having the same circular conversations about this topic; we can approach it...


Money Shame: You Are Not A Number

What don't you want people to know about your finances? Do you feel guilt over money-related mistakes you've made, debt you've acquired, out-of-control spending, or a smaller portfolio than your friends and neighbors might have? Do you feel embarrassed about making as much as you do, or worry that others would make assumptions about you if they knew how much you have saved, how much someone gave you, or how much or little you had growing up? Money shame can come in so many forms, but it all...


What Is Your Relationship with Money?

How do you feel about money? Do you associate it with security, blessing, greed, need, stress, inadequacy, or something else? Humans have a way of attaching to inanimate things like money, and, at some level, this is okay, even unavoidable. Money is important. It's a lot of things, actually -- but it's not the secret to happiness, identity, or making relationships work. Join Cinthia today to consider your current relationship with money and what might make that relationship healthier and...


How to Stay Motivated and Be Inspired

Do you ever find yourself doing the same old ineffective thing because you lack inspiration to create a new solution, or neglecting to change because you are simply not motivated to move forward? Motivation and inspiration can both be elusive. Sometimes we treat them like pieces of magic that either fall on us or don’t. Today Cinthia encourages us to look at what motivates and inspires us and consider how we can manage our lives in ways that make more room for the motivation and inspiration...


The Best Gift You Could Ever Give: Take Good Care of You (12-26-21)

Sometimes we think of self-care as selfish -- which gives us a great excuse not to do it. But have you ever thought of self-care as a gift you give others? We’re not talking here about sinking yourself into debt to acquire everything you want, or about harming others in a quest to satisfy your every whim. We’re talking about the basics here – drinking enough water, providing yourself with decent nutrition, getting enough rest, practicing some healthy body movement, facing your problems...


Here‘s to Anxiety Relief!

If feelings are normal, where does anxiety fit into the picture? What is anxiety, and how is it related to trust, perfectionism, and survival? Most of all, how do we deal with it so that it doesn’t run our lives and prevent us from being the best versions of ourselves? Cinthia discusses all this and more in today’s episode. To dive deeper into the message of each podcast, we've created a study guide for each episode. Download your FREE Study Guide here!...


Emotions in Motion

Negative feelings tend to be uncomfortable. As members of modern western culture, many of us have come to fear negative emotions and think that we are entitled to have positive feelings all the time. We may try ineffectually to change ourselves or others, hoping the negative feelings will go away. Others try to ignore negative feelings and miss the clear warning signals those feelings could send. What are we supposed to do with these messy, uncomfortable negative emotions that we just wish...


Don‘t Let Stress Steal Your Holidays

Stressful situations have a way of revealing what is really inside of us, and holidays can sometimes fit this description! Sometimes we respond to stress by going into survival mode, even when our actual survival is not being threatened. We may feel cornered, panic, and engage in some kind of fight/flight/freeze response when, in fact, we do have choices available. Today Cinthia discusses what it means to distinguish the appropriate level of response to a situation and how to keep momentary...


Make This Holiday Season A Success

Last week, Cinthia started talking about “A.N.G.E.R.” This week, she explains the acrostic in more detail, looking at ways we know we are “doing anger well” or doing it poorly. She then continues looking at how to manage ourselves well when family holidays are difficult or when we do not have the families and holidays we wish we did. To dive deeper into the message of each podcast, we've created a study guide for each episode. Download your FREE Study Guide here!...


A.N.G.E.R.: Let‘s Not Bring It to Our Holidays

How do you know when your anger is a problem? And what can you do if it is? Anger is a normal, healthy emotion that can be of service to us, our relationships, and the world around us. However, it can also be handled badly, and, when it is, it can be very, very dangerous. Sometimes we don’t even recognize our anger, and it comes out in all kinds of ways. So how can we make sure we are recognizing our anger and managing it well? Join Cinthia for a holiday anger check-up. To dive deeper into...


Relationships101, Pt. 4: 11-14-21

It’s hard to get far in human relationships without running into the issue of need. We need each other, but we don’t want to need each other in the wrong ways, wrong amounts, wrong times… Some of us wish we didn’t have to need other people at all! As we continue the fresh 2021 version of Relationships 101, Cinthia reviews some concepts from recent podcasts and then explores the meanings and implications of our various dependencies in human relationships. She finishes by taking a specific...


Relationships 101, Pt. 3: Family Types and Effects (11-7-21)

It’s hard to look at relationship behaviors without talking about family, whether families of origin or the families we have created as adults. Our relationship behaviors are often created and regularly exhibited in our family relationships. We may form family patterns with our spouses or children based on experiences we had as children, whether by recreating the same dynamics or by reacting against them. While there are no perfect families and there is little value in “grading” or “judging”...


Relationships 101, Part 2 (10-31-21)

Relationships are one of the most important parts of life, but that doesn’t make them easy. There may not be a standard textbook for dealing with people, but today Cinthia offers some basic concepts and skills to improve your relationships and relational functioning. Whether you are struggling to learn these things for the first time or have taught them to others for years, these principles are important enough to learning, review, evaluation, and growth. Join Cinthia for some practical...


Relationships 101- 10-24-21

Last episode, Cinthia discussed determining our value by starting with our Creator and the value He established in us, rather than with our own history, performance, feelings, or contributions. Today, she discusses what this means for our relationships. What happens when we relate to other people based on the value God created in us and in others? What does this mean for how we treat others and how we expect them to treat us? What does it mean for how we respond when someone does not treat...


Your Value is Guaranteed

We expend massive amounts of money, time, and effort trying to grasp our own identities, searching desperately to figure out who we are. We long to understand why we are the way we are, and we often try to change ourselves, hoping to increase our own value. Today Cinthia points out that created beings cannot be understood without first considering the creator. This means that, if you want to understand yourself, you can’t start with yourself. To know who we are and what we are worth, we have...


What Has to Die In Order for You to Live?

Sometimes we fight to preserve what we think we need, only to find we are preserving what chokes the life out of us. What in your life do you try to protect, even when God seems to be nudging you to let it go? What are you afraid of losing, and what are you losing because you won't let go? It might be a bad thing, or it might be something that seems so good, so right, so appropriate, except that God is saying, "Trust Me; I have something better for you." If you are familiar with Cinthia's...


Take Good Care of You -- You‘re the Only You We Have! 10-3-21

Today’s episode begins with why self-care is important and then branches into the territory of ritual. What are your self-care rituals, positive or negative? How do your daily rituals reflect and reinforce your values? Our rituals take our habits to another level, and they can help us or hurt us, as well as others. What rituals will you add, subtract, or continue, and how will it impact your ability to be who you were created to be?


Be Your Own Best Version (9-26-21)

You were uniquely created for a specific purpose. You can (and do, for good or for ill) make a difference in yourself and the world around you. To fulfill this purpose and effect this change well, you are going to have to figure out how to deal with pain; pain is going to be part of your experience on earth. Do these concepts sound simple? Profound? Too easy? Too hard? Helping people understand and apply them has been foundational to Cinthia's work for three decades, but they continue to be...


Free to Thrive, Pt. 2: Interview with Ben Bennett

As if we weren't excited enough to interview Josh McDowell last week, this week Cinthia talks with Ben Bennett about Free to Thrive, the book he and Josh McDowell are releasing. Having faced his own trauma and struggles with addiction, Mr. Bennett is now the director of Resolution Movement, helping others discover tools for addressing their own struggles. Today he and Cinthia discuss the importance of recognizing and meeting emotional needs, reducing the status of asking for help with...


Free to Thrive, Pt. 1: Interview with Josh McDowell

Are your behaviors trying to tell you something about the hurts you haven’t fully addressed? Have you been repeatedly disillusioned by the sins of others, especially those of Christian ministry leaders? In their recently-released book Free to Thrive, Josh McDowell and Ben Bennett discuss the way our hurts, when not healed, tend to shape our behaviors, as well as our responsibility to find freedom and healing by addressing those hurts. Today, Cinthia is again honored to interview Josh...