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The podcast features Stuart from 5D & Zack from 5d-blog.com who muse & pontificate over all things Pop Culture & Entertainment related. Occasionally we may even get our facts correct. Interspersed with our own ramblings are episodes where we talk to all manner of creative individuals from the entertainment industry. A new 5D Podcast episode will be published weekly on a Saturday......or Sunday...depending if we can get our act together.


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The podcast features Stuart from 5D & Zack from 5d-blog.com who muse & pontificate over all things Pop Culture & Entertainment related. Occasionally we may even get our facts correct. Interspersed with our own ramblings are episodes where we talk to all manner of creative individuals from the entertainment industry. A new 5D Podcast episode will be published weekly on a Saturday......or Sunday...depending if we can get our act together.






Ep 172 : 5D Pop Culture Podcast - The Band gets back together……

After a seven month hiatus the 5D Pop Culture Podcast is back! That’s right, the band is getting back together whether you like it or not! In the 5DNEWS this week….well to be honest there’s not too much news as we basically try to figure out how to do this podcasting malarkey once again. Though Stuart does go into serious geek mode when talking about the recently released James Webb Telescope images as well as release this week of another Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power teaser trailer....


Ep 171: 5D Pop Culture Podcast - Some Tequila & an X-Box

In the 5DNEWS this week there’s the announcement the Harry Potter band will be getting back together again for a new year HBO special, plus there’s chat about the ongoing debate about who will feature in the new Spider-Man film after the latest trailer dropped this week. In addition there's excitement (well from one of the co-host’s at least) about the brand new Peter Jackson Beatles documentary that airs next week on Disney+. If all that wasn’t enough there's a bit of F1 chatter and some...


Ep 170: 5D Pop Culture Podcast - Accidental Fake News

In the 5DNEWS this week there’s the announcement that not for the first time, we were wrong here on the 5D Podcast. It seems Chris Evans HAS NOT been voted the sexiest man on the planet, with the award instead going to fellow Marvel alumini, Paul Rudd.……or something like that. In addition we also talk about the recent Disney+ day where a whole slew, nay, I say a whole plethora of new content announcements were made by the the new kid on the streaming block. If all that wasn’t enough there’s...


Ep 169: 5D Pop Culture Podcast - Mon Dieu, An Asteroid!

In the 5DNEWS this week there’s the announcement that Chris Evans has been voted the sexiest man on the planet……or something like that. So after frantically checking to see where the 5D co-hosts are on that list we quickly move on to the release of the trailer of S4 of Stranger Things. In addition we also talk about the news of impending doom and of apocalypse by asteroid that according to one newspaper is not going to actually happen….but that we should be well and truly frightened by it...


Ep 168: 5D Pop Culture Podcast - Go home Halloween, you’re drunk!

This week Stuart explains a little as to why he’s a lover of all things horror literature, TV & film, yet finds the whole Halloween holiday obsession a complete bore. Yes, he has issues. In the 5DNEWS this week there’s the announce of the latest website competition as well as a look at some of the trailers to drop this week on the old inter web. In addition there’s chat about the announcement that Jeff Stelling, legendary British sports presenter, will soon be calling it a day. In the main...


Ep 167: 5D Pop Culture Podcast - Phil Hay’s BFF

After an enforced sickness break last week we play a bit of catch up in the 5DNEWS section this week. After some interesting fluff at the beginning we chat about the recent (well in the last couple of weeks, at least) landing of the Get Back trailer for Peter Jackson’s Beatles documentary epic due on Disney+ in November. Continuing in the theme of trailers there’s also a brief look at a couple of the notable ones that dropped at the recent DCFanDome event from earlier in the week, namely The...


Ep 166: 5D Pop Culture Podcast - It’s not just zeros & ones!

In the 5DNEWS section we discuss a new writing addition to the 5D Pop Culture Website, namely Maria Robertson who will be coming the Aberdeen-focused music and theatre scene. In a continuation of the self-indulgent-it’s all about-me, me, me theme we also mention that co-host Stuart will soon be a non-other than esteemed panel judge member of the ‘Don’t look now horror film fest’….fame and fortune at last. In addition the recent successful release in terms of critical and box office response...


Ep 165: 5D Pop Culture Podcast - Man shouts at clouds

In the 5DNEWS section we discuss all manner of pop culture goodness such as the news that Chris Pratt will voice Super Mario, some litigations involving Marvel, the return later this year of Cobra Kai and the surprise loss in his world championship heavyweight boxing bout for Anthony Joshua. In addition it’s all about the 20th Anniversary of the Lord of the Rings release and the news that Warner Bros. is celebrating with a new box set - The Middle-earth Ultimate Collector’s Edition……and it’s...


Ep 164: 5D Pop Culture Podcast - Take the blue pill.

It’s all about the news this week as reviews take a back seat to a catch up of some of the big pop culture stories this week….. well at least some of the big stories in our minds. There’s probably far too much to cover here, but amongst some of the pop culture delicious being discussed this week include; Emma Raducanu The passing of Michael K. Williams The Matrix Resurrections trailer release The Boys Season 3 An expensive Spider-Man debut comic A 5D co-host judging panel appearance The...


Ep 163: 5D Pop Culture Podcast - To fluff or not to fluff?

In the 5DNEWS this week Stuart & Zack talk a little Leeds United & football as well as the upcoming Band of Bothers Podcast. Then there's chat about finally finding out the UK release details for the much anticipated Arthurian epic, The Green Knight - yes, we’ve excited about that film release for a LONG time now and the end may just be in sight…..for now. There’s also some discussion about Apple’s decision to delay the launch of their controversial plan to scan iPhones plus some talk about...


Ep 162: 5D Pop Culture Podcast - Dive Bombing Seagulls

In the 5DNEWS this week Stuart & Zack some more The Lord Of The Rings TV series news with the announcement this week that production for season 2 will move from New Zealand to here in the UK. Zack also has some venom 2 related news with the movie’s release date being put back….again. If all that wasn’t enough there’s news of the proposed Alien TV series and the BIG NEWS that Comic-Con will be coming here to Aberdeen in 2022! This week the main review section looks at the new offering from...


Ep 161: 5D Pop Culture Podcast - Shocked, confused & perplexed.

In the 5DNEWS this week Stuart & Zack discuss the the dropping of the release date and brand new image for The Lord Of The Rings TV series, with the picture naturally setting off a plethora (yes I do know what that words means) of debate and theories around the internet. In addition there’s an update on the preparations from SpaceX in testing their Starship for an orbital run. Zack also has some Elon Musk related news, more on his Fast and Furious obsession and also some nonsense controversy...


Ep 160: 5D Pop Culture Podcast - I'll see you in court, Walt.

After a break of a couple of weeks (did you miss us?………did you notice?) we’re back with a brand new episode of the 5D Podcast. In the 5DNEWS this week Stuart & Zack discuss the latest in a couple of litigatious (is that a real word?) activities seeing Scarlet Johannson suing Disney and Gerrard Butler suing the Olympus has fallen people for alleged lost earnings. In addition there’s some exciting chat about a possible planned Waterworld TV series as well as a look at the latest Olympic Games...


Ep 159: 5D Pop Culture Podcast - A Handy Alien Leaflet

In the 5DNEWS this week Stuart & Zack discuss the latest in the billionaire space race as Richard Branson’s rocket ship thing was successfully tested. In addition there’s chat about a world record price for a Super Mario game as well as a brief chat about the wrapping of shooting for James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad TV spin-off, The Peacemaker. The main review part looks at the recent Amazon Prime releases of The bonkers crazy ‘The Tomorrow War as well as the, er, bonkers crazy ‘The Ice Road’....


Ep. 158. 5D Podcast Special: Yuri Lowenthal Interview pt1

The 5D Podcast Specials are coming thick and fast at the moment with the the first of what will be a two-part interview with legendary voice actor Yuri Lowenthal. Yuri an American voice actor, producer and screenwriter known chiefly for his work in cartoons, anime and video games, as you’ll see and hear he is also a fantastic interviewee. Some of his most well-known roles in animation and anime include, Jinnosuke in Afro Samurai and Ben Tennyson in Ben 10. In the world of video games, he...


Ep 157: 5D Podcast Special - Marina Sirtis Interview.

It’s a definite special type of podcast this week as actress Marina Sirtis joins us for a telephone conversation! Listen as we talk about her reasons for moving back to the UK after 30+ years of living in the States, her West End appearance in Dark Sublime a couple of years ago…and yes, of course there’s a little bit of chat about Star Trek: The Next Generation and her recent reprisal of Deanna Troy in Star Trek: Picard. The conversation is all nicely rounded off with some football talk as...


Ep 156 : 5D Pop Culture Podcast - Who’s the Daddy?

In the 5DNEWS section this week there’s a little bit of a catch up after the 5D/Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival mash-up which featured a guest appearance from iconic actor, Vernon Wells. There’s also a bit of chat about Marina Sirtis, who displayed what a classy lady she is when I spoke briefly with her last week……listen to find out why. The news section also features a brief glimpse this week, courtesy of Henry Cavill who dropped a brief (very brief) teaser of goings-on in the 2nd...


Ep 155: 5D Podcast Special - A journey through Australian genre cinema.

This week’s podcast episode is something of a delight - a special edition that sees a collaboration between our good selves (well, minus 5D co-host Zack, who unfortunately had unavoidable obligations elsewhere) and the The Sydney Science Fiction Film Festival (SSFFF) https://www.sydneysciencefictionfilmfestival.com.au - Australia's newest celebration of sci-fi and fantasy genre film. Simon Foster & Travis Johnson REALLY know their stuff when it comes to their country’s genre heritage; Simon...


Ep 154: 5D Pop Culture Podcast - Uranus

After a week’s absence there’s a fair bit to catch up on in the 5DNEWS this week. There’s some brief NASA chat, this time about some planned Venus trips before we talk about subjects such as God of War 2 being delayed and the release of a veritable plethora of trailers in advance of the reopening of cinema’s - apparently we’re all saved and the pandemic will soon be a thing of the past....hurrah! Or you could just read other news articles that suggest the new Delta variant means that soon...


Ep. 153: 5D Pop Culture Podcast - Robomars Attacks!

There’s a lot going on In the 5DNEWS section today - so much to cover! For instance, there’s some exciting D&D TV adaptation rumours (Drizzt Do’Urden, baby!) as well as yet another attempt by co-host Zack to install some Fast & Furious news into each and every episode. If all that isn’t enough there’s some chat about yet another robot landing on Mars - this time from the Chinese space agency, so nothing that could possibly go wrong there........ oh, & co-host Zack wanted to talk about the...