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Mysteries, Hauntings, & Family Secrets from Oklahoma and Beyond.


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True Crime


Mysteries, Hauntings, & Family Secrets from Oklahoma and Beyond.






Aileen Conway

The unexplained death of Aileen Conway in April of 1986 has left us with more questions than answers. Was she murdered or was it a horrible accident? This woman was a mom of 7 who had been married to her sweetheart for 33 years... it took her husband conducting his own investigation to even get things moving in this case. Will her family ever get answers? We'd love to hear from you, whether it is to say "hey!" or if you want to send us your hometown cases: or...


Con Man- Coy Everett

Ponzi schemes ruin lives. Con men take advantage of people with grandiose promises and low or no returns on investment. One Oklahoma man holds the distinction of perpetrating the largest con in history in the Oil and Gas sector. Coy Everett took over $30 million from Oklahoma investors and squandered the funds in a large Ponzi scheme... but then he just kept going. This one isn't our typical murder and mayhem episode, this one takes a look at white collar crime and justice in...


Rex Brinlee, Jr

Chi brings us another bananas tale from the swinging 60's (and 70's) in Oklahoma. This one has so much crime, that we had to leave some out! Rex Brinlee, Jr. was committing lots of crime in Eastern Oklahoma in the 60's while also pretending to have it all together as a prominent business man. You won't believe all the stuff this guy pulled off by eluding or beating prosecution. Please check out the documentary on Youtube: "Brinlee". If you have any suggestions for new cases, old cases,...


Patricia Denise Palmer

The murder of Patricia Denise Palmer in Tulsa in 1981 would stun everyone in the state. How could it be that someone would choose a victim by responding to a benign newspaper ad to sell a wedding dress? The most tragic part of it all is that Patricia Palmer's killer has never been found, even after all these years.


The Kidnapping of Oilman Charles Urschel Pt. 2

Chi takes us on an old time gangster kidnapping this week. Oil tycoon Charles Urschel was kidnapped from his home and held under curious circumstances while his friends (other tycoons) got the ransom money together and delivered it to his kidnappers. This is the resolution of the kidnapping and who is responsible... Part 2 of 2


The Kidnapping of Oilman Charles Urschel Pt. 1

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! Chi takes us on an old time gangster kidnapping this week. Oil tycoon Charles Urschel was kidnapped from his home and held under curious circumstances while his friends (other tycoons) got the ransom money together and delivered it to his kidnappers. All this while the FBI stood by. This is a bananas story and is only able to be done in two parts. Join us in envisioning this all going down in black and white. Part 1 of 2


Wal-Mart Hostage: Baby Zoey

It is just a normal shopping trip to the local Wal-Mart in Midwest City, Oklahoma for baby Zoey, her 12 year old sister, and mom Alicia. The shopping trip takes a terrible turn when baby Zoey is lifted out of her seat in the shopping cart and held at knifepoint by a stranger... In this episode we discuss hostage negotiators and how this incident could have been far worse. Send any notes to us at or via our Instagram @ur_doing_fine_ok_pod. We'd love to hear from...


Athena Brownfield & Olivia Scroggins

**TRIGGER WARNING: Child Abuse/Death** This episode is going to be rough, y'all. We are sad, infuriated, and feeling helpless about how children in Oklahoma can be failed by so many adults that are supposed to be there to protect them. We talk about what *ALLEGEDLY* took place in the death of Athena Brownfield within the last few weeks and we talk about an older case that is equally as horrific and infuriating from back in the early 2000's. This is an ongoing problem in Oklahoma (and...


Survivor Story- Delayna Knapp

May 2015, Tulsa, OK. Delayna Knapp is viciously attacked while attempting to leave her partner after being a victim of Domestic Violence. Hear how she escaped with her life and went on to thrive to try to change her life for herself and her daughter. If you, or someone you know, is currently experiencing domestic violence please call the National Domestic Violence hotline at: 800-799-7233 or text: 88788 for confidential support. Stay safe out there.


Betty & Cynthia Pratt

The savage murders of Betty and Cynthia Pratt shook the College town of Stillwater, OK back in 1966. From beginning to end, this one just leaves you asking "what?!".


Child Abuse in Oklahoma

Oklahoma ranks high per capita for child abuse/neglect. What is the reason that we have so many cases of children being abused by the people that should care for them the most? If you find it in your heart to foster, adopt, volunteer, or donate, you are truly doing the work! Some organizations that can always use help and volunteers here in Oklahoma County are: Infant Crisis Services Positive Tomorrows CASA Infant Crisis Nursery If you can't donate, please volunteer. Thanks for...


Missing Infant- Shannon Ketron

This is the most bizarre missing baby story that you've never heard of. A baby goes missing from his mother's car on a road trip across the state of Oklahoma. An unidentified man is said to have stolen the baby after assaulting the mother. There is very little news coverage from this incident in 1982 and very little information from the responding officer's police report. What do you think happened to baby Shannon?


Mental Health Break

2022 has been rough, y'all. The holidays are rough, y'all. Are you guys okay? We're not... but that's okay. We are taking this opportunity to talk about mental health, struggling, working through trauma, being moms. Check on your friends, have tough conversations, and if you feel it in your spirit: talk to someone. 1 out of 5 people surveyed struggle with mental health in one way or another, please ask for help if you're feeling low. If you don't feel like you can ask a friend or family...


The Christmas Murders of Jack & Elaine Denney

In the day leading up to Christmas 2007, the Denney family would endure the worst moment in their lives. The Husband and Wife who were considered grandparents to all would be murdered in their home, found by their daughter. A Family left without resolution.


Breckenridge Murders

This week we take a trip outside the borders of Oklahoma and talk about two 40 year old murders in Breckenridge, CO, that were solved as a result of a tenacious female cop who wanted to get shit done. TW for sexual assault and violence against women in this one.


Shawna Jones Case Updates

This week we give you some insight on why we fell off the face of the planet for two weeks and some case updates for the Murder of Shawna Jones. Please take action on behalf of Shawna's family and visit our Facebook page to sign a petition for the DA to try this case; it is sorely needed and your help is greatly appreciated!


Thrasher Family Murders

1974- Woodward Oklahoma. An entire Family including mom, dad, and two small children are murdered in their home over a holiday weekend. The murderer would be found, but why did it have to happen? Join us as we explore this long forgotten case near our Hometown. TW for the murder of children, although we don't go into explicit detail. Use your best judgement.


Pixy Stix Poisoning

Each year on Halloween we hear the cautionary tales of razor blades in candy, drugs in treat bags, etc.... but do you know where it all came from? Halloween 1974. Join us for the absolutely horrific crime that kicked off the cautionary tale that is still ongoing.


PCG: Church or Cult?

This week we are playing a game Chi likes to call "Church or Cult: You decide". This organization lives and thrives right here in the heart of Oklahoma, what do you think: Church or cult? You can contact us at: or on our socials @ur_doing_fine_ok_pod or You're Doing Fine Oklahoma: A True Crime Podcast


Dustin Bench

Dustin Bench was a 22 year old man who went missing from his hometown of Tecumseh, Oklahoma. Dustin walked away from his home en route to his girlfriend's home in early July 2001. His remains would be found about 7 years later some distance away on a rural acreage in Earlsboro, Oklahoma. His case remains unsolved to this day. Dustin's family deserves answers! If you have any information on Dustin's death or anything that may be helpful for this investigation, please contact the Pottawatomie...