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A monthly podcast for Worship Leaders and worship teams. Practical training to help you and your teams excel musically, theologically and pastorally. For more content for worship leaders, worship pastors, music directors and worship team members visit www.worshipministrytraining.com

A monthly podcast for Worship Leaders and worship teams. Practical training to help you and your teams excel musically, theologically and pastorally. For more content for worship leaders, worship pastors, music directors and worship team members visit www.worshipministrytraining.com


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A monthly podcast for Worship Leaders and worship teams. Practical training to help you and your teams excel musically, theologically and pastorally. For more content for worship leaders, worship pastors, music directors and worship team members visit www.worshipministrytraining.com






How To Properly Use Tracks In Worship w/ Matt McCoy

Want to start using backing tracks in worship? Or maybe your church is already using tracks but you want to see if there's a better way. This episode is for you! This month I talk with Matt Mccoy from Loop Community about how to properly begin using tracks in worship. We cover... This is a great conversation and you're sure to be helped and encouraged. Do us a favor and forward this episode on to a friend! Check Out The Brand New Worship Leader Training Courses! Use Promo Code WMTpodcast...


Advice for Younger Worship Leaders w/ Tommy Walker

Tommy Walker has been faithfully leading worship at his church for the past 30 years! Talk about steadfastness! Tommy has a lot more ministry experience than most of us! So in this month's episode I ask Tommy to share wisdom and advice with us younger worship leaders. Whether you’re just getting started in ministry or you’re two decades in, there is so much wisdom and encouragement in this episode. Get ready to get amped and excited about pressing into your local fellowship! Tommy's New...


11 Tips for Improving Your Acoustic Worship Sets

Acoustic worship sets can actually be very powerful. You don’t need a big band or huge sound system to see your church respond in worship. Led well, acoustic worship sets with small, simple teams can lead to passionate praise and intimacy during coorperate worship. Whether you’re part of a church plant with a small team, or a large church with a huge team. Embrace small. Try these 11 tips next time you lead an acoustic worship set, and you’ll be surprised how much your church responds, and...


Music Directing Tips to Make Your Worship Band Sound Better w/ Tyler Wester

Having a great music director can really take your worship ministry to the next level when it comes to musical excellence. In this episode I talk with Tyler Wester from Highlands Worship about how to be a great music director, what key qualities are necessary, what to look for in potential trainees, and some pro-tips on how to make your worship team sound great musically! Whether you have a music director yet or not, this episode is a must-listen. And if you DO have a music director, then be...


Investing In Your Worship Team Volunteers w/ Lee Baker (12 Stone Church)

Investing in your worship team volunteers is one of your most important tasks as a worship leader. You may not be able to pay your worship volunteers with money, but you can definitely show them you care in many other creative ways. This month I talk with Lee Baker from 12 Stone Church about how we can create "rhythms and layers" of volunteer care for our team members. There are a lot of really great ideas for ways you can show your volunteers how much you appreciate them! Take a few and...


Systems and Routines That Lead to Healthy Ministries w/ Highlands Worship

Systems, processes, routines, and schedules. Most worship leaders run and cower in fear at the mere mention of such "structured" words. We are creatives. We like our lives to be free and flowing. But the truth is, you can't have a healthy ministry without solid and effective administrative systems and routines. The results you are currently getting in your ministry are directly correlated to actions you repeatedly take. So what sort of actions do you need to start taking to get better...


Teaching Young People to Worship, Pray, and Serve w/ Circuit Riders

Many churches are lacking (and even losing) young people. But you don’t want that to be your church’s story. You are a leader who cares about reaching and engaging the next generation. You desire to see young adults equipped to be passionate prayer warriors and worship leaders. But how do we reach, disciple, and equip young people to be hungry for God? The trick is, to engage them in the mission. And this is exactly what the Circuit Riders movement is doing. The Circuit Riders are...


The Pros and Cons of Backing Tracks in Worship

Backing tracks have been a blessing to many worship ministries. But tracks can turn into a curse if we implement them without pastoral wisdom and thoughtfulness. What are some of the ways that backing tracks can inadvertently harm our worship ministries? What are some of the benefits tracks provide? How can we strike a healthy balance? This month I’ll tell you all the pros and cons of using backing tracks in worship and guide you regarding whether or not you should be using them at your...


Deepening Your Relationship with God Through Daily Devotions w/ Craig Denison

Worship leaders are called to be worshippers first, leaders second. But sadly many of us have it backward. We perform the duty of being a worship leader, without learning to first be a worshipper. Honestly, how is your personal devotional life with the Lord? How are your private times of worship? Do you have a hard time communing with God when it’s just you and Him? Are you leading from empty? We need to cultivate rich, private devotional lives in order to thrive in our public calling....


How To Train and Develop New Worship Leaders w/ Andrew Wooddell

So many worship leaders are stuck leading worship every single Sunday. They have no one to back them up or fill in for them. This means they never get a break, which leads to exhaustion and burnout. Why do so many worship leaders have such a hard time raising up others to take our place? What should we be looking for in potential new leaders, and how do we help them grow to the level we need them to actually be capable of leading in our services? Andrew Wooddell has been training young...


How To Improve Your Vocals (and Vocalists) in Worship w/ Charmaine Brown

Singing is a huge part of what we do as worship leaders. Yet most of us never received any formal training on how to properly use our voice. This leads to a lack of range, power, control, and endurance; none of which are good when leading others in song! Thankfully all of these problems can be corrected by some simple training. Charmaine Brown from The Worship Vocalist joins us this month to share how we can strengthen and improve our own voices, and also lead our background singers to sing....


The Theology of Creativity and the Creative Process w/ Andrew Peterson

We were created to create! We reflect our Creator’s image and imagination by creating and being creative. God allows us to influence His story in the world through what we “output” via our creativity. Art has an impact! As musicians, singers, songwriters, set designers, and “creatives”, it’s vital that we have a Biblical understanding of art and its role within the world and the Church! Andrew Peterson (one of the most creative people I have met) joins us to discuss creativity, and how we...


Jeremy Riddle: Pursuing God’s Presence Vs. Performing Songs During Worship

Many of our worship sets have become so pre-planned that worship has become an act of simply executing the songs one after another. How do we move deeper into worship and patiently pursue the Holy Spirit's leading during a set? How do we move past performance to actually pursuing God's presence? And practically, how do we do that when we only have 20 minutes on a Sunday morning, and we're using backing tracks? Jeremy Riddle is back on the podcast to answer all of these questions and more!...


What Is Corporate Worship w/ Matt Merker

Every week, worship leaders gather in a room filled with people to do something. What is it? Why do we gather? What is corporate worship supposed to look like? What is it supposed to accomplish? Biblically speaking, what should we do while gathered? Which elements should we include in our services? In what order? And what long term outcomes are we trying to accomplish through our times of corporate worship? In this month’s episode, I talk with Matt Merker about his new book called “Corporate...


How To Be A Better Leader w/ Chris Vacher

Most of us were put in charge of our ministries because we were good at music. Now we have to figure out how to be leaders! What is leadership at its essence? What does a good leader do? What are some common mistakes new leaders make? We talk about all of that and more in this month’s episode! Enjoy! And remember, being a worship leader is more about leadership than musicianship! Check Out The Brand New Worship Leader Training Courses! Use Promo Code WMTpodcast for 25% off! ALSO...


Time Management Tips for Busy Worship Leaders

You have big goals. You have big dreams. You want to accomplish a lot with your life. But you’re busy. There’s not enough time to do all you want to do! Or is there? In this episode, I am going to share with you the things I’ve learned by managing an extremely busy schedule and a lot of responsibilities over the last three years. You’ll learn how to view time, how to determine your desired destiny, how to design your days, and how to destroy your distractions. Time management + task...


Short Break

I'll be taking a short break from releasing podcast episodes to work on a special, extra cool, top-secret project for you guys! I'll be back in the new year with more great episodes from more great guests! Looking forward to it! Have a beautiful Christmas!


How The Old Testament Informs New Testament Worship w/ Zach Neese

What do tabernacles, sacrifices, incense, and priests have to do with worship? Well, EVERYTHING! The worship practices of the Old Testament may seem like strange, confusing, and barbaric ways to worship, but when understood correctly we gain a deeper understanding of what God wants from us as worship leaders. Instead of looking to social media profiles, YouTube videos, and Mega-churches to learn what our ministries should look like, Zach Neese (author and worship pastor) is calling us back...


Bonus: How To Help Your Background Vocalists Sing Better

Worship Leader Mentorship (APPLY TODAY) Many of us under-utilize our background vocalists. We fail to equip them for this vital role. What are some things we worship leaders can do to help our background singers thrive and succeed? What are the tools, tips, and resources we can give them to help them sing better? This question came from our Worship Leader Mentorship. APPLY for our Feb 2021 Session FOLLOW US! TWITTER, INSTAGRAM, or FACEBOOK


How We Should Think About Covid - (Online Ministry)

The Coronavirus has forced the Church into all sorts of innovative and advantageous positions. I believe we can actually take ground for the gospel and come out AHEAD during this time. If we are good stewards with this opportunity, we will be poised to increase our influence and impact as we reach the world through innovative ONLINE ministry. In this episode, I share how churches should view the coronavirus crisis, how we can think with an opportunistic mindset about this season, and I give...