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Your hosts Jud Meyers and Scott Tipton are your tour guides through the worlds of comic books, popular culture, comic-book retailing, and nostalgia.


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Your hosts Jud Meyers and Scott Tipton are your tour guides through the worlds of comic books, popular culture, comic-book retailing, and nostalgia.




All of Us Hallow

This week in Comics 101, Scott looks at the beginnings of DC’s Justice League of America, and in ReTales, Jud tells the tale of the day he wore the shield.


An Interview with Xavier Dorison - Part 1

In the first of Jud’s interviews from the City of Light, Jud visits the Humanoids offices and chats with writer Xavier Dorison, author of The Third Testament, Prophet and Long John Silver.



This week in Comics 101, Scott tells us about his friend and mentor Marvelous Mark Gruenwald, and in ReTales, Jud recounts the tale of two very special customers. This one is special, kids. Settle in.


Taken For Granted

In Comics 101, Scott looks at the work of one of comics’ greatest creators, Will Eisner, and in ReTales, Jud teaches us all a lesson about taking things for granted in “Los Ojos Son el Espejo del Alma.”


A Life, Writing – An Interview with Mark Waid, Part 2

Welcome back to our two-episode special of our conversation with Mark Waid, one of the greatest visionaries in comic book history. It was a pleasure digging in deep to what makes this man tick. Here in episode two, we go even deeper. Hang on, dear listeners. The cosmic rays are coming fast and furious now. The ship is heating up. Might as well sit back and relax. There's no stopping it now and there's no telling where we'll end up.


A Life, Writing – An Interview with Mark Waid, Part 1

There are some guests who need very little introduction. Some who have affected our industry in so many ways that it would require a dedicated program just to list their achievements. Mark Waid is that guest. He's written nearly every comic-book character at nearly every comic-book company (quite a few that he founded himself). He's become an expert at every level of publishing. Owner, CEO, CCO, Editor-in-Chief, Digital Pioneer. And of course, a relentless wordsmith, creating original...


The Way It Began

This week in Comics 101, Scott looks at the beginnings of Marvel's Fantastic Four in "The Way It Began," Harley is back with more Small Talk, and in ReTales, Jud pulls back the curtain on his life as “I Witness.”


Chiefly Creative - An Interview with Chris Ryall

We’re honored to welcome one of the most talented and influential publishers in the comic book arena. Chris Ryall is the CCO of IDW Publishing, one of the fourth largest publishers of comic book content in America. He leads as Creative Officer of a company that’s had almost 100 of their titles on the NY Times Bestseller list and whose comic titles have won every award from Harvey to Eagle to Eisner. A handful of which, he wrote and developed himself. They’re a leader in licensed content,...


Hulk Is a Four-Letter Word

Scott looks at the beginnings of Marvel's Incredible Hulk in "Driven By Rage," Harley returns with another edition of “Small Talk,” while Jud talks about a special customer, and a very special “Four-Letter Word.”


Chatting With Thundercat

Thundercat has been breaking ground in the music industry since he was a teenager. He had his first hit song at the age of 15, and just a year later before he could vote or get a legal drink, he became one of the original members of Suicidal Tendencies, playing bass in a band that came to define the ‘90s’ West Coast punk-rock sound. That’s right, folks. Joining us today is none other than Stephen Bruner, also known as Thundercat. During the middle of the last decade, Bruner linked up with...


A Flash of the Lightning

Scott looks at the beginnings of DC's Flash in "A Flash of the Lightning," while Harley returns for a new installment of "Small Talk."


Under Pressure

Scott looks at the beginnings of Marvel's Sub-Mariner in "Under Pressure," while Jud recounts how folks from all walks of life pass through our doors in "Don't X-Plain." Plus, Jud and Scott talk Free Comic Book Day and discuss Scott's newest comics project STAR TREK: THE NEXT GENERATION: MIRROR BROKEN!


A Writer’s Writer - An Interview with Alan Brennert

Our guest today is an Emmy-Award-winning writer for television, having written for series like Wonder Woman, Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, L.A. Law, The New Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits. He’s a Nebula-Award-winning writer of short stories and novels, including Time and Chance, Moloka'i, Honolulu, and most recently the wistfully nostalgic novel Palisades Park. He’s written some of the best Batman comic-book stories ever, including my personal favorite Batman tale of all time,...


The Mighty

Scott looks at the beginnings of Marvel's Mighty Thor in "Journey Into Mystery," while Jud welcomes you inside the doors of the shop in "An Invitation."


Storyteller - An Interview with Jim Krueger

Jim Krueger is one of the most important comic-book writers in the business. Working with industry icon Alex Ross, he created the highly acclaimed Earth X trilogy for Marvel Comics. The duo then reunited at DC Comics and produced the Eisner-award winning epic Justice. His writing has given voice to the X-Men, the Avengers, Spider-Man, Batman, Buffy, and he even put his feet into the Star Wars universe, because – well, why not? Independently, he began publishing his own work. Foot Soldiers,...


Crusaders, Caped and Otherwise

Scott looks at the beginnings of the Caped Crusader in "I Shall Become a Bat," while Jud reveals the beginnings of his own kind of crusade in "Number 158." Also, Harley and Amelia return for more "Small Talk."


The Art of Design - An Interview with Alan Roderick-Jones

Alan Roderick-Jones is a renowned artist and production designer, who's worked on such wide-ranging and varied projects as Papillon, Tarzan and of course, Star Wars: A New Hope.


There Were Kings in Those Days

Scott and Jud look at two American literary giants who loomed large in their childhoods and still do to this day: Jack Kirby and Ray Bradbury. Also, the debut of "Small Talk," with Harley Salbacka and a very special guest.


Getting Animated - An Interview with Glen Murakami

Glen Murakami is a legend in the world of animation. In the last twenty years, there were only a handful of writers and artists crafting what turned into the most successful run of comic book cartoon hits in American history. This man was one of those creators. He started his career under the direction of Bruce Timm on Warner Bros. Batman, the Animated Series and Superman, the Animated Series. He won an Emmy Award as producer of Batman Beyond and after a decade working with Timm, he...



In this week's COMICS 101, Scott explains the origins of Marvel's Iron Man in "Isn't It Iron-ic?." Then in RETALES, Jud looks at how everything fits together in "Connections."