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A podcast vlog - journal - about healing, trauma, spirituality, mental health, and learning to be a human.

A podcast vlog - journal - about healing, trauma, spirituality, mental health, and learning to be a human.


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A podcast vlog - journal - about healing, trauma, spirituality, mental health, and learning to be a human.






I Got Blocked by Bentinho Massaro | The Rolling Stone Exposé

My reboot of the NorthSoulStar Podcast begins with a heartfelt (and somewhat salty) rant and honest chat about my experience as an online follower of Bentinho Massaro, and his spiritual teachings. I talk about the last few months of breakdowns and how spirituality has completely changed for me in 2022. Watch on YouTube: I'm feeling new motivation and inspiration to express myself, and tell my story. I hope you will excuse the rambling nature of my vlog, and...


Come Inside, Monster

A blog about mind loops, learning to love my mind, and recent energies. Recorded 2021-03-26 09:49 #northsoulstar #vlog #healing #mentalhealth #mind #selflove #acceptance #empowerment #enlightenment [click for transcript and links] Subscribe at


Seeking The New Earth Human Within

A vlog about Old World triggers, psychosis, mental health and returning to being a human, returning to life – but a NEW life. This blog includes a little bit of channeled guidance I received because I was asking or seeking answers around the subject of Self. Recorded 2021-03-15 12:13 #NewEarth #Triggers #Psychosis Subscribe at


Inner Child Integration And The intensity Of Healing [audio mixed-up please read]

A blog about a healing journey I took with my coach, and the intensity of life. The core wound of Abandonment and Separation. The Old World And The New World. Recorded 2021-03-11 12:04 #InnerChild #Healing #Abandonment Subscribe at


Am I Disordered, Or Designed - Mood Swings In The 21st Century

A blog about self acceptance, and digging into the human experience. Am I mentally ill, or is my Human Design actually of great benefit to me, and others? #HumanDesign #MentalHealth #Grounding Recorded 2021-03-05 11:42 Subscribe at


Learning To Drive (A Human) - How To Be A Human - Blog 2021–02-28

Chatting about coming down to Earth and learning how to drive this human. I’m finding current energies are calling me to realise who I am, my blueprint as a human. So I am working with a healer / coach. #identity #transformation #empowerment Subscribe at


Unconditional Living - Clearing Contracts - Blog 2021-02-26

Blogging the ascension. Chit-chatting about unconditional living, navigating energetic contracts and expectations. #ascension #freewill #contracts Subscribe at


Frivolous Creativity And Freedom

[The Podcast Returns] “There was just no reply. And I asked so why, and they said because it's not there. It's an illusion.” So, below I have transcribed this latest vlog. It is not verbatim but has been quite heavily corrected, with repeated filler phrases removed, for example. Sections have been slightly rewritten or left out. There are differences between what is here, and the gist or intention of the spoken word. But it remains a transcript and flows with the audio in a fairly faithful...


Disengaging, Purging, Receiving (current energies)

Passing on some guidance about the current energies. #discernment #innerwork #manifesting 20190918-1242 Video- Podcast Homepage- Disengaging, Purging, Receiving (current energies)by Aeryn North, 2019-09-18 Subscribe at


How To Be A Human

Just a chat about learning to be a human, boundaries and social skills. :) #grounding #selfrealisation #ego 20190909-0951 Video- Homepage- How To Be A HumanBy Aeryn North, 2019-09-09 Subscribe at


How To Be Of Service

Chatting about stepping into service. Creating with masculine energies. supporting people and honouring boundaries and roles. #service #boundaries #guidance 20190908-1232 Video- Homepage- How To Be Of Service By Aeryn North, 2019-09-08 Subscribe at


Just A Spirituality Vlog

Just checking in and talking about healing, being awake and tv shows I'm watching. #healing #spirituality #vlog Video: Homepage- Just A Spirituality Vlogby Aeryn North, 2019-08-31 Subscribe at


Energetic Invitation - Transcending Programs and Letting Go Of Them [guidance]

Chatting about the current energies and an invitation to step up into a new space of creating after an intense period of clearing. Letting go of programs and stories. #ascension #transcendence #programs 20190822-1004 Video- Homepage- Energetic Invitation - Transcending Programs and Letting Go Of Them [guidance]by Aeryn North, 2019-08-22 Subscribe at


The Storm Before The Calm [guidance]

Passing on guidance. “Embrace the storm, embrace the storm. The storm is clearing”. Chatting about dark night of the soul and moving into a clear space, upcoming energies, body upgrades, following intuition, letting go, manifestation, facing fear, Empathic discernment. Mentioned video- Chatting with Gemma Nelson Storm Before The Calm Transcript- #darknightofthesoul #ascension #intuition...


[vlog] Authenticity and Trust. Awakening and Energy Vampires.

The guidance today is to show up and be real, share our personal stories. Showing up each day, being humble, letting go, being authentic, and real. The real awakening is always bigger than we know. Manifesting through faith and trust. The trauma of healing, facing our fears, seeing past the illusion. Energy vampires, and genuine supportive connections. #guidance #authenticity #thegreatawakening 20190812-0908 Video- Homepage-...


[vlog] August and the Lion’s Gate

Chatting and sharing my guidance for August and the Lions Gate. It’s about healing, kindness and gratitude, listening to the body as self care. And clearing so we can tune into a new layer of experience of deeper connection and love. #healing #gratitude #ascension 20190807-0712Video- Podcast Homepage- Subscribe at


[vlog] Check in

Just chatting about stuff #healing #angels #channeling 20190805-1521 Video- homepage- Check in [vlog]by Aeryn North 2019-08-05 Subscribe at


[vlog] Mindfulness or Meditation

Just a chat about recent experience and wondering about the difference between mindfulness and meditation, and how different spiritual philosophies and practices seem to differ, or overlap in definitions. #mindfulness #meditation #spiritualpractice 20190803-1427 Video homepage Subscribe at


[vlog] Healing Trauma and Intense Energies. Showing up For Healing

A chat vlog about healing intense trauma, forgiveness and showing up. These have been some super-intense times. I talk about how some new clarity has opened up for me and is helping me feel I can show up in my own life some more, to be unashamed about what, and who I am. Please look out for an article I'm writing about a simple healing practice to help gain clarity on what's trying to make itself known to you from the inside. It will be on the website soon.. #healing #trauma #forgiveness...


Transmuting Shadow and Tech Issues in these Energies

Chatting about the shadow work, going really deep, transmuting into light, dealing with tech issues. I also chat about an encounter with AI and a reptilian being. #energies #tech #shadowwork 2019-07-11-1905 Full transcript- Video- Subscribe at