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PERIOD is a podcast where we explore anything and everything to do with the menstrual cycle, most especially the bloody bits. I’m your host, Kate Clancy, and I am a ladybusiness scientist. Join me in the Red Tent to turn periods into exclamation points!


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PERIOD is a podcast where we explore anything and everything to do with the menstrual cycle, most especially the bloody bits. I’m your host, Kate Clancy, and I am a ladybusiness scientist. Join me in the Red Tent to turn periods into exclamation points!






Breakthrough bleed - Illness Stigma and the COVID-19 Pandemic

Well, we were going to talk menstrual stigma, but then the pandemic happened. Join me and Drs. Amber Wutich and Alex Brewis as we talk about stigma - what it is, how it affects people, and its repercussions on health. Race is playing a significant role in how stigma is laying on people through this pandemic - first through where this novel coronavirus originated, and then through who seems to have the worse health outcomes. Race-related stigma is allowing us to scapegoat certain groups,...


Breakthrough bleed - menstrual pads as masks?

Return guests Drs. Jodi Flaws and Jessica Brinkworth help us understand why disposable menstrual pads as masks should NOT be a thing (see example here)... but that some cloth masks may do at least a little something. One of the better options is from Suay LA. And see Dr. Brinkworth's page on cloth masks more generally.


Breakthrough bleed - my kid's review of Go With the Flow

Go With the Flow is a new graphic novel about friendship and periods, written by Lily Williams and Karen Schneemann. My kid has read it about twenty times, so I thought you should hear all about it too! Enjoy a short departure from Tiger Kings and pandemics, and expect a few more of these in the coming months. Buy the book here:


S3 Episode 35 Living with endo

This week we put aside the scholarly tone this podcast usually takes in order to speak to a patient living with endometriosis. I've known Chris, and her experiences with endo, for over a decade. Chris had a hysterectomy recently to see if she could put an end to all of the pain she has had, but it wasn't the straightforward resolution she hoped for. I hope you'll join me in listening to this experience and learning more about this condition.


S3 Episode 34 Is it that hard to study female mice?

Dr. Christian studies how epilepsy’s effects on the brain have consequences beyond that organ, like on reproductive hormones and the menstrual cycle. We had a wide-ranging and really interesting discussion about whether and when to study the effects of the menstrual cycle on whatever thing you are interested in studying in your lab. Also, no, it's really not that hard to study female mice so more scientists should get over themselves and do so.


S3 Episode 33 Menstruapps know a lot about you

I talk to information security doctoral candidate Laura Shipp about her recent work to understand the privacy policies of the most popular menstruapps out there. We tell these apps our moods, our periods... even when we have sex. Is this something we want corporations sharing with advertisers?


S3 Episode 32 Pinoe and Periods

Join me as I chat with Dr. Meredith Reiches of the University of Massachusetts-Boston about periods and athletic performance. Trainers for the US Women's National Team claim they harnessed their knowledge of menstrual cycles to maximize performance and help these athletes win the World Cup for the fourth time. But is it true? Oh come on, if you're a regular listener you know the answer! But listen anyway because Dr. Reiches is brilliant and it's probably the one and only chance I'll get to...


S3 Episode 31 Menstrual hygiene, whatever that means

This is PERIOD Podcast, episode 31. I am so pleased to bring you this week’s episode with guest Dr. Julie Hennegan. Dr. Julie Hennegan is a Research Associate at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. In this episode, Dr. Hennegan and I talk about the concept of menstrual hygiene management, and how what we assume menstruators need isn’t always what they actually need. I also really appreciated what Dr. Hennegan had to say about making sure that the evidence we collect on...


S3 Episode 30 Flaws in the system

Join me as I interview the brilliant Dr. Jodi Flaws of the University of Illinois on her research on how phthalates affect the female reproductive system. I'm grateful for the research on how endocrine disrupting chemicals affect kids... but not enough folks seem to center their research on direct effects of women. Learn about what our cosmetics, toys, and food contain, how to reduce exposure to these chemicals, and the kinds of effects these chemicals have on our menstrual cycles,...


S3 Episode 29 Myths and Disturbances

The mother of menstrual cycle research is here! I spoke with Dr. Jerilynn Prior, one of my personal heroines, about her early and more recent work on menstrual cycles, perimenopause, and estrogen. Dr. Prior made several important interventions in clinical research on the menstrual cycle, asking: Why are we comparing two groups of women who are so different, then blaming all those differences on physical activity? Why are we acting as though physical activity is so damaging to fertility? And,...


S3 Episode 28 Iron Man...struators

Join me as I nerd out with anthropologist Dr. Elizabeth Miller as we talk about iron stores, iron deficiency, and all the ways menstruators are pathologized for bleeding.


S3 Episode 27 Women's advocacy and "technologies of passing"

Check out the fabulous Dr. Sharra Vostral as she walks us through the contentious and fascinating history of tampons and toxic shock syndrome. She uncovers the largely ignored history of the many consumer advocates who pushed for change long before menstrual product companies were willing to.


S3 Episode 26 Pregnant Citizen Science

Join Kate as she talks to Dr. Caroline Signore, Deputy Director of Extramural Research at the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development at the National Institutes of Health. We talk about Dr. Signore's path to obstetric and gynecological research. And, we discuss PregSource, a very important program at the NIH designed to involve pregnant women in research understanding the normal experience of pregnancy. Too often we think whatever we are experiencing...


S3 Episode 25 Are We Defined By Our Cycles?

Join Kate as she talks to Dr. Annaliese Beery, professor and member of the Psychology, Biology, and Neuroscience programs at Smith College. I wanted to talk to Dr. Beery because of her work on sex, gender, and estrus cycles in animal research. People often avoid studying females because they believe we are all too variable because of the effects of the menstrual cycle on physiology and behavior. Dr. Beery tells us how that isn't at all true! She also tells us about the research that shows...


Period Podcast Season 3 Trailer

I've missed you, fellow period enthusiasts! Here's a sneak peek of season 3, first full episode will be up August 12 2019!


S2 Episode 24 Lawyered, period

Join Kate for the last episode of season 2. She talks to Imani Gandy and Jessica Pieklo (AKA @AngryBlackLady and @Hegemommy on Twitter), the hosts of Boom! Lawyered and Senior Legal Analysts at Rewire News.


S2 Episode 23 Something in the water

Join Kate as she talks to grad student Holly Horan from her fieldwork in Puerto Rico on the effects of stress on pregnancy and preterm birth. Show notes can be found at And don't forget to use coupon code "periodpodcast" for 50% off your order at!


S2 Episode 22 Bleeding at work

Kate talks to Dr. Andrea Ichino about research indicating that some women miss work in a cyclical pattern. Is the problem the data, the interpretation, the way we view women, or the way we view the workplace?


S2 Episode 21: Keep the babies away

Kate talks to Dr. Jessica Kiley about periods and contraception, with a particular focus on long-acting contraception. Consider an implant and become a biohacker ahead of the Silicon Valley dudebros!


S2 Episode 20: PCO-Yes

Kate talks to Dr. Marla Lujan, PCOS expert and professor of nutritional sciences at Cornell University. We geek out on testosterone and how the body makes eggs.