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Step into the future of education with House of #EdTech, your gateway to the latest trends and developments in education technology. Join Chris Nesi, a seasoned educator and edtech enthusiast, as he delves into the world of innovative tools, inspiring strategies, and thought-provoking discussions with pioneers in the field. Whether you're a seasoned educator or just starting your edtech journey, House of #EdTech has something for everyone.




Step into the future of education with House of #EdTech, your gateway to the latest trends and developments in education technology. Join Chris Nesi, a seasoned educator and edtech enthusiast, as he delves into the world of innovative tools, inspiring strategies, and thought-provoking discussions with pioneers in the field. Whether you're a seasoned educator or just starting your edtech journey, House of #EdTech has something for everyone.






Bridging the Digital Divide: Exploring Equity and Access in Education - HoET241

Introduction: Visit to find a new podcast listening app! #EdTech Recommendations: The Magazine Rack:The Magazine RackClassroomscreen:ClassroomscreenAI Created Featured Content: The Need for Digital Equity: Revisiting the conversation from episode 210, delving into why digital equity and access are critical in education. I dive into the critical issue of digital equity and access in education. As our world becomes increasingly digitized, the necessity for equal access to technology and internet connectivity in learning environments has never been more vital. I kick off the episode by defining what digital equity and access truly mean and why they're essential components of modern education. The conversation then shifts to the stark realities of the digital divide, as we explore how disparities in access impact student learning and success, sharing compelling real-life examples. The journey continues as I tackle the challenges schools and communities face in providing equal digital access. I discuss various obstacles, from funding to infrastructure. Policy and advocacy take center stage in another segment, where I delve into how educational policies can influence and improve digital equity. Finally, I look into the future, speculating on emerging trends and the evolution of digital equity. This segment is a call to action, encouraging listeners to consider their role in advocating for and contributing to a future where digital access is a given for every student. Just Give It A Try: Inspiring Thoughts Daily:Inspiring Thoughts Daily


Essential Skills for Students in the AI Era - HoET240

Discover the key skills for thriving in an AI-centric educational landscape. This episode offers insightful thoughts on integrating technical, cognitive, and socio-emotional skills into teaching, preparing students for a AI-driven future. #EdTech Thought - January Pick-Me-Up As teachers, you are more than just instructors; you are mentors, guides, and sometimes even friends to your students. Your resilience and dedication, often unnoticed, are crucial in shaping not just individual lives but entire societies. This segment serves as a reminder of the immense impact educators have beyond just academic teaching. #EdTech Recommendation - QR Codes on Your Classroom Door Monica Burns' recent post, 12 TIPS FOR CLASSROOM DOOR DECORATIONS WITH QR CODES has inspired me, and I've added four more innovative uses for QR codes on your classroom door. These include a Feedback or Suggestion Box, Class Blog or Website, Daily Inspirational Quotes, and Audio Messages. These tools are designed to enhance communication and inspiration in the classroom. Featured Content I explore the essential skills students need to thrive in the AI era. These skills range from technical proficiencies like understanding AI and machine learning to socio-emotional skills such as collaboration and emotional intelligence. The content aims to prepare educators to equip students for a rapidly changing future that is integrated with AI. These skills include understanding AI and machine learning, programming, data literacy, critical thinking, adaptability, innovation, collaboration, emotional intelligence, digital literacy, and cybersecurity awareness. Additionally, I emphasize the importance of self-motivated learning and resilience, skills that are essential for lifelong learning in a technology-centric world. With educational systems incorporating these skills into curricula, this episode is a must-listen for educators, parents, and students preparing for a future workforce dominated by AI. Just Give It A Try Join our new texting community on GroupMe! This is a free platform that I'm using with my Rutgers classes this semester. To join, visit Remember, I will be shutting down the Remind group at the end of February 2024, so make sure to switch over to stay connected.


BONUS: Celebrating 10 Years of House of #EdTech

Intro My Memories of the Last 10 Years Inspiration for the Show Recording and Publishing That First Episode House of #EdTech - episode 1 first episode. Favorite Episodes 3 - Joe Iacono14, 52, 54, 66, 76, 92, 138 - Katelyn117, 137 - Miles100, 108 - Dad59 - Stacey & AJ Interviewed Me By the Numbers Awesome Supporters Derek LarsonSmackdown sheet Because of HoET... Awards Travel and Conferences Rutgers Professor since 2016 The Pod Journal The Pod Journal I Like to Podcast and You Will Too! Purchase your copy! Education Podcast Network Education Podcast Network Podcast Editor Google Teacher PodcastPartial CreditZebra Podcast NetworkPodcastPDChase for 28Knock Knock, Who's There?Behind the Mic: Voices of the EPNInspiring Thoughts Daily


2023 House of #EdTech Smackdown - HoET239

Celebrate the 10th House of #EdTech Smackdown with Episode 239, a dynamic Smackdown showcasing the most innovative educational technology tools of 2023. Passionate educators and technology enthusiasts, dive into an exciting array of EdTech tools and predictions for the new year. This episode features engaging discussions on tools and emerging platforms. Special contributions from the EdTech community, including voicemails and emails, enrich the conversation with real-world insights and applications. Whether you're a seasoned educator or exploring the world of EdTech, this episode offers a treasure trove of ideas, inspirations, and tools to revolutionize your approach to teaching and learning in 2024. 2023 Smackdown Contributions from my community, including: KamiCuripodMastodonNearpodAdobe ExpressEdPuzzleDiffitCanvaChatGPTMagic School AITinkercadQuizizzBlooketLoom


The Great Cell Phone Debate - HoET238

Feedback & Shout Outs Stephanie Skrocki - Thank you for the email re: Episode 237 Featured Content Welcome to Episode 238 of the House of #EdTech Podcast! In this episode, I share my recent appearance on an episode of Teachers on Fire, hosted by Tim Cavey. I participated in a live debate addressing a highly relevant topic in education: "Should student phones be banned from our K-12 schools?" I debated Dr. Matt Rhoads, who brought his extensive experience in education and technology to this thought-provoking discussion. Debate Overview: The debate revolves around using cell phones in K-12 educational settings, weighing the benefits and drawbacks. Our guests offer diverse viewpoints: My Perspective: Advocating against banning cell phones, I emphasizes the importance of leveraging these powerful tools for learning and teaching responsible digital citizenship. I highlighted the potential of cell phones for research, collaboration, creativity, and communication. Dr. Matt Rhoads's Viewpoint: Supporting the ban, Dr. Rhoads underscores concerns about declining academic performance, mental health crises, cyberbullying, and distractions caused by cell phones. He argues for using school-issued devices to teach digital citizenship while maintaining a focused learning environment. Discussion Highlights: Learning Tools vs. Distractions: The debate delves into whether cell phones are indispensable educational tools or sources of distraction and decline in academic performance. Digital Citizenship and Responsibility: I argue that school cell phones offer opportunities to teach digital responsibility, while Matt suggests that the risks outweigh the benefits. Mental Health and Bullying: Matt raises concerns about the impact of cell phones on student mental health and bullying, advocating for a safer school environment free from these influences. Communication and Safety: The conversation touches on the role of cell phones in ensuring student safety and communication, especially in emergencies. Conclusion: The episode concludes without a definitive resolution but provides listeners with a comprehensive understanding of both sides. The guests agree on the need for community involvement in decision-making regarding technology in schools. Connect with Tim and Matt Tim Cavey Matt Rhoads


Technology in Your Classroom: Friend or Foe? - HoET237

Feedback & Shout Outs November 2House of #EdTech Smackdown Featured Content Managing student technology use is crucial for productive, engaged classrooms. Learn vetted tips for setting screen guidelines, dealing with digital distraction, limiting off-task time, and bolstering curriculum through IT best practices across elementary, middle, and high school grade levels. Whether you're striving for targeted 1:1 implementation or just troubleshooting bring your own device policies, this engaging episode breaks down research and hard-won experience on everything from monitoring software to incentivization tactics. Tune into this insightful discussion evaluating real-world policies, responsible use contracts, tablet time allocation, charging stations, music listening policies, and more. With balanced takeaways across all K-12 environments, educators leave equipped to reinforce digital citizenship, nurture creativity, and build life-ready skills. Think about...


Moving AI Forward In Education - HoET236

Feedback & Shout Outs EdCamp New Jersey 2023 will take place on Sat., November 18, 2023. Learn more and register here. EdTech Thought Banning Cell Phones in K-12 Schools is Dumb Cell Phones are Essential Learning Tools Banning Phones Assumes the Worst in Students Schools Should Evolve with the Times Work With Students, Not Against Them Featured Content I attended the AI in Education Conference recently and I had the opportunity to speak with Dr. Robert Zywicky, Dr. Richard Tomko, and Stanley Buchesky about the future of AI in K12 schools and the need for moving AI forward now and in 2024. In this conversation we discussed:


Overwhelmed by AI? Here's How to Deal - HoET235

Feedback & Shout Outs Email from Christine McCormick - I just finished listening to your Podcast on using AI as your new teaching assistant and I wanted to say thank you!! I am a district office admin and find that my administrators are struggling with the balance of using AI as a resource because of their fear about cheating or some other devilish consequences. I am facilitating a workshop in early November focusing on using AI for the power of good. Thanks for adding to my thinking with your Podcast and I will share it as a great resource in my training. I don't know how I would do my job if I didn't take advantage of how CHAT GPT does the initial thinking for many routine tasks. I now think....could I use CHAT GPT for this before I over think! Thanks again! EdTech Recommendation I cover the top 5 free screen recording programs for capturing footage from your computer screen. It counts down the top options, including ShareX, Flashback Express, NVIDIA ShadowPlay/AMD ReLive, ScreenRec, and OBS Studio. I talk about the key features, benefits, and limitations of each program. Featured Content Overcoming AI Overwhelm as an Educator Artificial intelligence is advancing rapidly, bringing new opportunities and challenges for educators. It's normal to feel overwhelmed! In this episode, I discuss strategies to help you embrace AI's potential without being buried by it. Why Educators Feel Overwhelmed by AI Biggest AI Opportunities for Educators How to Avoid Being Left Behind AI Implementation Tips Educator Self-Care Strategies Implementing AI can be daunting, but staying informed and starting small can help you harness its power. Focus on using AI to augment your strengths, not replace you! What AI overwhelm reduction strategies do you recommend? Let me know!


Is It Time To Break-up with Twitter/X? - HoET234

EdTech Thought Twitter once brought educators together, providing community and hope when we needed it most. For teachers overwhelmed by the demands of this profession, Twitter was a refuge - a little blue bird that lifted our spirits and helped us find kindred spirits across the globe. Lesson plans were shared, tears shed over budget cuts, and encouragement was offered in a space that felt like home. This social media giant was supposed to bring people together, not tear them apart. It has abandoned its purpose and soul. The once beautiful Tweet of connection is now a cruel, endless screech. Educators nursed Twitter’s growth from the start, but when profit triumphed over people, it left us behind. Our refuge is gone. Rest in peace, little blue bird. EdTech Recommendation Introduces as a tool to easily differentiate texts and generate personalized readings for every student. Highlights key benefits like aligning adapted texts to standards/curriculum, saving time on planning, and helping students access grade-level content. Just Give It A Try Feedback from Karen Ferrer -


AI: Your New Teaching Assistant - HoET233

EdTech Thought Too Much AI? EdTech Recommendation Flixier - Make amazing videos with just a few clicks, collaborate in real-time, and publish in under 3 minutes with the fastest online video editor. Featured Content In today’s technologically advanced era, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is transforming various facets of our lives, with education being a prime example. The incorporation of AI in education is a testament to the boundless opportunities available for enriching teaching and learning experiences. Here are compelling reasons why integrating more AI in education is essential: Personalized Learning: AI offers a tailored educational journey, addressing the diverse learning needs and paces of students, which traditional systems often overlook. It provides customized programs, AI-embedded games, and adaptive learning methods, ensuring every student comprehends concepts at their own pace, thereby promoting inclusivity and equity in learning. Task Automation: AI efficiently handles numerous administrative and value-added tasks, allowing teachers to concentrate on their core responsibility – teaching. It automates grading, homework checking, and report maintenance, thereby reducing educators' workload and enabling them to spend more time interacting with students and catering to their individual needs. Smart Content Creation: AI facilitates the development of innovative and captivating content and enhances learning through information visualization and digital lesson generation. It ensures that study materials are accessible and up-to-date, and available on any device, allowing learning to extend beyond the classroom. Adaptable Access: AI breaks down language and accessibility barriers, making education universally accessible. With features like multilingual support and AI-powered tools such as Presentation Translator, it provides real-time subtitles for virtual lectures, ensuring learning is convenient for everyone, regardless of language or impairment. Identifying Classroom Vulnerabilities: AI is instrumental in analyzing data to identify vulnerabilities and areas needing improvement in the classroom. This analysis allows for the implementation of targeted solutions to enhance the overall learning experience. Resources 31 Incredible AI Tools for Education You Need to Try Right Now!30 AI tools for the classroom AI Tools Teachers Should Know About - Best AI Tools for Education - Just Give It A Try You can now connect Canva to ChatGPT if you're a premium ChatGPT user! This collaboration empowers you to seamlessly craft visually stunning and educational content, from presentations and posters to social media posts and documents. Whether you’re illustrating complex concepts, designing engaging lesson materials, or sharing classroom updates, the amalgamation of Canva’s extensive template library and ChatGPT’s versatile text generation makes it easier than ever. Just give it a try and watch your classroom experiences transform!


Techy Notes and Sticky Learning with Debbie Tannenbaum - HoET232

Feedback & Shout Outs After this episode I will be returning to my regular every two-week release schedule. I hope you've enjoyed all the conversations I had at and related to ISTE 2023! Attend the Supes Choice Award Gala! EdTech Recommendation Hey listeners! Today, I want to introduce you to an incredible tool that's revolutionizing the way educators create content - QuestionWell. Whether you're a teacher, tutor, or just someone passionate about learning, QuestionWell offers a suite of features that make content creation a breeze. From automatically generating learning outcomes and essential questions to offering a wide range of export options, this platform has got you covered. And for those looking to take their content to the next level, QuestionWell's paid plan offers even more advanced features. So, if you're looking to save time and enhance your educational content, check out QuestionWell today! Featured Content Debbie Tannenbaum is an accomplished educator, tech enthusiast, and advocate for innovative learning. With over a decade of experience in the educational sector, Debbie has dedicated her career to integrating technology into classrooms, ensuring that students are equipped with the skills they need for the digital age. As a passionate believer in the power of technology to transform learning, she has led numerous workshops and training sessions for educators, helping them harness the potential of modern tools and platforms. Debbie's commitment to education extends beyond the classroom; she is an active blogger, sharing insights, tips, and resources with a broader audience. Her dedication to fostering a love for learning and her ability to bridge the gap between traditional teaching methods and new technological advancements make her a valuable asset to any educational institution.


Creating My EdTech Life and Podcasting with Alfonso Mendoza - HoET231

Feedback & Shout Outs Behind the Mic: Voices of the EPN - Subscribe today! The podcast launches on September 1, 2023! EdTech Thought Explore the Power of Voice with Podcasting: Let's dive into the untapped potential of podcasting as a platform for sharing unique stories, perspectives, and knowledge. Emphasizing its accessibility and authenticity, the piece encourages educators to adopt podcasting as an innovative teaching tool and individuals to overcome fears and self-doubt to share their unique voice. With minimal equipment and genuine intent, anyone can connect, inspire, and grow through podcasting. I've authored "I Like to Podcast and You Will Too: A House of #EdTech Guide to Podcasting" and it might be the perfect resource if you're ready to hit record and learn more about podcasting. Featured Content I had the opportunity to sit down with Alfonso Mendoza! He's the host of My EdTech Life and his podcast is also a member of the Education Podcast Network. We spoke face-to-face at ISTE 2023 in Philadelphia back in June and we talked about why and how he creates his podcast.


Empowering Teachers with AI: Christie Cloud Talks Curipod - HoET230

EdTech Thought Understanding and integrating technology in education is more than just using new tools; it's about tapping into their potential to enhance teaching methods. As teaching styles evolve, so do tech tools. Here's a quick guide: Identifying PotentialAdapting Takes TimeChoose What FitsTrust Your IntuitionChallenge Past NotionsUnlock PossibilitiesStay Current Optimize your teaching approach by embracing technology, understanding its potential, and integrating tools that enhance your classroom experience. Don't let apprehensions deter you. Embrace the present and future of education. EdTech Recommendation How to Cite AI in MLA "[prompt]" prompt. AI Tool & version (with date), Company, Date Accessed, General Link to AI Tool. Featured Content Christie Cloud chatted with me at ISTE Live 2023 all about Curipod! Curipod's mission: "For too long, education has been focusing on remembering, recalling and memorizing. We have seen the greatness of what a curious person can accomplish. We are on a mission to spark curiosity in peoples lives and make questioning everything something you do everyday, because it is fun and energising."


Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Education with Alana Winnick - HoET229

Feedback & Shout Outs Marisa Thompson is launching a fantastic course! The Ultimate TQE Course Featured Content I finally met Alana Winnick face to face at ISTE Live 2023 in Philadelphia after connecting with her virtually during the pandemic via Jesse Lubinsky from Partial Credit. Alana is passionate about education technology, she's a podcaster and a newly published author! During our conversation, we talk about artificial intelligence and its growing use in education and we share our opinions about some AI-related topics and I also share some of the ways I've leveraged AI in my own classroom. Click here to purchase Alana's book, "The Generative Age: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Education"


Exploring #EdTech's Impact on Higher Education - HoET228

Sponsor Thank you to the Institute for Education Innovation & 2023 SUPES' CHOICE AWARDS. The only education industry awards judged exclusively by school district superintendents Featured Content (5:12) Josh Swartz and William Illingworth are the hosts of the HiTech Podcast and I got to set and chat with them while I was at ISTE 2023 in Philadelphia. Topics Discussed: Technology Mentioned:


Launching a School Media Program with Bruce Reicher - HoET227

Featured Content (21:20) I caught up with Bruce Reicher at ISTE Live 2023 and had a great conversation about building a school media program from scratch. Bruce will be moving into a new position at a new school and district after building a fantastic media program at his previous school. Announcements I am launching TWO new podcasts! Behind the Mic: Voices of the EPNInspiring Thoughts Daily with Chris Nesi I have finally written a book! I invite you to check out my first book, "I Like to Podcast and You Will Too: A House of #EdTech Guide to Podcasting" Physical copies are available NOW and the will release on Kindle on August 16, 2023! Whether you're looking to podcast with students or podcast for yourself this book will get you podcasting!


#EdTech Insights from School District Tech Leaders at #ISTELive23 - HoET226

Feedback & Shout Outs (1:24) It was great to meet so many new people and connect with old friends at ISTE Live 2023 in Philadelphia! EdTech Thought (4:13) Threads, a new social media platform developed by Instagram, is gaining traction among educators. It allows users to share text updates, join public conversations, and importantly for educators, link directly to resources. Despite early challenges with search functionality and account management, Threads holds significant potential for revolutionizing how educators connect and share resources. Takeaways: Let's connect on Threads! EdTech Recommendation (9:16) Explore mmhmm, a dynamic and user-friendly tool that's revolutionizing virtual classrooms for K-12 teachers. mmhmm offers a suite of features designed to make online teaching more engaging and memorable. From presenting on-screen alongside any content to hosting interactive activities and discussions on video calls, mmhmm is compatible with platforms like Zoom, Meet, Teams, and Webex. Teachers can record lessons, design custom video sequences, and even add special effects to their presentations. Once a lesson is ready, it can be shared with students or published to a school's video library, with closed captioning options for improved accessibility. Available for Mac and Windows, mmhmm also offers web and studio versions for added flexibility. Featured Content (12:32) Crystal Samuels, John Terlecki, and Douglas Timm discussed their roles in their Delaware school district as instructional technology leaders. The team is in charge of instructional technology for a district of 14,000 students across 33 schools, and they cater to diverse student populations, including those with unique needs such as a school for the deaf, students with disabilities, and autistic-centric programs. They each emphasized the collaborative nature of their team, stating that they work well together because of their differing approaches and personalities. They stressed the importance of having a 'can-do' attitude, always striving to find ways to implement new ideas. Topics discussed include: House of #EdTech VIP (37:16) Nicole Lipps is a seasoned educator with a fervent passion for integrating digital tools and resources into the educational landscape. Her mission is to revolutionize the way we teach and learn, and she has a proven track record of successfully leveraging technology to enhance student engagement and achievement. Nicole takes immense pride in leading other educators on this transformative journey.


Apple Vision Pro: A New Dimension for K-12 Education - HoET225

Feedback & Shout Outs (1:20) I will NOT be taking a Summer break from the podcast! Rest easy knowing you will get some great content throughout the Summer! I can't wait to meet you at ISTE Live 2023 if you will be in Philly! EdTech Thought (4:39) While the notion of banning cell phones in schools might seem appealing due to concerns over distraction and misuse, it is worth considering the multitude of benefits these devices can offer in enhancing the learning environment. Cell phones can be exceptional educational tools, offering students access to a plethora of online resources, apps, and e-books, thus expanding their learning beyond traditional textbooks. In today's digital age, early exposure to technology through cell phones can cultivate technological literacy in students, preparing them for future opportunities. Additionally, cell phones can provide an essential bridge across the digital divide for students who lack access to computers or tablets at home, promoting a more inclusive and equitable learning environment. In the event of emergencies, cell phones offer an immediate communication channel, ensuring safety. They can also be instrumental in teaching students about autonomy, responsibility, and digital etiquette. Moreover, they have the potential to revolutionize teaching methods, as educators can incorporate interactive activities accessible via students' devices, promoting active engagement. While these benefits are significant, it's crucial to foster a disciplined and respectful usage of cell phones within the school environment. Rather than imposing an outright ban, schools could develop a comprehensive cell phone policy, focusing on teaching students how to use their devices effectively and responsibly. EdTech Recommendation (9:17) Check out Troy Reynolds on TikTok | TikTok Referenced In Episode & Part 2 At the end of the school year, teachers should take a few key steps to clean up their Google Classroom to ensure a smooth transition to the next academic year. Archive Classes: Once a class is over, you should archive it to keep your dashboard organized. Archived classes are still accessible for reference, but they don't appear in your active class list. Return All Work: Ensure all assignments have been graded and returned to students. This allows students to view their grades and feedback even after the class is archived. Download and Save Important Data: If there are important materials, grades, or student submissions you want to keep, make sure to download and save them elsewhere before archiving the class. Remove Old Class Materials: Clear out any unnecessary posts, assignments, or materials from the class page. This will make it easier to navigate in the future. Communicate with Students: Let students know when you plan to archive the class so they can download any materials or grades they want to keep. Plan for the Next Year: Consider what worked well and what didn't this year. Start preparing for the next year by setting up new classes, reusing posts or assignments, and updating your course material as necessary. Following these steps will not only make your Google Classroom more manageable, but it will also set you up for success in the upcoming school year. Featured Content (11:33) In this episode of the House of #EdTech, I delve into the transformative power of Apple's latest technological innovation, the Apple Vision Pro. This groundbreaking mixed-reality headset has immense potential to reshape K-12 education, introducing students to an immersive, interactive, and highly engaging learning environment. I explore the key features of the Vision Pro, from its advanced M2 and R1 chips for seamless computing and real-time sensor processing to its array of sensors and cameras that allow users to interact with digital content as if it were part of their actual surroundings. The EyeSight technology, which enables a sense of connection and presence, is also highlighted. The episode...


Office Hours: More Podcasting Q&A - HoET224

EdTech Thought (3:02) The Power of Community for Educators: A community is much more than a mere group of individuals; it serves as a robust support system and a platform for shared experiences and ideas. Within a community, we can find solace and encouragement during challenging times while celebrating our triumphs together. The realization that we are not alone in our struggles, achievements, and aspirations becomes a profound source of motivation. Building a Sanctuary for Educators: By actively building a community of educators, we create a sanctuary where knowledge is exchanged, best practices are shared, and innovative ideas are collaboratively developed. This nurturing environment becomes a wellspring of encouragement, inspiration, and the fuel that drives us to strive for excellence within our classrooms. Benefits of Joining an Educator Community: EdTech Recommendation (8:24) I want to introduce you to a powerful tool that is revolutionizing the way educators deliver presentations. ClassPoint is an innovative solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint, elevating your teaching experience to new heights. Let's explore how ClassPoint enhances your existing PowerPoint presentations and transforms them into dynamic and interactive learning experiences. Transforming PowerPoint into a Dynamic Teaching Platform: ClassPoint elevates PowerPoint from a basic presentation tool to a dynamic teaching platform. By incorporating ClassPoint into your digital lessons, you can enhance student engagement, foster interactivity, and create memorable learning experiences. Take your teaching to the next level by giving ClassPoint a try and experience the transformative power it brings to your classroom. Share your feedback and let me know how it enhances your teaching. If you're already using ClassPoint, I would love to hear from you too! Featured Content (10:29) In today's world, podcasting is becoming an increasingly influential tool in many educational settings. We delve deep into this topic, particularly the benefits of podcasting in schools. This episode explores how podcasting contributes to students' development and growth in various subjects, boosting their communication and social skills. Whether you're based in Brazil like my listener Leo Calbusch, in Pennsylvania like Mike Brilla, or anywhere else in the world, this episode provides insightful answers to critical questions on the role of podcasting in enhancing student engagement and commitment. Resources: Topics and questions addressed: What are the benefits of podcasting in school?How does it contribute to students' development and improvement in different subjects?How does it enhance their communication and social skills?Does it help them become more organized?Curious about student engagement and commitmentWhat do they learn and what skills do they develop or improve by podcasting?Could you provide some guidance on how to distribute a podcast on major platforms such as Apple, Google, and Spotify?


The Power of Digital Portfolios: Tips and Tools for Student Success - HoET223

Feedback & Shout Outs (1:20) I will be at ISTELive23 on June 26 and 27! Let's connect. EdTech Thought (3:32) As the school year comes to an end, teachers can reflect on their growth and explore new technology tools to enhance their teaching skills. Integrating new tech in the classroom can help educators stay current, become more effective, and contribute to their professional development. Embracing innovation in education is essential for personal growth and student success. Key Points: EdTech Recommendation (7:32) Gamma is an alternative to slide decks - a fast, simple way to share and present your work. Create engaging presentations, memos, briefs, and docs that are easy to discuss live or share async. Use my link and get 200 credits when you sign up for free! Check out the slide deck I created about the featured content for this episode. Featured Content (11:36) In today's episode, I focused on the process of creating digital portfolios with students, which can enhance their learning experiences and showcase their growth. Key takeaways include: