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043 VISL What to see at NIWeek 2014

Are you excited about NIWeek? Here at VI Shots, we definitely are and to prepare you for what's to come. I assembled 3 session speakers for you to talk about their sessions and what to expect. I also go through a run-down of some sessions that I recommend. There are also some activities that are […]


042 VISP NI VirtualBench Packs 5 Essential Lab Benchtop Instruments in One

NI recently announced a small form factor instrument that packs a punch called VirtualBench. I interviewed Chris Delvizis, a Senior Product Manager at National Instruments about this new hardware. Aside from containing several instruments essential to a typical benchtop lab setup. It also works right out of the box with built-in software for the PC that loads […]


041 VISL Actor Oriented Development in LabVIEW

The Actor Framework, is a LabVIEW framework that has a growing following. It allows you to build powerful applications that can contain asynchronous processes and allow them to communicate in a more robust manner. Jack Dunaway and I talk with Allen Smith, Dr. James Powell and Dave Snyder about what exactly is the Actor Framework and how […]


040 VISL The LabVIEW Nomad

How do you support your LabVIEW applications remotely? Have you found the right tools and methods that make your job easier? In this episode of VI Shots Live, we look at some of the benefits and pitfalls of remote collaboration and support. Jack Dunaway and I talk with Fabiola De La Cueva and Justin Goeres […]


039 VISP Paintball Picasso with LabVIEW

Waterloo labs is at it again with another creative project that merges LabVIEW, NI hardware and the maker mind-set. How about standing in front of 3 paintball guns as they automatically “draw” an outline of you? How about if the software controlling them was written by an NI intern? It turns out, this system is […]


038 VISL LabVIEW Consulting Panel Discussion

I'd like to thank everyone for the positive feedback on our first VI Shots live, both in personal emails and also on our Google+ page. We're back with a new live episode which was recorded on Feb. 26, 2014. You can listen to the podcast version of the show above or watch the embedded video […]


037 VISP Applying The Agile Software Development Principles

We've all heard of the Agile Software development methodology; but how many of us are actually using these principles while developing LabVIEW code? My guest, John Sextro is an Agile coach and an expert in the field of Agile Software development. Listen to this episode of the VI Shots podcast where I ask John about […]


036 VISL Sustainable Careers in LabVIEW

I've started something new here with Jack Dunaway from Wirebird Labs. We've decided to host monthly Google hangout sessions to discuss the business of software engineering with LabVIEW. The first one this month was held on Jan 29th, 2014 and was called: Sustainable Careers in LabVIEW. You can listen to the podcast version of the […]


035 VISP Integrating Subversion with LabVIEW

Using Subversion with LabVIEW is a challenge when it comes to some of the most popular free tools like Subversion (SVN). Eric Metzler from Viewpoint Systems took on the challenge of updating an older version of an internal company tool. The new free version of the TSVN tool won the LabVIEW Tools Network Product of […]


034 VISP Selling LabVIEW Based Software Products

Jack Dunaway from Wirebird Labs is on this episode where we discuss his Deploy product and what it takes to develop great software products. Jack also announces a new “framework” he will be releasing in 2014 called Featherweight. Links to Content Mentioned: Deploy – LabVIEW Tools by Wirebird Labs Inspired – Book by Marty Cagan VIPM Idea […]


033 VISP Functional Global Variables Revisited

If you think you know everything there is to know about functional globals, then you're wrong. In this episode of the VI Shots podcast, Nancy Hollenback and I take functional global variables to the next level. Find out how to safely use native globals, have multiple instantiation capabilities and speed optimize your look-up tables. I […]


032 VISP Interview with Christina Rogers – LabVIEW R&D

Christina Rogers is a software engineer in the LabVIEW R&D group. She primarily works under the hood of LabVIEW adding much needed features and capabilities using C++. Sometimes she dives into G code, as she did to implement the LabVIEW Getting Started window. She's worked on features that you may have not noticed. In this […]


031 VISP Five Tips to improve your LabVIEW Applications

Do you want to create a better software experience for your customers? Do you want to create maintainable code? Listen to this interview with Fabiola De la Cueva. She's a Certified LabVIEW Architect, a LabVIEW Champion and an influential voice in the LabVIEW community. In this interview, I asked Fabiola to list the five things […]


030 VISP VIShots Live panel from NIWeek 2012

Here's a recording of the VI Shots Live panel I did way back at NIWeek 2012. You'll hear me mention in the recording that this should go live soon after NIWeek. I guess soon meant a year, because here it is. On the panel are Jack Dunaway, Justin Goeres, me, Chris Relf and Brian Powell. We […]


029 VISP Effective LabVIEW Programming. New Book by Thomas Bress Helps you Pass your CLD

Thomas Bress is the author of a new book out on LabVIEW called: “Effective LabVIEW Programming”. This book was released recently and in this episode of the VI Shots podcast, I interview the author, so we can get a better understanding of how it can help you transition from the CLAD level of certification to […]


028 VISP Raima Database API for LabVIEW Embedded Systems

During this past NIWeek 2013, the Raima Database API for LabVIEW was awarded the LabVIEW Tools Network Embedded Systems Product of the Year Award. I sat down with Scott Meeder who's the Director of Sales at Raima to find out what this toolkit is and how we, as LabVIEW application developers can take advantage of […]


027 VISP LabVIEW Component Oriented Design with Steve Watts

I had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Watts. I recorded this interview back in February, but only now had a chance to publish it. Steve has been writing industrial software for more than 25 years and began programming with LabVIEW in 1998. He is the co-owner of SSDC Ltd (Structured Software Design Consultants). His book, […]


026 VISP New Lego Mindstorms EV3

In this episode I dive into the world of Lego robotics and specifically, I learn about a new version of the Mindstorms educational robotic toy from Lego. At this past consumer electronics show (CES) in January, Lego announced and displayed the Mindstorms EV3. Also, this past NIWeek 2013, I saw a demo of the new EV3 […]


025 VISP What’s New in LabVIEW 2013

NIWeek 2013 is over and one of the biggest announcements was the release of LabVIEW 2013 with over 100 new features. In addition, a new cRIO-9068 controller which runs the Linux operating system, was announced. Now, a LabVIEW developer can tap into the vast community of Linux libraries available. In this podcast episode I chat […]


024 VISP Humility and the LabVIEW Programmer

I've long anticipated this interview with Brian Powell. The impetus for this interview was a series of blog articles Brian wrote recently. BTW, I suggest everyone go to and read the entire series he wrote there. Brian of course is well known as one of the original team members that helped bring LabVIEW 2.0 to market […]