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Stay up to date and keep informed about 3d printers, the 3d printing industry, and 3d printing as a hobby, with your presenters and expert guests from around the 3d printing world!

Stay up to date and keep informed about 3d printers, the 3d printing industry, and 3d printing as a hobby, with your presenters and expert guests from around the 3d printing world!


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Stay up to date and keep informed about 3d printers, the 3d printing industry, and 3d printing as a hobby, with your presenters and expert guests from around the 3d printing world!






3D Meetup meets up with Chris

A Word from Jonathan of 3D Meetup: 3D Meetup is a unique yearly concept which aims to connect companies and consumers within the 3D-field, primarily 3D-printing. The event was founded at the end of 2016 and shortly thereafter grew into a big event which was first held during the 25th and 26th of March 2017. The idea is that during the course of a weekend bring together the industry as well as individuals from all over the world over their shared interest. It’s an event filled with...


Miles speaks with Gauthier de Valensart founder of Filaments Directory

Miles sits down with Gauthier de Valensart. Creator of The Filaments Directory. Talking about filaments, trends and how the project began. Listen to more 3D Printing Podcasts at https://3dprinterchat.com


Want to add a Laser Engraver to Your 3D Printer?

This episode is a little different in that it is about laser engraving. What? No, we haven't change the topic of the podcast! Chris interviews George Fomitchev, founder of a company that helps you add powerful and accurate solid state laser attachments to existing 3d printers to increase their capabilities and easily introduce makers to this growing fabrication field. Check our Site for more episodes https://3dprinterchat.com


How to make money with 3d printing

In this first episode of a series, Chris introduces the 4 main ways that people make money with 3d printing, and gives a reality check of what is actually involved versus the fantasy. Check https://3dprinterchat.com for More 3D Printing related goodness!


Interview with Bondtechs Martin Bondéus

In this episode Chris interviews Martin Bondeus from Bondtech who reveals how his invention came about, why the 3d printing market needs another extruder technology, his relationship with Prusa, and more. Listen to our other Podcasts at https://3dprinterchat.com/podcast/


The Business of 3D Printing with Jon Acosto

In this episode Chris interviews Jon Acosto about the business of 3d printing. They cover the big mistake companies make, what Digital Share-cropping is, how to market a 3d printing service properly, plus Jon's platform for on demand 3d printing ecommerce. Listen to it at https://3dprinterchat.com and comment


TCT Birmingham Report - What is new in the world of 3D Printing

Miles reports back from the TCT event in Birmingham, England, to tell us what is new in 3d printing. - https://3dprinterchat.com


Ultimaker / Cura Hot Seat - Featuring Luis Rodriguez

Ultimaker is considered by many the gold standard of prosumer 3d printers and Cura is an extremely popular slicer. In this interview Chris digs into everything Ultimaker and Cura and discovers how Luis got involved, his experiences over his long history with 3d printing, and where he thinks the company and 3d printing in general is headed.


Interview with Aaron Brewer from the browser based CAD system, Selfcad

Listen as Chris discovers why SelfCad offers more than free alternatives like Tinkercad, including more advanced modelling, design history, powerful search, AND slicing.


Interview with The Andy Tran, inventor of Millebot the Biggest 3d printer you can use today

In this episode Chris talks to Andy Tran, the Modern Inventor. They talk inventing, using 3d printers and CNC to manufacture, and millebot.com the biggest 3d printer you can use today, a remarkable innovation that could change the face of short run manufacturing.


3d printing, Creative Commons and making money with etsy

In this interview with Jospeh Larson (3D Printing Professor) Chris talks about making money with your 3d design and printing business, from etsy to 3d hubs, and the controversial practices of some in the 3d printing industry that have given printing for money a bad name


The 2 Big Lies of 3D Printing in Manufacturing, and the Business of 3D Printing

What are the two biggest lies of using 3D printing in manufacturing? What advice can we give to people looking to 3D printing as a business, or to monetize their 3D printer? Discover answers to these questions and more as Chris interviews John Hauer, CEO of Get3dSmart, 3D printing business guru and gonzo tech journalist!


Interview with Daniel Noree Part 2 - Deep Dive Into Open RC F1 and Drones

I this interview Chris brings back Daniel Noree to ask more details about his process and fun with Open RC, how it came about, and where it might be going.


Interview with Daniel Noree - Practical 3D Print Designer and Inventor of Open RC F1 and Drones

Today Chris interviews one of 3D printing's rock stars - Daniel Noree. You will know him from his famous designs such as the 3D print in place wrench, the Open RC F1 car, and more recently crashing Open RC Quadcopters for your video entertainment!


Interview with Ben Eadie - Special Effects and 3D Design Wizard, and Multiple Guinness World Record Holder

Today's episode features Ben Eadie. Listen as we discuss how Ben's 3D career has taken him from human powered transport world records to blowing up the starship Enterprise.


Interview with Evan Morgan - Professional 3D Model Maker and Wanhao D7 user

Evan Morgan is a professional model maker, producing resin-casted toys, kits, and figures, and is well known in the 3d printing community for this work, updates on the Wanhao D7 and his YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/model3devan


3D Printer Filaments - the Good, the Bad, and the Smelly!

In this episode we discuss the best and worst 3d printer filaments, and we decide which filament we would use if we were only allowed one type.


The 13 Phases of 3D Printing

In this episode Chris walks you through the 13 phases of 3D printing, from anticipation all the way to expert.


Getting Sticky!

In this episode … Bed Adhesion, the good, the bad, the ugly … Myths and rituals – Do you really need to stand on one leg pointing south? Listen to find out … Print Surfaces – What works? Z gap and levelling – The tricks and techniques Heated beds – Important or not needed?


3D Printing Pitfalls!

In this episode … What don’t we like about 3d printing, Common 3d printing mistakes, Worst problems with 3d printers, Advice to avoid 3d printing problems yourself!