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Hosted by Guy Nadivi, Intelligent Automation Radio is the #1 podcast for IT executives seeking insights on the impact & opportunities for innovation that automation is delivering to businesses around the world. Featuring thought leaders in Automation, AI, Machine Learning, Orchestration, Digital Transformation, & the Future of Work.

Hosted by Guy Nadivi, Intelligent Automation Radio is the #1 podcast for IT executives seeking insights on the impact & opportunities for innovation that automation is delivering to businesses around the world. Featuring thought leaders in Automation, AI, Machine Learning, Orchestration, Digital Transformation, & the Future of Work.


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Hosted by Guy Nadivi, Intelligent Automation Radio is the #1 podcast for IT executives seeking insights on the impact & opportunities for innovation that automation is delivering to businesses around the world. Featuring thought leaders in Automation, AI, Machine Learning, Orchestration, Digital Transformation, & the Future of Work.




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Travis Greene - Director of Strategy for IT Operations Products at Micro Focus

The IT industry, not unlike biology, evolves at a measured pace. Innovations perceived as great leaps forward are more often usually just novel combinations of existing capabilities repurposed for new tasks. The wow factor generated by the latest vendor offerings is primarily due to their inventive approach to solving current problems, not the revelation of some unimaginably futuristic scientific advancement. It therefore behooves us to consider the solutions IT automation produces in...


Neil Sahota - AI Advisor to the United Nations, IBM Master Inventor, & Chief Innovation Officer at UC Irvine

AI’s impact on people, organizations, and countries is now so far-reaching there soon won’t be any aspect of our lives left untouched by it. To even begin understanding how wide-ranging the effect of artificial intelligence is currently, we undertake a wide-ranging discussion with Neil Sahota, AI advisor to the United Nations. Neil takes us on a grand tour of some really exciting ways AI’s capabilities are being used around the world today. He also introduces us to a thinking framework he...


Jay McBain - Principal Analyst Channels, Partnerships & Ecosystems at Forrester

We've all heard the term "growing the pie" in the context of enlarging an economic opportunity to enrich more people. That kind of pie growth is visible today in the automation & AI space, where swelling revenue streams are accelerating prosperity for software vendors & service providers. This in turn is driving the formation of an automation- & AI-centered business ecosystem which ultimately will have a significant macroeconomic impact on numerous industries. At least that's the prediction...


Isaac Sacolick - President & Founder of StarCIO

When it comes to digital transformation, as the saying goes, we may all be in the same storm, but we're not all in the same boat. Just ask any 2 people and you'll get 3 different testimonials reflecting an incredibly broad spectrum of experiences & outcomes. For senior IT leaders captaining their operations vessel, what should they know to best navigate the turbulence of this technology tempest and ensure their enterprise makes it to safe harbor? For insights we turn to Isaac Sacolick,...


Sandeep Parikh - Partner and Leader for Intelligent Automation at EY

Whether undertaken by individuals, departments, or entire organizations, the automation journey is virtually certain to include a hearty mix of progress and pitfalls. Ambitious objectives often go unrealized, but unexpected benefits frequently emerge as well. These mixed results prompt some to pull the plug on their automation pursuits, while compelling others to double down in their quest for digital transformation. Uncovering the causes driving these varied outcomes is one of the subjects...


Steven Hall - President of ISG

It's been often remarked that the Chinese symbol for "crisis" is comprised of two other characters representing danger and opportunity. The coronavirus pandemic has perhaps been the most dangerous global crisis since the Cold War, but for many economic sectors, it's created great opportunity. The MSP & cloud service provider market is one such sector, which according to Steven Hall of ISG has grown an astounding 50% over the last 4 quarters. Much of this is due to the crisis spawned by...


Chetan Dube - President, CEO and Founder of Amelia, an IPsoft company (PART II)

In Part II of this 2-part episode, we continue our conversation with Chetan Dube, who for over 2 decades has been haunted by the seminal question Alan Turing posed in 1950 - "Can Machines Think?" Chetan's years-long Odyssey in pursuit of an answer led him to found Amelia, one of the market leaders in enterprise AI software. During this segment, we'll learn how the government can significantly reduce its trade deficit by leveraging AI, when the majority of the workforce will be digital...


Chetan Dube - President, CEO and Founder of Amelia, an IPsoft company (PART I)

Progress, in just about any endeavor, is often driven by pioneers who see pathways where others only see dead ends. In the field of AI, one such trailblazer is Chetan Dube, whose quest to make machine intelligence approximate human intelligence led him to found IPsoft (now Amelia), the world's largest privately held AI software company. In Part I of this 2-part episode, we speak with Chetan & learn why traditionally risk-averse industries went all in on conversational AI and the...


Sagi Eliyahu - CEO and Co-Founder of Tonkean

By 2023, Gartner projects that citizen developers will outnumber professional developers more than 4-to-1 at large enterprises. This astonishing development reflects the emergence of employees with "digital dexterity", who are comfortable using new technologies that drive "better business outcomes". One example of such technology is Tonkean’s Adaptive Business Operations Platform, a no-code/low-code automation tool that empowers citizen developers, or “makers” to optimize processes at the...


Steven Umbrello - Managing Director at the Institute for Ethics and Emerging Technologies

Had the great modernist poet D. H. Lawrence lived in our time, perhaps he would've alternatively phrased this famous quote as follows - "Ethics and equity and the principles of justice do not change with shifting technological paradigms." Today, many people realize that the shifting paradigms of AI, automation, and digital transformation will disrupt numerous human-involved processes, but few ponder how these disruptions will affect ethics and equity and principles of justice. Fewer still...


Slater Victoroff - Founder and CTO of Indico

People of a certain age will fondly remember an American TV game show called "Name That Tune", where contestants won prizes for correctly identifying a song with as few notes as possible played by an orchestra. Name That Tune offers a fitting analogy to explain Indico's value proposition - automating complex processes involving unstructured content, using as little as 200 sample documents for its AI model to learn from. With just a fraction of what their competitors require, Indico can name...


Shan Haq - Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Development at Transcepta

Build or Buy? It’s a question both IT & business operations have grappled with ever since John W. Tukey first coined the term "software" in 1957. As automation & artificial intelligence quickly permeate nearly every aspect of enterprise ops over 6 decades later, the question still remains. Should an organization build its own automation & AI application, or let someone else do the heavy lifting? Building custom solutions allows companies to retain control, but at what expense? Then there's...


Oded Karev - General Manager of Robotics Process Automation at NICE Ltd.

Who among us hasn't called a contact center at some point for customer service, tech support, or some other matter? Usually those interactions are mundane, unremarkable, and ultimately forgettable. You get what you need and go on with your day, blissfully unaware of what transpired behind the scenes to provide you that friction-free encounter. It turns out however that automation & AI often play a key role in delivering those satisfying outcomes, and NICE Ltd. (formerly Neptune Intelligence...


Susie Wee - Senior Vice-President & CTO of DevNet Ecosystem Success at Cisco

Prior to their acquisition by Oracle, Sun Microsystems operated under a memorable tagline - "The network is the computer". Their slogan illustrated the maxim that tapping into the combined computational power of an entire network would yield far more impressive results than what a lone desktop could deliver on its own. That principle is center stage again today, thanks to the promise of intent-based networking (IBN), which leverages AI & machine learning to automate many network processes...


William Falcon - Founder and CEO of

Failing fast is one of Agile development’s conceptual pillars. Embracing the principle of failing fast leads to lower cost of failure, accelerated learning, and innovation-driven organizational culture. In the AI & machine learning world however, where testing & fast failing of models is heavily dependent on access to computing power, these desirable benefits are often out of reach. If your employer is computationally affluent like Facebook or Google, your machine learning models enjoy the...


Gaurav Dhillon - Chairman and CEO of SnapLogic

The trenches of technology's marketplace battlefield are strewn with the remains of high-tech leaders, undercut by adversaries marching in with the next great innovation. It's a manifestation of Creative Destruction, economist Joseph Schumpeter's famous theory about the continuous cycle of annihilation & creation that enables the new to replace the old. Of course "old" is a relative term in IT, but some are beginning to view automation in its current form as a legacy encumbrance. If it is,...


Krishna Gade - Co-Founder and CEO of Fiddler

There's a quote circulating on the internet that "trust takes years to build, seconds to break, and forever to repair". Its author was almost certainly referring to human relationships, but it turns out this sentiment applies equally to AI-driven decision making. Complex machine-learning models feeding AI algorithms can take a long time to develop. However, if they result in people's credit applications being erroneously rejected or medical conditions being misdiagnosed, confidence in that...


Mariesa Coughanour - Head of Automation Advisory at Cognizant

As women bridge the diversity gap in the technology industry, female executives like Cognizant’s Mariesa Coughanour, have advanced their careers to prominent positions in our profession, and it’s worth taking note. As head of Cognizant's Automation Advisory, Mariesa runs a practice for one of the world's leading professional services companies that transforms hyper automation from a buzzword into a reality. By tying together analytics, AI, and automation, Mariesa's team has generated tens...


Robert Hutter - Founder and CEO of FireStart

"If you can't describe what you are doing as a process, you don't know what you're doing." That quote was coined by William Edwards Deming, the famous 20th-century management consultant, who viewed process excellence as a sine qua non to performance excellence. When it comes to digital transformation, process excellence is very much foundational to automation excellence. Yet surprisingly, many organizations can't fully describe what they're doing as a process, suggesting that Deming was more...


Bob Friday - Vice President, CTO, and Co-Founder of Mist Systems, a Juniper Company

If a parallel could be drawn between the history of Artificial Intelligence and a professional star athlete who rehabilitated his career, it might go something like this. As a rookie, AI flashed occasional signs of brilliance that enthralled a million minds with the promise of greater possibilities. Then it floundered, getting sent down to the minor leagues to overhaul & revamp itself. Eventually it worked its way back up to the big leagues, and began fulfilling the expectations of greatness...