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Women sharing their stories about the impact of prayer and God's Word in their lives.

Women sharing their stories about the impact of prayer and God's Word in their lives.




Women sharing their stories about the impact of prayer and God's Word in their lives.






You Matter - Trisha Glover

How do you feel about yourself? We can have great moments, but then we can struggle in seasons or events tend to wipe us out. In the midst of your journey, remember that YOU MATTER. Deana Spyres, our host, talks with Trisha Glover.


Being Intentional to Find Community in Family - Carmen Anderson

It's important to be intentional to find and connect with your community. Family is community. If you were not blessed to have a solid, biological family, seek after your "Chosen Family" that mutually supports each other in all seasons of life.


A Child's Glimpse of Heaven - Daleen Porter

Daleen had an experience as a young girl where she visited heaven. She shares her journey to both heaven and hell and how it has affected her life to this day.


Shifting Negative Thoughts with Help from Mrs. Potato Head & Kelli Portman

Most of us have faced identity challenges, young or old, yet it can be the greatest hindrance in doing and being all God intended for us to be. "I believe there's a God-shaped hole in our hearts that only He can fulfill." Kelli identifies some of those thoughts we have and how to overcome them so we can thrive in our purpose!


The Amber Marie & Company Story - Jere & Amber Marie Welch

A mother-daughter started a lifestyle boutique that developed in to a close community filled with joy and caring for their employees and customers. They found their ministry in retail as they bring laughter mixed with prayer during Facebook LIVES and more! Hear their inspiring story!


Connecting With Gen Z Children - Cindy Palen

To Generation Z parents, do you find it challenging and much different from the way you grew up? They have technology at their fingertips we never had, a different way of thinking, and a different language. How can we, as parents, connect with Gen Z kids and meet them where they are? Cindy Palen, our iRefresh Partner and professional counselor, leads the conversation with Kelli Portman and Sarah Dilks, bringing understanding and ideas to help raise these amazing Gen Z children.


Working Through Anxiety - Brenda Black

How do we move past anxiety? We have to recognize the root of anxiety - fear. Brenda shares with our Guest Host Carrie Kittinger how to identify the source in order to overcome anxiety with her techniques.


Who Are You, Really? Creating Your Identity - Brenda Black

As women, we all may struggle with our self-image and believe the lies and self doubt about ourselves... that's what the enemy wants us to believe. The Lord, however, declares over our lives that we are righteous and complete in Him! Brenda talks about God's truth that sets us free from those lies and how we need to walk in the identity of Who We Are in Christ!


Coming Through Loneliness - Maggie, Isabell, Lisa and Kasey

Our community asked questions...How did you overcome not always being okay? When going through seasons of loneliness, did you know that's what it was? Did you have mentors in your life to help you through that season? Maggie Bond, Isabell Bowling, Lisa Fenimore and Kasey Price bring their authentic and genuine answers.


Finding Contentment - Carrie Kittinger

How can we find contentment when the noise and voices are screaming so loud!? Carrie Kittinger takes us through tips she has used to rediscover the value of silence to re-center and re-settle herself in order to gain contentment.


Loneliness from Different Perspectives - Maggie, Isabell, Lisa and Kasey

Loneliness is something we all experience in life at one time or another. Different seasons, different circumstances, but still feeling lonely. Our panel talks about their experiences with loneliness and what they did to overcome it. Great insight for all of us.


Homeschooling... a Journey for the Family - Kim Ford

"God always uses families. It's the first institution He established." Kim Ford describes the gift our children are and how she was led to home school and ultimately lead a large group in her community, inspiring many in the joy of teaching your children and praying for them.


Domino Effect Of Prayer - Hannah Pepin

Walking through family trauma to going through her on post pardon depression with each of her children, Hannah found God answering her prayers in the midst of each difficult season. Hannah learned to live in the moment and go to prayer through the hard moments. Listen to her country music with her brothers wherever you can listen to music.


Addiction, Loneliness, Hurt, & God - Jennifer Whitaker

Jennifer grew up in a home where there was drug and alcohol addictions. This left her lonely, suicidal, hurt, and angry, yet God was working behind the scenes. Jennifer was able to experience God's goodness and freedom from all of the addictions and set her on a new course of thriving in her calling.


In Hard Times, Lean on God - Laura Ballinger

Life is hard... but do you blame God or lean into Him during those difficult seasons? Laura speaks of her faith in following God's plan, as she navigates being a widow to two children.


Walking In Faith Through Transitions - Patty Gerstenberger

Change isn't easy, but when we walk through it, sometimes suddenly or without warning, we can step in to the new season better with several helpful tips from Life Coach, Patty Gerstenberger.


God can be Trusted - Natalie Kresge

Through seasons of life, from the mountain tops to the difficult times, Natalie Kresge tells Laura Watson how she could trust God in and through difficult times as she found stability in the four pillars of her and her family's life (prayer, scripture, community and worship).


The A.C.T.S. of Prayer - Gail Marten

The legacy of prayer for one family is inspiring and motivating to start one or continue pressing through to experience the fruit that comes from prayer. Gail gives clear and simple steps to begin a legacy of prayer for your loved ones.


A Life of Prayer Courageously Uncomfortable - Lisa Goins

Learn how to hear God's voice through an active life of prayer. Lisa Goins describes the ABCs of Prayer, the importance of scheduling your busy life with prayer and the "Why" you do it.


EP 65 The Demand Project's Mission to Eradicate Human Trafficking - Kristin Weis

Discover what The Demand Project is doing to fight against sex trafficking. Learn what each of us can do, no matter where you are, we all can be a part of making an impact to rescue the children through prayer to begin.