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A place to come and hear stories of how we live, survive, and the beautiful resilience we all posses. delivered with a whole lot of dark humor to help cope. A blend of conversations with guests of all kind with some solo banter that cover all the little intricacies of being human. Stay awhile, why don't you?

A place to come and hear stories of how we live, survive, and the beautiful resilience we all posses. delivered with a whole lot of dark humor to help cope. A blend of conversations with guests of all kind with some solo banter that cover all the little intricacies of being human. Stay awhile, why don't you?


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A place to come and hear stories of how we live, survive, and the beautiful resilience we all posses. delivered with a whole lot of dark humor to help cope. A blend of conversations with guests of all kind with some solo banter that cover all the little intricacies of being human. Stay awhile, why don't you?








dear trauma, you're a real bummer.

Hello!! I AM BACK! Oh brother, it's been rough. Shout out to Chuck for allowing for this to happen, you're a good man. Well, on today's episode I catch up, talk about what I have been struggling with and where I am at. Dealing with the shame of money troubles, the inability to get ahead of this and dealing with intense inadequate feelings. It's a short one but its a catch up and I hopefully will be back in action! If you want to help, go to instagram @boykin_buys and purchase something, my...


Out of the Mouths of Babes An Interview w/My Son Archer

Ep. 23 my son Archer makes another appearance on the show! This episode you get a look at our relationship and we talk about some big topics! It never ceases to amaze this boys mind and sometimes it feels like he is raising me! He gives some important advice on how to bring up big or uncomfortable topics with your child in a way they can handle it. We also go over one of our favorite books, 'Big Idea's for Curious Minds An Introduction to Philosophy for Curious Minds' from The School of...


An Internal Monologue & Some Listener Emails!!

Episode 22 I discuss what's been going on with why I have been lagging! I really don't want to get in my own way with the podcast but I have been battling some sever feelings of inadequacies and self doubt, the feeling of irrelevance and that I am a pseudo intellectual! You know, the usual! So, these listener emails couldn't come at a perfect time! I read the sweetest email/fb messages on the show and discuss some topics brought up and or around the messages. The show is started off with...


To Love You is to Hate Me; Raised by Narcissist

On Ep. 21 were talking NARCISSISTIC PARENTS!! Mostly mothers. Narcissism is quite the buzz word these days but it is one of the most overlooked and under diagnosed disorders we face in a growingly narcissistic world. The effects of being raised by a narcissist can lead to a life time of invalidation, worthlessness, insecurities and substance abuse. I share my own experience with my undiagnosed narcissistic mother and the what the consequence have been. I take a look at the different types...


The Beauty of Being Born w/ Midwife Nicole Morales

Hi Y'all!!! I missed you and I greatly apologize for my absence but what better way to start off the new year but with talking about new life! Also, coincides with my son's birthday! On this episode I speak with midwife Nicole Morales. As well as my midwife and to many others, Nicole has just released her first book on breech and so much more, 'The Breech Release Opening Pathways for Midwifery and Prenatal Bodywork', also available in on Audible! We cover all different topics around...


Who Are You To Them Interview w/ Photographer Johnny Nguyen

Today's episode I talk with the very talented photographer Johnny Nguyen. We talk race, home birth, and what its like to be a minority in a predominantly white suburb. Johnny is an extremely talented photographer who shot the birth of my son, he shot the Dakota Pipeline build and so much more. Hey! I want to hear from you! Tell me your stories of how you're surviving during these strange times! Email me at BOYKINMEETSWORLD@GMAIL.COM Johnny's information can be found here:...


Indian Summer In Memory of Reed

In this episode I remember Bradley Reed Olson Jr. my sons father and partner, friend, brother, son, nephew, cousin and so much more. I take a look back and reflect on these last 9 years. We lost Reed on De. 4, 2012 marking 9 years without him. if you or anyone you know is in need please reach out. 1-800-273-8255 Support the show ($boykinmeetsworldpod)


Pt.2 The Logistics

Pt.2 of the Ayahuasca series! Send me your stories, send me your feedback or just say hi! email: instagram: @boykinmeetsworld_podcast Patreon: family breakfast Support the show ($boykinmeetsworldpod)


Pt.1 The Flight

It's a series! Ep.16 kicks off Pt.1 of 3 talking about my experience with the medicine, the great mother, Ayahuasca. In this episode you will hear my interview with the incredible Estela Pangoza, who is a Shipibo-Conibo Shaman or Maestra, owner of Aya Madre. The first healing retreat owned and operated by a women Shipibo Shaman. We had just competed a ceremony and she was ever so kind to speak with me about how she came to be a Shaman, one of the most intense healings, and that when you're...


Live off of $23.09

Ep.15 This episode is a quick check in about what’s been going on. I want to hear from YOU! Send me your stories about loss and survival. About how you were able to overcome obstacles or how your struggle. Stories about anything r if you want advice! I’m a heck of a lot better at giving advice than taking my own! Send them to Instagram -http://Instagram/boykinmeetsworld_podcast Patreon- Thank you for the continued...


It's in the Stars Interview w/ Mel LaFara

Ep. 14 In today's episode I talk with Astrologist Mel LaFara. She is extremely talented and extremely knowledgeable about astrology, with a passion for it to match. I hope you enjoy the episode! I want to hear from ya! Send me your thoughts, topic ideas, and stories that relate to anything about the podcast! ALSO!! Big news, Archie and I (my son) stated a podcast exclusively on Pateron, which I will attach a link too! For $5 a month hear him and I banter back and forth on Family...


Melancholy Madness

On Ep. 13 I go over a brief history of depression. Go over some misconceptions and the history that has followed depression to this day. Write to me! Would love to hear from you, here is where you can find me: Instagram- @boykinmeetsworld_podcast @_mamaboykin FaceBook- Boykin Meets World Podcast Email- Thank you to who I used for the information for todays show. Support the show ($boykinmeetsworldpod)


The kids are alright w/ Justin De La Vega

Episode 12!! Join me in talking with WARRISH drummer and friend Justin De La Vega as we reminisce about going up in Vista, music and getting older. Justin in the drummer for the bands WARRISH, Loom and Los Feliz. This month he will be going on tour for the first time with WARRISH. Enjoy today’s episode! Thank you as always for the support, I love you! Support the show ($boykinmeetsworldpod)


Hungry for Praise

Identity, who are we? What are we? Episode 11 I explore the concept of identity and how I am struggling with my own, seeing that as a possible connection to my struggling with my mental health. THERE IS A BONUS! At the end of the episode there's a surprise! I include a song that I was working on with the late Gerard Smith. I found a couple songs, the one you will hear is called "Free" I wrote it while healing from my bike accident where I broke my pelvis, the injury that would lead to my...


Mind Made of Glass

Ep. 10! I apologize for the brief break, I am loosing it! I go over an old journal to gain some perspective of how bad it can be and how far I have come. Thank you endlessly for the support, I love you. Please donate if you can to the GoFundMe in the memory of Jameson to support the very long road his family has to embark on with grief. The podcast social...


What to Expect When Expecting Grief

This month is National Suicide Awareness and Prevention month, as well as the month my dad took his life. For the month of September I will be looking at all the complex and fucked up aspects to suicide and for those left behind, those that have attempted and those that are trying to spread awareness. Remember, you are loved and so needed. If you or someone you know is hurting PLEASE reach out. The National Suicide Hotline is 1-800-277-8255. Please listen with care. Episode 9 I get deep, I...


The Forgotten Ones with Paula Fontenelle

TW: Todays episode we discuss suicide, listen with care. September is National Suicide Awareness & Prevention month and what better way to start the month than with Paula Fontenelle. She is host of the podcast 'Understand Suicide', she is an author of the book 'Understanding Suicide' Living with Loss, Paths to Prevention. She has a great YouTube channel for her podcast as well as being a survivor of suicide, loosing her father. Loosing her father is what created this desire to understand...


We are Only Fans

TW: Talks about sex, not suitable for children Hey guys! I am SO sorry guys, I have been trying to upload and the re-recording to get you this episode! I have so much to learn when it comes to podcasting so bare with me! On today's episode I talk about all the changes that are going on in my life and the absolute deplorable ban that OnlyFans is pushing on December 1st, 2021. Have you subscribed to my Patreon? $5 bucks a month and you get an episode that is only published on Patreon! The...


The Hand That Feeds You pt.1

TW: *This episode contains talk about abortion, foul language, and mental health* Episode #6! Today I start a 2 part series on Postpartum Depression. Pt.1 I talk about my experience getting pregnant, the traumatizing reality and how that lead to my experience with postpartum depression. We look at the 3 psychiatric disorders in pregnancy and review the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale also known as (EPDS). Pt.2 I will go further and breakdown postpartum depression, the "scary...


A War Within

Episode #5! Today's episode I talk about mental health and how stuck we can get, the heaviness of depression and how I am walking through this time. Next month will mark 1 year of my father's death and I explore what I have learned in the last year from his passing. Also, please rate and review and share! on Spotify, Apple or wherever you...