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Conversations are what Straight Talk does. Here I Speak with talent both about all things their careers, interests and passions. We never shy away from the though questions, and always get real and honest, With every guest we have on. The host is Straight up, Honest and above all else passionate fan of the business of Wrestling




Conversations are what Straight Talk does. Here I Speak with talent both about all things their careers, interests and passions. We never shy away from the though questions, and always get real and honest, With every guest we have on. The host is Straight up, Honest and above all else passionate fan of the business of Wrestling






Episode 331! My conversation with Chris Masters FKA Chris Adonis

Chris Adonis FKA Chris Masters Joins me to talk @nwa , The freedom the roster has there, Possibly touring, Being A better version of Himself, working the indy's and the experience factor that comes with it. Still Manifesting The WWE Royal Rumble Return and more Check the LINK TREE BELOW for more content and Merch


MLW Rewind! Thanksgiving Day Special Proudly Sposored By MLW

We sponsored baby! This episode is proudly sponsored by MLW That’s Right Major League Wrestling. Please help in any way you can by donating to St Judes Children’s Research Hospital. Please help children in need of medical support during the holidays. Grab a drumstick and dig into Fusion on Thanksgiving, streaming 8pm tonight on MLW’s Thanksgiving Special With matches featuring •Matt Cardona & “Filthy” Tom Lawlor (with Saint Laurent) vs. Alex Kane & Mr. Thomas •TJ Crawford vs Nolo Kitano •Tiara James vs Notorious Mimi Feast on the fallout from Fightland! The World Titan Federation sent shockwaves through wrestling adding not one but two new members, including the freshly released Alex Hammerstone and the ripped skyscraper Josh Bishop. The stage is set for One-Shot’s main event of Alex Kane vs. Matt Cardona in two weeks… but tonight the Bomaye Fight Club looks to dish out a cornucopia of punishment. Kane and Mr. Thomas fights the World Titan Federation Superstars® “Filthy” Tom Lawlor & Matt Cardona in the main event! After a scandalous month at odds with MLW, World Titan Federation’s very own outsider Hammerstone has a lot to say tonight on FUSION on Thanksgiving. A Thanksgiving farewell to one of MLW’s most beloved brawlers as Ol’ Mancer says goodbye to the MLW faithful as he prepares to pack it up and move on to the next territory. CMLL luchador Máscara Dorada enters MLW, and immediately zones in on MLW World Middleweight & CMLL World Historic Welterweight Champion Rocky Romero. Furious with what transpired at Fightland, Salina de la Renta seeks reprisals against Ichiban. Tiara James looks to hotshot her way up the Featherweight rankings as she rumbles with newcomer Notorious Mimi. TJ Crawford continues his call to “FREE DEPPEN” as the embittered middleweight throws down with 2023 Open Draft pick Nolo Kitano. Will the ballad of Love, Doug conquer all? Wrestling’s cupid finally shoots his shot with B3CCA by proposing a romantic “Thanksgiving Tryst”. Check the LINK TREE BELOW for more content and Merch​


Episode 330! My Conversation with Matt Rehwoldt FKA Aiden English

@impactwrestling Commentator and Former @WWE Star Matt Rehwoldt FKA Aiden English Joins me to talk , NXT, Rusev Day, Imapct wrestling and being the narrator to these stories, Acting, Bourbon and more. Check the LINK TREE BELOW for more content and Merch​


MLW Rewind Fightland Fallout

We break down the MLW Fightland Match card and discuss the results and finishes. World Heavyweight Championship Alex Kane (champion) vs. Jacob Fatu Loser Leaves MLW Matt Cardona (with Saint Laurent) vs. @ManceWarner Ladder Match for World Tag Team Championship The Calling (Rickey Shane Page & AKIRA) vs. Second Gear Crew (1 Called Manders & Matthew Justice) Lucha Libre Rules! Rocky Romero & Bárbaro Cavernario (with Salina de la Renta) vs. Máscara Dorada & Ichiban Check the LINK TREE BELOW for more content and Merch​


Episode 329! Lufisto Returns

Lufisto is an Indy hall of famer, and advocate, a martyr, and a warrior. She joins me to talk about the internet backlash over her experience at AEW, from the hate and death threats to the fight to have her voice heard. Planning matches and giving advice to those that ask and want it. Editing Adult films. Enjoying bad Movies and Her mental Health fight that she overcame and can now look back as a triumph. Check the LINK TREE BELOW for more content and Merch​


MLW Rewind With George Mckay and Uncle Bobby B

MLW Rewind November 9th Rewind We honour and Remember Ontario Indy wrestler Rob Rage then we get into the Rewind. Alex Kane and Jacob Fatu put pen to paper and make their World Heavyweight Championship showdown at Fightland on FITE+ official this week on Fusion with a contract signing. The first state of The Fed takes place as legitimate promoter Saint Laurent promises big plans for Fightland… and reprisals for Alex Kane and Jacob Fatu after last week’s Samoan Grand Theft Auto in WTF Superstar® Matt Cardona’s newly gifted set of wheels. The legendary Don King has a FIGHTLAND proclamation. What’s the iconic promoter of the Bomaye Fight Club have to say to the fight world? Tune in and find out! A MAJOR announcement with big implications for Fightland drops in the wake of the carnage that ended last week’s throwdown between The Calling and The Second Gear Crew. MMA Fighter turned WTF sports entertainment Superstar® “Filthy” Tom Lawlor has a chicken bone to pick and it involves Fusion on Thanksgiving?! World Featherweight Champion Janai Kai competes for the first time since dethroning Delmi Exo at Slaughterhouse to win the gold. Can anyone withstand the violent onslaught of Promociones Dorado’s “Kick Demon”? Is there tension between AKIRA and Rickey Shane Page? The Calling has a message for the weak as the wicked ready for war at Fightland. Double champion Rocky Romero has a message for top ranked middleweight Ichiban and his new amigo Máscara Dorada. “Hot Sauce’” Tracy Williams grapples with newcomer Griffin McCoy. Coming off of an impressive showing in the 2023 Opera Cup, which saw the Brooklyn native go to the finals, Williams now looks to get a big win. A win, which could propel him into the mix for the National Openweight Championship. Standing in his way is the debuting 23-year-old Griffin McCoy. Despite his young age, McCoy is a 7-year veteran, debuting in 2016. Impressing league scouts, the 6’2” San Franciscan has a vicious arsenal of suplexes and strikes. The Bomaye Fight Club’s dual powerhouses Mr Thomas and O’Shay Edwards go head to head with The Mane Event in tag team action! ​ Check the LINK TREE BELOW for more content and Merch​


Episode 328! My conversation with Izzy Moreno

She joins me to talk about Debuting against Jazmin Allure, travelling and wrestling, and emotions as she came through the curtain for the first time. did Bayley dis own her and more. Check the LINK TREE BELOW for more content and Merch​


MLW Rewind November 2nd Rewind

•Tables match for World Tag Team Championship: The Calling vs. Second Gear Crew •Jacob Fatu vs. Mr. Thomas •Mance Warner vs. Talon •Brett Ryan Gosselin vs J Boujii FIGHTLAND may be in 3 weeks but tonight Jacob Fatu will square off with Alex Kane’s cornerman and confidant Mr Thomas. Will Mr. Thomas power wrestling pulverize Fatu and soften him up for FIGHTLAND? Will Fatu’s fury be too much for the Philly powerhouse? And what happens when the World Heavyweight Champion is in the corner of his fellow Bomaye Fight Team member? Could Fatu and Kane come to blows before their November 18 showdown live and exclusively on FITE+? The “Crown Jewel” of the World Titan Federation, Matt Cardona, will have a live mic. What’s he got to say? Find out on Fusion! Promoter Saint Laurent presents Matt Cardona with a luxury car and celebrates the World Titan Federation’s Superstar®’s mysterious big plans. The hustling huckster promoter promises big moves will be made this week on Fusion. What could the scheming Saint Laurent’s dirty carny tricks be? Following a suspicious exchange of classified files for favors with Saint Laurent, what is Salina de la Renta up to? Gold and tables headline this week’s Fusion as the Calling and the Second Gear Crew battle it out! Can SGC win gold in MLW and finish off their feud with the Calling? Or will the calling card finally drop on the highwaymen? Plus, Mance Warner looks to crack open the light beers early as The Bucksnort Brawler throws down with The Calling’s Talon! In the wake of his physical assault on Kevin Blackwood, the league doubles down on Tony Deppen’s suspension. Something new: Brett Ryan Gosslin makes his MLW debut against The Bomaye Fight Club’s J Boujii! Will BRG be victorious in his debut. Check the LINK TREE BELOW for more content and Merch​


Episode 327! Fuerza is back

Fuerza returns to finally be asked are we best freinds? does he admit it? Watchand find out. we also talk, wrestlign in the UK, maybe going to Puerto Rico and Mexico, is some one paler then me and more. Check the LINK TREE BELOW for more content and Merch​


MLW Rewind 2 for 1 Discussing oct 18th’s and Oct 26th Fusions

OCT 18TH Rewind featuring the below matches. Matt Cardona (with Saint Laurent) vs. 1 Called Manders Bomaye Fight Club vs. The Mane Event Ichiban vs. Love, Doug 2 title changes! Big returns! Shocking debuts! Slaughterhouse forever changed MLW. What’s next? Find out on Fusion! MLW has TRIPLED its security tonight following a wild Slaughterhouse post match brawl between World Titan Federation Superstars® and the Bomaye Fight Club... as well as a second dust-up after the show with Mance Warner and these self-proclaimed “Superstars.” With security maxed out, the World Titan Federation’s “Crown Jewel” Matt Cardona steps in the ring in the main event as he looks to put World Champion Alex Kane on notice and keep the eyes of the league on him. But is Cardona alwayz ready for one of the toughest brawlers in MLW? He’ll have to be as Cardona battles the 1 Called Manders. Meanwhile, Mance Warner has put it out on social media he has been doing some drinking and thinking and he has plans to confront Cardona, following their after show dust-up as well tonight! Is there enough security to keep MLW fighters from the Superstars® of the World Titan Federation tonight?! For the first time in 2 years “Filthy” Tom Lawlor is back on FUSION… and he has a shocking change in store for his filthy fans. What is it? Watch to find out. Journey to the Atlanta fight camp of World Heavyweight Champion Alex Kane. The fight captain speaks out on the World Titan Federation and the Slaughterhouse brawl. Following the extraordinary events at Slaughterhouse, Salina de la Renta promises BIG NEWS on Fusion! What’s next for the “Empresaria of Lucha” as her conquest of MLW continues? Tony Deppen and TJ Crawford’s continuous smear campaign against the injury sidelined Kevin Blackwood forces the league to take further action against the dangerous duo. Will security be able to keep the World Titan Federation Superstars® and Bomaye Fight Club apart? They’ll be tested as Mr. Thomas tags up with The Bomaye Fight Club’s newest middleweight recruit J Boujii as they fight The Mane Event! In a middleweight eliminator, Ichiban represents the NumberOneDojo against wrestling’s cupid: Love, Doug. Oct 26th REWIND Featuring the below, Salina de la Renta, who serves as special executive producer of this week’s FUSION, has issued the following preview: The Empresaria of Lucha Libre shares her divine vision of Major League Wrestling in a must-see broadcast unlike you’ll see with any of these pendejo billionaire promoters (and trust me they are watching this episode and taking notes!). For the first time in broadcasting history, MLW cameras take you neckbeard gringos to the most famous arena in all of lucha: the “Cathedral of Lucha” Arena Mexico! Promociones Dorado’s Rocky Romero fights Volador Jr. for the CMLL World Historic Welterweight Title. See 18,000 glorious Mexican fans watch a super lucha clásico! But wait: there’s more. Since I have matchmaking powerI will have a biiiiig announcement for FIGHTLAND on FITE+. What could I ever do with such power? For the first-time you’ll be enlightened by the words of your new World Featherweight Champion Janai Kai as she makes her first statement as champion… and trust me, the “Kick Demon” is a voice of wrestling that demands you listen! I’ve also personally invited the World Heavyweight Champion Alex Kane be in attendance. Does he have anything else in his vocabulary beyond “bumblebeeyee”? I highly doubt it. But let’s find out! Oh, and that little rat Ichiban has been pestering me for a title fight against my new World Middleweight Champion. Should I stick him in a match or call pest control? PLUS: The greatest voice in lucha libre, Jesus Rodriguez, will serve as master of ceremonies for the evening! So, now that you know tonight’s FUSION, do yourself a favor: Tap your phone and set a reminder with those sweaty gordito digits for 8pm tonight. You won’t regret it!! Bwahaahahaha Check the LINK TREE BELOW for more content and Merch...


Episode 326! Featuring Judas Icuras

@impactwrestling Star JosH Alexander Called Judas Icuras the next one to watch in Canada, i couldnt agree more. Judas joins me to talk that endorsement, wrestling in the US, invading the ontario Indy Scene.We also Talk Horror Movies and more. Check the LINK TREE BELOW for more content and Merch​


EPISODE 325! Featuring The House Of Glory Cruiserweight Champ Nolo Kitano

The @HouseOfGloryWrestling Cruiserweight Champ, Joins me to talk, anime and Hip hop influences in his character fromm Afro Samurai, Wu Tang and more. Repping the house of glory Flag where ever he goes, His love anbd passion for pro wrestling and more. Check the LINK TREE BELOW for more content and Merch​


MLW Rewind Slaughterhouse review

We get our @mlw #SLAUGHTERHOUSE review up as we run trough the entire card. Chamber Of Horrors Match The Second Gear Crew (Mance Warner & Matthew Justice) vs The Calling (Cannonball & Talon) MLW World Middleweight Title / World Historic Welterweight Title Match Rocky Romero (w/Salina de la Renta) (c) vs AKIRA (c) MLW Women's World Featherweight Title Match Janai Kai (w/Salina de la Renta) VS Delmi Exo (c) Minoru Suzuki VS Jacob Fatu MLW National Openweight Title Falls Count Anywhere Match Rickey Shane Page (c) VS 1 Called Manders MLW World Heavyweight Title Match Alex Kane (w/Mr. Thomas) (c) VS Tom Lawlor And we give our thoughts on an epic match card Check the LINK TREE BELOW for more content and Merch​


Episode 324! My Conversation With Ohio Valley Wrestlign Star Immaculate Joe Mack

Featuring @OVWTV Star Immaculate Joe Mack he talks Al snow, the @Netflix Documentary Wrestlers, Leaving everything to go to Ovw, Supwer fan Gracie, Being his best version and more. Check the LINK TREE BELOW for more content and Merch​


MLW Rewind Oct 5th Rewind

What World Titan Federation Superstar® has Saint Laurent lined up to step into the ring with Alex Kane just 2 weeks before Davey Boy Smith Jr. squares off with the “Suplex Assassin” for the World title at Slaughterhouse on FITE+?. Sending shockwaves last week having revealed CMLL World Historic Welterweight Champion Rocky Romero is now managed by Salina de la Renta, the Puerto Rican powerbroker vows to make another big announcement. After last week’s news, how could she possibly top it? Find out tonight as La Empresaria of Lucha is in la casa! Saint Laurent’s lawyers have threatened legal action unless MLW provides him with equal air time to respond to last week’s exposé! What will the Canadian huckster have to say for himself after last week’s shocking allegations? The Calling’s newest disciple Cannonball debuts in a Texas Tornado match alongside Talon as masked maulers throwdown with the Second Gear Crew’s 1 Called Manders and Matthew Justice! Anything goes! Will the power of love make Love, Doug weep, or make a man sing? Love, Doug attempts to serenade B3CCA. PLUS: Jacob Fatu is in the house as he readies to go to war against Minoru Suzuki! Are World Tag Team Champions AKIRA and Rickey Shane Page on the same page? Questions swirl around The Calling. Journey back to the event that kick started MLW’s return as the league celebrates a seminal moment in the history of Major League Wrestling. Check the LINK TREE BELOW for more content and Merch​


Episode 323! My Conversation with Ultra Violette

Ultra Violette Jons me to talk the evolution of women in wrestling, Livining up to that legacy thats been built. Bedazzling and what she has bedazzeld. 80's action flicks and so much more. Check the LINK TREE BELOW for more content and Merch​


Episode 322! Taming The Mane Event

Featuring the Mane Event @HouseOfGloryWrestling Tag Teams Champs Midus Black and Jay Lyon Join me to talk @mlw , Being in the ring with @AEW Stars FTR, Disney, the tag team brotherhood and more Check the LINK TREE BELOW for more content and Merch​


Episdoe 321! My Conversation with New Japan Star Francesco Akira

The @NJPW Joins me to talk #TJP, and the tag Title Wins, being so far from Home, Learning to fine tune his pasta skills in Japan? and what he misses most about Italy. Check the LINK TREE BELOW for more content and Merch​


MLW Rewind! On the Road to Slaughterhouse

Salina de la Renta is en la casa! What’s on the Empresaria of Lucha’’s agenda this week as she continues to make quick moves and reconsolidate her power? The World Heavyweight Champion Alex Kane invites the media out for a filter-free press conference. What’s next for the captain of the BOMAYE Fight Club? Breaking news on MLW’s next FITE+ premium event drops this week on FUSION. Slaughterhouse will feature a DOUBLE main event. The first match is revealed tonight! Whispers of The Calling’s ominous presence abound. Could Rickey Shane Page, AKIRA and the devout masked followers be in the house tonight? When the moonsault hits your eye like a big pizza pie, that’s amore… or Love, Doug when he wrestles Little Guido for the first-time ever! “ International Popstar” B3CCA is in the house and in action against Tiara James. James, who makes her debut, faces an emerging contender to the World Featherweight Championship in B3CCA. Will B3CCA inch closer to a title shot? Will Tiara take a win in a triumphant debut? Microman goes one on one with Sam Adonis! Can MLW’s 3 feet of fighting fury finally teach Adonis a lesson in respect after last week’s deplorable punting incident? Plus an MLW newcomer joins forces with The Second Gear Crew in their ongoing war with The Calling. In middleweight action, Ichiban battles TJ Crawford. Crawford, who has proven to be a heavy hitting technician, doesn’t think much of the hype for Ichiban. Wasting no time, Crawford demanded (and reportedly threatened) league officials for a match with the masked fighter and now it is official. What happens when The NumberOne Dojo’s Kokujin Katana” rumbles “The Silver Sniper”? Check the LINK TREE BELOW for more content and Merch​


Episode 320! My conversation with Big Damo

Former @WWE Superstar Big Damo talks Eric Young, his time in sanity, breaking the stigma of being a big man theat can do what a crusierweight can do. being in the NXT Black and Gold during its highest times, Sanity and the main roster mistakes and more Check the LINK TREE BELOW for more content and Merch​