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Technology podcast for home and business technology products. I also cover technology training and tips.






Google AI Docs Gmail

Watch for more integration with Google Docs and Gmail to your Workspaces applications. Docs and Gmail are introducing AI writing and rewriting features. Google Docs will include a feature that generates a draft when a topic is typed, with buttons to try a new generation. Google is also testing a rewrite feature that can take snippets of writing and rewrite them in several alternative tones, such as formal or bulletized. Google's AI suggestions can be easily accepted, edited, or changed...


Tech Brewed Microsoft Places and Laptop Tech Tip

Microsoft Places is a team management application that allows individual users to create dedicated dashboards where they can keep track of their to-do lists and resources. The app also enables users to share their availability and preferences with their teammates, such as when they will be in the office or working from home. This way, users can better plan out, create, and schedule their hybrid work plan by collecting a wide array of information, like employee work habits, needs, and...


Tech Brewed Microsoft Spaces and Laptop Troubleshooting Tips

Microsoft has recently introduced a new app that aims to address these challenges and help users create a connected workplace platform. The app is called Microsoft Places, and it is designed to work seamlessly with the rest of the Microsoft 365 ecosystem. Some common troubleshooting tips for laptop owners.


Flaws Discovered in TPM 2.0 That Affects Windows 11 Computers

TPM stands for Trusted Platform Module. It's a special type of security chip found in newer computers that helps keep your information safe. Trusted Platform Modules (TPM) 2.0 chips are used to provide enhanced security for Windows 11. Recently, two new vulnerabilities were discovered in these chips which could put billions of Windows 11 computers at risk.


Tech Brewed LastPass Breach Update Cybersecurity and Apple Watch Reset

Stories in this episode include an update from LastPass about recent security incidents, and news from IBM Security about Schools having an increase in cyberattacks. Tips from the Social Security Administration and their upcoming Stop the Scam Day events. A tech tip for restarting an Apple Watch.


Tech Brewed Google AI Magic Eraser Saturday 2/25/2023

Welcome to this week's episode of Tech Brewed. It's Saturday, February 25th, 2023. This week we're gonna cover some updates from Google that are rolling out and some may be still rolling out. Starting out with from images to videos and how AI is helping you search visually from Google, Google is continuing to invest heavily in artificial intelligence to make its products and services more helpful and intuitive.


GM Self Clean Screen

Today we have a tech news story for you. General Motors has filed a patent for a self-cleaning touch screen that would eliminate the need for drivers to manually remove fingerprints. The display would use an invisible fourth type of L E D emitting violet light to activate a photocatalytic coating on the transparent material of the l e d.


NIST Announces Winner In Lightweight Cryptography Contest

We have some news from the National Institute of Standards and Technology that was published recently on February 7th. NIST Lightweight cryptography is a type of special security system that helps to protect information on tiny devices and gadgets such as keyless entry fobs, sensors, implanted medical devices and other Internet of Things devices or IoT. #NIST #IoT #Security #Cryptography #Algorithms #Ascon #AEAD #Hashing #LightweightCryptography #NISTStandard #CyberSecurity


Tech Brief Overture Maps Foundation

In December of 2022, the nonprofit Linux Foundation announced the creation of the Overture Maps Foundation. This foundation will be an open source program for curating and collating map data across the world. Tom Tom, which makes its own navigation software and devices, has been struggling against Google's market dominance and is one of the key players.


Five Reasons Why Using An External Monitor With Your Laptop Improves Work and Play

The advantages of using an external monitor for laptops include: 1. More screen space: The additional screen space allows for easier multitasking and a clearer overview of work or games. 2. Improved posture: An external monitor can help create an ergonomic sitting posture and prevent neck and back complaints after a long day of work. 3. Improved productivity: The extra screen can help boost productivity by allowing for split-screen work between multiple applications, eliminating the...


Teams Essentials Replacing Teams Classic

Microsoft Teams Free (classic) will no longer be available after April 12, 2023, and users are encouraged to upgrade if necessary. Listen to learn how to keep your files if you are not upgrading your current Free version of Teams from Microsoft.


Tech Brewed Tech Brief 2923

OpenSSL is like a lock to keep your information safe and secure. Recently, someone discovered a way to trick the lock and get access to your information. To ensure this doesn't happen, they need to upgrade the lock. So, they have to update OpenSSL, so that bad people can't get through the lock.


Tech News Headlines 2/2/2023

Headlines from recent tech new headlines from around the internet.


Five Reasons Why Even Non-Techies Should Use A VPN

A VPN is a secure and reliable way to keep your data safe, protect your privacy, and even access restricted websites. There are five great reasons to use a VPN: to protect your data from hackers, access blocked websites, unblock geo-restricted content, remain anonymous online, and save money on travel expenses. It can also protect your privacy from ISPs by hiding your IP address.


Tech Brief 1/25/2023

News Brief about an issue with Windows start button not working properly because of different add-in apps.


ChatGPT Pro Tech Brief



Tech Brewed News Headlines For 1/19/2023

Here are your Tech Brewed tech news headlines for January 19th, 2023, and I'm your host, Greg Doig. First story in the newsletter today, Apple wants a bigger piece of the smart home hardware market at stories over at Go there and read more. Second story also from Apple Insider News, they have an article, CES Hands-On, the best smart home gear coming in 2023. Third story, how to create and view an outline in Google Docs. You can read that story at...


Tech Brewed News and Tech Tips CES 2023 and More

Hello and welcome to this week's Tech Brewed technology news and tips! I'm Greg Doig and I'll be your host for today. Let's get started with the news. Our first story this week is about the new Dell 32-inch 6K UltraSharp display Windows 11 Tech Tips and more headlines from the best tech news websites on the internet.


Tech Brewed Tips 3-2-1 Back Up Rula and Android Phone Back Up

There is a popular rule for making backups for your computer and other digital data called the 3-2-1 backup rule. The 3-2-1 backup rule is a widely-recommended strategy for keeping your important data safe and secure. It involves having at least three copies of your data, stored on at least two different types of media, with at least one copy stored offsite. This ensures that you have multiple copies of your data in case one of them is lost, damaged, or otherwise becomes inaccessible. One...


Tech Brewed OBS Studio For Mac

When it comes to online streaming, OBS Studio is one of the best tools available out there. It’s free, open-source, and available on Windows, Linux and Mac, making it a go-to choice for streamers everywhere. In this post, we’re going to focus on OBS Studio for Mac computers. We’ll discuss the features of OBS Studio for Mac, how to install it on your machine, and the best settings for an optimal setup. We’ll also touch on tips and tricks for using the software and how to troubleshoot any...