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A weekly show during the baseball season about the Mets and other stuff fans might care about. An "Orange and Blue Thing" is anything Mets fans can relate to, so that's what we talk about. Presented by The 7 Line.

A weekly show during the baseball season about the Mets and other stuff fans might care about. An "Orange and Blue Thing" is anything Mets fans can relate to, so that's what we talk about. Presented by The 7 Line.


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A weekly show during the baseball season about the Mets and other stuff fans might care about. An "Orange and Blue Thing" is anything Mets fans can relate to, so that's what we talk about. Presented by The 7 Line.




OABT S6 E7: MVPete Alonso And The Boys Are Rolling

- The New York Mets are 29-15! - A little Denver recap - Keith Hernandez doesn't know what a meme is, but he does think Pete Alonso could be the MVP - Gary Cohen definitely has a burner account - Francisco Lindor is in 500 RBI club - The Captain, David Wright was at the game last night - The 7 Line Army Anaheim packages started shipping! - Julia's betting career is 1-0 - Owning a pool sucks - Kiss your dog GIVING AWAY TWO T7L GIFT CARDS Darren Meenan and Julia Quadrino from T7LHQ. RATE,...


OABT S6 E6: Snowstorm In Denver and The 7 Line Saloon

- Snow storm in Denver for The 7 Line Army this weekend? - Max Scherzer is gonna be fine.... - The 7 Line Saloon on the way? - Dom Smith wants to play every day - Megill out, McCann out... where do the Mets need the most help? - Superstars at Citi Field - Bad first pitches like Steve Aoki's and 50 Cent's are on purpose - Funny product reviews and more GIVING AWAY TWO POLAR PETE ALONSO BOBBLES! Darren Meenan and Julia Quadrino from T7LHQ. RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE WHILE YOU'RE AT IT. LGM!


OABT S6 E5: The Boys Keep Rolling

The first place Mets keep rolling! Line some shots up for Tylor Megill, Travis "nobody is buying my jersey" Jankowski is an underrated star, Max Scherzer is a nut job who gets ejected on his off day, and more. Darren Meenan and Julia Quadrino from T7LHQ. RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE WHILE YOU'RE AT IT. LGM!


OABT S6 E4: Mets Helmets Are The Real MVP

19 Mets have been hit by pitches in 20 games, the boys won their first 6 series of the season for the first time in team history, Pete Alonso says he can easily put someone in the hospital, Nolan Arenado is as soft as Charmin, first road games for Jake Eisenberg in the radio booth, Kyle from We Gotta Believe / Barstool has walked over 40 miles so far during Mets games this year, Steve Cohen falls for TooGooden's twitter trap, RealBlack14 is a tremendous Twitter follow, there is no Olivia...


OABT S6 E3: First Place Mets, Protesters, and a Free Rolex

Julia is home with Covid, but the show must go on! The New York Mets are owners of the best record in baseball along with the largest run differential, they took both games in the double dip vs the SF Giants for the first time since 1979, grown men were crying at the Seaver statue ceremony, protesters outside the ballpark on Opening Day, Buck Showalter might be the biggest pickup of the offseason, no more vendors in the stands?, Marte gifted McNeil a Rolex, Lindor is finally silencing his...


OABT S6 E2: It's Way Too Early For Stress

The boys could easily be undefeated, but here we are. MRI's on deck for Taijuan Walker and Trevor May, Opening Weekend at Citi kicks off on Friday, Tom Seaver's Statue is finally here, the dude who wore a Red Sox jersey / Mets cap at Yankee Stadium checks in, pre-game deals for Mets fans hitting Arizona next weekend, giving away some Jackie Robinson Day tees (share the show to be in the running) from the Mets, and more. Darren, Julia, and Marc on another edition of OABT. RATE, REVIEW, AND...


OABT SEASON 6 PREMIERE: Let's Get 2022 Started!

We're back! Opening Day is set for Thursday and there's a ton to catch up on. Tom Seaver statue unveiling info, facial recognition tickets at Citi Field, the SNY booth reigns supreme, Max Scherzer should be ok to go this weekend, Marcus Stroman blocked Darren on Twitter and much much more. Julia Quadrino and Darren Meenan from T7LHQ. After you listen, go SHARE the show to be in the running (share on FB and/or RT on Twitter) for a game used baseball from Amazin' Memorabilia! RATE, REVIEW, AND...


OABT S5 FINALE: Mets 2021 - Pain

For the first time in years, we didn't watch a second of baseball since the last show, and it felt great. It's been over, but now it's over over. Put a nail in it. This season has been a top 5 letdown. Who underperformed the most? Who was their MVP? Do you even care? 153 days until Spring Training Opening Day. Darren Meenan and Julia Quadrino from T7LHQ. Enjoy your time off from this misery. SEE YA IN 2022! RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE WHILE YOU'RE AT IT. Hit up to...


OABT S5 E30: Let's Get This Over With

Yup, this season is toast. What an absolute disastrous collapse for our New York Mets. Like you, even though they rip our hearts out more often than not, we still love this team to no end. With 10 games left, everyone is just going through the motions at this point. The 7 Line Army's Boston outing was fun minus the game, Barnie the Bull is about to live a good life, dog poop tampons, Darren might have to be "Loyal Til The Last Tailgate", Pete Alonso is hosting a Home Run Derby event on...


OABT S5 E29: Mr. Smile and The Mets

Mr. Smile had his first breakout Mets game as the boys took 2 of 3 from the Yankees at Citi Field. An emotional 9/11 pre-game ceremony, The 7 Line Army being booed over the wave, we're heading back to Coney Island next summer, should the Mets sign Javier Baez this offseason, Pete Alonso shaved in the middle of the game, Boston pre-game plans, Once Upon A Time In Queens 30 for 30 drops this week, and a special round of Francisco Lindor themed BIG APPLE TRIVIA! Darren Meenan and Julia Quadrino...



With just a few weeks left, the Mets are still not out of this thing. Right now, Fangraphs has the boys sitting at a 8.7% chance to make the playoffs. Do you believe they have a shot? The Yankees are coming to Citi Field this weekend, and for the first time in a while, both teams have postseason hopes on the line during the Subway Series. The 7 Line Army Holiday Party is almost a go, Pete Alonso broke the 100 homers mark, everyone will know your name in Boston with T7LA, FREE Pit Viper...


OABT S5 E27: Mets Players Hit The Third Rail With Mets Fans

To boo or not to boo? Do whatever you want, but the players need to toughen up. The Mets are 0-3 in in their black jerseys, $10 bet, Jerry Koosman's # retirement ceremony, Brandon Nimmo has a black eye, Noah Syndergaard has coronavirus, Mets win only their 2nd series of the month (also against the Nationals), Jacob deGrom is throwing again, Howie Rose is having season ending surgery this week, Javier Báez / Francisco Lindor / Kevin Pillar / Taijuan Walker / Sandy Alderson / Steve Cohen and...


OABT S5 E26: So You're Saying There's A Chance

It's slim, but there's a chance. FanGraphs says the Mets now have a 5.3% chance of making the playoffs and as usual Darren is talking himself in to believing it'll happen. The hurricane that wasn't, Jerry Koosman's number will be retired by the Mets this weekend, we're rooting for the Yankees these next couple games, a first timer in first class, what big event would Julia hypothetically miss to be in attendance when David Wright's # makes it in the rafters, and more from T7LHQ with Darren...


OABT S5 E25: Bobby Valentine Joins The Show

It’s hard to stay positive about the Mets right now, but we found someone else who is and you may have heard of him. We finally got a hold of Bobby V, and it was worth the wait. Find out the true story behind him allegedly inventing the wrap sandwich, his plans for the city of Stamford if elected mayor, how he’d manage the Mets today, what it was like managing them after 9/11, and some exclusive breaking news on what his role will be for the 20 year anniversary game. And if you’re just plain...



Sorry, Pete Alonso.There's nothing to smile about right now. Our Bobby V interview went about as well as the Mets road trip. But, in the brief time we had with him, he assured us that every team goes through a bad 2-8 stretch, and this was ours. Much like the Mets, we’ll try again next week. We somewhat ease the pain talking The 7 Line Army's 2022 (tentative) schedule, new items dropping this week, and the Insomnia Cookies speakeasy. Mets are in third place, Baez is hurt, and no pitching...



August is here, and it's going to be a do or die month for the Mets. They've been all alone on the NL East's top step for 86 consecutive days, but it surely doesn't feel like it. The Mets were back in black on Friday, inducted 3 new members in to their HOF on Saturday, and lost the weekend series on Sunday. Baez is now a Met, but with another deGrom setback did the team really do enough before the deadline to set them up for the rest of the year? The Kumar Rocker draft deal fell through. Is...



The boys closed out their weekend with another series W in Flushing, and now own a 30-15 record at home. Pete Alonso is LOCKED IN, and seems to have traded Donnie Stevenson for a dugout pony. Speaking of trades, the deadline is Friday. Who will the Mets land? SNY's Joe DeMayo checks in with the latest rumors. The Mets are inducting Matlack, Darling, and Alfonzo in to their HOF this weekend, but nobody seems to know about it. Word is the Mets are making changes to step up for their minor...



We're back at T7LHQ after the Mets Saturday night disaster in Pittsburgh. There is a silver lining though, and it was the pre-game party. We never lose there. Francisco and deGrom are both on the IL, the Mets rotation is filled with question marks, and the NL East lead is now down to just 2 games. Josh Lewin is back in the mix with a daily Mets podcast, nudes for wins, black jerseys will return on Friday nights starting July 30th, a quick round of Big Apple Trivia, Philly T7LA event t-shirt...


S5 E20: YOWZERS! Tori and Daniel Murphy Join The Show

The All Star break is here, so we figured this would be a great time to catch up with 2014 Mets All Star Daniel Murphy and his wife Tori. Daniel recently retired from the game, and Tori is doing amazing things with the non profit organization Prom Series. We chat about the foundation and all the positivity they're giving foster girls across the country, Daniel going back to college, Gary Cohen's net negative comments on WFAN, what happened to The 7 Line Army flag he celebrated with during...


S5 E19: Fifty Shades Of Mets

The Mets have dressed just shy of FIFTY players so far this season, and are still a first place team in July. The ASG is next week, and we got some snubs. Donnie Stevenson just won't go away, and was at the ballpark last night. Keith Hernandez is on the IL. The 7 Line Army is adding another home game to the 2021 schedule. Plus, find out who our next big guest is. All that and more with Darren and Julia from T7LHQ. RATE, REVIEW, AND SUBSCRIBE! Thanks to our friends from Dugout Mugs! Hit up...