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Takedown: Episode17 - Nothing's Gonna Stop Us Now

Ya boys are back in town and have A LOT of opinions. And you're going to hear them whether you want to or not. Discussions from all over the wrestling world. We discuss WWE, AEW, women's wrestling, Halloween Havoc, Full Gear, Mustafa Ali, MJF & Inner Circle, and so much more. Join in on the fun and listen to us try to stay on topic....spoiler alert. We don't. twitter: @T3Network FB/IG/Tik Tok: T3 Network email: web: hotline: 202-556-4433


Takedown: Episode 16 - Wrestling with Issues

Your boys are back and EVEN better than you remember. John & Craig sadly return Ref-less for one more week but do what they can to stay the course. Of course, without The Ref to control them, tangents galore happen. Sure WWE and AEW are talked about. Including the draft, upcoming Hell in a Cell & Halloween Havoc, and even the present state of women's wrestling. But we also talked Halloween costumes, our childhoods, and the real reason that Jeff the Ref didn't make the show. Thoughts and...


Takedown - Episode 15: Bashin' the Clashin'

Your boys are back in down. Coronavirus may try to keep us apart but they will never squash our love of wrestling, WWE does that enough for us! We have a lot to cover this week in the world of wrestling entertainment. What WWE is doing right, all that they are doing wrong, and how Clash of Champions had some good highs & crappy lows. Clash of Champions was actually the start of our next phase for T3 Pick 'Em Challenge so we let you know who is starting off strong this time. AEW isn't left...


Takedown: Episode 14 - Don't Call it a Comeback

Your Triad is back. Finally!! We are so sorry to have left our fans wanting and promise to not do that again. But we knew we had to come back strong, so we have a jam packed episode for you. We cover multiple PPVs with Takeover 30, Summerslam, Payback, and All Out all discussed. Plus we have a winner for Phase II of our Pick 'Em Challenge! Who took this belt this time?? So much more is covered though included Grandpa Vince's new rules, what is WWE doing about female Tag Teams, and just...


Takedown: Episode 13 - We Do Discuss Wrestling At Some Point...We Swear

It's been two weeks since our last episode so there is a lot to cover and discuss. However John & Craig decide to use some time discussing unknown movies of John Morrison, which Golden Girl we each are, and how we feel about the Friends cast. So you know, important wrestling topics. But we swear that stuff is in there. How we feel about AEW and why they have been better recently (but not by much). There are a few things we like that WWE is doing but it's not much and we explain why in this...


Takedown: Episode 12 - Our Irish Buddy Rian from Hallway Wrestling Podcast Joins the Show

This is an episode that will go down in infamy folks. Thanks to his warrior mindset of no sleep needed, Rian from the Hallway Wrestling Podcast joins the Triad this week on the show. It was so much fun to have him on and we cover so much throughout the wrestling world. Of course we get into the WWE "fun" of Extreme Rules so we can make some decisions who the winners are. We chat some NXT and how it was fallen down in our opinions but can still be saved. AEW and why they have been doing it...


Takedown: Episode 11 - Changing Topics is What We Do

It's a Craig & Jeff filled podcast for you folks as the Triad is down to a Duo this week. But that doesn't mean the contest is any less fun! We cover our thoughts on Fyter Fest, Great American Bash, and who won our pick 'em challenge for it all. Which then leads to a debate as whether we should even count this one at all. But there is SO much more than wrestle talk this week. We introduce some new friends of the show and the cool, bad-ass things they are doing. We make our plea for other...


30 Day Challenge - Movie Challenge

Some more fun non-wrestling content for you lovely listeners. If you all have been following us on social media, then you know exactly what this glorious episode is all about. If you don't follow us...what the hell is wrong with you?!?! Fix that immediately. For the month of June we had a 30 day challenge all about movies across our social medias. We each make a personal pick for the daily themes, and then a combined show pick that try's to stick with a wrestling theme. Listen up to way we...


Takedown: Episode 10 - Wow Wrestling. Just...Wow

We could never have predicted that there would be two major events in society that would give us reason to pause our show over the past 30 days. But with everything that came out last week, it didn't seem the right time to talk silly wrestling. And even this week, coming back was weird. So we start off discussing some of what has come out due to #SpeakingOut in the wrestling world. Then we get into the petri-dish that is the WWE Performance Center and exactly what they could have been doing...


Value Meal: Florida Men

Value Meal Where your T3 Podcast Network hosts let you join in on lunch time with them. First off, your boys start the episode off with their lunch selections for the day, where Craig gets mercilessly gets made fun of for his. Then they get into this week's topic...Florida. The Sunshine State and the home state of host Jeff. We discuss some of the cuisine from the region and what food really defines the state. Then we get into the crazy news stories we could find from the state and luckily...


Takedown: Episode 9 - Brick, Hanson, & Magic

After being a part of #PodcastBlackout last week (which you should definitely go back to listen to that episode to see why), your Triad has returned with an all new Takedown this week. And we have a lot to cover. WWE has started to turn into a snooze fest for us all, but what can the company do to save itself. We have some ideas. Plus tons of praise for AEW and all they are doing right. The winner from our NXT: Takeover In Your House Pick 'Em Challenge is announced, and it might surprise you...



Folks, this could be one of our most important episodes yet. T3 Podcast Network has decided to partake in #PodcastBlackout this week. Where we realize, along with other shows and networks, that #TheShowMustBePaused. Now is a time to look up and the world around you to realize that change must be made. We have recorded just a few minutes about how we all feel here at T3 Podcast Network. Please listen and do what you can to participate in being an agent of change. Here are the charities &...


30 Day Challenge - Song Challenge

That's right folks. We told you that more content besides wrestling chat would be coming and this is one of those shows. During certain months, your Triad of hosts will be doing various 30 day challenges across all of our social media platforms and want to recap those challenges at the end of the month. For the month of May, your boys did the 30 Day Song Challenge. Where every day had a different theme and you had to select a song for it. Now we each chose our own personal pick but we also...


Takedown: Cody Rhodes interview

This past week on the show your T3 boys were lucky enough to have the one and only Cody Rhodes on our show. While the whole show, as always, was hilarious and amazing. We wanted to put out the audio of the just the interview for our listeners as well. So here it is. Be sure to go to our YouTube channel to see the video of the interview as well. Be sure to follow us on all the socials and give us those 5 star ratings and reviews please Twitter:...


Takedown: Episode 8 - Cody Rhodes, Friend of the Show

THIS is a big one T3 fans. And by big one, we me absolutely HUGE. Your boys, the Triad, got a chance to interview the one and only Cody Rhodes. That's right. The American Nightmare himself, Executive Vice President of AEW, and inaugural TNT Champion took time out of his day to sit down with us and chat about it all. We discuss what it was like to be the first to win that championship, how it felt doing a DDT directly in front of Jake the Snake, and also important topics like Star Trek. You...


Takedown: Episode 7 - But is John okay?

Your Triad has finally returned to you with a jam packed episode for your listening pleasure. So much to discuss. We give our opinions on Money in the Bank and lead into the winners of our Pick 'Em Challenge for the event. Then get straight into AEW's Double or Nothing this weekend and how we see it all going down. And don't worry, we check in with John too and see how he is handling the Becky Lynch news. Plus we have some big news! We have joined the Wrestling Podcast Network and are so...


Takedown: Episode 6 - He Already Had a Job

Lots of fun from your Triad hosts this week people. Some nice discussions of RAW, SmackDown, and how WWE is handling the upcoming Money in the Bank event. We some returns from injury this week and some new injuries occurring, halting a great push some one was getting. Plus we chat AEW and how they are still making great television for us. Spend some time getting into our new 30 Day Song Challenge and how much fun we are having with it. Please be sure to follow us on all the socials to see...


Takedown: Episode 5 - Wrestling, Drinking, and Singing...Oh My!

Your Triad is back this week to fill you in on all the goings ons of the wrestling world. We have reactions to RAW, SmackDown, & NXT this week, thoughts on the upcoming Money in the Back event, and how AEW is still handling the audience-free shows better. We talking about the game from last week of Drinking Wrestling Buddies which what our choices were for each wrestler. Plus discuss a new social media event we are doing starting this coming Monday. Plus the question you all want to...


Takedown: Episode 4: Five Star Rating

Hey's your Boyz!!! In this episode the three...uuuuhhhh...two of us come together to fight corona, boredom and a world filled with free range wrestlers. We discuss the quietest Wrestlemania ever, all the politics and wrestlers that got released, AEW goodness, and (dramatic pause) We crown the Pick 'Em Heavyweight champ for this phase!!! Please remember to rate and review on your podcast listening app, because all 5 star ratings bring wonderful gifts for all our...


Takedown: Episode 3 - Wrestlemania 36 Preview & Corona Checks

Your wrestling show Triad returns for their third episode. We obviously discuss Wrestlemania 36 coming up this weekend and how we all feel about it. Are we excited? Are we disappointed? Are we scared for the end of all wrestling? We talk about it all. But we still give our picks for at least what the scheduled matches are for now. With this being the lead up week to Wrestlemania has WWE stepped up their game or is AEW still doing it better? Listen up to see which side we fall on. Plus we...