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Tips, techniques, videos, articles, and many other "HOW TO" do all things outdoors from hunting, fishing, camping, trapping, shooting, and much more! There is no better place to learn than in the outdoor classroom...roaming the woods and waters, creating memories that will last a lifetime.

Tips, techniques, videos, articles, and many other "HOW TO" do all things outdoors from hunting, fishing, camping, trapping, shooting, and much more! There is no better place to learn than in the outdoor classroom...roaming the woods and waters, creating memories that will last a lifetime.


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Tips, techniques, videos, articles, and many other "HOW TO" do all things outdoors from hunting, fishing, camping, trapping, shooting, and much more! There is no better place to learn than in the outdoor classroom...roaming the woods and waters, creating memories that will last a lifetime.






S6-E123: 6 Ways to Turn off a New Gun Owner

Firearm sales continue to be brisk, with more people purchasing their first firearm, 1/3 of them women! Many are seeking formal training to learn the safe and responsible use of that firearm. As instructors, we only get one chance to make a good first impression. I strive to make that first contact with new gun owners a positive, memorable and impactful experience. As exciting as this first impression can be, it can take a hard left turn quickly! The last thing we want to do is to overwhelm...


My VOCATION is my AVOCATION ~ 24-year anniversary with TPWD!

Replay: Heidi Lyn Rao: My Career...guests on "Hunting Matters" Podcast by Houston Safari Club Foundation **TODAY marks my 24th anniversary with Texas Parks and Wildlife - it is only fitting this Podcast is replayed to celebrate! To many, many more years doing what I love to do - when my VOCATION is my AVOCATION!! Enjoy!!! ~~~ Houston Safari Club Foundation (HSCF) and “Hunting Matters” welcomes Heidi Lyn Rao, the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department Hunter Education Specialist for...


S5-E121: Never Stop Adventur-ing With Your Kids, and oh Yeah, the Dogs!

In this week's podcast I'm wrapping up Season 5 - I usually launch about 25 episodes per season, and this is the last of the episodes this season. It's a good time to reflect on the latest adventures of the family. We just returned from our annual trip to the Northwest, into Wyoming and Montana, visiting the National Parks, National Forests and Grasslands, and Bureau of Land Management areas. There are so many things to consider when making a cross-country trip like this, for 3 weeks. Not...


S5-E120: Luke's Close Encounter With a Grizzly, age 12

Luke shares some pretty important information about possible Bear Encounters. Every encounter has the potential to end up in death. Outdoorsmen must understand that when entering bear country, their actions can either encourage a bear encounter, or prevent one. Prevention begins with knowledge and preparation. We've been traveling to bear country every year with our boys since they were very young. We've always been extra cautious when camping, hiking, and fishing in and around bear...


S5 E119: Luke's Words of Wisdom for Staying Safe Outdoors, age 12

In this week's episode Luke will share some of the things he's noticed over the years while traveling to Yellowstone National Park, and throughout Wyoming and Montana. Now that he's a bit older he's realized how important it is to stay safe in the outdoors, especially when he sees others not following the rules. Luke will share what to do when encountering wildlife, and how to react if you meet an animal along the trail. He's observed some pretty unsafe behaviors of other visitors we've...


S5-E118: Avoiding Encounters with America's Most Dangerous (WILDLIFE) Predators

Heading afield is a great way to relax and unwind. Just remember that even though getting off the grid is a sanctuary, it is not a place to let your guard down. Large wildlife predators can be encountered in almost every part of North America. Being aware of the presence of large wildlife predators is crucial to avoiding a deadly situation. Outdoor enthusiasts should be knowledgeable about five main wildlife predators: black bears, brown bears, mountain lions, wolves and alligators. It is...


S5-E117: Guitar Pickin' by Matthew - age 18

Matthew is now a 2022 high school graduate! He will share a few of his favorite memories over these past 4 years, which absolutely FLEW by us, as well as discuss his plans for the next 4 years and beyond. But the best part of this podcast is listening to Matthew share his uncovered talent and passion for playing guitar. He'll discuss how it all began, and in just a few short months how far he's come! Hope you enjoy what Matthew does for us today! Enjoy!!


Episode 115: Deciding on the Right Gun and Holster Type go Hand-in-Hand

One of the most common questions I am asked as a firearms instructor is, “What gun would you recommend for self-defense?” As all instructors should, I go through the pros and cons of the different actions, makes and models so that the student can make an informed decision. There is no one-size-fits-all defensive firearm. The natural follow-up question should be, “What type of holster should I wear?” Unfortunately, that follow-up question is seldom asked. However, there are as many holster...


NRA Woman Heidi Lyn Rao Guests "Hunting Matters" Houston Safari Club Foundation

If you ask anyone who meets Heidi, to describe her without fail they would say that she is the busiest person they know. Heidi started her career 24 years ago with Texas Parks and Wildlife as the Training Specialist who is responsible for the state’s Hunter Education Program across Southeast Texas. She was soon given the additional honor of statewide coordinator of the Becoming an Outdoors-Woman Program. When she is not working for the State of Texas, she is an avid supporter of the Nation...


Episode 113: Recovering America's Wildlife Act: Vote YES for our future of Hunting and Wildlife

The Recovering America's Wildlife Act (RAWA) is now out of committee in both the U.S. Senate and the U.S. House of Representatives. Within the next few weeks, this critical legislation will be scheduled for a full vote in both the House and Senate. So what are the benefits if RAWA passes? $1.4 billion annually to help recover over 12,000 species in need of protection, without the creation of new taxes; Creation of more than 100,000 jobs annually in habitat and wildlife management,...


Season 5 - Episode 112: Are You a Fair Chase Hunter?

What does it mean to be a Fair Chase Hunter? How do YOU define the word "Ethics?" According to Aldo Leopold, the father of wildlife management, Ethical behavior is doing the right thing when no one else is watching, even when doing the wrong thing is legal." In this episode we will discuss ethics, fair chase, and discussing how hunting is not a right but a privilege. A privilege we must continue to work at year after year, defend and fight for in the most conservation-minded and...


Season 5 - Episode 111: Finding Your Inner Peace at Camp - Thanks to Shotgun Training

Have you ever been so consumed with your day-to-day schedule and world of crazy that you lose sight of what is most important? Taking care of YOU and finding that inner peace! Sometimes you are put in the right place, at the right time, in front of the right people, to give you exactly what you need - and you didn't even realize you needed it, or soon will need it! This is exactly what happened to me. I met some of the most wonderful individuals who traveled a long way to come through one...


Season 5 - Episode 110: Firearm Safety as Told by Luke (age 12)

In this week's episode Luke will tell us all about his fun trip to the range! Dad even recorded Luke doing a presentation and teaching about safe firearm handling and the importance of keeping ammunition separate until ready to use it. Luke talks about and demonstrates how to safely load, fire, and unload pistols and revolvers. Once he emptied the magazine and shot all rounds from the pistol and emptied the cylinder of the revolver he was shooting, he and Dad walked downrange to his target....


Season 5 - Episode 109: Matthew (age 18)

Welcome to Adulting Matthew! In this episode Matthew will share with us some of the "new" experiences Matthew has encountered now that he's a 'teenage adult' at age 18! Matthew will share some of his youth days in Boy Scouts, and how things have changed a bit now that he has "aged out" of Scouting at 18, and now gets to hang out with the adults and serve more as a mentor and guide to the younger boys. He'll share some of his hilarious stories from a recent campout to the Louisiana...


Season 5 - Episode 108: Springtime Means Turkeys!

Turkey hunters continue hunting when the vast majority of sportsmen and women have put their rifles, shotguns and bows away. To turkey hunters, the season is far from over. Spring not only brings one additional hunting opportunity, but some turkey hunters also plan multiple spring hunts for the various subspecies of turkey. There are almost as many subspecies as there are ways to cook your bird! There are five North American subspecies and one Central American subspecies of turkey. The...


Season 5 - Episode 107: Proper Mindset When Carrying

Whether you have your License to Carry (LTC), or are exercising your "constitutional carry" or "permitless carry" of your firearm - it is your responsibility and up to you to know the laws and regulations surrounding the carrying of a firearm on or about your person. Not only is it imperative to know where you can or cannot carry - you also need to take the time to plan your day before you ever step foot outside your home, if you plan to carry your firearm. If there are stops along your...


S5-E106: Steps to Get Your Texas LTC

In this week's episode - learn the steps required to apply for your Texas License to Carry ("LTC") permit. As long as you meet the guidelines and requirements, learn how to apply online, submit supporting documents, schedule your fingerprints, and best of all - find a qualified LTC Instructor who will take you through the classroom materials and required range qualification ( know the perfect LTC Instructor who fits that description! With the proper...


S5-E105: Texas Permitless "Constitutional" Carry Explained

Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed HB 1927, the Firearm Carry Act of 2021, (commonly known as the constitutional carry bill or the permitless carry bill) into law. Effective 9/1/2021, This law allows legally eligible gun owners 21 years and older to carry their firearms without a Texas License to Carry (“LTC”). But before you start carrying your everyday carry gun openly or concealed without an LTC, there are several things you should know. It is the gun owner's responsibility to know the...


Season 5 - Episode 104: Understanding Primers + Bullets

The primer is the least understood component of a rifle or handgun cartridge or a shotgun shotshell. A primer is one of the four components of a rifle or handgun cartridge: primer, case, powder, bullet. In shotguns, the primer is one of five components of a shotshell: primer, hull, powder, wad and shot. But what exactly is a primer, and what it is supposed to do? We'll discuss the two types of primers—Boxer and Berdan. Understanding what a primer is can help you understand how your...


Season 5 - Episode 103: Even Revolvers Can Fail

There is a belief among many new (as well as experienced) shooters that revolvers are immune to malfunctions. Although true that revolvers are less prone to malfunctions than semi-auto pistols, they are not malfunction-free. Some revolver stoppages or malfunctions can be remedied at the range. Other stoppages or malfunctions need to be taken to a professional gunsmith. You will learn about loose extractor rods, a dirty extractor star, bullet creep and bullet jump, short cycling, broken...