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Target: Cancer Podcast is a channel where people can learn about all the newest technologies and treatments for cancer. Combining technology, doctors, and patients together in a way that is collaborative, informative, and enlightening. In TARGET: Cancer Podcast, Sanjay and guests will be talking about the future of cancer treatment. We are going to address questions like, what does that future look like, and why isn’t it here now? Everyone is terrified of cancer, but if we are able to understand it better and know how to win the battle, it’s going to give patients and doctors the assurance they desire.


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Target: Cancer Podcast is a channel where people can learn about all the newest technologies and treatments for cancer. Combining technology, doctors, and patients together in a way that is collaborative, informative, and enlightening. In TARGET: Cancer Podcast, Sanjay and guests will be talking about the future of cancer treatment. We are going to address questions like, what does that future look like, and why isn’t it here now? Everyone is terrified of cancer, but if we are able to understand it better and know how to win the battle, it’s going to give patients and doctors the assurance they desire.




The Surprising Link Between Intermittent Fasting, Diabetes, and Cancer. Dr. Jason Fung Explains | Part 1

Join us as we dive deep into the fascinating world of metabolic health and its impact on cancer. Renowned expert Dr. Jason Fung delves into the intricate connection between hyperinsulinemia, obesity, breast cancer, and beyond. Discover the truth about fats, and learn if traditional or shorter intermittent fasting durations work best for cancer prevention and weight loss. Uncover the complexities of insulin resistance and its impact on cancer development. Don't miss this eye-opening discussion.


Can a keto diet eliminate cancer growth? Dr. Thomas Seyfried says yes

In this episode, Dr. Thomas Seyfried discusses metabolic approaches to cancer. Learn how depriving cancer cells of fermentable fuels like glucose and glutamine can starve and kill them. Challenge the genetic disease model and discover the impact of ketosis on mitochondrial health. Uncover the truth about cancer as a metabolic, not genetic, disease. Empower yourself with the knowledge to combat cancer through metabolic strategies and learn about the dangers surrounding us: processed foods.


CMO of WebMD: Cancer Is NOT YOUR Fault

Dr. Sanjay Juneja interviews Dr. John Whyte, the Chief Medical Officer of WebMD and bestselling author, to discuss cancer prevention and the impact of lifestyle on cancer risk. They discuss how genetics are only responsible for a small percentage of cancers and that lifestyle and environmental factors have a greater influence. Dr. Whyte emphasizes that people should not feel responsible for their cancer diagnosis, but they can take steps to reduce their risk.


How to fix the challenges of community oncology

In this episode, we discuss community oncology and social media’s role in sharing knowledge. The OncBrothers, Dr. Rahul and Dr. Rohit Gosain, share their experiences working in the field and using social media to connect with colleagues. They emphasize the importance of better access to genomic testing and targeted therapies and the need for patients to ask their oncologists about these options.


Fixing cancer cells and Immortality

Michael Levin, a biologist studying regenerative and cellular regeneration, believes cancer arises when cells disconnect from the network that keeps them working towards larger goals. Cells become like amebas, rolling back to a single-cell lifestyle with limited goals. He explains his work with the planarian flatworm as the holy grail of regenerative medicine with incredibly cancer-resistant and immortal properties.


Sugar and Alkaline Water Theory in Cancer

Discover the Truth About Cancer: Debunking Misconceptions with Dr. Sanjay and Dr. Joseph Zundell. Learn about cancer cell adaptation, comprehensive treatment plans, and new developments in cancer treatments like Enhertu and bispecific antibodies. Also, explore immunotherapy, cancer therapy testing on mice, and personalized treatment options.


Eating PEARS can affect cancer treatment?!

In this episode we have Dr. William Li, a renowned physician, scientist and author. Dr. Li and Dr. Sanjay discuss how the body has many natural defense mechanisms against cancer. One such defense is DNA, and its ability to suppress cancer cells. Self-care and listening to one's body cannot be overstated in the fight against cancer. Dr. Li urges oncologists to listen closely to their patients to provide the best care. Additionally, small changes in one's diet, like incorporating pears, can improve gut health and affect cancer treatment.


How to catch cancer before catching its symptoms. Exo-what?

This week's guest is Dr. Paul Billings, a board-certified internist, renowned researcher, and clinical geneticist. Dr. Billings and Dr. Juneja talk about new methods of early detection of cancer and dive into Dr. Billings's recent research endeavor on exosomes and how they function to identify potentially cancerous cells from a single blood draw, even before symptoms occur. This revolutionary technology aims to redefine cancer screening as we know it.


Fruit Fly Avatars of your Cancer - See What Works

In this episode, we talk with Laura Towart, Founder & CEO of Vivian Therapeutics, a company that revolutionizes cancer treatment by personalizing it to each patient's unique tumor using an army of 500,000 fruit fly avatars. They use a patient's genes against all FDA-approved drugs to identify the drug combinations for people with advanced cancer. We also learn about their tool, TuMatch, which can quickly find treatments for colorectal cancer patients.


Gut Health, Diet, and Cancer

This week's guest is Dr. Sandip Patel, a professor of medical oncology from UC San Diego. Dr. Patel and Dr. Juneja talk about the gut microbiome, how it affects our health, and especially how it relates to cancer. In this very interesting episode, Dr. Patel shares some insights about his studies on bacteria that can impact cancer treatments. We also learn about antibiotics, probiotics, acid reflux, and the relationship between diet and cancer.


Telehealth: FastPass for Cancer Care?

This episode's guest is "America's Favorite Doctor,” Dr. Laura Purdy, a board-certified Family Medicine Physician. Dr. Purdy joins Dr. Juneja to talk about telehealth and how it's changing patients' lives by increasing access to care. In this episode, we learn how to find a doctor from the comfort of our own home and how screenings and prescriptions work on these virtual healthcare visits. On the topic of cancer, Dr. Purdy also shares her perspective on genetic tests for cancer prevention.


Take control of your data. Take control of your cancer.

Our guest this week is Mark Shapiro, COO of xCures. Dr. Sanjay and Mark talk about the importance of accessing and structuring patient medical records and how they can be used to help guide treatments and improve patient care. In this episode, learn about advancements in AI software that are now transforming the oncology sector and how xCures is harnessing this technology and making it available to every cancer patient and oncologist in the US.


Urinary cancers: how to treat its three organs, and why kidney cancers are strange

Dr. Sanjay Juneja had the pleasure of talking with Dr. Pedro Barata, Associate Professor of Medicine at Case Western University and a leading expert in genitourinary tumors. Dr. Barata addresses the topic of kidney cancers, most specifically, renal cell carcinoma (RCC), and clarifies their subtypes and the ways we can treat them. In this episode, we also learn about new therapies, like immunotherapy, and how they are helping prostate cancer patients.


Starving cancer cells without starving YOU - With Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee

Our guest this week is Dr. Siddhartha Mukherjee, a physician, researcher, and Pulitzer Prize winner. Dr. Mukherjee and Dr. Juneja talk about a new approach to fighting cancer, by analyzing the internal metabolism of the cancer cell so that we can prevent cancer growth by starving it. Dr. Mukherjee shares his learnings on how specific diets - targeting amino acids and other nutrients - in combination with other therapies, can help patients control their cancer.


GammaTile Therapy - A new way to fight brain cancer

Our guest this week is Dr. Jay McCracken, Neurosurgical Oncologist at Piedmont Atlanta Brain Tumor Center. Dr. Juneja talks with Dr. McCracken talk about the scary topic that is brain cancer. Can meningiomas be cancerous? Why makes it Glioblastoma so challenging to treat? Dr. McCracken shares some insights on tumor resection and the techniques used to achieve functional preservation. Learn about GammaTile to precisely deliver radiation and how it can dramatically improve the treatment of GBM in comparison with external beam radiation.


Train our immune system to kill cancer and prevent recurrence

Our guest this week is Dr. Ian Walters, CEO of Portage Biotech. Dr. Juneja talks with Dr. Walters to explain how we can potentially educate our own immune system to kill cancer cells and then retain that education to prevent future recurrences. And what if we could create a drug to impact multiple cancers - via existing checkpoint inhibitors or pathways? Watch this episode to find out about the science that is being developed right now.


Is post-chemo fatigue heart-related? And how to prevent it

This episode's guest is Dr. Susan Dent, medical oncologist at Duke Cancer Center and president of the International Cardio-Oncology Society (IC-OS). Dr. Dent and Dr. Juneja talk about the world of cardio-oncology. What is cardio-oncology? How cancer therapies can impact cardiovascular toxicity? And, most importantly, can we prevent it? These are some of the questions that Dr. Dent addresses in this episode and help us understand.


Start looking at what’s causing cancer

Our guest this week is Dr. John Hood. Dr. Hood, together with Dr. Sanjay, talk about gene mutations on cancer growth and all the advances in next-generation sequencing that are transforming the treatment of cancer as we know it. If you have heard of the terms: NGS, genomic sequencing, or molecular profiling, but are unsure what they mean, how they work, and - especially - how you can benefit from them, this is the episode for you.


Testing 20 Drugs in 2 Days: This innovation may help you safely select your next therapy.

Our guest this week is Dr. Cliff Reid. Dr. Reid shares some exciting information about an innovation that can revolutionize the way that cancer is treated - by testing different cancer drugs and seeing which ones work or not within 48h. Watch Dr. Sanjay be mind-blown while Dr. Reid explains the science behind this innovation and the potential it can have in the life of cancer patients and their oncologists.


Mammograms, Ultrasounds, MRI’s, Biopsies. Do I have breast cancer or not?

Our guest this week is Dr. Anjali Malik. Dr. Juneja and Dr. Malik talk about the different screening techniques and answers common concerns about breast cancer. In this episode, we learn about the differences between mammograms, ultrasounds, and MRIs and how/when each procedure is recommended. We also learn about breast augmentation, genetics and how it impacts the detection of breast cancer. Watch the full episode to learn from Dr. Malik's insights and expertise.