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Tune in weekly for entertaining stories and informative interviews with business strategists and lifestyle experts. Each show will leave you encouraged and inspired to design the success you desire.




Tune in weekly for entertaining stories and informative interviews with business strategists and lifestyle experts. Each show will leave you encouraged and inspired to design the success you desire.



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Getting Back on Track

30th September is International Podcast Day. It's also the exact day I launched my podcast back in 2014. How time flies! After being on hiatus for a while, episode #88 is here. If you procrastinate or you've gotten off track with something important to you, give this one a listen. Because I believe the seven simple ideas I share will inspire you. Enjoy! P.S. Don't forget to pick up the mentioned resource here >>>


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Bend But Don't Break

If the global events over the last two years have left you feeling some type of way, I trust you'll enjoy this episode. Tune in as I share a story (hadithi) and some simple things we can do to build resilience when we feel like the storms of life are bending us to breaking point. Here's an overview: Feel free to share your thoughts over at where the conversation continues.


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How to Build Resilience

It's been exactly six years since I started my first podcast on September 30, 2014. In celebration of The International Podcast Day, I recorded this episode with personal development pointers that help us build resilience muscles. Because tenacity and the ability to not give up are crucial during times of crisis and change, we're better off pro-actively growing through instead of passively going through these turbulent times. Discover 6 ways to self-coach yourself so that you stay resilient as we continue to navigate uncertain waters. To download the mentioned resources visit


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Imposter Syndrome and Levelling Up

Have you ever wanted to go to the next level in life or business but stopped in your tracks because you felt like a fraud? Imposter Syndrome is a common phenomenon that happens to many people so know you are not alone. But the good news is there are simple things we can do to move past feeling like a fraud. Tune in to today's episode as I share seven simple tips to deal with this self-sabotaging and limiting belief. I also share some related takeaways from my nomination of the Digital Female Leader Awards in Germany and one mistake that triggered the feeling-like-a-fraud symptoms and how you can avoid it.


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Nicole Baldinu -$100MBA & WebinarNinja

Today's episode gives insight on how to enjoy a harmonious love relationship in work and business. Nicole Baldinu is the co-founder of The $100 MBA and WebinarNinja. She's also the producer and content manager of the iTunes Best of 2014 Podcast The $100 MBA Show, Webinar Ninja Podcast. Together with her husband Omar Zenhom, they run their location independent company; Business Republic and they've built a successful online community. Tune in and discover how using webinars can grow your business and glean from Nicole´s feminine wisdom on how partners can acknowledge each other's strengths and support. For the show notes with all the mentioned links, visit


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#83 - The Power of Reflection

As the year comes to an end, this a great time to mindfully review the old year before rushing into the new one. The whole "New Year, New Me" mantra obviously doesn't work for everyone. Could taking time to quietly reflect back with gratitude be the missing key and one way we unintentionally sabotage our good intentions? Tune in and hear my 5's that will help with reviewing and previewing the New Year so that we transition into the new season by design and not by default. 1. Reflect 2. Rejoice 3. Release 4. Recharge 5. Reset Listen in and then let me know your thoughts. I love hearing from you over at the blog comment section. Happy listening and happy, blessed 2019!


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#82 - Angeline Lawrence - Positioned For Power

It's safe to say many of us have experienced bullying in some way, shape or form. It can be cyberbullying, workplace, family, school or peer pressure. Many people, children, teenagers, and women have a difficult time overcoming the devastating effects of bullying. Tragically, some victims of bullying turn and become bullies themselves! Workplace bullying, as defined by the Workplace Bullying Institute is, “the repeated, health-harming mistreatment of one or more persons (the targets) by one or more perpetrators.” It is abusive conduct, which is threatening, humiliating and intimidating, and includes work interference – sabotage – preventing work from being done or verbal abuse. My guest initially tried to deal with workplace bullying by avoiding the individuals who targeted her. When she had issues with a co-worker, she retreated into her cubicle. However, when her work was sabotaged by misplacing reports and missed deadlines, she was forced to deal with the bullying directly. After all, her professional reputation was in jeopardy and she could not hide in her office hoping it would go away. Tune in to hear how the plot twisted when Angeline dealt with the bullying and went on to become an agent of change. Today she is empowering Christian women to be positioned for power in the workplace. Equipping them with the tools and strategies that helped her heal and overcome the effects of workplace bullying. Whatever challenge you may be going through, it can change. When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change. For the resources mentioned in this episode, visit


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#81 - Are You Running?

You and I each have a purpose in life. We each have a race to run, based on that unique purpose. And while they stay stick to your lane, on this episode you'll discover why when all of us finish strong, everyone wins! One dictionary defines Purpose as - The reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists. At some point in life, most people wonder what is the reason for their existence. Have you ever asked yourself that question? Now, while I don't have a one-size-fits-all solution for how someone can find their purpose, I believe having a vision that goes beyond you can help us answer that question. Because they say no man is an island, purpose will always involve someone else, in one way or the other. I also believe living a life of purpose is not a one-time event, but an ongoing process, that can change as we grow during the journey of life. No one can actually reveal your purpose to you except your creator. People can help you find what is already in your heart as a seed. And others can help you nurture it unto fruitfulness. Likewise, no one can live your purpose for you. Or do your press-ups for you. And just like runners in a race, everyone has their lane, and as you and I stick to our designated lanes, we can run with faith and patience until the day we reach the finishing line. But what matters in life is not just than winning for ourselves. What matters in life is helping others to win as well, even if it means slowing down sometimes. Today's short story (hadithi in Kiswahili) illustrates the significance of support each other, even as we run as individuals. Because we are connected to each other when all of us finish strong everybody wins! The conversation continues on my website Come on over there and share your thoughts about today's show.


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#80- 5 Wellness Tips To Manage Stress

Flying can be fun. Until we experience frightening turbulences that make us grip the seat handles and whisper a prayer. As I often say, life is like a journey, and can we both agree it's not always clear blue skies and smooth sailing? But just like there are instructions on what to do in the event of danger on a flight, so too in life, there are things we can pro-actively do to be better prepared for the storms of life. I don't know about you, but personally, I've never actually had to put on an oxygen mask on a flight. Should it ever happen, it would be interesting to observe how many of us stay calm and how many freak out like we often tend to do in unexpected stressful situations. Paying attention to the flight attendant during the safety instructions could be a deciding factor between panicking and freaking out or staying calm and helping others. But the truth it's easy to tune out during monotonous safety instructions because "we know all that already." I've been guilty many a time... And so it is with wellness. We "already know " eating healthy, exercising, hydrating, a positive mindset among others are beneficial for our well-being. But do we do these things or do we ignore what we know only to discover just how unprepared we are to manage stress when that crisis does come? Not being the bearer of bad news here, but none of us is exempt from life's turbulences. That's why wellness is not overrated when it comes to managing harmful stress. There are so many benefits, some of which I mentioned in a previous blog post. In this episode, you'll hear 5 simple tips that will boost your emotional, mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Self-care is like putting on your oxygen mask first. This helps us be better prepared to handle the inevitable rough moments in life as well as help others around us. Tune in and discover how these five simple, but effective self-care tips can help manage stress and improve your well-being. Add Fiber DailyDigital DetoxPractise MindfulnessProcess Tough Emotions Do Kind Deeds Happy listening and always, remember I love hearing your thoughts and learning from you. Let's continue the conversation over @


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#79 - 3 Keys to Balanced Success + Harmony

After an unplanned break, we´re excited to be back with a new show, a new introducer, and new music! Tune in as I share why I didn't show up for you and 3 core areas to nurture if you desire balanced success and harmony in your life and business. These three areas if left unchecked could sabotage us long term. We could unknowingly be "sacrificing the wrong offerings on the altar of success." Listen in and discover how to avoid the subtle trap of propping up your success ladder up against the wrong wall. Happy listening and remember the conversation continues over @


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#78 - 5 Digital Strategies To Grow Your Audience

Businesses exist to solve their client's problems and building a profitable one starts with knowing who your ideal clients are and what their problems are. A successful business provides the solutions to an existing problem. You can have the best solution, but if you´re the worlds best-kept secret, you do your potential clients a disservice and end up having an expensive hobby instead of a profitable business. Once you get clear on your ideal clients, you want to position yourself so that those clients actually find you. That's what today's episode is about. Tune in as we look at 5 simple digital strategies to grow your audience, get more leads and convert more sales so that you build your profitable business. 1. Start with putting out content in formats your ideal clients consume. 2. Make it easy for your audience to help you go viral. 3. Not all Social Media platforms are created equal, be strategic 4. Collaborate and network with your niche peers, it's a win-win. 5. Beyond the lead magnets and opt-ins, conversion strategies. The recommended Audience Building Digital Product has 52 comprehensive ideas. One for every week. Take a look at what you can expect @ For all the mentioned links and resources, see this episode´s show notes


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# 77 - 3 Productivity Tips For Your Business Growth

A key strategy in designing your success is having a clearly defined vision and goals to achieve that vision. Without goals, you don’t have a direction to take. And without a plan of action to achieve the goals, there's no clarity. So the steps you take in your life or business often end up being a waste of your energy, time, and money. It feels like being a treadmill. You're moving a lot, but going nowhere. A common goal many of us biz owners have is growth. We want to serve more people, get more clients, break even or make more profits. Yet we often don't have the basic systems set in place to accommodate growth. Especially us solo-prenurs, coaches, consultants who are not yet at a place where we can hire a team. Many a promising business has folded under the strain of rapid scaling that the owners were not ready for. On this episode, you´ll hear 3 simple but effective productivity tips that will set you up to be ready for the business growth you desire. Get the simple 1-page Business Goals Worksheet to implement these strategies.


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#76 - Why Time Managment Fails - What To Do Instead

Time management. The myth we´ve all fallen for. Do you have days, weeks or months where your to-do lists seem like an unconquerable mountain? Do you sometimes get overwhelmed by work, running your business, the obligations of life, and all the other things competing for your attention? We´ve all been there. Had so much on your plate that checking email obsessively every 10 minutes or refreshing your social feed seemed the better option. On those days for me the temptation to catch up on my favorite show is HUGE. Because... at least if I I watched one episode, I´d mentally tick it off as one thing done. Then feel guilty. Had so much on your plate that checking email obsessively every 10 minutes or refreshing your social feed seemed the better option. On those days the temptation to catch up on my favorite show is HUGE. Because... at least if I I watched one episode, I´d mentally tick it off as one thing done. Then feel guilty. Because watching season 3 of Homeland was NOT on my to-do list as the reward for getting stuff done. Netflix anyone? Back to time management. Want to know why it´s not working out - despite that new planner or app you thought would save the day? Tune in and discover a what to do instead to remain productive. Listen in and learn: 5 simple tips to help you avoid and tackle overwhelm. Why some people fail to achieve success. Despite action and a good work ethic. What to do if you want to stay on track with your vision for 2017. How to avoid burnout when working on your dreams and goals. Why am stopping podcasting and more As my valued listener and reader, you´ll also hear how to be one of the first to get a FREE copy of my new book.


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#75 - Holly Mutlu on Self-Care, Overwhelm, Anxiety and Grief

On today's interview episode, my guest shares how our lives are like orchards. If we tend to it we will enjoy its fruits. She´s been in Ministry for over 24 years serving others. But after they had a still-born daughter, Holly felt like she couldn't express what she was going through. With bottled up emotions she started having major anxiety attacks that led to a dark season of depression. It took a talk in the emergency room for my guest to realize somethings needed to be addressed. The restoration path led to counseling and going back to school to get a degree in Christian Counselling. Today Holly helps that woman who may be struggling internally, but externally it looks like she has it all together with perfected masks and filters. Tending to everyone else but herself, the 21-century woman can look like wonder woman. Balancing work, kids, family, business, and community or ministry obligations. But the pressure of self-imposed or society´s expectations can lead to overwhelm, anxiety and even depression. Holly helps women transition into a space where they show up in alignment with their unique personality, gift, and talents. Because we can't pour out of an empty cup, she helps us see why self-care, gratitude, and faith are so important for spiritual, physical and emotional wellness. So that your orchard can flourish. So that your orchard can flourish. To connect with Holly and explore what she does, check out the links of this episode´s show notes @


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#74 - Can You See IT?

Happy June to you! We´re already halfway through this year, and if you´re anything like me and many others, somehow every year we wonder at how fast time flies. It's not news, yet every year you and I seem surprised. So, tell me, can you still see IT? "What IT"? you wonder... Am talking about what you intended to have, be, or do this year. Because if you can see it, you can be, do or have it, and on this story time episode, we assess the year so far. Your vision for 2017 is the IT! How have the last 6 months been?Are you on track with what you set out to do?Is there something to adjust before advancing into the 2nd half? Are you pumped and excited about your progress, or has the fog set in and you feel like quitting already? If you want to achieve your life and business intentions with ease for the next 6 months, focusing on the vision on your mental screen is imperative. Because challenges in life are inevitable and unforeseeable. That's a given and none of us is exempt. Sometimes in the journey of life, we can´t see the goal because we focus on the foggy situations around us. Tune in and discover how one woman didn´t give up on her goal after thousands watched her fail. Despite a heavy fog and hungry sharks the second time she made it. Because she could see IT. Let this real life story inspire you to press through the fogs of life. Because if you can see IT, you can have, be or do IT. Do you want to accelerate your success? Then join me on the Vision Board Webinar. Discover the power of vision boarding for progress, so you achieve your 2017 intentions with ease. Sign up free @


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#73- How Coaching Accelerates Your Success

This week marked the International Coaching Week - an annual global celebration of the profession. This episode is an excellent opportunity to join my colleagues in raising awareness about how coaching benefits individuals, companies, and organizations. Tune in and discover the difference between a therapist, mentor, consultant, coach and a goals buddy. And learn the 7 ways coaching accelerates your life and business success. 1) Fast Progress - Coaching focuses on your future. A coach's primary job is to help you set and achieve your desired goals. Using questions, assessment tools, and their individual methodology, trained coaches help you become more effective and productive. At the end of the set coaching period, you should have tangible measurable results. 2) Full-filled Potential - A coach believes in your potential. They help you see and do what you can’t see and do on your own. Their goal should be to support you for a limited set time, so you learn, grow and get results fast. A coach should leave you more competent and self-reliant. Developed self-awareness should help you achieve your future intentions beyond the coaching. 3) Facilitate Smooth Transition – Life is a journey and change is inevitable. You are either stepping INTO or OUT OF something. A job, relationship, empty nest syndrome. You may be starting, scaling, or closing a business. Transitions can be messy, stressy and disorienting. Working with a coach makes change smoother. 4) Feedback From Your Team – Often we have ideas or are working on businesses that our friends and family don´t quite “get.” They may tell us what we want to hear because they don’t want to hurt us. A coach will create a safe environment and engage you by asking significant questions, then actively listening. They will be a sounding board for your ideas and give you professional, neutral feedback. They´re paid to be on your team to help you build on your of strengths, work on your weaknesses and achieve your intentions. 5) Coaches Model Positive Behaviours – They´re fully present in your progress process. Attentive, supportive and resourceful. Ideally, a coach walks their talk reflecting someone you want to associate with. Someone punctual. Reliable. Keeps their word. Can be trusted to keep things confidential. Respects your time, your decisions and your boundaries. Has empathy and emotional intelligence. Coaches are team players with leadership skills. 6) Your Network = Your Networth - With their wealth of experience, a coach can bring ideas, resources, connections and networks that propel your progress. They have a wide range of know-how and relationships that can be beneficial to your current goals and future plans. Because the people you know and associate with, play a significant role in how far, and how fast you get in life. 7) New Skill-sets and Positive Habits – We all do it. We have good intentions to do something tomorrow. Months or years later, nothing has changed! We procrastinate. We sabotage our success with excuses like, “I have no time. I have no money, there is something else I have to finish.” The list is endless.Sometimes we need to learn something or simply develop success habits, routines Coaching is a personal development strategy where you grow into the person who achieves the goals and success you desire. To get your FREE 5-Question Self Coaching Worksheet visit


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#72- Latoya Johnson on Self-Love & Economic Empowerment

On today's interview, best-selling author, thought-leader, and business development coach, Latoya Johnson shares her expertise on how healthy self-love positively impacts your life and your business. The conversation has thought-provoking perspectives for both men and woman who want to enjoy healthy relationships. Although self-love is not limited to ladies, Latoya´s main goal is to empower women to discover and maximize their value, so they can be greater assets in their homes with genuine love and understanding. Her message inspires her audiences to redirect their lives by adopting new thoughts, habits, and behaviors to live more fulfilled lives. We talk about why the world needs to hear YOUR unique message or story because there are people who are called to hear with their hearts when you speak. While others hear with the ears. The heart listener's lives will be powerfully impacted so by playing small you do us a disservice. Tune in and discover why being financially free is not selfish, greedy or bad. Quite the opposite. As a woman, we are not to see men as a paycheck. And men - your value to us should not be based on your possessions. But on your position in the home and relationship. Our candid conversation also covers how we women can handle body-shaming, how to rewrite negative programs installed in our minds from hurtful words emotional abuse. And how you too, can begin practicing healthy self-love with just two simple tips. *Spoiler alert* - Tip #1 is get Latoya's book. You´ll be glad you did and you may even get a second copy to gift someone you care about. I read it and it´s good. She´s walking her talk beautifully. Trained and mentored by Les Brown, (my all-time favorite transformational speaker), Latoya is a purposeful and unapologetic woman who has become a master networking powerhouse and communicator. Enjoy the interview, then be sure to share your thoughts on self-love in the blog comment section where the conversation continues. Happy listening!


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#71- How To Enjoy Balanced Success - Easter Special

Spring and easter are seasons of growth and renewal. We are 1/4 way through 2017 and as the year unfolds this is a great time to assess how your life and business is going, then course-correct if it's veering in a direction you don't desire. This is also the perfect time to reflect on the things that really matter if we want to live by design and enjoy balanced success. To enjoy balanced success, there are six areas in our lives where we can experience growth. Even if in the natural you have an area that looks hopeless; like nothing can ever change, be encouraged as we remember the tomb Jesus was laid in is empty. There is hope for your "dead" situation too. Below are key areas to enjoying balanced success. 1.Spiritual - God and Faith 2.Physical - Health and Fitness 3.Relationships- Family and Friends 4.Personal - Mental and Recreation 5.Career - Business and Work 6.Financial - Money and Assets These broadly represent various aspects in our lives. They may not necessarily be in the above-written order of priority; however, it is my conviction that the first two are possibly the most important. To discover how to establish healthy priorities, tune into today's Easter special. What good are millions if you have no purpose and meaning in life? Many people try to fill the spiritual void with money, material things and dead-end philosophies. You and I know of successful personalities and rich Hollywood stars who are empty and depressed in search of "a deeper" meaning of life. They have a lot to live on but nothing to live for. Sometimes we look for fulfillment and happiness in substance abuse, alcohol or promiscuous lifestyles hoping to find Sometimes we look for fulfillment and happiness in substance abuse, alcohol or promiscuous lifestyles hoping to find that thing or that perfect "soul-mate" who will complete us. Likewise, what good is a 7-figure salary if you are lying in a hospital bed sick and unable to enjoy life with your family? When we sacrifice our relationships at the altars of career and business, we may find ourselves with lots of money but no loved ones to enjoy it with. What good is a huge beautiful mansion if it is not adorned with love and laughter? Unless you invite phony friends who only love your money. My prayer for you this season is that God will revive the dead areas in your life, rekindle your dormant dreams, and renew a passion for His purpose - as you reawaken to the true meaning of Easter. “For God so He loved the world, He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him will not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16. You are in this world dear reader, so whosoever includes you... Happy resurrection Sunday and God bless!


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#70 - Your Vision & The African Impala

The African Impala in its natural habitation can leap 10 feet high and cover a distance of up to 30 feet ahead. BUT; in a zoo, it´s another story for this agile animal. Held in by a 3-foot wall, the African Impala will not make a move to jump and get away from the zoo. Even if it has the ability. Why won't it jump? The African Impala will not jump if it can not see where it will land! It needs a vision of its landing pad for its feet. Else it stays put. Trapped. Held in. Enclosed in the zoo. Instead of leaping away from some lion's menu and crisscrossing the savannah enjoying the freedom it was designed to enjoy, this animal will not jump. We can be like that sometimes when it comes to our dreams and visions. Without a vision, we stay stagnant. Even though you and I have the potential to take steps and leaps of faith. We remain in the status quo. Year in and year out we act like the African Impala in the zoo. We won't move because we don't "see" the whole picture of this adventure called life. We are afraid to take chances. We play safe and can get stuck in our comfort zones. What's the solution? Glad you asked, tune in and discover how a vision board can help you overcome the African Impala in the Zoo syndrome. Listen in as I share how a visual can act as a point of reference concerning the vision you see with your mind's eye. You were born to take steps towards your purpose. Do not stay stuck like an impala locked up in a zoo. To get the deets of the planned 5-Day Design Your Vision Board Challenge join my email community and let's jumpstart your Q2. Sign up free here today:


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#69 - Get Clarity & Confidence With Gloria Swardenski

Gloria Swardenski shares her personal story about how self-reflective questions guided her through a difficult season. She shows us what to do when things don't go as we planned, and how to make disappointments work for you; using what she calls "the gift in ugly wrapping paper." Tune in and discover: How to harness the power of your emotions How to have a vision but not be attached to the outcome How to live a life without regrets, and be remarkably youA simple but powerful coaching exercise that can shape your 2017. To connect with Gloria and more inspiring episodes, visit Design Your Success Podcast at