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U40: Josh joins Carey to talk Oklahoma tour and being biz partners

It's been a long week already. Josh has been on the road all week checking out some of the best prospects in Oklahoma while battling the elements. SoonerScoop also suffered a technological tragedy covering a camp last night and Carey is just sitting in the office hemorrhaging money having the electrical redone for the studios. After a very long day, and technical issues that prevented Eddie and Bob from joining the pod, Josh and Carey sat down to talk about the Oklahoma tour this week and a...


U40: Venables' commitment policy already tested

Heading into summer, we continue to focus on the recruiting trail as Ashton Cozart becomes Brent Venables' first committed player to take an official visit elsewhere. How is this going to play out? Do we expect Venables to stick to his guns that you can't be committed and visit other schools? How far does this go? The Sooners have a legit quarterback room after the addition of General Booty. What did the Sooners get in their JUCO QB? Josh gives the latest updates on the recruiting trail as...


U40: The recruiting road trips have started

It's Josh's time to shine as spring football is going on at high schools all over the region and Josh has been out on the road just about every day this week. We talk about how things are going for Oklahoma and why this time of year might not be the most exciting time for big recruiting wins. But that doesn't mean OU isn't making moves on the recruiting trail. A full breakdown of where OU stands in recruiting. The NCAA is saying they are going to crack down on collectives. And why can't...


U40: NCAA trying to slow down NIL madness?

Josh is back from vacation so all non Dad Pod supporters will have to forgive his advice on trips to Disney to start the pod. Also, why does Carey keep taking shots at Josh on social media. Now it's extended to his late mother? We jump into the NIL fight that appears to have launched yesterday with NCAA administrators determined to put boosters in their place with all the high school and transfer portal NIL induced recruiting going on out there. We take a deep dive into NIL, where it is, and...


U40: Recapping spring football, looking forward to the draft

Bob gets to speak up on his impressions of the spring game finale and he gets plenty of time as Josh is on vacation in the hell that is Orlando. We also take some time to give the fans their due for an amazing experience this weekend in Norman. Now that Eddie and I have reflected a bit since the postgame pod, it really was incredible. We talk about moving forward into the offseason, the transfer portal and look ahead to what we're seeing and hearing about OU players in the NFL draft. Marquis...


U40: Baker's return is something we all need right now

It's a special weekend coming up and we can't wait to welcome back Baker Mayfield to Owen Field. And it's not the best time in his professional life, so as Jesse says in the movie Elizabethtown, "You will be met with a hurricane of love." We talk all things Baker and strangely enough, Lincoln Riley released some weird story on The Player's Tribune in the middle of our podcast and we had all kinds of feelings about it. It was truly bizarre. We get into the nuts and bolts of the spring game...


U40: Spring football, Baker's podcast and gas station tuna .

Eddie and Bob give a breakdown of what they learned this week during media access as we are just over a week away from the annual spring game. What is the expectation level for this defense? How much better can they be? Are we learning anything about the safety position yet? The players also always seem to have something interesting to say about the changes between last year and this year. This year some hints that the corners feel like Jay Valai is a step up in teaching over the previous...


U40: Still stocking up on what we hear and see from spring football

Another week of spring football media almost in the books and we continue to breakdown the things we're hearing during interviews and reflecting more on what we've seen on the practice fields this spring. We talk about some of the expectations from veterans with this new coaching staff as well as being happy there hasn't been a lot of talk about Dillon Gabriel in practices. What we're seeing has been much more important. How much will we see during the spring game with a new coaching staff?...


U40: You can feel the buy-in two weeks into spring practice

After two weeks, four media sessions and three practice viewings, we're getting a feel for how the players and coaches are reacting to one another on the OU practice fields. And we can sense the buy-in from the outside looking in. In this episode we talk about how visible the transfers into the program have been and how much help they can provide. We finally speak to Dillon Gabriel about his arrival in Norman as well as how this program now has a noticeably proud side of the ball on defense....


U40: We watched practice! Spring football observations

We were able to see a bunch of practice yesterday in Norman and it was glorious. The entire gang is here to talk about our first impressions of Dillon Gabriel, Jeff Lebby, Brent Venables and more. We also got to talk to some of the defensive standouts after practice and we'll relay what stood out about some of those conversations as well. We try and dive into the differences we're seeing so far in this staff and the last staff. We also talk with Josh about the differences in recruiting...


U40: Our Baker Mayfield thoughts, hoops, spring football and recruiting

The gang is back! It's the second podcast this week and we had plenty to talk about considering the Cleveland Browns are burning to the ground. How dare you Browns! How dare you! We give out some advice to Baker without trying to get on his list. We also have Bob to talk us through OU's first round NIT win as well as what the future of OU basketball looks like. Then we head into some spring football and recruiting talk. What players will benefit most from the new coaching staff? And who...


U40: Sooners out of NCAAs, Camp season and Isaiah's charity event

The gang is back again after missing last week and we have a lot to catch up on. OU misses the NCAA Tournament in hoops and is headed to the NIT. Why? How? What!? We breakdown Isaiah Thomas' SoonerScoop NIL visit to the Tulsa Boys Home on Sunday and the Under Armour camp on Sunday in Dallas with Josh and Eddie. We talk about the latest in recruiting and what Josh and Eddie learned about where OU stands with several key recruits heading into the spring. Brent Venables keeping the ChampUBBQ?...


U40: Jason Kersey joins the pod as an OU beat writer for the last time

One of our favorite recurring guests on the podcast and a good friend to all of us, Jason Kersey, joins the U40 to talk about leaving journalism and starting a new journey. Jason has been a close friend to all of us at SoonerScoop over the years from his time at the Oklahoman and the Athletic and a point or two in-between. We talk about his next chapter and reminisce about his years on the OU beat. We try and get Kersey to dish out some dirt on his true feelings about covering OU football,...


U40: OU program rallying around players, playoffs, spring and SEC talk

The crew is back together as Josh returns from vacation and we have a smorgasbord of OU news running the gamut of the culture being set by the new staff, recruiting, crazy politicians, new basketball arena talk, OU spring football expectations and even some hoops stuff including replacing the LNC. We are all over the map and sometimes that's not a bad thing. So we'll just call this the A.D.D. edition of the offseason Unofficial 40 podcast. The full rundown follows below: OPEN - Political...


U40: Hoops gets loose on the pod as we wait for Pro Day and spring football

Welp, Josh opened the door for the U40 basketball pod and we start the pod with wall-to-wall hoops talk as the Sooners are fighting to stay in the NCAA Tournament field with five games remaining in the regular season. Tanner Groves? Who are you? We're seeing some life where we haven't seen it, but the expected standouts aren't always giving Porter Moser what he needs. We transition into some football talk as it seems the national media isn't buying in to the Brent Venables era at OU. We try...


U40: At some point we move on to the Brent Venables era

We don't want to do it. We try not to care. We try to move on. But we keep getting drawn back in to TBOW and the latest with Caleb Williams as he shows up on Good Morning America today. Like any of us watch it anyway!!! Good lord we're ready for spring football to get here. We're ready for position battles to matter again. We're ready to find out what players get moved to what positions in the secondary. We're ready to see the fruits of Jerry Schmidt's labor. We are ready to get behind Brent...


U40: Signing Day wrap-up and angry weirdo coaches everywhere

It's the post National Signing Day of the Unofficial 40 podcast where Josh helps us break it all down and we take a look back at everything that's happened since Brent Venables took over in Norman to help the Sooners secure a No. 10 recruiting class for 2022. The Sooners pulled in 4 signees on signing day which is something that has rarely happened at OU over the years. As Caleb Williams finally lands at USC and Jaxson Dart also lands elsewhere we take a look at the start ol the Dillon...


U40: OU's recruiting weekend was about as good as it gets

Today's show was... something. Carey gets dunked on by Sooner legends on social media. Eddie is now director of content and the Sooners pull in Gentry Williams and are building some massive momentum on the recruiting trail after a big weekend of big impressions. We also give our sales pitch for Caleb Williams to go to Wisconsin and are we giving up on Jaxson Dart? Spoiler, we're giving up on Jaxson Dart. It's DG time baby! Dimetime! We also bust out plenty of Jerry Schmidt, offensive line...


U40: The musical chairs at QB still haven't ended

We were expecting some quarterback news, but it never came, so the pod is late in the week. We make up for it with all the latest on OU's final recruiting weekend of official visits and by trying to make sense of what really is going on with the quarterback situation. Why hasn't Caleb Williams announced for USC? Is Jaxon Dart all about BYU all of a sudden? And what happens if Dart doesn't come to Norman? We also find out some fascinating information about USC's Twitter following and discuss...


U40: A huge portal, recruiting, visit weekend for OU

In unprecedented times, OU is hosting transfers, 2022 class high schoolers and just about everything in between. Josh, Eddie and Bob are here to break down everything. OU's next QB? It could be a lot of people. And could Lincoln Riley have ended up without any QBs for 2022? What is OU doing at receiver? The OU staff is now complete as well. We break that down as well. It's a fully loaded show breaking down a big weekend for OU football. The full rundown follows below: 00:00 - Welcome back...