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Follow-up with what's happening at FIRST Annual FIRST Conference. Chats, interviews and news will be broadcasted by this podcast.

Follow-up with what's happening at FIRST Annual FIRST Conference. Chats, interviews and news will be broadcasted by this podcast.


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Follow-up with what's happening at FIRST Annual FIRST Conference. Chats, interviews and news will be broadcasted by this podcast.






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2019 Episode 9: Seeing Clearly and Communicating Effectively to Address Event Overload– Thomas Fisher, FVT SecOps Consulting

Is content king? Fisher argues data alone can lead us astray, instead, it is the story we should focus on. With a presentation loaded with artwork and visuals, Fisher hopes to teach statistic savvy security responders to see the bigger picture. What patterns appear when we take a step back? What narrative does the evidence summon? Question your answers and dive into this discussion with Chris and Martin.


2019 Episode 8: Developing a Conceptual Model for Insider Threat – Monica Whitty, University of Melbourne

Not EVERYONE who tweets from the toilet at 6 in the morning is a Narcissist.” In this episode, Chris and Martin dive into a discussion with data savvy Monica Whitty about how to spot and stop an insider threat. Unfortunately, most insider attacks we never see coming, but as Whitty explains, hindsight can be a tool. Realizing that not every perpetrator is evil or malicious, companies can begin to see the data for what it really is: people. Navigate psychological factors and learn to spot...


2019 Episode 7: Blue-Team vs. Red-Team Tabletop Exercise – Chiyuki Matsuda, DeNA Co., Ltd.

No computers, no worries! After favorable feedback from the 2018 Conference, Chiyuki and her team returned this year with even more tabletop fun. Chris and Martin get the inside scoop on how a little friendly competition creates an international platform for learning. Without technology, red and blue teams ultimately work together to solve a handful of security scenarios in this Choose Your Own Adventure style exercise.


2019 Episode 6: Recorded Live from FIRST 2019 – Ken Munro, Partner and Founder of Pen Test Partners, LLP

Join Chris John Riley and Martin McKeay live from annual FIRST conference in Edinburgh, Scotland as they interview Ken Munro. Ken is a partner and founder at Pen Test Partners, LLP and was the opening keynote for the 31st Annual FIRST Conference.


2019 Episode 5: How to Manage the Tangled Web of Dependencies, Lisa Bradley and Jessica Butler of NVIDIA

Missing out on #FIRSTCON19 this week! No worries! Join the interview in progress. Martin chats with Lisa Bradley (Senior Manager, NVIDIA PSIRT) and Jessica Butler (Senior Application Developer, NVIDIA) about their presentation at FIRST 2019 happening Monday, June 17 from 16:45-17:45.


2019 Episode 4: Fingerpointing False Positives, Desiree Sacher of Finanz Informatik

Join the interview in progress! Desiree is a SOC Security Architect at Finanz Informatik. Desiree and Chris John Riley discuss her upcoming presentation that focuses on how to better integrate improvements into your security monitoring. Desiree presents at the 31st Annual FIRST Conference on Monday, June 17 at 12:45 in Fintry.


2019 Episode 3: Malware Detection Cat and Mouse - Interview with Ralf Hund, CTO at VMRay

Join the interview in progress! Chris John Riley chats with Ralf Hund, CTO at VMRay and a supporter of the annual FIRST conference since 2016. Ralf shares his thoughts on the ongoing game of cat and mouse the industry is faced with when dealing with malware detection and the new protection technologies VMRay is working on in order to provide incident responders with faster and greater visibility to threats.


2019 Episode 2: Top Common Tabletop Exercise Failures - Michael Murray and Robert Lelewski, Secureworks

Join the interview in progress! The guys speak with presenters, Mike Murray (Senior Manager) and Robert Lelewski (Proactive Services Team Lead) of Secureworks. The duo are presenting on Thursday, June 20th from 11:00-12:00 and will be sharing their experiences and takeaways from conducting over hundreds of tabletops across various organizations. Get a primer of their upcoming session in this interview.


2019 Episode 1: Andrew Cormack, 2019 Program Chair

We’re kicking off the first episode of this year’s podcast with the man of the moment, Andrew Cormack, program chair of the 31st Annual FIRST Conference! Chris John Riley and Martin McKeay return as our podcast hosts once again and pick up where they left off almost a year ago during their last chat with Andrew. The guys touch on the program selection process, highlights of this year’s program, and what new things attendees will experience this year. Andrew is the Chief Regulatory Adviser at...


2018 Episode 10: Live from FIRST | Andrew Cormack, 2019 FIRST Program Chair

Join the interview in progress! We’re closing out the 2018 podcast series with our 2019 program chair! Chris and Martin spend the last day of FIRST 2018 with a very well-known and very much appreciated active member of FIRST, Andrew Cormack. Andrew is the Chief Regulatory Adviser at Jisc Technologies and has graciously taken on the role of conference program chair for the 31st Annual FIRST Conference: Securing the Castle, June 16-21, 2019 in Edinburgh, Scotland. Take a listen and find out...


2018 Episode 9: Live from FIRST | How to Avoid Having a Really Bad Day...Rob McMillan, Research Director, Gartner

Join the interview in progress! Join Martin and Chris as they chat with Rob McMillan and discuss the evolution of incident response. Rob is the Research Director at Gartner and former co-founder and general manager of AusCERT. Rob was a featured keynote speaker at the 2018 annual conference.


2018 Episode 8: Live from FIRST | Bruce Schneier, CTO, IBM Resilient

Join the interview in progress! Chris John Riley interviews one of our favorites and a long-time supporter of FIRST, Bruce Schneier. Bruce is currently the CTO at IBM Resilient and lecturer at Harvard Kennedy School. While Bruce was not presenting at this year's conference, he stopped by to hang-out with the FIRST community to talk shop and talk about his new book, "Click Here to Kill Everybody". Listen in to this fun and engaging interview. Special thanks to IBM Resilient for their...


2018 Episode 7: Live from FIRST | Paresh Khetani, Head of Enterprise Solution Evangelist, TIME Malaysia

Each year, FIRST works with local teams to help locate an internet solutions provider willing to provide the conference with its own direct connectivity independent of the conference venue. This year with the championing of Cybersecurity Malaysia, FIRST was lucky enough to gain the support of TIME dotcom – one of Malaysia’s leading ISPs. Join the interview in progress as Chris chats with Paresh on the types of security challenges they face as an ISP and how they are planning for the future.


2018 Episode 6: Jerry Bryant, Principal Security Program Manager, Microsoft Security Response Center

Join the interview in progress! Chris and Jerry discuss Microsoft’s involvement with FIRST over the past 15 years, new training materials, PSIRTs, threat information sharing, and more. Microsoft will be exhibiting at the 30th Annual FIRST Conference.


2018 Episode 5: Alex Maestretti and Swathi Joshi, Netflix…Learning from Chaos

Join the interview in progress! Chris and Martin interview the team from Netflix - Alex Maestretti (Security Intelligence and Response Team) and Swathi Joshi (Senior Technical Program Manager, SIRT). The duo will be presenting, “Learning from Chaos, Cloud and Scale: Netflix SIRT,” on 25 June @12:15 in the Sabah Ballroom.


2018 Episode 4: Chad Loeven, VP Sales & Marketing, VMRay

Join this week's interview in progress! Chris and Martin chat with Chad Loeven, VP of Sales & Marketing at VMRay. Chad talks VMRay, their mission, and why they got involved with FIRST and how it has become one of their favorite communities to be a part of. VMRay has been a supporter of the FIRST community and conference since 2016. Be sure to visit with them in the exhibit area.


2018 Episode 3: Tom Millar, Technical Advisor, Office of the Under Secretary, NPPD, DHS

Join the interview in progress featuring Tom Millar. Tom has been an active FIRST community member for years and is no stranger to the annual conference. This year, Tom will present on the following topics, “TLP to IEP Evolution: What, Why & How,” on 28 June and “Professionalizing the Field of Cybersecurity Incident Response,” on 29 June.


2018 Episode 2: Thomas Fischer – Don’t Ignore GDPR; It Matters Now!

May 28th has come and gone…Thomas Fischer, independent data protection advocate talks GDPR. How do you define personal data? Who is accountable? What is actionable and fineable? Join the interview in progress and be sure to join Thomas on Thursday, June 28th from 11:00-12:00 in the Management/Privacy Track for what is sure to be a lively discussion.


2018 Episode 1: Jeffrey Carpenter, 2018 Conference Program Chair

Let's get things rolling with this season's podcast series! Chris John Riley and Martin McKeay return as our hosts. Episode 1 features 2018 Program Chair, Jeffrey Carpenter. Jeff is Senior Director of Threat Intelligence and Incident Response Consulting at SecureWorks and has been an active member, supporter, and all-around various hat-wearer of FIRST over the years. Jeff talks program goals, session insights, and things to expect at this year's 30th anniversary celebration event.


2017 Episode 5: Alex Pinto, Chief Data Scientist at Niddel and lead of the MLSec Project

Join the interview in progress! Martin chats with Alex Pinto, Chief Data Scientist at Niddel and lead of the MLSec Project on his upcoming presentation, “Beyond Matching: Applying Data Science Techniques to IOC-Based Detection.” Alex talks about the glamorous life of a data scientist and shares some of the key takeaways from his presentation. Alex presents on Monday, June 12 at 11:15-12:00.