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This podcast explores what it means to turn inward and find the answers within us. It helps us listen to our silent voice within and let that be our guide. I’m a teacher and mentor who works with women to help them discover their unique path and learn to Love.Being.Human. I’m your guide to learning how to embrace your life, relationships and meaning with beautiful, inspired action. We can work together in 1:1 mentoring or within my learning community, Within (U)niversity.


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This podcast explores what it means to turn inward and find the answers within us. It helps us listen to our silent voice within and let that be our guide. I’m a teacher and mentor who works with women to help them discover their unique path and learn to Love.Being.Human. I’m your guide to learning how to embrace your life, relationships and meaning with beautiful, inspired action. We can work together in 1:1 mentoring or within my learning community, Within (U)niversity.






Sunday Lovestream February 13, 2022

A meditation master once said if you wear the same clothes every day, eventually, you'll begin to recognize yourself. If you practice Proprioceptive Writing every day, eventually, you'll begin to hear yourself. Trust yourself; you're on the right path. And remember the magic rules for self-trust: Write what you hear, listen to what you write, and be ready to ask the Proprioceptive Question. Writing the Mind Alive ​ ​ Looking back over the last decade, I can see more clearly how the divine discontent I felt wasn't a sign that something was wrong with me or my life, but instead was simply a signal of my growth and potential pulling me forward. ​ I’ve also realized that finding ourselves, recognizing ourselves, and trusting ourselves is something we learn to do. But we have to stop thinking and begin doing. ​ Practice over time helps us learn and unlearn—continuous and repeated practice, allowing the methods you choose to vary over time. In 2017 I became curious about the Proprioceptive Writing method, but I didn’t establish a practice. Over the last few months, it's become clear that this practice is the framework for our next learning journey in Within (U)niveristy. ​ If you’re seeking ritual, wanting to cultivate a Wisdom Rhythm, develop a contemplative practice and connect and learn with others, this experience may be for you. Our first gathering will be on February 22nd at 7:30 CST, followed by weekly community writes every Tuesday until Holy Week. It’s my bridge from Winter to Spring and a practice I’m looking forward to accompanying me through Lent. Please join me in Within (U)niversity or reach out to apply for a scholarship if this resonates with you. Suppose you’d rather dip into the method on your own? In that case, I recommend the book Writing the Mind Alive: The Proprioceptive Method for Finding Your Authentic Voice by Linda Trichter Metcalf and Tobin Simon. May you be well in all ways, Vivi​ Interested in diving deeper into my work? Explore these self-paced & free introductory experiences to the tools and strategies I use to help my clients move from their head to their heart and closer to their true nature here: https://viviancarrasco.com/start-here/ If you’re more interested in playing with me and others, consider my online learning platform: www.withinuniversity.com If you’d prefer private personalized 1-1 support, please visit: https://www.viviancarrasco.com/services/ Questions? Email me at vivian@viviancarrasco.com or schedule a conversation with me here: https://viviancarrasco.as.me/


My Personal Podcast Journey

As always, we are here exploring the unknown, journeying together into what’s next and the unbalanced transitions of life. I hope every episode of this podcast helps deepen your understanding of yourself and what you want. Join me for this solo episode! Show Highlights: How your journey toward creative self-expression can take different forms, and podcasting can be one of thoseWhy I had to move through fear to get to this point in answering questions about podcasting from Libsyn, the hosting platform that I highly recommend (https://www.Libsyn.com - Use code Team for a free month!) How a “dark night of the soul,” big life transitions, and a near-death experience combined to help me shed my fear and see incredible opportunitiesWhat it means to love being humanHow I found support and community in the podcasting worldWhy I had to start podcasting to move through understanding and develop more self-awarenessHow I turned toward myself, listening and asking questionsWhy Turning Inward became Within (U), an online community that focuses on changing from the inside, learning new things together, and creating with our hearts and handsThe difference in power and force as it applies to the journey of my last 30 yearsWhy I recommend Team Podcast for podcast production as opposed to my initial efforts to do it all on my ownTechnical details about my podcasting set-up, which includes a microphone, recorder, headphones, and the Backpack and Squadcast appsWhy I don’t promote my podcast but rely on organic growthWhy I’m challenged and motivated to keep going to leave this legacy of “audio journals”What I wish I knew way back when: I need community, it’s OK to ask for help, I can’t do it alone, I have to move through my fear and be compassionate with myself. Resources: www.viviancarrasco.com Blog Team Podcast


Self-Love is Always the Answer

Today’s show explores the concepts of fantasy AND reality, certainty AND paradox, now AND what’s next, alone AND together, etc. You get the picture. We can be in neither AND both at the same time. Let’s dive into these ideas together! Shaina Barnholt is an Energy Mentor, Self Exploration Coach, and Shadow Advocate who describes herself as a “weirdo.” She loves holding safe spaces for others to explore their darker sides and live out their dreams. To sum it up, she is an advocate for self-love who helps people find and free their blocks and blindspots. Show Highlights: Why the concept of moving into something while moving out of something else is difficult to understandHow the pandemic craziness has led us to question our truth in the middle of the “system” we knowWhy it’s not our fault that we are human and built in certain waysWhy we are taught to think more about what others think than what we think of ourselvesHow Shaina practices self-love to breathe and find out what she needsWhy there are layers to what we need in pausing to ask questions with courageWhy “different” is scary and comfort is addictingHow growth can happen in tiny stepsWhy inside change is harder than big outside transitionsHow your experience can create change and tell you differently than your beliefsWhy Shaina’s “perfect” life on paper didn’t feel right, but now it’s the opposite--a terrifying life on paper that feels full and groundedHow achievement and happiness may not align for everyoneHow to create new circles of “your people” by being YOU and loving who you areHow leveling up in your own consciousness can move you to a new level with different peopleWhy some relationships, like a broken bone, need to grow apart for a time in order to grow back together better and strongerKey takeaways:Have the courage to ask questions.Give self-love and compassion to yourself.Be patient in today’s microwave culture.How your love, compassion, and forgiveness for yourself allow these qualities to grow in your relationships with othersShaina’s tip: ”Find community and lean on them.” Resources: Connect with Shaina at www.pointypeople.com.


Finding Yourself Through Change and Growth

As humans, we move through different seasons of life. Each season brings new growth, inner-transformation, and discovery. In today's conversation, Vivian explores what it means to move through new experiences as you shift from the inside out. She also discusses what it means to move through your awareness and how you can get to know yourself better through the process. Join Vivian in this introspective and deep conversation. Show Highlights: The natural posture of growth Moving into new experiences from changing inside out Exploring personal expression and fulfillment Shifting through your awareness Getting to know yourself through inner-movement The creative expression within humanity Deepening connections with ourselves and others The genesis of getting to know yourself Moving towards joy vs. away from fear Finding your internal wisdom “The Mommy Jar” Links: Website https://viviancarrasco.com/my-grandmothers-wisdom/ https://store.cac.org/collections/cynthia-bourgeault/products/eye-of-the-heart-a-spiritual-journey-into-the-imaginal-realm


Developing Deeper Insight On Your Purpose

Many of us struggle to find our purpose, identify our gifts, or even find what makes our heart sing. Today’s guest, India Delgado, had an epiphany one day when she was able to identify her purpose and pursue it wholeheartedly. Vivian and India discuss how to become aware in the search of your gift, the discomfort of discipline, and finding the undercurrent of joy in unenjoyable moments. Join Vivian and India in this heart-felt and inspiring episode to learn more about how you can develop deeper insight on your purpose. Show Highlights: India shares how she developed insight on her gifts How India became aware of her purpose Giving your gift no matter what you do How the pandemic has forced India to make pivots in her job Learning how to be disciplined The importance of surrounding yourself with the right people How to find people that will strength and lift you up Digging to find a mentor The importance of sharing success India shares what her “morning hour” looks like Figuring out what makes you happy Finding the undercurrent of joy How loving and respecting yourself more sets a standard for your relationships Links: https://self-compassion.org/category/exercises/ https://viviancarrasco.com/start-here/ India@idelgadoproductions.com


Exploring Love and Self-Compassion

Love is the greatest force we can tap into in our lives. Love is stronger than fear, and can propel further than self-criticism. Today, Vivian discusses the importance of having self-compassion and how it can change your life. Vivian shares how she increased her capacity to receive love and became her own friend. She also shares tools and embodied practices to help you develop your own self-compassion. Join Vivian in this gentle and embracing episode to help you improve your own self-compassion. Show Highlights: The importance of brining attention to your breathHow self-compassion can change everything The power of love to combat fear Giving yourself compassion to receive compassion from others Ways self-compassion can change your life Ways to develop self-compassionAuditing your self-talk and learning to be your own friend Finding a friend to help you co-create What is love being human Links: www.withinuniversity.com https://viviancarrasco.com/start-here/ Self-Compassion Meditations Text “Home” to 741741 for FREE crisis counseling


Finding Your Divine Calling in a New Normal

This year has sparked change in a variety of ways, in both our internal and external lives. For many of us, this meant the loss of a loved one, the loss of normality, or the loss of a job. Moving forward through the world after these changes is going to look different for all of us, but we’ve been provided with an opportunity to shift our normal and focus on our divine calling. In this episode, Vivian discusses what it means to find your job, career, or even a new hobby as a means of sparking your passion. She discusses how you can find practices that serve you and bring you closer to your goals as you move forward through these transitions. Join Vivian in this episode as she explores what it looks like to choose what you want to create. Show Highlights: This year has provided us with an opportunity to create a new normalSetting intentions on the becoming and the unbecoming Shifting roles and identities in uncertainty Finding times of rest when discovering your passionDistinguishing the difference between a hobby, job, or vocationEstablishing a consistent and deliberate practice towards your goals Finding a community to support you through transitions Vivian shares how her job journey has led her to her career now Looking for paths and people that’ll lead you towards your goals Setting your intentions and values Building your imagination muscle Choosing what you want to become Links: https://viviancarrasco.com


Cultivate Your Dreams Into Reality with MINE Goals

Every process has a beginning. Whether or not you recognize the art of the practice, every choice you make is in pursuit of some journey. In today’s episode, Vivian shares what it means to make MINE goals, and how you can set intentions to achieve your goals. She explores how to look at your nature, find what brings you joy, and how to be innovative in your pursuit of your dreams. She also highlights the importance of practice, cultivating community, and how you can achieve your goals. Join Vivian in this lighthearted and spiritually guided episode to learn how you can cultivate your dreams into reality. Show Highlights: Vivian shares a passage to introduce the concept of beginning Moving through the cycles of the moon rather than the cycles of the sun Setting goals as a family Why you need to be a good judge of your own psychological needs The importance of cultivating a supportive community What are MINE goals and why they take courage The differences between MINE and SMART goals Using the movement of joy to guide you instead of fearWhy Innovation has to be for you The importance of recognizing your true nature Time blocking according to energy Seasons of deliberate practice Why you have to learn to praise the process Links: Living Room Lecture Design Your Life, Digital Workshop (Live Replay) Imagine Your Ideal - 21 Day Email Experience


Cultivating Curiosity That Leads to Compassion with Craig Constantine

Cultivating curiosity will eventually lead you to compassion. Although today’s guest, Craig Constantine, describes himself as just a regular guy, he is an absolute jewel, and he has a myriad of different projects on the go. Vivian was fascinated by his project on cultivating curiosity, and then that leading to compassion, so she spoke to him about it. Today, we offer their conversation to you, the listener, as a gift from us. Life is constantly changing. Along the way, Craig came to realize that compassion was like a doorway that he had always passed by without ever bothering to look at it. In this episode, he talks to us about his journey, and he explains how he discovered compassion and began to change. Join Vivian today to hear her sincere and heartfelt conversation with Craig about compassion and find out how being curious can help you to find compassion within yourself. Show highlights: Links and resources: Craig Constantine's website PARKOUR & THE ART DU DÉPLACEMENT: Movement of Three We need laughter in our lives. Laughter is carbonated holiness. It’s like the cavalry arriving to help us get our sense of humor back. Anne Lamont https://breakingthejump.julieangel.com/ https://www.podchaser.com/


Lessons Learned From Mountain Biking

When navigating change, there comes a process of learning to let go and trust the process. In today’s episode, Vivian Carrasco shares the lessons she’s learned in her journey of mountain biking. She talks about what it means to find your unshakeable core, and the importance of finding community in that journey. Vivian also explores various aspects of transformation and how you can find practices to help you find your center. Join Vivian in this enlightening and powerful conversation. Show Highlights: Links: Vivian@viviancarrasco.com https://viviancarrasco.com


Reinventing How We Gather

This year has pushed and pulled us in many directions, but it’s also provided us with many opportunities. In today’s conversation, Vivian shares what it means to re-imagine our approach to gathering. She discussed ways we can find creativity, push the boundaries past our sense of self, and start being inventive outside of holiday traditions. Join Vivian in this exploration of self, imagination, and re-invention of traditional narrative. Show Highlights: How do we re-imagine how we gather Making tough decisions as we transition How we can take an imaginative response to life Taking different methodologies to re-invent the script How the pandemic has opened a re-imaginative response Being in the messy middle Links: https://viviancarrasco.com Vivian@viviancarrasco.com


Gentle Conversations to Bring About Societal Change with Ren Newman

Being kind, sparking conversations, and spreading awareness are all crucial to have a connected community. Today’s guest, Ren Newman, is the face behind Toughersations Cards. A company that advocates for supporting the LGBTQIA + community, and emphasizes on the importance of kindness. In this conversation, Ren shares some of the experiences she’s been navigating over this past year, as well as her thoughts on how to move past societal pressure, breaking generational habits, and cultivating identity. Join Vivian in this gentle and wisdom filled episode. Show Highlights: Links: https://www.faire.com/brand/b_a5goe0gkoq https://creativemornings.com


Cultivate Your Own Mindfulness Practice with Peggy Freeh

You may have a daily routine that you like to follow. Maybe it’s when you get up in the morning, when you go to bed, or maybe you don’t have one at all. Today’s guest, Peggy Freeh, interviewed 60 people on their daily practices and is now on her own personal journey to share that knowledge. Peggy and Vivian discuss what it means to have a mindfulness practice and how to discover yours. If you want to get past blocked thoughts and show up as your best self, tune into this insightful conversation with Vivian Carrasco. Show Highlights: Links: https://viviancarrasco.com https://www.stitcher.com/show/simple-daily-practice-radio


Making Ordinary Moments Magical with Sarah Dietman

I have a delightful treat for you in today’s show as I welcome back Sarah Dietman. As always, we’re talking about navigating between what’s now and what’s next. Specifically, we’re discussing how ordinary moments in life can be magical as we regard them with perspective and awareness. Sarah Dietman is your “trusted wing-woman who is part teacher, part coach, and part systems set-up person.” Sarah and I have great fun as we talk about tuning into what you need to find what you really want in life. Join us to learn more! Show Highlights: Resources: Email Sarah: sarah@upgradeyourevolution.com


Transitioning Through the Seasons of Life

Life presents us with different seasons, and with each one comes new opportunities for growth. Today’s guest, David Carrasco, is an ex-military leader, mountain bike enthusiast, and husband of 30 years. Vivian and David discuss the transformations of identity that happen over time, how they’ve watched each other grow, and the importance of giving your partner space and support in that process. They also explore the importance of staying anchored in yourself while still shedding beliefs that don’t serve you, the transformation of parenthood, and many other relatable topics. Join David and Vivian in this motivating and comforting episode. Show Highlights: How Dave made the transition from the military to a mountain biker The difference between showing up and doing the work versus buying the results Giving your partner space to do explore their own hobbies The origin story of the podcast How Vivian and Dave move through change differently The process of getting involved in mountain biking What pushed David get certified as a bike mechanic Taking experiences from the outside to have an inside transformation Navigating the mental transition of watching your children grow Holding yourself accountable in moving forward Letting go of financial stress in transitions Not letting go of anchors to your identity but releasing beliefs that no longer serve you Dave shares his favorite trails Links: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnjTKHcAD0YtjNBKtb90dLg/videos DC Productions – Dave's YouTube Channel Instagram: @davebehindthebar


How Time Transforms Our Identity and Relationships with David Carrasco

Life presents us with different seasons, and with each one comes new opportunities for growth. Today’s guest, David Carrasco, is an ex-military leader, mountain bike enthusiast, and husband of 30 years. Vivian and David discuss the transformations of identity that happen over time, how they’ve watched each other grow, and the importance of giving your partner space and support in that process. They also explore the importance of staying anchored in yourself while still shedding beliefs that don’t serve you, the transformation of parenthood, and many other relatable topics. Join David and Vivian in this motivating and comforting episode. Show Highlights: Links: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnjTKHcAD0YtjNBKtb90dLg/videos DC Productions – Dave's YouTube Channel Instagram: @davebehindthebar


Moving Through Your Own transformation Journey with Rebecca Shisler Marshall

Growing up in a world that pulls what’s right and wrong in a million different directions can leave us feeling confused. Finding the answers within yourself can be a difficult and long journey, but will bring you so much peace. Today’s guest, Rebecca Shisler Marshall, shares what her journey of transforming through identities has been. Vivian and Rebecca explore how life prepares us for our journeys, finding stillness, and how to replace negative beliefs with positive practices. Join Vivian in this light and calming episode for more on how to move through your own transformation journey. Show Highlights: Links: Rebecca Shisler Marshall can be reached at https://www.centeredyou.com/ Rebecca’s Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfxRYWx1FUaguj5wm6Foq7w?view_as=subscriber Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/centeredyou/?hl=en Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CenteredLiving/ Podcast: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/whole-body-upgrade/id1515960370 Every day mindfulness program: https://www.centeredyou.com/courses/everyday-mindfulness/


Embracing Change and New Beginnings

As the end of the year is nearing, we’re all preparing for the next chapter. Some of us, may have been ready for this season to end from the beginning. Today, Vivian discusses the importance of shifting our focus from the end and initiating a new beginning. While it’s easy to want to rush seasons, many of them are important for our self growth. Join Vivian in this conversation about shifting our mental direction, managing energy vs time, and how to turn inward to find answers. Show Highlights: Finding love in self discovery Creating space for change Surrendering and letting go of planning The emphasis of productivity over presence Why things are never going to be “normal” again Why we need to find stillness in chaos Finding ways to connect with yourself How to move towards your joy Why you have to turn to yourself to get what you want Why you should be less serious and more kind Turning your attention towards the beginning instead of the end Why you should have a conversation with your childhood self Links: https://viviancarrasco.com Vivian@viviancarrasco.com http://withinuniversity.com


Navigating Life Transitions with Mayda Poc

Life often presents us with opportunities for change, whether we’re ready or not and often the change is uncomfortable. Life has a way of pushing us in the direction we need to go. Today’s guest, Mayda Poc, shares her journey of navigating life transition and how life has given her opportunities to make those changes. She also shares how she rekindled her spirituality, and how she’s learned to give herself grace. Join Vivian in this remarkable episode to hear more about Mayda’s life changing story. Show Highlights: Links: https://maydapoccoaching.com/free-resources/ https://www.facebook.com/pg/maydapoccoaching/photos/ https://www.linkedin.com/in/maydapoc


Develop the Freedom to Feel Good in Every Situation

When we feel emotions of overwhelm, anger, or discontent creeping up on us, we have the ability to redirect those feelings. When you look at how we experience the world, it all comes down to brain patterns. Today, Vivian Carrasco unveils how we can reprogram those brain patterns, cultivate the art of surprise, and allow ourselves to feel joy despite the negativity we may be experiencing. If you want to learn how to develop the freedom to feel good in every situation, join Vivian in this conversation. Show Highlights: How we can change our brain patterns to shift our experience Why we should stop focusing on what’s wrong and start focusing on what's wrong Moving in the direction of what you want and what brings you joy How you can always tap into your joy How to discover if something is giving you the power to feel good or not Finding ways to find beauty in your daily life How to take advantage of surprises Reflective questions that may offer a crack in your awareness and bring new perspective Notice what brings joy and love out of you Why time and practice are crucial to shifting your mindset Links: https://viviancarrasco.com Vivian@viviancarrasco.com Instagram