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Welcome to Talkin Immunology with BioLegend where we discuss immunology and related topics with scientists and experts in the field.

Welcome to Talkin Immunology with BioLegend where we discuss immunology and related topics with scientists and experts in the field.


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Welcome to Talkin Immunology with BioLegend where we discuss immunology and related topics with scientists and experts in the field.






Anti-Vaxxers and the Quest for Measles

In this latest podcast, we tackle the resurgence of Measles, vaccinations, and common anti-vaccination myths! Note regarding our talk on the polio vaccine: Following its mass production in 1955, certain pharmaceutical companies failed to properly inactivate the Salk vaccine, leading to over 250 reported cases of paralysis. Salk’s inactivated polio vaccine was the first developed, followed by the oral polio vaccine (OPV). OPV remained in use in the US until 1999 where it was replaced with an...


The Story of Henrietta Lacks

In our return to the podcast, we discuss the first immortal cell line, HeLa cells, and the controversial circumstances of how they were obtained from Henrietta Lacks. Topics The Controversy Over HeLa Cells The Henrietta Lacks Foundation The Legacy of Henrietta Lacks (Johns Hopkins Medicine) Johns Hopkins to name research building after Henrietta Lacks Moore v. Regents of the University of California Dat Tran and Lick-A-Bubble Harry Potter Spoilers (15:32-15:50) Keywords: Henrietta Lacks,...


Skull Microtunnels, Gut Bacteria, and Fantasy Scientist Drafts

Check out our new podcast to learn about fast-travel for cells in the skull, gut bacteria influence on the body, and whether we’re starting a fantasy scientist draft league! Topics Microtunnels in the Skull (2:11-10:04) Russia Is Opening A "Jurassic Park-Style" Research Lab (10:05-19:45) The Fantasy Scientist Draft (22:05-26:25) Gut Bacteria, Bullying, Junk Food, and You! (26:26-42:20) God of War Shout-out (46:52) Successful Placebo Pills (47:48-52:20) Keywords: Immunology, podcast, brain,...


Kissing Disease Autoimmunity, Nipah Virus, and Premature Births

In our newest podcast, we talk about autoimmune diseases linked to the Kissing Disease, concerns over the emerging Nipah Virus, and how fetal immunity may be causing babies to be born early. Topics Epstein-Barr Virus and Autoimmunity (2:20-12:00) Nipah Virus Outbreaks (12:01-20:35) Bacteria Coats itself with IgA for Protection (23:23-32:23) Out of Whack Fetal Immune Systems Prompt Preterm Labor (35:45-43:33) Keywords: autoimmunity, kissing disease, mononucleosis, Nipah Virus, herpes,...


8 Bit Science: Level One

In our new podcast, we look at the science behind popular video game franchises like Resident Evil, Final Fantasy VII, and The Last of Us! Topics Final Fantasy VII (Podcast from 2:35-14:20) Resident Evil (Podcast from 14:20-26:50) The Last of Us (Podcast from 31:50 to 44:00; Spoilers from 41:20 to 42:18) Viruses in the Resident Evil Series The Last of Us Part II Stages of Infection in the Last of Us Cordyceps: Attack of the Killer Fungi-Planet Earth with David Attenborough Intro music “The...


Understanding Malaria with Jason Lehmann

In our new podcast, we welcome guest Jason Lehmann to discuss his work with malaria, his new LEGENDplex™ promotion at BioLegend, and how class timing can influence your grades. Topics The Undersea LEGENDplex™ Adventure LEGENDplex™ Plush Plexy Promotion New human antibody prevents malaria in mice Class time affects grades School starts too early according to CDC Keywords: malaria, Jason Lehmann, mosquito, parasite, infectious disease, plasmodium falciparum, vivax, Haiti, cytokines,...


Stephen Hawking, Extending Lifespans, and Scaffolds in Cancer Vaccines

In our new podcast, we discuss the life of Stephen Hawking, new studies to extend lifespans, and how scaffolding in cancer vaccines promotes dendritic cell responses. Topics In remembrance of Stephen Hawking SEC press release on Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes Could Rapamycin help humans live longer? High-Fiber Diet Shifts Gut Microbes, Lowering Blood Sugar in Diabetics Personal cancer vaccines show promise Keywords: Stephen Hawking, A Brief History of Time, ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis,...


Drug Discovery with Jonathan Deane

In our new podcast, we welcome guest Jonathan Deane from GNF to discuss both the difficult and rewarding properties of drug discovery and research. The thoughts and opinions of our guest, Jonathan Deane, are his own personal reflections and do not necessarily reflect the opinions or positions of The Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation (GNF). Topics The Genomics Institute of the Novartis Research Foundation Jonathan Deane’s TLR7 article and painting The American Association...


100,000 Download Celebration!

As we pass 100,000 downloads, we reminisce about our favorite topics, guests, and podcasts of the past five years. Topics Emerging Technologies in BioTech Podcast with John Ransom GMOs, Organic Food and Science Myths Podcast with Lauren Uhde, the Biology Babe Global Health Science Podcast with Jessica Taaffe The Post-Doc Experience Podcast with Francesca Soncin Interview with William Golde on T Suppressor Cells Keywords: podcast, anniversary, T suppressor cells, Tregs, grad students,...


A Tough Flu Season, CRISPR Talk, and Diet Effects on Immunity

In our first podcast of the new year, we talk about the tough 2018 flu season, CRISPR immunity, and the effects of diet on immunity. Topics CRISPR may be ineffective in human trials due to immunity First US CRISPR trials will target cancer Why this year’s flu season is so much worse in the US, UK and Australia How are subtypes of the flu named? Is the man-flu real? Man ruptures throat after holding in sneeze Fast food may make your immune system more aggressive High salt diet produces...


Cancer Checkpoints, ILCs, and Immunity Integration with Dr. Vijay Kuchroo

In our latest podcast, we speak with special guest, Dr. Vijay Kuchroo, covering cancer research, innate lymphoid cells, and the integration of immune cells into multiple systems. Topics The Kuchroo Laboratory Immune Checkpoints Innate Lymphoid Cells Sean Parker and Cancer Immunotherapy Immuno-Oncology Research Tools Keywords: Dr. Vijay Kuchroo, Harvard, Tregs, Th17, ILC, innate lymphoid cells, tumor cells, immune checkpoints, TIGIT, PD-1, cancer, GWAS, synapses


A Conversation with Dr. Vijay Kuchroo

Topics The Kuchroo Laboratory Immune Checkpoints Innate Lymphoid Cells Sean Parker and Cancer Immunotherapy Immuno-Oncology Research Tools Keywords: Vijay Kuchroo, Harvard, Tregs, Th17, ILC, innate lymphoid cells, tumor cells, immune checkpoints, TIGIT, PD-1, cancer, GWAS, synapses &n [...]


New Lung Platelets and Macrophages in Heartbeats and Regeneration

We discuss a new source of platelets, macrophages maintaining heartbeats, and the regenerative power of axolotls. Topics Anti-doping agency bans gene editing Lungs major source of platelets Macrophages help maintain a steady heartbeat Macrophages may also be key to heart regeneration in axolotls Axolotls are Masters of Regeneration Tattoo nanoparticles make their way to lymph nodes Keywords: axolotl, regeneration, macrophage, heartbeat, cardiomyocyte, tattoo, lymph node, platelets, lungs,...


Art in Science

We welcome graphic designers and artists at BioLegend and get their perspective on how they meld art with science. Topics Amanda Kwieraga Society6 Amanda Kwieraga Webpage Cell Life Imaging Competition Colossal: Art, Design, and Visual Culture The Department of Art as Applied to Medicine at Johns Hopkins Print Ad Library Wallpaper Art Keywords: art, science, BioLegend, posters, graphics, podcast, graphic design, illustrations


Type 1 Diabetes, Star Wars Publications, and New Girl Scout Badges

We discuss an innovative tool for Type 1 Diabetes monitoring, a Star Wars publication, and new STEM badges for Girl Scouts. Topics This woman designed-and texts-her own pancreas Novartis CAR-T cell therapy CTL019 approved by FDA to treat pediatric, young adults with B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia We are all mutants CRISPR restores muscle function in mice Predatory journals hit by 'Star Wars' sting Girl Scouts add 23 STEM badges Most of human genome nonfunctional Keywords: Type 1...


Protocol Reproducibility and with Lenny Teytelman

We return to the Talkin' Immunology Podcast with guest Lenny Teytelman to discuss his website,, and the challenges of protocol reproducibility, journal paywalls, and more. Topics BioLegend supports The Reproducibility Initiative BioLegend protocols Why I, a founder of PLOS, am forsaking open access Cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs publication Keywords: Lenny Teytelman, protocols, reproducibility initiative, journals, paywalls, troubleshooting, reagents, antibodies,...


Cannibalistic Hamsters, Newly Named Species, and More Animal News!

This latest podcast covers interesting animal-related news, including cannibalistic hamsters and the nerdy names scientists have given to newly discovered species. Topics Corn turns wild hamsters into cannibals Bathing chicken eggs in light makes for calmer chickens Fistulated Cows Malaria molecule makes blood alluring to mosquitos New amoeba named after Gandalf New crab named after Severus Snape and other nerdy animal names Keywords: animals, corn, niacin, hamsters, chickens, malaria,...


Rat Tickling, Peanut Allergies, and the Mesentery

The Talkin' Immunology podcast makes its return for the new year! We discuss peanut allergies, the new Mesentery organ, and the joy of tickling rats! Topics Introducing peanuts to children at young age may prevent allergies later in life Meet your new organ: the Mesentery Keeping the science honest on TV shows Lying may wire your brain to keep lying Rats enjoy a good tickle Teen worms are like human teens Transmissible cancer and genetic variations in Tasmanian Devils Keywords: peanuts, food...


Rigor and Transparency in Reproducibility with Anita Bandrowski

Our guest, Anita Bandrowski from UCSD and SciCrunch, talks about how to make sure your research is transparent, rigorous, and how journals are upping their standards for reagent listings. Topics SciCrunch Resource Identification Initiative Anita Bandrowski convinces audience that grandmothers do more reproducible science than scientists BioLegend Joins the Resource Identification Initiative to Improve Research Reproducibility BioLegend to provide $100,000 in research reagents to The...


CiteAb Reproducibility with Andy Chalmers

In our latest podcast, we chat with Andy Chalmers about the challenges of research reproducibility and how his website, CiteAb, is striving to better document reagent use in publications. Topics CiteAb BioLegend provides $100,000 in reagents to The Reproducibility Initiative The Reproducibility of Published Research Blog Keywords: antibodies, reproducibility, science, podcast, research, Andy Chalmers, BioLegend, journals, publications, validation, knockout, negative control