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A weekly podcast about the business of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and data science. Hosted by Derrick Harris.

A weekly podcast about the business of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and data science. Hosted by Derrick Harris.


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A weekly podcast about the business of cloud computing, artificial intelligence and data science. Hosted by Derrick Harris.




Bringing usable AI to the enterprise (with Igor Jablokov, Pryon)

Pryon founder and CEO Igor Jablokov explains how his company makes it easier for enterprises to access their important data by utilizing augmented intelligence and efficient language models. He also discusses where AI is headed both in the enterprise and in our personal lives thanks to advances in models, chip architectures, and more.


Bridging the last mile in data science (with Barry McCardel, Hex )

Hex Technologies co-founder and CEO Barry McCardel talks about how his company is attempting to simplify the data science workflow—notebooks, collaboration, storytelling, sharing, you name it. And with a focus on security, something for which the founding team developed an affinity during their time at Palantir. McCardel also discusses the (hopefully) novel experience of growing an early-stage startup during a pandemic.


Bringing the sexy back to data integration (with Tim Delisle, Datalogue)

Datalogue co-founder and CEO Tim Delisle discusses how his company is trying to remake data integration for large enterprises, by taking advantage of Kubernetes, good UX, and a focus on performance and security. Delisle also shares his take on why the big data movement might have missed the boat.


Fast, effective mental health care for employees (with Adam Chekroud, Spring Health)

Spring Health co-founder and chief product officer Adam Chekroud explains his company's platform for helping employer's offer quality mental health care to their employees. Chekroud, who's professionally trained in the field, also discusses how employers can do more to encourage mental health, how social media can affect mental health, and how COVID-19 and recent civil rights movements are causing effects both good and bad.


Kubernetes-Off-the-Shelf Software (with Grant Miller, Replicated)

The Architecht Show returns (!) with Replicated co-founder and CEO Grant Miller talking about how his company is enabling KOTS, or Kubernetes-Off-the-Shelf software. We dive into a number of topics around this, including the pitfalls of relying too heavily on SaaS, the popularity of Kubernetes itself, and how laws like Europe's GDPR are forcing companies to rethink how and where they manage user data.


Ep. 84: Apptio CEO on where enterprises are really spending their money in the cloud

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, Apptio CEO Sunny Gupta explains the economics of cloud computing and IT, in general -- based on what he's seeing from Apptio's large collection of enterprise users. While cloud spending is still relatively low as a piece of the overall pie, it's increasing fast as a result of SaaS adoption, and trends such as digital transformation and even artificial intelligence. Aside from sheer usage, Gupta also discusses the effects of complexity on IT budgets, as...


Ep. 83: Talking data privacy -- GDPR and beyond -- with Talend's Jean-Michel Franco

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, Jean-Michel Franco, a product marketing director at data-integration vendor Talend, joins host Derrick Harris to talk about the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation. Franco and Harris discuss the controversial data-privacy law, which was enacted in May 2018, and how enterprises are dealing with its requirements around data usage, locality and security.


Ep. 82: Kelsey Hightower on keeping up with cloud-native and helping companies make smart choices

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, Kelsey Hightower -- Google staff engineer, senior developer advocate and all-around cloud-native superstar -- talks about his journey into cloud-native computing techniques and how he uses what he's learned to help companies make the right decisions for their needs. Among many other topics, Hightower gives his thoughts on open source startups, Kubernetes, serverless computing, and the importance of spending time with technologies (even competitive...


Ep. 81: Diffbot's Mike Tung drops knowledge on knowledge graphs

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, Diffbot CEO Mike Tung talks all about the value, workings and business of knowledge graphs, and how Diffbot grew its graph to around 1 trillion interconnected facts. Knowledge graphs are critical to many aspects of our digital lives -- including smart assistants and web web search -- and have value across industries ranging from retail to intelligence. Tung also explains the relationship between knowledge graphs and AI, and why crawling and structuring...


Ep. 80: Malong CTO on China, AI talent and doing deep learning with less data

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, Malong Technologies CTO Matt Scott discusses a wide range of artificial intelligence issues, including AI adoption in China and whether the AI talent crunch (and associated sky-high salaries) is a long-term thing. Primarily, though, Scott talks about his company's work on weakly supervised learning, which is helping it not only win computer vision contests, but also scale its computer vision products more easily across customers and industries.


Ep. 79: Packet CTO on building infrastructure for edge computing

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, Ihab Tarazi -- CTO of cloud computing startup Packet, and former CTO of Equinix -- discusses architectures and applications for edge computing. Among other things, he explains why it makes sense to build compute infrastructure at the city level, or even business level inside plants, malls or arenas (it's about data volume as well as latency). And, of course, Tarazi tackles the upcoming 5G rollout and how compute and network providers will need to work...


Ep. 78: IaaS, edge, Kubernetes: Why cloud adoption is still early and still evolving

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, Capital One vice president of cloud strategy Bernard Golden and AVOA strategic adviser Tim Crawford discuss the current state of cloud computing and the trends driving companies to -- and away from -- the public cloud. Golden suggests cloud adoption today is, to use a baseball analogy, in the second inning, with many changes still to come. Among the topics they cover as part of this debate are edge computing, private cloud, Kubernetes and the...


Ep. 77: Joe Hellerstein on making enterprise data usable, and why there's always room for database innovation

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, Trifacta co-founder, UC-Berkeley professor and overall database guru Joe Hellerstein talks about the state of enterprise data -- from wrangling it to analyzing it. Hellerstein hits on a number of topics, including his work with Trifacta and the ongoing data-prep issues that inspired it; why the world keeps getting new types of databases; and how cloud computing is reshaping database architecture and adoption. Hellerstein also explores open source...


Ep. 76: Cockroach Labs CEO on building a database for a cloud-native world

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, Cockroach Labs co-founder and CEO Spencer Kimball talks all about CockroachDB, his company's open source take on the Google Spanner database, and the experience of building an enterprise software company in today's IT landscape. Among other things, Kimball discusses how SQL keeps evolving to meet changing needs (such as geographically distributed transactions); taking advantage of Kubernetes, containers and cloud-native; figuring out the right open...


Ep. 75: Waleed Ayoub on putting AI into production and helping retailers compete with Amazon

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, Rubikloud CTO Waleed Ayoub tackles a wide range of artificial intelligence issues, including how his company uses the technology to help retailers make their operations more efficient. Ayoub also discusses choosing reliable and scalable machine learning techniques over sexy ones; working with customers' legacy data systems; how Rubikloud uses the cloud to scale and standardize its engagements; and how Canada, where the company is based, can become the...


Ep. 74: Google's Oren Teich on why serverless matters, and how we got here from PaaS

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, Oren Teich, Google's director of product management for serverless, discusses how we evolved to a world of functions-as-a-service and how developers should think about using this new capability. Teich, who was previously COO at Heroku and whose product responsibilities include Google App Engine, also talks about the recent history of abstractions -- from IaaS to PaaS to containers -- including mistakes that were made, and why they're all still...


Ep. 73: Tim Hwang on the challenges and opportunities for ethical AI

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show -- recorded live at the Capital One campus in Richmond, Va. -- Tim Hwang, director of the Ethics and Governance of AI Initiative, discusses a broad range of topics related to building ethical artificial intelligence systems. Issues range from avoiding algorithmic bias and doing smart data collection to specific concerns for areas such as banking, criminal law and consumer applications. Hwang's project is a collaboration between Harvard's Berkman-Klein...


Ep. 72: Cloudflare CEO on unbundling the cloud by freeing data

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, Cloudflare CEO Matthew Prince and Backblaze CEO Gleb Budman explainn the Bandwidth Alliance -- a Cloudflare-led initiative to slash the cost of moving data from one cloud service to another. The duo discuss the downfalls of so-called data egress fees, and how eliminating or drastically reducing them between mutual Cloudflare and Bandwidth Alliance members can help users take advantage of all the cloud has to offer. Of particular note are the smaller...


Ep. 71: Sunil Dhaliwai on technical founders and the art of enterprise IT investment

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, Amplify Partners' Sunil Dhaliwal discusses a wide range of issues, starting with his firm's new $200 million fund focused on investing in technical founders. In addition to highlighting the opportunities and risks of that strategy, Dhaliwal also tackles a wide range of issues, including: the state of the database market; identifying good artificial intelligence startups; how big data became went from ideas to infrastructure; and the ongoing evolution...


Ep. 70: Joe Beda on creating Kubernetes and Compute Engine, and where it's all headed

In this episode of the ARCHITECHT Show, Heptio co-founder and CTO Joe Beda discusses a litany of cloud-native topics, including his roles helping to create Kubernetes and Compute Engine while at Google. Aside from going in depth on those two projects, Beda also shares his thoughts on where the container space is headed; the role of serverless computing; the still-tricky art of doing open source right; and straddling the lines between developers, operators and executives when it comes to...