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A Marketing and Small Business podcast. Interviews from leading Digital Marketing experts on many topics including Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing and more. Listen now or download for later.


Birmingham, United Kingdom


A Marketing and Small Business podcast. Interviews from leading Digital Marketing experts on many topics including Content Marketing, SEO, Social Media, Email Marketing and more. Listen now or download for later.








Mastering Social Selling on LinkedIn with Tim Hughes

Buy my stuff. Buy my stuff now. Here's a selfie of me feeding a homeless person. Are you fed up with seeing this rubbish on LinkedIn. Folks call it social selling, but is it? This week you're in for a treat. I'm talking social selling with Tim Hughes the author of Social Selling: Techniques to Influence Buyers and Changemakers and the Co-Founder and CEO of DLA Ignite. He'll be sharing his expertise on what social selling is, how to cut through the noise, and how to build a successful...


Google link spam update chat & backlink strategy with Matt Ranta

In this episode, I'm chatting with Matt Ranta, the Head of Practice for Digital Transformation, E-Commerce & Strategy at Nimble Gravity. Matt shares his insights on Google's recent link spam update and offers tips on how to generate good quality backlinks for your website. Listen up as Matt explains the difference between good and bad backlinks and why it's important to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to link building. We dive into some practical strategies for building...


Outsourcing social media management with Greg Brooks

It can be a big step handing over your social media channels to a freelancer or outside agency, it's the public face of your brand so how should we be going about it and what questions should we be asking. This week I'm talking to Greg Brooks the Chief Growth Officer at Rocket Station who specialise in finding expert virtual assistants and freelancers to help grow your business. You can find Greg on LinkedIn and Rocket Station on their website and book a call with them here. Can I quickly...


Content repurposing strategy with Sarah Block

How often do you create a piece of content like a blog post, put it live and then forget about it? It happens a lot. We should really look at getting more out of our hard work. This week I'm chatting to Sarah Block who's the host of the Tiny Marketing Podcast and writer, editor, and content marketing strategist. You going to hear lots of strategy tips as we talk about repurposing your content, the practical aspects of generating lots of content from a single piece of work and then...


Marketing automation strategy with Ali Schwanke

Marketing automation is something more companies are starting to take seriously and building automation into their strategies but is there more to it than never-ending email drip campaigns? So this week I'm joined by the co-host of HubSpot Hacks, Ali Schwanke who's also a speaker and advisor on marketing and sales technology. We talk automation strategies, CRMs, Zapier and much more. You can find Ali on LinkedIn and the Simple Strat website. Don't forget to check out the HubSpot Hacks...


Video marketing tactics and a dash of Ai with Nathan Labenz

Video marketing is hard. Coming up with ideas is hard. Creating the actual video is hard. So this week I'm chatting to Nathan Labenz, the CEO of Waymark a video creation tool that use Ai to help you create video really quickly including ideas which is usually the hardest part. Stand by for lots of video marketing help, advice and insights. You can find Nathan on Twitter and Linkedin and Waymark on their website, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Can I quickly mention is that Not Another...


Should brands be talking about social issues with Jane Ostler

There's a lot going on in the world. The war in Ukraine, the possibility of a recession, the cost of living crisis, high inflation and political shenanigans. Should brands get involved? This week I'm joined by Jane Ostler the EVP for Global Thought Leadership at data analysts Kantar. Calling on their research Jane explains what customers expect from brands, the kinds of social messaging we need to focus on and how strategy is vital. You can find Jane on Linkedin and Kantar on their website...


Measuring the return on investment of your marketing efforts with Ben Lund

So much content, so many landing pages, so many ad campaigns but do we know what's working? Are you measuring the return on your investment? This week I'm joined by ex-Googler and the founder of Rise Marketing Group Ben Lund who walks through the process of how to work out if what you're doing is working. We chat qualifying traffic, landing pages, Google ads, useful tools and a lot more so listen up. You can find Ben on the Rise Marketing Group website and also on LinkedIn. Can I quickly...


What is Mastodon with Yong-Soo Chung

With all the drama surrounding Twitter you may have heard of Mastodon which is a decentralised social media platform much like Twitter and it's been putting on millions of users over the last few months. But what exactly is it? If you're wondering what words like decentralised and Fediverse mean and want to know if Mastodon is worth your time then listen up. This week I'm joined by Yong-Soo Chung who's the host of the First Class Founders podcast, founder of the e-commerce brand Urban EDC...


Website copywriting tips with Nick Poninski

The copy on your website is important but how much time do you spend working on the words? Do you know what to write? Is the design more important than the copy? All these questions and more answered by author and expert copywriter Nick Poninski. We also talk a little about artificial intelligence and how good it is at writing copy. You can find Nick on his website, LinkedIn and Instagram. Can I quickly mention is that Not Another Marketing Podcast is totally ad free and I'd love it if...


Going viral. Strategy or luck? A chat with Tamara Thompson.

Most of us would probably like to go viral. Even if you say you don't you probably would love just one video or post to have a million views! This week I'm chatting with Tamara Thompson the Founder, & CEO of Broadcast Your Authority, a data-driven content marketing agency specializing in creating repurposable micro-content. Tamara has helped her clients go viral and shares examples of strategy that works. You can find Tamara on the Broadcast Your Authority website, Facebook and LinkedIn....


Is traditional blogging dead? Blogging strategy chat with Lyndsi Edgar.

Is traditional blogging dead? What I mean traditional is that weekly churn of having to throw something up on the company blog just because. Has blogging become much more? Should we treat it more seriously? This weeks chat is crammed full of amazing strategy ideas from Lyndsi Edgar the founder & director of eLuminate Marketing. We talk about video, evergreen content, repurposing content, social media strategy and a whole lot more. This is a must listen for all content marketers. You can...


Email marketing for ecommerce with Kyle Stout

Setting up a proper email marketing strategy for your ecommerce store can literally mean more sales, simple as that. Email does deliver but we need to get a few things right. In this episode I'm talking to Kyle Stout the founder of Elevate & Scale, a leading digital marketing agency who specialise in ecommerce email marketing. We talk lots about segmentation, automation and there's quite a few tips on copywriting. You can find Kyle on the Elevate & Scale website, Instagram and...


SEO basics for marketers with Hilary Angrove

SEO can be confusing, so much written and so much written that's wrong. There's technical SEO, on page SEO, off page SEO, link building and a million other things to get your head around. This week I'm talking to Hilary Angrove, Director of Business Operations at Digital Marketing agency Make Your Mark Today who explains the basics of SEO and the things that we need to get right. There's lots of insight on backlinks, keywords, content and a nice chat about when a business should hire an...


Digital marketing skills & what you need to succeed with Clay Mosley

The digital marketers skillset changes so quickly. Who needs a Google+ consultant anymore? But what skills are most important and is creativity a skill in itself? In this episode I'm chatting with Clay Mosley the CEO of Dripify, an online marketing training and coaching platform. Clay offers up a huge amount of insight and advice on the digital marketing skills world. You can find Clay on the Dripify website and Twitter and make sure you check out his Facebook group that's full of...


Personal branding for solopreneurs & freelancers with Patty K

Every freelancer and solopreneur needs to do some personal branding, get noticed and get clients but how should we go about it. Is oversharing on LinkedIn a good idea? In this episode I'm chatting to Patty K who works with many solopreneurs and trusted advisors helping them grow clients and create their personal brand. This is a fascinating chat full of insight, tips, advice and common sense. You can find Patty on LinkedIn and her website and don't forget to download a copy of her free...


A Twitter for business masterclass with Samantha Kelly

Can you generate leads and sales on Twitter? I was never that convinced until this episode. I've been doing it wrong for years! This week we're having a Twitter masterclass with Twitter expert, Author, TEDx speaker and founder of the International Women’s Inspire Network, Samantha Kelly. This is a fascinating chat about building your brand and engaging on Twitter. There's also some live tweeting so look up the hashtag #twittermagic to see what we did. You can find Sam on her website...


Google Helpful Content chat with Steve Wiideman + free Content Audit Download

Google have announced another search update. This one is called the Helpful Content Update but what is helpful content in the eyes of Google? This week I'm chatting with SEO consultant Steve Wiideman who has worked with the likes of Disney, Honda, Belkin and many others. Steve helps us understand what helpful content is and how we can improve our pages. There's also a whole bunch of other SEO and Google chat. During the pod Steve mentions a free download for a Page Level Content Audit...


Measuring ecommerce data with Brian Eberman

When analytics are mentioned eyes tend to glaze over but in a world of multiple platforms dragging in clients to your store its vitally important. But what do we need to measure and how do we go about it? In this episode I'm talking to Brian Eberman the CEO of Zeenk, an actionable analytics company for e-commerce Unlike me Brian seriously understands ecommerce analytics and explains 1st & 3rd party data, what we should be measuring and how it should be measured. A masterclass in...


Live blogging tips & strategy with Naomi Owusu

Live blogs, text updates on news and sports events are everywhere and becoming more popular but how can marketers use a live blogging platform effectively. This week I'm chatting to Naomi Owusu the co-founder and CEO of Tickaroo which is a live blogging and digital publishing platform. Stand by for lots of ideas and insight about blogging a live event. You can find Naomi on LinkedIn and the Tickaroo website. Can I quickly mention is that Not Another Marketing Podcast is totally ad free,...