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Three pals discussing everything wrestling! From WWE, Impact, NJPW, ROH, and more! It's wrestling talk... and talk about wrestling!

Three pals discussing everything wrestling! From WWE, Impact, NJPW, ROH, and more! It's wrestling talk... and talk about wrestling!




Three pals discussing everything wrestling! From WWE, Impact, NJPW, ROH, and more! It's wrestling talk... and talk about wrestling!




Episode 555: The Fantastical Kerry Morton

It’s Monday Night, and you know what that means Kevin and Matt are back with a jam packed show. Kevin recounts his weekend at WrestlePro, & the pressures of working backstage with the show airing live on FITE TV. We can’t get too much into it, as we are joined by our guest for the night. Future Legend Kerry Morton, the son of Ricky Morton. Son and Father are on...

Episode 554: Into the Helly Belly of the Warbeast

It’s Monday Night, You Know What That Means We are back with another full & fun episode. Kevin and Tony catch up on this & that before briefly talking about MLW Fightland. They are then joined by MLW’s Josef Samael. They talk Contra Unit, PCW Ultra’s All Systems Go, the longevity of Contra in the MLW, Reggie Parks, Belts and more. If you’re an MLW Fan, this is a must listen...

Episode 553: Meat Castle of Fear

It’s Monday & You Know What That Means The boys are back & ready to rock n roll. Kevin is annoyed at people with coupons, and the boys agree. We jump right into Dark Side of the Ring, FMW, Tony can’t figure out why he’s ok with 90’s death matches, but can’t watch the newer stuff. We go over the remaining Dark Side Shows, and that leads us into NWA...

Episode 552: Not America’s Sweetheart

Its Monday Night, You know what that means, The Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast is back Matt and Kevin kick off the show & briefly catch up with each other. Jon Alba was supposed to join us, but Davienne sent him packing from Limitless Wrestling this weekend & put him out of commission, so she joined us. The Chaotic Wrestling Heavyweight Champion took time out of her busy schedule to talk about...

Episode 551: The Sauce, Yakuza & Alex Zayne

It’s Monday Night, and you know what that means We are back at full force after a few crazy weeks, and we have a jam packed show. Kevin & Tony are blown away by the Stream Yard, and Matt is ready to throw himself out a window. Alex Zayne, the Sauce joins the show, and we are quickly off and running. We of course have to talk about his wrestling...

Episode 550: KJG & KTG

On episode 550 of The Shining Wizards Wrestling Podcast, Kate The Great joins KJG for an unprecedented edition of the show. We dive deep into Matt, Tony, and Kevin’s ROH’s Death Before Dishonor PPV Picks and get a first hand analysis from Kate who was in the house in Philly! We also have a very important conversation about eating gas station food, which you’ll have to hear to believe. Kate and Kevin...

Episode 549: AEW and the Cinematic Masterpiece

Kevin and Tony are back and the Two Man Army is causing chaos! So much happening this past week to talk about! Kevin tells tales of his weekend playing cards with members of Kevin Smith’s crew, and while it sounded amazing, it meant that Kevin became the first person to miss a night of picks! The boys cover the weekend of New Japan, as well as the upcoming G1 Climax...

Episode 548: NWA and Jack Cartwheel

It’s Monday Night, You Know What That Means Matt and Kevin kick off the show, as Matt brings up that his recall on WWF in 1992 is terrible, and he completely forgot about Randy Savage vs Warrior at SummerSlam 1992. This leads him and Kevin down a rabbit hole of WWF Magazines and SummerSlam 1992 & 1993. Tony joins in on the conversation, as we try and figure out what...

Episode 547: Mickie James – Empowerrr

Tony’s back from vacation, Matt survived a hellish week at work, Kevin is on the way back from Boston after being stuck there last night, and Kate from Fightful & the Mark Order Podcast is sitting in on this HUGE episode. Wrestling Legend Mickie James joins us to talk all things NWA, NWA Empowerrr & NWA 73. We talk about the process of coming up with the PPV, if it...

Episode 546: Dropping Bombs & Rok’s

Its Monday Night, you know what that means The Shining Wizards are back. Tony is in the Great Lakes or the Finger Lakes, but he’s not with us. Kate the Great from the Mark Order Podcast & Fightful sits in with us as we talk all things wrestling After the usual small talk we jump right into AEW Rampage and the huge title change that opened up the show, and...

Episode 545: Kate from Fight Club

The boys are joined live in studio by Kate from Fightful and the Mark Order Podcast. Surprisingly, the show opens with NWA talk, where the room is split on opinions on the new NWA TV Champion Tyrus. Matt still doesn’t think Trevor Murdoch deserves a title show, but all questions will be answered at NWA73. Discussion finds its way to poop which leads to Mount Rushmores of poop collecting from...

Episode 544: 4 STARS

We are back, with another hell of a Monday Night Show We are talking all things wrestling form the past week, the big Bray Wyatt release, and all the speculation around it Adam Cole isn’t signed after SummerSlam, Ric Flair got his release, where is Barry Windham? We somehow go down a Starrcade rabbit hole before jumping into NWA, the Championship Series, and NWA Powerrr Then its off to AEW...

Episode 543: $10 Fantasy

It’s Monday, You Know What That Means Tony’s kitchen is still a mess, so we are back over zoom. Matt’s gonna send his penis picture to Sunny for $10 & let her rate it. Tony’s irate about the Nick Gage/Matt Cardona Match Kevin’s just happy to be here We fantasy book a bit of AEW if both CM Punk and Bryan Danielson join the promotion. Who moves the needle more?...

Episode 542: O’Shay Edwards and Slice Boogie

It’s a Two Man Army presentation and Kevin and Tony discuss everything wrestling! What did they learn? If you’re paying $4 a taco to get it delivered, it’s not worth it. However, if you’re not paying for it, get the lasagna from Kuwait. The boys discuss everything that happened on PPV this weekend, getting into some notes on Impact’s Slammiversary and WWE’s Money in the bank. Ring of Honor star...

Episode 541: Matt of Honor

The boys are BACK in Studio A for the first live together show in sixteen months, and it’s like they never missed a beat. Big thanks to Ryan Arthur from The Alementary Brewery for supplying the tasty beverages for the evening! Show him some love over at! First, Matt shares all the stories of his fun weekend at the Ring of Honor Best in the World 2021 in Baltimore,...

Episode 540: The Afro Punk

Its Monday, You Know What That Means The boys are back fresh off of the 4th of July weekend. We catch up with what we did over the weekend, talk a little about the Lex Luger Icons show that didn’t air on Peacock ,take a real wild dive down the hole of competitive eating, and we try to figure out how long it would take us to eat a hotdog,...

Episode 539: Thought About It

It’s Monday Night, You Know What That Means The boys are back in town, Kevin is running behind as he’s on the way back from his weekend in AC. Matt and Tony catch up, break some balls, and kill time before Kevin arrives. Kevin recaps his weekend in AC, crushing it at the comedy show, seeing lots of familiar faces, making new friends, and experiencing wild wrestling. Plus a shaving...

Episode 538: Best Budz

The Two Man Army starts the show talking some tales of Father’s Day activities. The wrestling talk starts with Impact and NWA as Tony and Kevin begin to wonder if Matt is a millionaire. Discussion switches to the origins of “booger eater” nickname for Trevor Murdoch which leads to a rather interesting discussion of snacking. Chad Minnes joins us to promote the upcoming Boardwalk Budz weekend in Atlantic City, where...

Episode 537: Is That VSK

It’s Monday, You know what that means The boys are back Tony’s got his Father’s Day Gift Early Matt is still dealing with the Tree Removal process, its a saga Kevin is back from his Major Figure Podcast Birthday Weekend Extravaganza Once we are all caught up we are talking Dynamite Kid Dark Side of the Ring, did they do anything to change Matt’s perspective of the Legend? Its on...

Episode 536: The Whole Funkin’ Show

Tonight the Two Man Army kicks off the show hot with guest Allan Funk aka Kwee Wee. We discuss his time in WCW, his tours of Japan, the unfortunate injury he suffered in Finland, and his career in TNA. Allan also tells us great stories of his travels with Kevin Nash and Mike Sanders, and there’s plenty of other stories with Lex Luger, the Wall, and oh so much more....