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Monthly program about motorcycle events, news and people in the Pacific Northwest

Monthly program about motorcycle events, news and people in the Pacific Northwest


Seattle, WA


Monthly program about motorcycle events, news and people in the Pacific Northwest




#2210, October 2022 – Pumpkin Spice Garmin Breakdown

Kody Dixon of Pacific Northwest Motorcycles joins us this month to share details of his first year owning the shop and what you can expect when you visit. Tom’s Garmin bricked for a short time, so he shares the fixes he made. Jen tips us off about free WA parks entry days and how you can enter to win a Husqvarna Norden 901. And so much more!!!


#2209, September 2022 – Straws and Tubes

Our hosts have just returned from a little moto camping extravaganza in the Columbia River Gorge and share their tales. Newsbytes reveals a number of dealership changes. It’s a busy September as we roll through the calendar highlights and our tips this month are unlike anything you’ll hear anywhere else. Enjoy the show.

#2208, August 2022 – 85 pounds of fuel injection

New Washington licensing fees are going through the roof, Aprilia announces a fall adventure tour through Mexico, will the ferry crash affect your visit to the Isle of Vashon TT? All that and more.


#2207, July 2022 – Before the invention of the crowbar

Jen reports on Moto America and Tom has been looking at the current supply chain. Washington State BMW Riders will soon convene in the Cascades, but all are welcome. Minibikes are coming to HooDoo and a Hillclimb is going down in Idaho. And that’s just July as we look at events coming up later this summer as well. But what about creating your own Air BnB rally?


#2206, June 2022 – Summer Adventure – What…?

On this episode, Tom and Jennifer are discussing ways riders get caught off-guard during summer rides and how to deal with it. Cliff’s Cycle Center has been sold, some libraries are handing out Discover passes for free and Touratech opens a new location. The Isle of Man TT returns, Dino Daze is coming up and Le May has some Father’s Day fun planned. All that and more on the Sound RIDER! Motorcycle Show!


#2205, May 2022 – Whooops!

On this month’s show we’re talking about rentals and more rentals, H-D’s Rewire program, and whatever ails you. Will hydrogen motos be the bomb? Will E15 ruin your bike? The calendar is loaded with places to be all over the PNW this month. All that and more.


#2204, April 2022 – Manifold Cooking

Mark Cattarin with the Washington Vintage Motorcyclists joins us to talk about the upcoming NW Classic Vintage Motorcycle Expo in Lynden, WA later this month. A Ravensdale rider is looking good in Supercross this year, TT believes they’ll have 6 demo trucks at their June rally and Yamaha is tinkering with power steering. Events are lighting up all over including the Desert 100, a BDR screening, swap meets, regional trials and more. And Tom and Jen have some useful tips at the end of the...


#2203, March 2022 – It’s Showtime!

The masks are comin’ off as we head toward spring. Our guest this month is Chris Cody of the Inland Northwest Motorcycle Show who will share highlights of the upcoming show. OEM trucks and events are making their way to the PNW, several upcoming rallies are looking for presenters and vendors, Amazon Prime is tying in with Moto GP and more on this month’s show.


#2202, February 2022 – Global Motofication

On this month’s show, we’ve got local news and news from all over the globe. Pendleton Bike Week gets a new name, Hells Canyon Rally – where’d ya go? Ducati posts record sales and MV Augusta is blowing a little hot air through Italy.


#2201, January 2022 – A day-pass here, a day-pass there

As we map out our 2022 moto to-dos, Tom and Jennifer review upcoming event highlights. MotoAmerica TV is coming, Royal Enfield goes to the South Pole, Vanilla scented hand tools and much more on this month’s show.


#2112, December 2021 – Experiences are what count

Tom and Jennifer are here to give you fresh ideas for the holidays. They’ve got gift ideas, many of which are not ‘stuff,’ and they’ve got a few pointers on how to keep the entertainment media stocked on these colder days. There are more new 2022 models to discuss, as well as new products on the horizon. We’re adding more info to the 2022 calendar each day and the highlights are discussed.


#2111, November 2021 – The number in the middle

On this month’s episode of the Sound RIDER! Motorcycle Show, Cycle Barn gets a new owner, there’s more new bikes on the way and we’re bantering ways to spend the colder days.


#2110, October 2021 – Here come the 22’s

After taking a month off, Jennifer and Tom are covering a mound of newsbytes. There’s lots of new bikes on the way to talk about, a new shop in Oregon, MotoAmerica is coming back and more on this month’s Sound RIDER! Show.


#2108, August 2021 – Hello Jennifer

Local rider, moto ambassador Jennifer Poole joins in as this month’s co-host. We talk MotoAmerica, DNR land closures, new models and more. Bill Woods with the Salt Flat racing team Sodium Distortion drops by to talk about the upcoming Speed Week and what the team is running. The calendar is full, and of course we highlight a few new additions to the Rally in the Gorge.


#2107, July 2021 – How hot is it?!

Topics covered on this months’ show include the reawakening of a well-known dealership, dealing with the heat and a destination location worth consideration.


#2106, June 2021 – The ride, the destination

Connie Adams, a major fixture inside Sound RIDER! joins us on the show this month as we discuss the upcoming Rally in the Gorge. Several interesting dealer newsbytes are brought to life and there’s lots happening on the calendar.


#2105, May 2021 – Manx to Moab

Harvey Gilkerson drops by today to share details and wisdom about his recent motorcycle trip to Moab, Utah. Missing the Isle of Man during the pandemic? Here’s how to get ready for the 2022 races.


#2104, April 2021 - And now the news

It’s a brief show this month as we navigate our way to the next iteration of the Sound RIDER! Show!


#2103, March 2021 – Insert Quadcopter Here

The weather is warming up, the pandemic forecast is looking better, and there’s a new adventure bike in town. Honda has some interesting plans for its electric entry, and there’s new apparel and gear from Filson and Dianese. All that and more.


#2102, February 2021 – Gold Wing Caddy

On this month’s show the guys are sharing stories about past rides and news about upcoming events. We discuss a new moto themed restaurant that just opened in Portland, a new shop in Burlington and Kawasaki’s recent 2022 KLR announcement. Of course, we’ve got tips and tricks and a whole lot more.