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Readjusting to COVID-19 With Virtual Therapist Bonnie Wims

Coping with the unknown and uncertain future has required everyone to change course and "pivot". With this comes a mindset shift that requires us all to work on ourselves.


Two amazing Latinas Bringing Culture and Community back to Minorities

When a Venezuela & Los Angeles LATINAS UNITE-- Miracles Happen!! Who is ready to learn about two amazing Latinas Bringing Culture and Community back to Minorities?! What we learn about on the podcast today was all about the hardships they have go through to launch their show, the discussion of bringing more light and love to the Latina and Minority Communities AND some more about their inspirations about how they got to where they are today!



Who is NEXT to have on your RADAR? Andrèa Bernholtz! Newly launching an eco-friendly GORGEOUS swimwear line called SWIMINISTA, Andrèa is ALSO known for co-founding the luxury denim line Rock & Republic in 2002! Andrèa had helped to transform the Rock & Republic into a celebrity favorite and globally recognized name offering cosmetics, accessories, and clothing! Her latest venture features chic swimwear that combines her love of fashion, swimming, and the environment.


Newborn Care Tips & Tricks with Newborn Care Specialist Erin Carroll Manning

Looking for a ONE STOP SHOP for Newborn Care needs? Gentle Giraffes is ONE amazing small business to have in your back pocket! From Doulas, Lactation Specialists, Baby Gift Registry, Post Partum Doulas, Newborn Photography, Nutrition, Pregnancy Workouts-- Gentle Giraffes offers it ALL!


Yvette Lloyd is one AMAZING black woman changing LIVES for young women in Ohio.

Are you ready to get inspired? Yvette not only has a DAY named after her in Ohio, she was raised by a powerful mother with full of wisdom. She always taught her how to love and cherish every moment of life. Since a young child, she always wanted to make a difference and be different from people she was surrounded by growing up. Children are her passion and once she saw the reality to parenting she wanted to start helping adults.


Think BIG and going for media coverage with Susie Moore!

This rockstar Advice Columnist and Confidence Coach originally was working for a tech start-up when she started her side hustle of writing for publications. Susie's FIRST article she ever submitted got over 4,000 hits and from then on it was HISTORY to continue to pursue her dream of writing and inspiring. Susie to this day has been published in OVER 300 publications including and The Today Show to name a few..


Did you know May is Maternal Mental Health month?

Today on the podcast we discuss bringing awareness to Maternal Mental Health, to share that if you are mom especially during COVID you are NOT alone! For those of you who haven't heard of 2020 Mom, they are a nonprofit that works to close gaps in the maternal mental health care system. They also host the official national maternal mental health awareness week campaign under our awareness brand TheBlueDotProject. The Blue Dot is the universal symbol for maternal mental health awareness.


Minority Woman Owned Business giving back to LUPUS and Taking OVER the Organic beauty industry!

Who is NEXT?! Peeks Cosmetics! This rockstar owner Latasha Mcrae started an amazing beauty line as the FIRST in her family to start her own business! In honor of Lupus Awareness Month and for her mom she gives back a percentage of one of her lines to the organization.


Meet Monica M. Bijoux, Founder & CEO of DECIDE TO MOVE, Podcast Host, Int'l Speaker, Author, & Trainer who help her clients get back into the game.

Monica, the founder and CEO of Decide to Move LLC. Business Owners and Entrepreneurs hire her to help them boost their success, increase financial wealth, and truly live a life of freedom She does this through coaching, online programs, masterminds, and live events. She will create a customized plan for you based on your personality, strengths, and desired destination.


Linda Collins accepts the “Best International Film” award!

On the podcast today we learned so much about short film documentaries, what inspired her to become an actress, director, how COVID-19 is affecting the industry, her advice on how to prep for a casting and MUCH more!


#GIRLBOSS spreading and raising awareness GLOBALLY

Talk about a multi talented rockstar.. SHABRANAE the founder of Anchor'd Inc. Is ONE to know. She is writing her first book, has a home collection and full online boutique which gives back a percentage to sex trafficking survivors She is teaching entrepreneurs how to raise capital Can we say more?! TUNE IN NOW!


Beauty Consultant and Networker you NEED in your life NOW!

Who is NEXT?! Diana Aliberti! Diana is a Senior Sales Director & An Independent Beauty Consultant at Mary Kay! This year to day 21 years in the business, Diana has earned her amazing customized Mary Kay pink Cadillac!


One Energetic Bilingual Actress Inspiring ALL AGES!

Deborah is known for her starring and supporting roles in “Footsteps” and “Footsteps 2” on PBS, the film “You and Your Decisions”, and countless national Theater productions! This energetic bilingual Panamanian American performer has been acting and dancing in theater/television for over 30 years!


Who's got the 411? JUDI 411

YES you read that right, today on the podcast we interview the inspiring JUDI 411! Judi is a storyteller and writing problem solver! She helps business owners get their story out of their head, on to the page, and into the world! Ready for some laughs? DEF CHIME in and GET INSPIRED.


The Importance Of Building Relationships Online

During times like these, if you are not starting to build relationships online, NOW is the time! :)


What's NEXT: The Sweat Republic Community's International Women's Day Luncheon

Founded by Julie M. Costa, The Sweat Republic is a community connecting fitness and wellness pros so they can collaborate and grow their businesses! This amazing event brought in 200 women in the room inspiring one another. There was also an awesome vendor market, speaker panel, photo booth with our favorites at Level Up Your Selfie, headshots and so much more.. This is an event to put on your radar!


Getting Dressed Shouldn't Stress You OUT!

Who is NEXT? Image Consultant, Ginger Burr! Ginger has been helping women over 40 transform their lives and build their confidence through their wardrobe and personal style for over the past 30+ years! This NEXT Image Consultant, based in Massachusetts is an image consultant for people all over the world from not only the states but to Singapore, New Zealand and MORE ! Ready to get inspired?! This is ONE podcast to listen to!


NEXT Latina Influencer/Coach on the RISE!

Who is NEXT?! Ariadna Arredondo! Ariadna is the founder of The Always Believer blog, podcast and community. Ariadna LOVES to help people, make them laugh and feel wanted. She knows you deserve to shine and follow your passion. This is what she is all about, plus telling you the truth you want to hear.


NEXT Latina Radio Host taking OVER the Miami Entrepreneur Community

Who is NEXT? GiGi Diaz! This serial entrepreneur and iHeartRadio personality in multiple markets is ONE to know!! Today on the podcast we learn from this gorgeous inspiration on TOP THREE ways to change your mindset to not only turn your day around but change your LIFE.


NEXT Real Estate Agent taking over BOSTON

Aren't you ready to learn about real estate trends for 2020? Ali Joyce is one rockstar to know. Ali is not only top in her company with Jack Conway, she has made 20 million in sales in 2019! Aren't you ready to learn how to STAND OUT in your field, trends for real estate for the next couple of months and MORE.