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A podcast that goes beyond the character limit with the best people on Twitter.


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A podcast that goes beyond the character limit with the best people on Twitter.




Justin Myers | @theguyliner

Justin Myers is a writer and columnist for titles including GQ and the Sunday Times Style. His debut novel The Last Romeo is a sort of modern gay Bridget Jones based, in part, on his own experience of anonymously blogging about his dating life for several years as The Guyliner. Although Justin is no longer dating, his blog lives on and instead focuses on the dating lives and “Impeccable Table Manners” of those who feature in the Guardian’s Blind Dates column. He’s also big on Twitter,...


Nick Walker | Daytime Snaps | @daytimesnaps

Nick Walker is the creator of @daytimesnaps, a Twitter account which takes screenshots from daytime television shows in the UK and posts them with absolutely no context. Since launching in 2016, it has gained more than 62 thousand followers, including many of the stars of the posts. In this episode Nick reveals all about Daytime Snaps, shares some of his all time favourite posts and also sheds light on his personal approach to Twitter. Find out more in the show notes at...


Simon James Green | Alex In Wonderland | @simonjamesgreen

Simon James Green is an award-winning author and screenwriter who has just released his third YA novel, Alex In Wonderland. In this episode we discuss how Simon uses Twitter to connect with fans and fellow YA authors and also how he uses the platform as a research tool in the writing process. We also discuss his work in schools and the current debate around teaching equality in the classroom. You can follow Simon on Twitter - @simonjamesgreen ( - and find...


Alice Beverton-Palmer | Twitter UK | @alice

Alice Beverton-Palmer is an Entertainment Partnerships Manager for Twitter UK. She also DJs for London club night Push The Button and is working on her own podcast called The Dorothy Project. In this episode she offers insight into where Twitter is heading in 2019 and shares personal stories of how the platform has not just given her a job but also opened up a world of new friends and side hustles. Follow @alice ( on Twitter and head to for...


Josh Spector | For The Interested | @ftinterested

Josh Spector is a digital marketing consultant from LA. He runs social media for the Oscars and writes a hugely successful blog and newsletter called For The Interested. In this episode Josh reveals the secrets behind Ellen Degeneres record-breaking Oscars selfie, top tips for getting the most out of Twitter and offers insight on his own methods for productivity. Find out more in the show notes at


Adam Koszary | @TheMERL

Adam Koszary from The Museum of English Rural Life in Reading tells me the story behind the 'absolute unit' of a tweet which transformed their Twitter account @TheMERL.


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Show This Thread is a brand new podcast that goes beyond the character limit with some of the best people on Twitter. Each week host Rob Gillett will be joined by a special guest to discuss what they love and loathe about the social media platform.