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Podcast by Nursing Review




Royal Commission fallout || Professor Jo Ibrahim

Professor Jo Ibrahim from Monash University joins Nursing Review to discuss the royal commission final report. He touches on the new aged care act and the two proposed systems of governance.See for privacy information.


Camille Bianchi, journalist and creator of 'The Nurse' podcast

'The Nurse' podcast is the harrowing tale of sexual abuse and institutional mismanagement that has rocked Tasmania and its health system. Journalist and creator of the podcast Camille Bianchi, joins Nursing Review to chat about the story.See for privacy information.


Episode 24 || Tony Hecimovic, treating COVID in the community

Episode 24 || Tony Hecimovic, treating COVID in the community by NursingReviewSee for privacy information.


Episode 23 || Michelle Dowd, ICU, Liverpool Hospital

On the podcast this week, Host Conor Burke is joined by Michelle Dowd the Nurse Manager of Intensive Care Services at Liverpool Hospital. Michelle has been intimately involved in the treatment of the sickest COVID-19 patitnets since the beginning of the pandemic. They talk about the recent COVID outbreak at Liverpool hospital and how the virus has eveolved over the year.See for privacy information.


Melissa Black || Black Dog Institue

The Black Dog Institute have come up with an e-health hub offering mental health support. TEN (The Essential Network) is a multifaceted e-health hub, developed by health professionals for health professionals as part of the Australian government's COVID-19 response. Melissa Black joins NR to discuss the hub.See for privacy information.


Episode 22 || Vishnugar Arunasalam, pop up testing sites

Nurse Vishnugar Arunasalam from Western Sydney LHD joins host Conor Burke to discuss the role pop up drive through testing sites play in the battle with COVID-19.See for privacy information.


Professor Peter Curson || The history of Pandemics

Early on in the pandemic host Conor Burke was joined by Professor Peter Curson to discuss the history of pandemics and what effect they had on Australia.See for privacy information.


Episode 20 || Dr Sacha Stelzer-Braid

Daily life is consumed by the pandemic, but how much do we know about other viruses that are lurking in our community. The emergence of COVID-19 is a timely reminder that diseases can jump from animals to humans in our own backyard. This week guest virologist Dr Sacha Stelzer-Braid joins host Conor Burke to talk about why we shouldn't kiss our pets.See for privacy information.


Episode 19 || Jenny Wallace NUM Respiratory unit/COVID ward Liverpool hospital

This week, host Conor Burke is Joined by Jenny Wallace, NUM on the respiratory/COVID ward at Liverpool hospital in Sydney. Wallace has been on the respiratory ward for 11 years and talks about how her team treat COVID patients and how this disease differs form anything she has seen on the ward before.


Episode 18|| Andrew Ingersoll, Chief Nursing Information Officer

Andrew Ingersoll is one of only a handful of Chief Nursing Information Officers nationwide. Andrew joins host Conor Burke to talk about his unique role and how it has played a key role in the fight against COVID-19.


Episode 17 || Can you get COVID-19 from your groceries?

Associate Professor of Food Microbiology Julian Cox, from the UNSW school of Engineering, joins the podcast to discuss the risks of contracting the coronavirus through food and groceries.


Epsidoe 16 || MJA editor Professor Nick Talley

Professor Nick Talley, editor of the Medical Journal of Australia, joins host Conor Burke to discuss the use of masks to combat the spread of COVID-19


EPISODE 15 || Will Mackey, Grattan Institute

Senior Associate Will Mackey is an economist and data scientist at Grattan Institute. He joins Conor Burke to discuss Australia's strategy for fighting COVID-19. In the wake of the Melbourne outbreak, should we be aiming for elimination of the virus rather than suppression?


Episode 14 || Professor Michael Ward

Joining host Conor Burke this week is Professor Michael Ward from the university of Sydney. Ward is the lead of a study which suggests COVID-19 could be a season winter virus much like the common cold or flu.


Episode 13 || Dr Ben Beck - How do we socially distance in a crowded city?

Dr Ben Beck, Senior Research Fellow in the School of Public Health and Preventive Medicine at Monash University,joins host Conor Burke to discuss ways in which we can safely physically distance in Australian cities.


EPISODE 12 || Assoc. Professor Sanjaya Senanayake

This week host Conor Burke speaks to infectious disease specialist Assoc. Professor Sanjaya Senanayake about how we teach the spread of virus at universities and our preparedness for pandemics.


Episode 11 || Dr Petr Matous

In Episode 11 of the Coronavirus Podcast we delve into wet markets, what are they and are they bad for us. Host Conor Burke is joined by Dr Petr Matous, Senior Lecturer at the School of Civil Engineering at Sydney University.


Episode 10 What is our Plan B? || Professor Tammy Hoffman

Tammy Hoffman, Professor of Clinical Epidemiology, Bond University joins host Conor Burke to discuss what we do in the future if no vaccine is found. What is our plan B?


Episode 9 || Ashleigh Peters, COVID-19 ward nurse, Westmead Hosptial, Sydney.

This week, host Conor Burke speaks with Ashleigh Peters, a nurse who has direct working experience treating COVID-19 patients at Sydney's Westmead Hospital.


Episode 8|| Jill Newby

Jill Newby, Associate Professor at UNSW based at the Black Dog Institute, talks to Conor about mental health during the pandemic and gives tips on how to keep anxiety at bay during times of uncertainty. She also talks about an upcoming service designed to help frontline workers deal with mental health.