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The automation technology market is developing at pace. New tools, capabilities and practices are emerging on an almost daily basis, but it can be hard to separate the hype from the reality. Join host Wayne Butterfield as he navigates the automation landscape with guests from the enterprise, consulting and technology worlds to shed light on the role of robotic process and cognitive automation technologies in the quest for business value.


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The automation technology market is developing at pace. New tools, capabilities and practices are emerging on an almost daily basis, but it can be hard to separate the hype from the reality. Join host Wayne Butterfield as he navigates the automation landscape with guests from the enterprise, consulting and technology worlds to shed light on the role of robotic process and cognitive automation technologies in the quest for business value.






43: Powering the Future of Customer Service with Large Language Models.

79% of those surveyed by ISG research rated customer experience as "very important" or "extremely important," with a further 17% referring to it as "important." It's also the most protected engagement from cost takeout, according to those surveyed. This is no surprise, but companies believe their actual performance on customer experience compared to its importance is among the top 3 biggest gaps. How can companies narrow this gap? Lately, the emergence of sophisticated large language modules...


42: RPA: The Past, The Present, The End?

In this episode Bots & Beyond host Wayne Butterfield speaks to Nikki North, an Intelligent Automation Product Manager at New Day. Nikki has worked in robotic process automation (RPA) and intelligent automation since 2006 and has witnessed many of the major advances in the industry. Together, they discuss how the RPA industry has evolved since its beginnings. Will RPA technology still be transforming the way we work in the future? Is RPA just a quick fix or can it be part of a more long-term...


41: Connect Your Automation Tech with Process Orchestration

Say you’ve automated most of an end-to-end business process using RPA, some AI and just a touch of machine learning. There’s just one sub-process where a human needs to be involved… oh, and the initial input comes from data entered by a natural language processing automation, and you want human quality control there too. How do you weave the human and digital elements of your processes together to get the most value and efficiency from your automation programs? The answer is process...


40: Conversational AI: Past, Present & Future

This podcast episode description was written partially by artificial intelligence (AI). Some people might find that cool – others might be immediately put off by the concept of using AI as a writing aid. Similarly, you might have some bad memories of an old chat bot experience – either as an annoying pop up or as a barrier to talking to a real human. But chat bots and the conversational AI powering chat bots have come a long way in recent years. It might be time to rethink your ideas on this...


39: Why You Need to Address Culture to Unlock Automation Success

Why should a developer on your automation team try something new? Wouldn’t it be easier to keep her or his head down and just do the job? The answer to this depends on what your company rewards and recognizes – in short, on your company’s culture. In this week’s episode of Bots & Beyond, host Wayne Butterfield speaks to Joe Bechtel, Principal of Enterprise Technology Strategy Advancement at Humana. Together, they discuss how successfully managing cultural change can drive innovation and...


38: 3 Golden Rules for Scaling Your Automation Program

Daniel Bannoura is a Director in the ISG Automation advisory team. He has previously held leadership roles with key automation technology players, including Automation Anywhere and UiPath. He joins Bots & Beyond host Wayne Butterfield to share his first-hand experiences of driving automation programs from pilot to scale. Listen in to hear the most common mistake that he has seen numerous firms make when deciding which processes to scale. Plus, don’t miss hearing his “Golden Rules” for...


37: Fake Humans & Alternate Realities, A Metaverse Future

“It's going to be a world where we're no longer on the internet. We're in the internet. And everything is going to change.” This is according to guest Rachel Goalby, Founder and Director of creative strategy agency, SØWN. In this ISG Bots & Beyond episode, she dives into a her predictions for the Metaverse as she speaks to host Wayne Butterfield. What will this mean for how brands communicate and engage with their customers? How can brands leverage the Metaverse to drive value now and in...


36: How AI and Data are Transforming Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is a hot spot for innovation and transformation. One of the key technologies revolutionizing the industry is artificial intelligence (AI). How are manufacturers implementing and driving value from AI? And how are they able to prove that value? To answer these questions and more, Bots and Beyond host Wayne Butterfield speaks to Kate Arndt, Senior Sales Executive, Vanti Analytics. As an advocate for women in STEM, Kate also shares her experiences in the tech...


35: Accelerating Business Outcomes with Automation

How can your company make its business processes better, faster, and smarter with the help of automation and AI? We dig into how to accelerate business outcomes via automation with the help of guest Andreas Welsch, VP & Head of Intelligent Processes at SAP, who is joining host Wayne Butterfield in this episode of Bots & Beyond. Listen in to hear how automation and AI can be leveraged to streamline end-to-end business processes, from Finance to HR. Andreas will be sharing use cases and...


34: What Are the Biggest Obstacles to Scaling Intelligent Automation?

There is no disputing that intelligent automation is a key component of digital transformation. But realizing the true potential of your automation programs requires the ability to operate at scale. Of course, this is easier said than done. After an – often successful – initial foray into automation, many organizations struggle to extend their automation initiatives across a department or enterprise. What are the obstacles that prevent successful scaling? How can you overcome these...


33: Overcoming Barriers to Decision Automation

Achieving end-to-end automation in complex processes is a challenge many enterprises are facing as they embark on their digital transformation journeys. Could a solution lie in decision automation? In this episode of Bots & Beyond, host Wayne Butterfield discusses when, why and how to use decision automation with his guest Alex Bentley, Chief Revenue Officer at XpertRule. To better understand the value of this type of automation, Alex shares concrete use cases for automated decision-making....


32: Tackling the Automation Talent Gap

One of the main hurdles enterprises are currently facing as they continue their pursuit of digital transformation is the global shortage of tech talent. In this episode of the ISG Bots and Beyond podcast, host Wayne Butterfield and his guest Rajesh Nair, Co-Founder & CEO of discuss the automation talent gap and why was founded in this context.


31: Golden Rules for Successful Automation Implementation

In this episode of the ISG Bots and Beyond podcast, host Wayne Butterfield speaks to Laura Robertson, Vice President of Automation, Zukunft Consulting. Laura shares her extensive insights and lessons learned from her varied roles in the automation sector. Listen in to hear her top tips for success when embarking on an automation implementation. What are the pitfalls to avoid? How do you build the right team and manage them to success?


30: Behind the Scenes with a Chief Digital Officer

A conversation with William Harris, Group Chief Digital Officer at IQ-EQ Over the past decade, as the need to accelerate digital transformation has intensified, global demand for Chief Digital Officers (CDOs) has spiked. At the intersection between business operations and technology, the CDO plays a crucial part in transforming business processes, driving innovation and optimizing both customer and employee experience. What does the role of CDO involve? How does it differ from that of the...


29: Reinventing Document Processing with AI

In this episode of Bots & Beyond, host Wayne Butterfield talks to Rob Delaney who is both CEO at Infinia ML and Director at Carrick Capital Partners. Every organization has vast amounts of data locked in documents of all kinds, from emails, to PDFs, to presentations and invoices. Some estimates suggest that up to 80% of the data produced by organizations is unstructured, which makes it extremely complex to analyze and derive benefit from. In recent years, machine learning and AI...


28: What Is Ethical AI?

Artificial intelligence has evolved at a breakneck pace in recent years and has made many positive impacts in both our personal and professional lives. As AI solutions become increasingly powerful, concerns have been raised around the ethical challenges associated with this technology. How can companies avoid stumbling into some of those ethical pitfalls? What do we need to know about unconscious bias and the role it plays in the development of AI solutions? These questions and more are...


27: Citizen Developer: From Hype to Reality

We have all heard the hype surrounding the citizen developer concept. But is it really just hype? Or can citizen developers make a difference to business transformation? In this episode of the ISG Bots and Beyond podcast, host Wayne Butterfield explores the reality and challenges of integrating this approach into efforts organizations are making to scale their automation programs. He is joined by Jackie Grunwald, VP and CIO at AdvanSix, who shares experiences from her own automation...


26: Driving Change through Citizen Innovation

Many of us have become familiar with the concept of citizen development. But we may not have heard of citizen innovation. Of course, we know innovation is a key driver of growth and an essential component for keeping up with the hyper pace of change. But do we understand how to encourage, nurture and sustain it? Our guest on this week’s episode of the ISG Bots & Beyond podcast believes that creating a culture that promotes employee-led innovation is a key driver of digital...


25: Automating Decision-Making

Every day, organizations must make hundreds if not thousands of decisions in a complex and fast-changing context. If decision-making is inconsistent or flawed it can be immensely costly for the business. How can enterprises ensure they make high-quality decisions in an efficient way? Intelligent automation technology can help improve and scale complex-decision making and create better outcomes for businesses and customers alike. In this episode of the ISG Bots & Beyond podcast, host Wayne...


24: Tackling Future Tech

In this episode of the ISG Bots & Beyond podcast, host Wayne Butterfield talks to Tom Allen, founder of the AI Journal. In 2020 Allen founded the AI Journal to create an open source, educational platform where people could learn directly from the experts how to keep up with new developments in technology and the exponential pace of change. Listen in as Butterfield and Allen discuss Allen’s journey, his views on the future and the technologies that are shaping the world around us including...