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Exploring Cybersecurity, Big Data, and the Technologies Shaping the Future Through an Academic Perspective!






The Evolution of Cyber Talent Screening with Franz Payer, CEO Cyber Skyline – CF067

This week on Cyber Frontiers Christian and Jim catch up with Franz Payer, CEO of Cyber Skyline (related episodes: CF059, CF012). We explore the growth and development of the Cyber Skyline platform, which has evolved beyond cyber competitions to a suite of talent screening tools and skills-development capabilities. We get Franz’s perspectives on where companies are currently struggling to keep up with hiring and retaining qualified cybersecurity talent and how Cyber Skyline fills the void. Learn more at Cyber Skyline  Full show notes, transcriptions (available on request), audio and video at Cyber Frontiers is all about


Guest Ashton Webster and New Compliance Rules for Critical Infrastructure Reporting – CF066

This week on Cyber Frontiers we are joined by special guest Ashton Webster. Ashton is now a software engineer at Capital One and has worked on several teams over the last 4 years that focused on fraud detection and prevention. We spend some time catching up with Ashton. We also look at a new rule in the United States that mandates that any company that is considered part of critical infrastructure would be required to report to the Department of Homeland Security within 72 hours of a data breach or within 24 hours of paying a ransomware attack. 


2021 Cybersecurity Headlines and a Look Ahead at 2022 – CF065

This week on Cyber Frontiers Christian and Jim provide a 2021 replay of the headlines that captured the cybersecurity world by storm and look ahead to trends that will shape the direction of security in 2022. With wide-ranging commentary on incidents like the colonial pipeline attack, solar winds, and Log4j, to the mundane and rudimentary data breaches and ransomware attacks, we break down what areas the industry is improving in and where the industry still needs help. We also look at the technology shaping the post-COVID enterprise workplace, with commentary on zero trust architectures, MFA, network infrastructure advancements, and accessibility


Liviu Arsene from Bitdefender talks Bitdefender Box and Bitdefender Premium VPN – CF064

We sat down with Liviu Arsene, a Global Cybersecurity Researcher for Bitdefender, Liviu has a strong background in security and technology and talked with us about both the Bitdefender Box and Bitdefender Premium VPN as well as some general Cyber security topics. Get more information about Bitdefender at  Cyber Frontiers is all about Exploring Cyber security, Big Data, and the Technologies Shaping the Future! Christian Johnson will bring fresh and relevant topics to the show based on the current work he does. Support the Average Guy: WANT TO SUBSCRIBE? We now have Video Large /


Zero Trust Security In a Pandemic Mindset – CF063

This week on Cyber Frontiers Christian and Jim talk about the zero trust security paradigm and how COVID-19 has drawn this security model into focus for the enterprise. As corporations accelerate technology adoption timelines to meet the demands of a remote workforce, cybersecurity practices and investments are evolving to secure employees and corporate assets in remote work environments. After diving into key aspects of zero trust, we walk through the recent Twitter security incident and analyze the event through the lens of zero trust. We wrap by discussing the evolving trends for the C-suite security mindset and how these ideas


Identity Theft Protection in 2020 – CF062

This week on Cyber Frontiers Jim and Christian explore how identity theft monitoring services continue to evolve in 2020 to include protection beyond traditional monitoring capabilities. We evaluate how effective these services have been historically, how the business model is shifting, and what the average consumer can expect in trying to increase overall security. We line up the discussion with historical anecdotes on social security, FTC litigations, and statistics on consumer theft at large. It’s a new spin on an old topic with many touch points to previous episodes, and contains food for thought on effective measures to increase security


COVID-19 Data Analytics – CF061

This week on Cyber Frontiers Christian and Jim tackle the technology shaping society amidst the Coronavirus (COVID-19). We dive into the health (and growth) of the internet backbone, working from home, and distance learning to name a few. We then switch gears into discussing how data and analytic capabilities behind the virus tricked into the mainstream and is now widely available to society at large to make well informed decisions. We specifically highlight the importance of accurate data visualizations to not skew good data, and highlight Corona Data Scraper as a model of open-source, scalable, accurate data analytics and visualizations


Adversarial Machine Learning – CF060

This week on Cyber Frontiers Christian and Jim dive into ‘jedi mind tricks’ of AI, better known as adversarial machine learning. We narrate stories that tell tales of fooling the common systems that humans have come to rely on today, from maps to self driving cars, to airport scanners and identification systems. We discuss the growing surface area for cyber physical attacks, and the lack of general purpose solutions and proofs needed to tackle securing machine learning algorithms. We tie together IoT, AI, and ML technologies on the cyber frontier with a new security perspective not analyzed prior on the


Security Education with Cyber Skyline – CF059

This week on Cyber Frontiers Christian and Jim interview Franz Payer, CEO of Cyber Skyline ( to discuss their platform for training and developing the next generation of security professionals in the industry. We discuss the current challenges in the security education market and explore where Cyber Skyline fills a critical gap across three products that help first-time participants and security practitioners alike up their infosec ability. We also take a look at the growing market segment for cyber education and discuss the evolution of Cyber Skyline into the company it is today. We cover the trends that are evident


Quantum Supremacy and the Cryptology Time Machine – CF058

This week on Cyber Frontiers Christian and Jim recap the latest major development in quantum research with Google’s “Quantum Supremacy” milestone. We review the headline narratives and compare today’s quantum progress with where we and others expected it to be. We delve into the tangentially related topic of cryptography, quickly leading to a walk through time of where secure computing has been and where it could be heading looking forward. Scattered throughout we bring in what it all means for the average guy, and even get some time to relate it all back to… ham radios?  Cyber Frontiers is


Cyber Anecdotes: A Tale of Worms, Shared Security, and More – CF057

This week on Cyber Frontiers Christian and Jim recap security highlights from the past six weeks. We take a dive into the latest security challenges facing Windows 10, review the buzz around the Capital One breach, and jump into a variety of new tech from cell phone apps to detect pump skimmers to IBM’s unusual announcement of a blockchain-based web browser. We pack interesting anecdotes on the security landscape into an hour you won’t want to miss.  Cyber Frontiers is all about Exploring Cyber security, Big Data, and the Technologies Shaping the Future! Christian Johnson will bring fresh and


The Manifestation of New Exploitation – CF056

This week on Cyber Frontiers we catch up on some of the latest exploitations and availability drops on the web. We kick off with a discussion of the release of the TCP SACK panic as a new mechanism for DDoS via TCP protocol. We then cover a spectrum of relevant security news with the Microsoft OS product line to round off our security deep dives. On the availability side, we recap the Target outage and the Google Cloud Outage and what it means for consumers. We round things off with some healthy skepticism of Facebook’s new Libra crypto-currency. And as


Data Breach SecOps, Reputations, and IoT Security – CF055

This week on Cyber Frontiers Christian and Jim catch up on cyber anecdotes from our listeners! We start with a deep dive on the data breach website — and discuss ways users can leverage the data and APIs to reduce their surface area and take advantage of security best practice. From here we tangent onto corporate reputations and polling data, IoT device security, and more! We thread a needle of seemingly disjoint anecdotes into a show that has something for everyone.  Cyber Frontiers is all about Exploring Cyber security, Big Data, and the Technologies Shaping the Future! Christian


Quantum, Cyber, Oh My! The Best of RSA 2019 – CF054

This week on Cyber Frontiers Christian and Jim dive into recapping some of the best content from RSA 2019! We pack in a lot of content this show — ranging from a deep-dive into the most pervasive attack techniques in cybersecurity today to a comprehensive review on the state of quantum computing. Whether you are a math nerd, physicist, computer guy, or generalist — there is something for everyone in the quantum content we cover. We bring you what the modern frontier looks like on the sunset side of RSA 2019, which had over 42,000 in attendance this year spanning


Containers Gone Wild – CF053

This week Christian and Jim dive into the “doomsday” (dramatic much?) cyber event of 2019 — escaping Docker containers! Formally known as CVE-2019-5736, we dive deep on the technical research undertaken by Dragon Sector to take advantage of Linux namespaces in order to reveal the larger discovery and exploit and what it means for the industry. We cover it from the average guy angle as well, and include discussions on use cases for classic virtualization strategies compared to containerization. We leave some food for thought for next time on how machine learning techniques are impairing methodologies for scientific validation of


AI Rising – CF052

This week on Cyber Frontiers we catch up on the lingo defining the technology frontier word cloud in 2019. Everyday we increasingly hear the phrase “we can do this now because of artificial intelligence (AI).” It’s showing up in product literature, super bowl ads, you name it! But is it really AI? How did we get to the new hype curve so quickly? We parse out the journey of the buzz from the year of cyber (2017), to the year of machine learning (2018), to what is rapidly shaping up as the year of artificial intelligence (2019). We hop on


Crypto and Blockchain: Enablers of the Future – CF051

This week on Cyber Frontier Christian dives into the state of affairs in the cryptocurrency battle for adopters and the ultimate future of blockchain. We discuss some of the origins of what made Bitcoin popular and misunderstood, while re-tracing how it enabled blockchain technology to gain stronger visibility in the eyes of technologists. From here we discuss the fundamental advancements in computer science that enabled blockchain to succeed, and discuss its future in shaping the internet over the next 10 to 25 years. We also discuss other use cases blockchain is likely to expand into, and provide some initial forecasts


Computing Without the B.S. – CF050

This week on Cyber Frontiers Christian and Jim discuss the computing industry without the bachelor’s degree (B.S.). We discuss the recently increasing trend of major tech companies doing away with degree requirements for top software engineering positions. We evaluate the pros and cons of university value propositions, co-ops/work studies, internships, and apprenticeships and discuss which jobs seem best tailored with-in the field for these backgrounds. As demand for these positions continues to grow, we also discuss the ways in which the job is evolving itself with the advancement of automation and cloud computing, which is letting developers at companies focus


Kill The Ancient Authenticator! – CF049

This week Christian is joined by Jim to talk about killing off password security on web and communication platforms, a.k.a. the era of the hardware authenticator! We dive deep into the release of the Yubikey 5, FIDO 2, and Webauthn standards and how these platforms and standards will usher in the next phase of improved cybersecurity for enterprises as well as the average guy. We talk about some of the historical implications of protocols that haven’t evolved over the last thirty years, and what these technologies bring to the table to augment existing internet infrastructure. We also briefly veer into


AI In Everyday Life: Is It Ready for the Limelight? – CF048

This week on Cyber Frontiers Christian is joined by Jim to discuss common AI applications influencing everyday life. We take a look at the latest learning technology in discerning fake news, facial recognition at airports, and driverless cars in the Uber and Lyft fleets. We weigh in on what empirical methods are available for validating these use cases in AI, and the socioeconomic impacts that these technologies will create for the average guy in the next five to ten years.  Cyber Frontiers is all about Exploring Cyber security, Big Data, and the Technologies Shaping the Future! Christian Johnson will