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Welcome to After Hours with Defo and Lubie! You knew them from radio and now they're making their way to the podcast space. Join Jeff "Defo" DeForrest and Mike "Lubie" Lubitz for sports talk, interviews, and a ton of laughs. Comin at you M-F wherever you get your podcasts.

Welcome to After Hours with Defo and Lubie! You knew them from radio and now they're making their way to the podcast space. Join Jeff "Defo" DeForrest and Mike "Lubie" Lubitz for sports talk, interviews, and a ton of laughs. Comin at you M-F wherever you get your podcasts.


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Welcome to After Hours with Defo and Lubie! You knew them from radio and now they're making their way to the podcast space. Join Jeff "Defo" DeForrest and Mike "Lubie" Lubitz for sports talk, interviews, and a ton of laughs. Comin at you M-F wherever you get your podcasts.




01.24.22 - NFL Hall of Famer Lesley Visser Joins After Hours!

Lesley Visser has covered the NFL for 4 plus decades. She revolutionized the sideline reporter role in ALL sports. She somehow is also a dear friend to Defo and Lubie and joins them to talk about this phenomenal weekend of NFL Playoff fun! Is Tom Brady done? Is Aaron Rodgers moving on from Green Bay? Should you EVER go full prevent defense in an NFL Playoff game? Is this the best weekend of NFL Playoffs Lesley has ever seen? We answer ALL these questions and more today on After Hours with...


01.21.22 - Hilarious Hall of Fame Sports Writer Lenn Robbins on After Hours!

Lenn Robbins is a hall of fame writer who spent years with the New York Post. He also was a commentator on ESPN for years, now the editor for the NY Extra! Lenn joins Defo and Lubie to talk about the NFL Playoffs from a gambling angle. He also tries to make Defo feel better after a very long cold spell. Lenn is always hilarious and somehow insightful too!


012022 - CBS Sports Ian Eagle Talks NFL Playoffs on After Hours!

Ian Eagle is the voice of the Brooklyn Nets, he does games for NBA on TNT, he does tennis for the tennis channel, he ALSO is apart of the #2 broadcasting team for the NFL on CBS along with the great Charles Davis. Ian joins Defo and Lubie today on After Hours, to talk about the game he is on the call, Titans and Bengals. Ian also touches on his frigid experience in Buffalo on the Bills and Patriots call last weekend. He also gives his take on the rest of the NFL Playoffs, PLUS the NFL head...


01.19.22 - Rock Music Legend Lenny Kaye Joins After Hours!

Lenny Kaye was apart of one of the more underrated rock groups, Patti Smith and her band. Lenny also has written a book chronicling the growth of rock music and the time periods and those musical acts that helped take rock music to great heights, "LIGHTNING STRIKING: Ten Transformative Moments in Rock & Roll" It is a fascinating book and Lenny details some of his favorite stories and more today on After Hours with Defo and Lubie!


01.17.22 - What A WILD Weekend of NFL Playoff Action Today on After Hours!

The good, the bad, and the ugly of the NFL Wild Card Round is on tap today on After Hours. Defo and Lubie talk about what teams came out strong after Round 1 of the NFL Playoffs. Plus what teams really never belonged in the playoffs is a major topic of conversation!


01.14.22 - Legendary Men's Basketball Coach Jim Larranaga Joins After Hours!

Basketball Coach Jim Larranaga is a mix of old school savvy and new school brilliance, he recently led his UM Men's Basketball team to a wonderful upset win over Coach K and his Duke Blue Devils. UM has gotten off to an amazing 5-1 start in the ACC, Coach Larranaga joined Defo and Lubie on After Hours to discuss the upset victory, and the state of basketball today! Larranaga has coached for over 4 decades and has somehow been able to stay current. He talks about the game of basketball from...


01.13.22 - Hysterical Handicapper Brandon Lang on After Hours!

Brandon Lang had a movie based on his life (Two for the Money), he is a legendary handicapper, he is also extremely hilarious. He is coming off a phenomenal week on After Hours; where he went 5-1 picking games. He was all over Georgia to take down Alabama in the CFP Title Game! Brandon came on to gloat as only he can, plus he gave his favorite plays for this NFL weekend! Don't miss out!


01.12.22 - Legendary and Hilarious Sports Commentator Lenn Robbins Joins After Hours!!

Lenn Robbins is a hall of fame sports columnist, plus renown sports broadcaster. He has covered all major American sports for decades and brings a really funny angle to ALL of it. Lenn joined Defo and Lubie to laugh at the funny of the world of sports on today's edition of After Hours!


01.11.22 - NFL Insider Jason Cole Explains Coaching Moves on After Hours!

Jason Cole has covered the NFL very closely for decades. He tries to explain what Stephen Ross did in firing Brian Flores; as the Miami Dolphins Head Coach. Plus some of the other coaching moves that happened on Black Monday across the NFL. Today on After Hours with Defo and Lubie.


01.11.22 - Peter Fiutak College Football Guru Talks Title Game on After Hours!

Defo and Lubie are geeked up for the SEC rematch tonight in the NCAAF Championship game, between Alabama and Georgia. They break it down with college football guru, Peter Fiutak. The founder and publisher of College Football News will be in Indy for the title game, and he talks about why he thinks UGA shakes off that horrible SEC Title Game performance tonight!


01.07.22 - Brandon Lang, the Hilarious Handicapper, Joins After Hours!

Brandon Lang is in your face, flat-out honest, pushes the envelope, hysterical, and BRILLIANT when it comes to sports wagering. He is one of the founding fathers of the handicapping world, that still reigns supreme today! Brandon joined After Hours to breakdown the college football title game, plus talk about the final week of the NFL regular season!


01.06.22 - Darryl "DMC" McDaniels of Run DMC Joins After Hours!

Darryl "DMC" McDaniels of the iconic Hip Hop group, Run DMC sat down with Lubie on After Hours today. Darryl talked about being one of the early founders of the Hip Hop movement. Plus being one of the first groups to mix rock and rap when Run DMC did "Walk This Way" with the Hall of Fame rock group, Aerosmith! Darryl talks about trying to mix education with entertainment and throw in fun in an era where hip hop was just finding it's footing. Darryl discusses how he felt it was important to...


01.05.22 - Netflix Cobra Kai Star Dan Ahdoot Joins After Hours!

Dan Ahdoot stars on the Netflix smash hit "Cobra Kai", he is also a comedian who has started hosting a new Food Network show, "Raid the Fridge" which airs on Tuesdays. Dan talks about the ultimate version of raiding the fridge in his new food network show. Plus Dan talks about doing Cobra Kai; as a person who grew up on "The Karate Kid" franchise. He tells stories of how he gets lost in takes; as Ralph Machio and Billy Zapka are standing right in front of him. He has been strangely...


01.04.22 - Elodie Yung Star of New FOX Show, "The Cleaning Lady" on After Hours!

Elodie Yung is a lawyer turned actress who has been all over Netflix, she has now moved over to network tv, starring in the new FOX series, "The Cleaning Lady" a show about a Las Vegas cleaning lady who goes on to work with the mob. Defo and Lubie love the premise, and truly had a fun conversation with Eloodie about the show and working during the pandemic. Plus Defo and Lubie talked about the NFL weekend that was, and the upcoming NCAAF title game.


01.03.22 - Actor Tyler Labine from NBC's New Amsterdam!

Tyler Labine has been an actor for over 2 decades, he is one of the stars of NBC's smash hit, "New Amsterdam" now in season 4 Tuesdays at 10p ET. Tyler talked about how the show tries to take the real world and put it directly into the shows content. Tyler also discussed how things have changed since COVID. How they get through recording each episode now compared to before COVID.


12.23.21 - Prolific Author and Sportscaster John Feinstein Joins After Hours!

John Feinstein is a hall of fame writer from the Washington Post. He has written over 45 books, and has been a staple in the sports broadcasting world. John joins Defo and Lubie today on After Hours to talk about his latest book, 'Raise a Fist, Take a Knee.' Plus John talks about the spectacular debacle that is Urban Meyer, before and after the Jacksonville Jaguars. They also talked about Tiger Woods and John Daly two VERY different tours toward redemption! Today on the After Hours year end...


12.22.21 - NFL Draft Guru/ NCAAF Analyst Ryan Roberts Joins After Hours!

Ryan Roberts covers college football, the NFL, has a keen eye for the NFL Draft and he joins Defo and Lubie on After Hours today to talk about it ALL. Who does Ryan think is worth the #1 pick, are there really any quarterbacks that SHOULD be drafted in the first round. Plus what bowls are most intriguing to him. All on today's edition of After Hours!


12.21.21 - AAC Commissioner Michael Aresco Joins After Hours!

Michael Aresco has been highly involved with CBS Sports, ESPN, the Big East, and has been the Commissioner of the AAC since it's inception. Michael joins Defo and Lubie today on After Hours. T They discuss Cincinnati breaking the glass ceiling that was the College Football Playoffs. The realignment that is set to take place, that may shift college football. Plus the NIL/transfer rules and how they have changed college athletics.


12.20.21 - Yahoo Sr. NFL Writer Frank Schwab Recaps the Weekend on After Hours!

Frank Schwab has covered the NFL for well over a decade for Yahoo. He is VERY honest and spot-on with his opinions and analysis of the NFL.. He started off the week strong for Defo and Lubie on this edition of After Hours!


12.17.21 - Brandon Lang Legendary Football Handicapper/Analyst Goes Off on Urban Meyer Today in After Hours!

Brandon Lang is the man the movie TWO FOR THE MONEY is based upon. He is a legendary handicapper who is extremely free with what he says. Today he joins Defo and Lubie and uncorks on the Los Angeles Chargers Head Coach Brandon Staley. Plus Brandon slams Urban Meyer for the despicable person he has always been! Also Brandon breaks down and gives his favorite plays of the first college football bowl weekend!