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Mike Murphy Unplugged is a podcast for one-man bands and content creators who want to move forward in business and in life. Learn how to start a podcast, how to create online content for a living, and how to create the life you want.


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Mike Murphy Unplugged is a podcast for one-man bands and content creators who want to move forward in business and in life. Learn how to start a podcast, how to create online content for a living, and how to create the life you want.






The Domestika Show

Episode Summary: In this episode 160, I share the details of my brand new class called Introduction to Adobe Audition and the experience I had creating it with the online learning platform, Domestika. 🔴 My Domestika Referral Link (use to sign up or share): https://mikemurphy.co/domestika Episode 160 Overview: Behind the scenes look at creating an online class about Adobe Audition on Domestika from start to finish. Who is the course for? Adobe AuditionWhat will you learn? 1. Getting Started with Adobe Audition 2. Adding Media and Recording Audio 3. Editing: Waveform and Multitrack 4. Effects and Processing 5. Exporting and Saving Projects How can you take the course? If you go to mikemurphy.co/domestika that will take you to the course page on Domestika. How much does it cost? It is normally $59.99, but it is currently 85% off so it is only $9.99 which is quite a bargain if I do say so myself. Housekeeping: mikemurphy.co/domestikamikemurphy.co/domestikaEmail me with any questions: Full Episode Notes: Support the showMy Domestika Course: Introduction To Adobe Audition


The Ai Show

Ep159: The Ai Show Episode Summary: Today’s episode is all about Ai or Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT and how they can be used by podcasters and content creators. The Confession: The entire script of this episode was written by ChatGPT in a matter of minutes and I read it word for word. My reason for creating this episode was to have a little fun while also teaching the basics of Ai that I think is a mystery to many (including myself), but it is certain to have an enormous impact on life as we know it. If this is your first time hearing about ChatGPT, I encourage you to give it a try. To say it is impressive is an understatement. Give ChatGPT a try: https://chat.openai.com/ Episode 159 Overview: In this episode 159, I will discuss the benefits of using AI for podcasting, how ChatGPT works, and some of the ethical and social considerations that come with the use of AI. The Script (Generated by ChatGPT): What is Artificial Intelligence? There are several different types of AI, including: 1. Narrow AI: This type of AI is designed to perform a specific task or function, such as language translation or image recognition. 2. General AI: This type of AI is designed to perform a wide range of tasks and adapt to new situations, similar to how a human brain can learn and adapt. 3. Strong AI: This type of AI is designed to be indistinguishable from a human in terms of its ability to think and reason. AI is being used in a variety of fields, including healthcare, finance, education, and transportation, to improve efficiency and automate tasks. However, the development and use of AI also raise ethical and social concerns, such as the potential impact on employment and privacy. What is ChatGPT? ChatGPT is a chatbot that uses a natural language processing Ai model (NLP) and machine learning to generate human-like responses to user input. It is based on the GPT-3 language model developed by OpenAI, which is one of the largest and most advanced language models currently available. ChatGPT is able to understand human language inquiries and then generates appropriate responses. Here is how ChatGPT works: 1. ChatGPT receives input from a user in the form of a message or question. 2. The input is processed by the chatbot's NLP algorithms, which analyze the words and phrases used and determine the intended meaning. 3. Based on this analysis, ChatGPT generates a response using its machine learning algorithms, which have been trained on a large dataset of human-generated text. 4. The chatbot's response is sent back to the user, who can then continue the conversation by providing additional input. 5. This process repeats until the conversa Support the showMy Domestika Course: Introduction To Adobe Audition


The Pilgrimage

Ep158: The Pilgrimage This episode marks the 7-year anniversary of Mike Murphy Unplugged. In this episode, I share the story of my pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago in France & Spain. About: My name is Mike Murphy and I started Mike Murphy Unplugged in September 2015 to teach and document my journey of building an online business and brand creating content. The goal of the podcast has always been to share what I am learning and doing to create the life I want to inspire others to create the life they want. The Pilgrimage: The Way starring Martin Sheen My Walk: August 26, 2021Sept 28, 2021October 3, 2021October 4, 2021 Stats: Total # of Walking Days………. Total Number of Steps………. Total Distance Walked (km)………. Total Distance Walked (mi)……… Average Number of Steps………. Average Distance Walked (km)………. Average Distance Walked (mi)……… Buen Camino, Mike --------------------------------------------------------------- ➜Episode Notes: https://mikemurphy.co/158 ➜Gear & Resources I Use:: https://mikemurphy.co/resources --------------------------------------------------------------- Support the showMy Domestika Course: Introduction To Adobe Audition


The 2022 Life Update Show

Ep157: The 2022 Life Update Show As Eleanor Roosevelt famously said, Absence makes the heart grow fonder, so today I simply want to say hello, reconnect and bring you up to speed on what I’ve been up to and what I have planned for 2022. Episode Summary: Hello and welcome to episode 157: The 2022 Life Update Show. It’s been a minute since I published an episode and I simply wanted to touch base and provide a quick life and business update. So, let’s go. Life Updates 2022: Quote: “Some changes look negative on the surface but you will soon realize that space is being created in your life for something new to emerge.” - Eckhart Tolle Life Updates 2021: Trip of A Lifetime Resources Mentioned in Episode: Movie:The Way Book:The Courage To Be Disliked Ali Abdaal.Mike Murphy Co in 2022: Mike Murphy Unplugged Podcast: Amazon Associates Disclosure: Mike Murphy is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com Episode Notes: Support the showMy Domestika Course: Introduction To Adobe Audition


The Change Show

In Today’s episode, I am going to read a simple, but practical checklist from a book that I recently finished to help or inspire you to create a positive change in your life Summary: The checklist I am going to share with you today is from the book, What to Say When You Talk To Yourself by Shad Helmstetter which is all about rewiring your brain with positive thoughts and self-talk. Buy Book on Amazon: (affiliate link) What to Say When You Talk to Your Self by Shad Helmstetter Ph.D https://amzn.to/3bGMbkj TIP If you have an Amazon Alexa device, you can buy Kindle books on Amazon usually for $3.99 or less and use the Alexa app on our iOS Device and listen to your Kindle books like an audiobook. The voice of Alexa is a little robotic and not nearly as high of a production value as an Audible book, but it’s been a great discovery for me and I’m finding myself consuming a lot more books listening like I do podcasts at a fraction of the cost of Audible books. Quote From Book: Whatever you put into your mind in one way or another, is what you will get back out, in one way or another What does your self-talk sound like? Are you kind and positive and encouraging when you talk to yourself? Do you beat yourself up over all the things on your to-do list that you can’t seem to get done or the projects that you never seem to have time for or the failed attempts at getting in shape, or the inability to get ahead financially, etc. Ways to Create Positive Change Gandhi said it best: _Be the Change You Wish to See in The World. B Support the showMy Domestika Course: Introduction To Adobe Audition


The 4th Anniversary Show

Today is the 4th Anniversary of Mike Murphy Unplugged and I take a walk down memory lane and look at the takeaways from year 1 and see how they hold up today…a few years later ! In this Episode 155: A big thank you to all of you who have been with me since the beginning of this journey! Cheers! In this episode, I look at my Top 10 Takeaways from Year One and see how they stack up today. Year 1 Mike vs. 2019 Mike Episode Notes: https://mikemurphy.co/ep155 The Top 10 List is from 2016 (Listen for 2019 Comparison) Quotes from 2016: Karen Lamb: “A year from now you will wish you had started today”. Wayne Gretzky: “You miss 100% of the shots you never take”. Happy 4th Anniversary and Thank You! Thank you for joining me today and I hope you join my one man band and together we can Learn. Create & Move Forward. Cheers, Mike. Episode Notes: https://mikemurphy.co/ep155 Contact Me: Email: mike@mikemurphy.co Instagram:@mikeunplugged Twitter: @mikeunplugged Support the showMy Domestika Course: Introduction To Adobe Audition


The Migration Show

This episode breaks down the process of how to move your show (podcast) from one podcast hosting company to another without losing any subscribers. Topics covered in this episode: What is a podcast host? When you start podcast, one of the major decisions you will make is where to host your show. There are many podcast hosts available but some of the more popular ones include: SimplecastOthers hosting companies include: LibsynBlubrryPodbeanBuzzSproutSpreakerSoundcloudAnchorWhat do podcast hosting platforms do? Overview of Podcast Hosts:1. Audio File Storage & Delivery2. Generate your RSS Feed3. Publishing & Syndication to directories. Audio File Storage & Delivery To store your audio files and serve them to listener devices when someone clicks play or download from a podcast app or an embed player or anywhere your podcast episodes can be accessed. Generate your RSS Feed which is the link between your show and subscribers and to all of the podcast apps and directories. Every podcast has one unique RSS Feed and that usually only changes when you change podcast hosts. Note: Your RSS Feed is not always generated at the location where you store your audio files. When moving a show, you will do so wherever your RSS Feed is located and not necessarily where your audio files are stored. My original set up was using the Powerpress plugin by Blubrry on my Wordpress website and I hosted my audio files for download only on the podcast host, Libsyn. If your RSS Feed was generated by Powerpress, then that is the location where you would redirect your feed. Ask if you are not certain. Publishing and Syndication To Directories.Additional roles of podcast hosts:Analytics, websites, sharing tools, embed players, and some even have world-class support! What is a Podcast Directory? A podcast directory is simply a library or catalog of podcasts where one can browse, listen, and subscribe to new shows. Major Podcast Directories: Apple Podcasts Spotify Google Podcasts Google Play Pandora Support the showMy Domestika Course: Introduction To Adobe Audition


The Budget Show

Behind the scenes of my simple and practical new financial freedom plan to help me create the life I want. Today is about taking action and control of your finances so you can create the life you want. Part 1: Why am I taking action on my finances? Part 2: The 2 Books that led me to action I Will Teach You To Be Rich Buy on AmazonThe Latte Factor(Buy on Amazon) I Will Teach You To Be Rich By Ramit Sethi 1st Edition: My biggest takeaway from the 1st edition was setting up online banks for automating your finances. Set it and forget it. Deposit your paycheck in a checking account and have set amounts go to bills, savings, and investments automatically. 2st Edition: I ordered the audiobook from Audible immediately and listened to it non-stop for 2 days. This book is a crash course in the fundamentals of investing and also very tactical in that he gives step by step advice along with specific recommendations for investments and online banks. I Will Teach You To Be Rich caused me to take action 10 years ago and it had the same effect on me the 2nd time around because the message throughout the book is taking the time to do this now will help you create the life you want. This book will teach you exactly what to invest in, how to set up online banking so your savings and investing are automatic, and what it means to live a rich life. It’s not about the money, it’s about intentional living and purpose. The Latte Factor by David Bach Podcast Mentioned: The James Altucher Show I also listened to The Latte Factor on Audible from start to finish. The Latte Factor is story about a girl named Zoey who is a twenty-something working and living the dream in NYC and is buried under student loans, debt, and living paycheck to paycheck just trying to make ends meet. Not an unfamiliar story for many. The thought of savings and investing are the furthest thing from her mind as she can barely afford rent. This is a story many of us have experienced and it can be a vicious cycle of financial stress and worry working hard just to pay debts and eek by without being able to put any money aside for travel or savings or retirement. Zoey meets a wise old man who changes her perspective and teaches her many valuable money and life lessons such as the power of compounding interest and one of the the most important lessons of this book and my biggest takeaway from the book is Pay yourself first. **Pay Yourself First: ** You take the first hour of every working day and put that in your savings or investment account. Example: You work 8 hours per day You take your hourly rate for 1 hour out of the 8 hours You put the first ho Support the showMy Domestika Course: Introduction To Adobe Audition


The Merry Show

Today is an update episode and I simply wanted to say hey wish you all a very happy Holiday Season. Episode Summary: So welcome to this holiday episode 152. In this episode I wanted to bring you up to speed on my journey and plans for 2019, but more importantly I really just wanted to make sure I took the time to wish each and every one of you a very merry holiday season and to wish you the best as we approach a new year.The Update: A couple of months ago I told you I was taking a hiatus from Mike Murphy Unplugged for a variety of reasons. This was not an easy decision to make and it saddened me a little to give up a piece of something that I worked extremely hard every single week for 3 years. I was and still am very proud of the consistency and hard work I put into this podcast and all of the content I make surrounding it, but I listened to my heart and took a step back. It was the right decision at the right time. I needed to get the weight off my shoulders as it was introducing negativity into my world and becoming a burden instead of something that inspired me to make.Consistency: I get asked all the time on social media how on Earth I am able to create tutorials and content on such a consistent basis. The answer is easy. I love it. I love to learn and teach. Making tutorials and quick tips is not easy in some ways, yet it’s all I want to do, so I just do it.Podcasting Break I also still very much podcasting and will publish a podcast regularly again, but as soon as the process of podcasting became something that I no longer looked forward to, the problem solver in me clicked in. I do not like when things are broken and I have the ability to fix it. It drives me nuts actually when I see people who suffer and make no attempt to right the ship. That is why I stopped. I shifted and tweaked my process of podcasting until I decided the best course of action was to put it on the shelf and re-adjust.Minimalism Do you know what really made this easy? My push to simplify and get rid of physical, digital and mental clutter. 2018 was the year of minimalism for me and that meant letting things go that caused stress or were not contributing to my happiness or well-being. To be as candid as possible, the first half of 2018, my podcast was a thorn in my side. I was pulling topics out of thin air and I was making them simply because of self-discipline. Again, problem solver Mike knew that this was a problem, and I solved it. I did not give up or quit, I gave myself permission to free up some space and figure out what needed to be done.Opportunity Knocks As soon as I put my podcast on hiatus, a door opened up for me out of the blue. And that was an opportunity to work for the podcasting technology company, Simplecast. Was this a coincidence? In my mind, no way. I manifested this opportunity by showing up every day making and publishing content. When I started I really had no idea what I wanted or what I was good at, so I just started exploring and making things and I started really wide and over time I just started narrowing down and finding my style and groove.Simplecast hired me to do exactly what I am best at and what I like to do. My job is in support and my role is to help solve problems for podcasters and create educational content in the form of tutorials and articles and to teach through webinars and eventually at conferences and workshops. If you have listened to this podcast for any length of time, you will probably realize that my role in Simplecast is exactly what I talk about all the time. If you find yourself in a position of self-doubt or uncertainty, but yo Support the showMy Domestika Course: Introduction To Adobe Audition


The 3 Year Show

Today is the 3rd anniversary of Mike Murphy Unplugged and this an update episode about change, development and creating the life you want. I have some exciting news to share with you. Episode Summary: I started this show on Friday 9/25/2015. Thank you to all of you who have supported me over the past 3 years. The podcast is still on hiatus, but I created this episode: 1) To acknowledge you and the anniversary 2) Share some updates since Episode 150 3) Let you know about my new position with podcast hosting company Simplecast What is a Milestone?: A milestone is an action or event marking a significant change or stage in development. Change is to make or become different. Development is state of growth or advancement. So Why Did I Start Mike Murphy Unplugged Reason 1: To connect, teach and help people figure things out, Reason 2: To figure out how to make a living as an online educator and content creator. My solution: Starting a podcast was the perfect medium for me: Why Podcasting?: -I have been an avid podcast listener since the iPod 1.0 -I love audio and gear -I could share my voice to the world from my bedroom -I knew it was an emerging medium. Timeline:I gave myself 30 days to learn how to start a podcast, how to record and edit audio, create the artwork and branding, and set up social media profiles and figure out what it was about. I did not overthink starting a podcast and I was determined to stay genuine and authentic to me and do it my way. Everyone told me I had to niche down and narrow my topic, but that is not who I am. I have a wide range of interest and skills and I wear many hats (I’m the guy who has watched over 11,000 Lynda videos remember). I used to think of this as my weakness, but it is my super-power. My long-term goal was to make a living as a content creator and teacher. Mike Murphy Unplugged was to document my journey and share all of the tools and resources and steps I was taking to move myself forward towards a very general goal of making a living in creativity and teaching tech tips and tricks. Step #1: in the journey was starting a podcast so I dedicated the first several months of Mike Murphy Unplugged to being a podcast about podcasting. I shared everything I knew about setting up and producing a podcast as that was my main focus at the time and I knew it was an emerging and important medium for businesses in the future. And guess what, the more you talk about and share knowledge about a topic the more of an expert and authority you become. I knew what I was talking about and was confident in my abilities from the start. The main principle I want to share today on this anniversary is showing up day after day even when it seems like nobody is listening or you are not getting many downloads or views or likes, etc. I created at least one piece of content 7 days a week 365 days in row for almost 3 years because I knew that if I just kept showing up I would either figure it out or an opportunity that would present itself. I started this podcast and online venture without a roadmap or plan, but I started and I just kept at it. My priority was to get really good at everything related to teaching and creating conten Support the showMy Domestika Course: Introduction To Adobe Audition


The Summer Break Show

Taking a break Resting your mind is vital to your health and wellness, but that does not mean you stop your efforts to create the life you want The life I want is making a living as a content creator and online educator. My sights are on the long-term, so I’m in it for the marathon and not the sprint, so pace is important. **Mid-Year Review:**July 18th is the halfway mark of the year.The perfect time to evaluate your life and business roadmap for the year and set yourself up for a strong finish to 2018. **Are you on the right track?**Do you know where you are headed?Are you doing everything necessary to get there?Are you in control or are you in reaction mode? **Summary of Episode:**I share my content strategy and plan for the second half of 2018 as I get ready to refresh and head out for a 2-week vacation to Nantucket. I plan my summer vacation by planning my 3rd and 4th quarter content strategy and business goals. My version of work-life balance. The Podcast HiatusI shared in Episode 149 The Freedom Show that I was going to take an indefinite hiatus from this podcast. I do not know when Episode 151 will be published or I may launch a brand new show. I am not putting pressure or making any grand promises as I do not know. I just know I am making the right decision because it is from my gut and heart. The 2018 Roadmap In Episode 122: The 2018 Roadmap Show, the priorities I listed were: Priority #1: Murphy Concierge (Generating Income) Priority #2: Tutorials & Classes: Priority #3: Writing Priority 4: Ask Mike Murphy Priority 5: YouTube Priority 6: Health & Wellness Mid-Year Reaction: Wow! I did a really good job with that Roadmap. Note: podcasting did not make the list of priorities, but it is of upmost importance to my content puzzle and should be for many brands and businesses.Audio & Podcasting are extremely important and effective as we move into a mobile-dominated world. I am not going anywhere. I just need to find the rhythm which will come from adjusting the format and possibly the entire topic or concept. It’s not firing on all cylinders and I know it. I am simply transitioning to a new phase.This is me taking one step back to move 2 steps forward. **My homework:**Brainstorm and add specific ideas and types of content for each of the priorities so I can control the ebb and flow of my life and business and not feel controlled or lost on what to do next. Mantra & Theme for 2018: Simplicity, Fundamentals, Storytelling. To maintain the lifestyle of simplicity and reducing physical & mental clutter and place more emphasis on fundamentals and storytelling in my content creation. StorytellingI am approaching this trip with storytelling on my mind. Creating content drawing from my own personal experiences that others can relate to and make a connection to me. I am looking to make content that strikes a nerve and hits home with others. I’m not concerned with how much content I create on this trip, but I am going to explore and experiment with my cameras and audio equipment and see what I can come up with. . Micro-storytelling is my goal. It’s how I teach. I take big concepts and break off pieces instead of trying to cover too much. This takes discipline and can be challenging as simple is not easy. This is how I want to approach stor Support the showMy Domestika Course: Introduction To Adobe Audition


The Freedom Show

The Art of Letting Go “The secret to happiness is freedom… And the secret to freedom is courage. ”–Thucydides, Philosopher Today is all about freedom, happiness and the power of letting go and Episode Summary: I have spent the past few months aggressively purging and de-cluttering my physical and digital environments and taking inventory of my business and life. Taking inventory means looking in the mirror and doing an honest self-audit. One of the difficult truths or realities I came to terms with in doing a self-audit is this podcast is holding me back and it is weighing me down. My stubbornness and determination could keep it going forever, but the reality is it has become a bit of a burden and I know that is not healthy. I have had to remind the self-critic in me that letting go is not the same as quitting or giving up. It simply means letting go to make room for something new. Announcement: Mike Murphy Unplugged is going on Summer Hiatus.I have decided to press the pause button on Mike Murphy Unplugged after episode 150.I am not done podcasting, just taking a break for now. I started Mike Murphy Unplugged in September of 2015 and I have published a new episode every Friday morning at 6:00 am without fail. I started this podcast to help me find my voice as a creative and to give myself a foundation and platform to teach. I am extremely proud of the body of work I have created and would not trade the experience for the world, but it’s time to start a new chapter. My Backstory of Things: I moved from Colorado to Montana to Portland to New Hampshire and back to Colorado and traveled everywhere in between often living out of my Subaru wagon or VW Van. The freedom and independence I had was largely due to not owning much stuff. Being debt-free and not wanting or requiring extraneous things allowed me to be swift and pick up and go when an opportunity to travel knocked. One Man BandYou hear me say that I am a One Man Band a lot.This independence is what the term represents to me.The ability to move and do what I want on my terms.This comes from me having control and not being tied down to things.I can pick up and go whenever I want.I am putting in the hard work in my business to allow me to work from anywhere in the world. That is the life I want. For me, simplifying and de-cluttering and cutting back to only having the essentials is about having control over the things that matter most in life and doing eliminating things that are not helping me achieve my business goals. It’s easy to get stressed and overwhelmed and feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders and I think a lot of you may feel this way. I refuse to live a life filled with negativity and stress and conflict, and getting rid of excess is my remedy for peace of mind regaining control. The less I have the better I feel. My Minimalist Process For the past several months I have been actively cleaning house on my physical and digital spaces and I’ve turned it into a game almost to see how much stuff I can get rid of. I started thinning things out. Everything. Even things that are small or you think don’t take up much room. It’s amazing how getting rid of the small stuff makes such a difference. I went room by room, drawer by drawer and bag by bag. Any gear or tool or attachment big or small that I did not use or need on a regular basis went out to the pod shed to be given away or sold on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist. I cleaned out every cupboard in my kitchen and got rid of excess silverware, gadgets, plates, glasse Support the showMy Domestika Course: Introduction To Adobe Audition


The IGTV Show

All about Instagram TV. Episode Summary: Follow me on Instagram & IGTV@mikeunplugged. What is IGTV? IGTV was launched in late June 2018 by Instagram.Instagram is owned by Facebook. There are now over 1 Billion users on Instagram.There are over 2 Billion users on Facebook. IGTV is a standalone app, separate from Instagram, but you can access IGTV from the main Instagram app. So what exactly is IGTV?Many are referring to it as TV for mobile devices, aka your phones. The channels on IGTV are you and me. Every content creator is their own channel and it is open to anyone and everyone. IGTV gives you a channel for you to create content that people browsing IGTV and can stop and watch and if they like what they can see, they can let you know by liking or commenting and following you, just like on Instagram. When you open IGTV, videos start playing automatically. Just like when you turn on your TV. Instagram gives you some options to browse including:For You, Explore, Following & Popular and you can search for creators. You cannot search for topics, but you can search for channels. Open the IGTV app and videos will start playing or if you are in the main Instagram app, just look in the upper right for the Orange TV icon and that will take you into IGTV. How Does IGTV Work? IGTV is all about vertical videos for your phone.The correct aspect ratio for IGTV is 9:16.The 9 is the width and the 16 is the height.This is the opposite of horizontal videos you would post on YouTube which have an aspect ration of 16:9. Just think vertical. Taller than it is wide. Tip: Do not place text or important elements or graphics close to the edges when making videos for IGTV or they may get caught off on certain phones. The most common size you will likely use for IGTV is 1080 px wide by 1920 pixels high. This is what your iPhone shoots and is the exact same aspect ratio and size for Instagram Stories. Videos you make for IGTV must be a minimum of 15 seconds long and a maximum of 10 minutes long. For accounts with over 10,000 followers & verified accounts can post videos up to 1-hour long, but for now, the average creator is limited to a maximum of 10-minutes per video. You can upload videos from your phone or in a web browser like Chrome or Safari which is pretty convenient. You can select a Custom Thumbnail or Cover Image.You can add a Title & DescriptionAnd you have the option to Share to your Facebook Pages. If you do have over 10,000 followers and find you have the option to upload 1-hour videos, you will have to use a web browser. Uploading from a phone is not an option for the long videos. Viewers of your IGTV videos can leave comments that will show up in both IGTV and Instagram. They can also like and share to friends. IGTV also integrates with Instagram Stories in that you can create links in your Stories and viewers can simply swipe up and it will take them directly to any video you link to on your IGTV channel. So Why Should You Consider Using it for your business or brand? For starters, remember the stat about Instagram & Facebook having 3 Billion users, well that is one important reason. Instagram is massively popular and IGTV could be a really big deal for creators and brands to get exposure and market your business. Support the showMy Domestika Course: Introduction To Adobe Audition


The Be Good Show

I have spent the past week laughing and crying and I also figured out the recipe for success as a content creator and I share it with you in this episode. Today’s is about understanding what matters in life and how to build a brand and create content that makes a positive impact on others. Life Lessons for Content Creators Episode Summary: Today’s episode 147 is about understanding what matters in life and how to build a brand and create content that makes a positive impact on others. Today is about priorities and urgency. You have one chance at this game of life and sometimes you need to do a self-audit to get back on track. Questions, Comments, Feedback? mike@mikemurphy.co Complete Show Notes: https://mikemurphy.co/ep147 Buy My New eBook: How To Podcast on Wordpress com: The Step-By-Step Guide https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D6DSVVM Support the showMy Domestika Course: Introduction To Adobe Audition


The Writing A Book Show

Ep146: The Writing A Book Show Behind The Scenes of Writing & Self-Publishing a Book/p> Episode Summary: How did I write my new eBook: How To Podcast on Wordrpess.com? What tools and resources did I use? What was my process and workflow and my overall experience? Questions, Comments, Feedback? mike@mikemurphy.co Complete Show Notes: https://mikemurphy.co/ep146 Buy My New eBook: How To Podcast on Wordpress com: The Step-By-Step Guide https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D6DSVVM Support the showMy Domestika Course: Introduction To Adobe Audition


The Creator Show

Ep145: The Creator Show What does it really take to create online content and to create the life you want?/p> Episode Summary: What does it take to make it as a content creator? What does it take to succeed in business? What does it take to create the life you want? Questions, Comments, Feedback? mike@mikemurphy.co Complete Show Notes: https://mikemurphy.co/ep144 Buy My New eBook: How To Podcast on Wordpress com: The Step-By-Step Guide https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D6DSVVM Support the showMy Domestika Course: Introduction To Adobe Audition


The WordPress.com Show

Ep144: The Wordpress.com Show In today’s episode, I share a chapter from my new eBook How To Podcast on Wordpress.com and share 14 reasons to consider using Wordpress.com to launch your podcast and website. Chapter 1 of my new eBook: Why Use Wordpress.com as a Podcast Media Host? Why should you consider using Wordpress.com if you are launching a new podcast and website? What are 14 benefits Wordpress.com brings to the table? Free PDF: https://howtopodcaston.files.wordpress.com/2018/06/why-wordpress-com-1.pdf Questions, Comments, Feedback? mike@mikemurphy.co Complete Show Notes: https://mikemurphy.co/ep144 Buy The eBook: How To Podcast on Wordpress com: The Step-By-Step Guide https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D6DSVVM Support the showMy Domestika Course: Introduction To Adobe Audition


The Podcast Hosting Show

Ep143: The Podcast Hosting Show In today’s episode, you will learn what a podcast media host is, what to look for when choosing one and how much do they cost Episode Summary: What is a podcast media host? How Does Podcast Media Hosting Work? What should you look for when choosing a media host? What podcast hosts do I use? How much does podcast hosting cost? Questions, Comments, Feedback? mike@mikemurphy.co Complete Show Notes: https://mikemurphy.co/ep143 Buy The eBook: How To Podcast on Wordpress com https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07D6DSVVM Support the showMy Domestika Course: Introduction To Adobe Audition


The Why WordPress.com Show

Episode Summary: The story of Why I Wrote The How To Podcast on Wordpress.com:The Step by Step Guide. The Anatomy of a Good Email Is Wordpress.com a legitimate podcast host? What makes Wordpress.com a good option for some podcasters? What ultimately made me decide to write my first ebook on Podcasting on Wordpress.com? Comments, Questions & Feedback: mike@mikemurphy.co Support the showMy Domestika Course: Introduction To Adobe Audition


The Amazon Associates Show

Episode Summary: Today is all about The Amazon Associates Affiliate Program. What is the Amazon Associates program? How do you join the program? What are the pros and cons of the program? How much does Amazon pay in commissions? How do I use Amazon Associates? Comments, Questions & Feedback: mike@mikemurphy.co Support the showMy Domestika Course: Introduction To Adobe Audition