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News and Opinions and reviews on Pinball.









Episode 124 – XMAS Prolapse

Just the usual Xmas episode you’d expect from Head2Head. Enjoy!! 2021 in review – what a year!!!! Playing lots of pinball Competitions are back Prolapses Unsung heroes of pinball Ryan ins and outs Code life Crazy Ritchie #Keith Bug is an Ultraman Squid Game love – shut up I have dust in my eye Winning…Read more Episode 124 – XMAS Prolapse


Episode 123 – Xmas Cheer

Ryan and Marty are back for a special Xmas episode What have we been up to? 2020 machine releases 2019 machines – have they aged well? Forgotten machines Thoughts on pinball companies today Ryan loves Elvira Marty loves Turtles Making pinball “moments” Dennis Rodman hasn’t made a pinball with Lyman The Twerpys are back!!! All…Read more Episode 123 – Xmas Cheer


Episode 122 – Stranger Guests

Stranger Things revealed Layout Innovations Art Theme integration Elvira House of Horrors gameplay impressions 2019 in review interviews Jeff Teolis Dr John Mrs Pin and Dr Pin Chris Franchi Joe Fox Competition winners Elvira stream Final special guest


Episode 121 – Pinball Fondlers

Rick and Morty revealed Pricing How to order Art Features Layout Will it sell out? Is Ryan a Flip Flopper? Jurassic Park franchise Elvira accessories American Pinball art by Joel de Guzman Stern code persistence Stranger Things for Xmas? Hot Wheels next game from American Pinball? Joe Tips the Top 100 – Congo Dwight Sullivan…Read more Episode 121 – Pinball Fondlers


Episode 120 – Ryan and Marty

Ryan C joins the show Rick and Morty from Spooky Pinball announced Trailer What is the show about anyway? Design Team Justin Roiland callouts Rick and Morty Court Case Has Ryan backflipped? Will it sell out? Spooky Fang Club Ryan’s RAZA Review Led Zeppelin homebrew by Rotordave PAPA on Netflix – with chimes!! Score balancing…Read more Episode 120 – Ryan and Marty


Episode 119 – Where No Pinhead Has Gone Before

Gene Cunningham passes away Big Bang Bar Bally / Williams to Capcom and beyond Star Wars topper Super Awesome Pinball Show Pinball Party Bus Rick and Morty Pinball license The next American Pinball machine is….. Black Friday y’all Factory move? Joe Tips the Top 100 – Star Trek!! OBX recap + stream Jurassic Park GOTY…Read more Episode 119 – Where No Pinhead Has Gone Before


Episode 118 – Celtic Roots

Catching up with Josh Roop Loserkid Pinball Podcast Life with twins Pinball in Utah Best hats in the business The Deep Root interview Machines in development Art for art sake A big game Haggis Pinball interview at Ausretrogamer Virtual Pin for sale at Walmart Gottlieb games American (Pinball) Arcade redemption game Machines of 2019 Social…Read more Episode 118 – Celtic Roots


Episode 117 – Dude Looks Like a Zombie

Deeproot has “Arrived” Retro Atomic Zombie Adventureland reveal RAZA Prototype Features Layout Display Innovation Pricing Interviews Initial feedback What next? Joe Tips the Top 100 – Aerosmith League Finals result!!


Episode 116 – A Whole New World

“New” ColorDMD Value of mods Jurassic Park LE this week!! Super Awesome Pinball Show Women in pinball survey Stern Pro Circuit boosted Flipper Mechanic Pinball world record Stern around the world Joe Tips the Top 100 – Tales of the Arabian Nights Joe at the Sanctum 24 hour Stars / Seawitch stream Guardians stream Gorillaz…Read more Episode 116 – A Whole New World


Episode 115 – A Special Dragon

Mrs Pin and Dr Pin join the show Expo corrections Gender equality backglasses Willy Wonka CE gets its moment Alice Cooper topper Rumored titles TMNT Led Zeppelin Stranger Things GnR Haunted House Party? Homepin 2nd machine tease Dragon’s Lair homebrew Medieval Madness from parts American Pinball enters The Matrix Social Media Watch Jurassic Park in…Read more Episode 115 – A Special Dragon


Episode 114 – Wolf Man

Jeff Parsons from The Pinball Players Podcast joins the show Pinball Expo roundup Medieval Madness remake addons Celts reveal from Haggis Pinball Black Knight Sword of Rage topper Krull steals the show Spanish machines – Wolf Man omg!!! Elvira is everywhere! Quetzal Pinball Jersey Jack Pinball connectivity Flip Out Tournament Stream Pinball Olympics Legends of…Read more Episode 114 – Wolf Man


Episode 113 – The Pool of Dead

Elvira LE shipping The Big Lebowski production update Pinball Expo Our predictions for the show Schedule Tournaments Hydraulic pinball Dead Flip cool drain save Brian Allen Attack From Mars alternate backglass Pinquest app now available IFPA updates Stern in China Joe Tips the Top 100 – Deadpool Picking tournament machines Movies Helvetica Things That Go…Read more Episode 113 – The Pool of Dead


Episode 112 – The Beastie Boy

Ryan C is back this week! Star Wars Comic Sans edition Patents and production cycles Stranger Things pinball rumor The Shadow love – SDTM review American Girl Doll pinball New WOZ OZ lanes mod Moon Dog World now open Pinball Paradise for sale PAX Melbourne Flipout 2019 in 3 weeks! Black Knight Sword of Rage…Read more Episode 112 – The Beastie Boy


Episode 111 – Are You A God?

Is Joe a God? Spoiler vid Elvira’s: House of Horrors Dead Flip stream Attack of the B-Movies Custom Elvira clips Lyman’s dream theme The plot Further thoughts Ghostbusters 1.16 code released Joe’s playtime thoughts God mode Pro vs the rest Munsters code “update” Deeproot update Jurassic Park LE shipping T-Rex cam Pinburgh/Intergalactic points Joe Tips…Read more Episode 111 – Are You A God?


Episode 110 – Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good

More Elvira details Feature video Feature matrix Initial impressions Is it for you? Ghostbusters code update Major changes to the code Seeya Scoleri Bros!! Dead Flip Stream No Munsters code update planned Stern Ali remake? Suncoast Pinball update Wizard of Oz Ruby Red Joe Tips the Top 100 – Judge Dredd Critical Hit matchplay Haggis…Read more Episode 110 – Bustin’ Makes Me Feel Good


Episode 109 – Dr Who In The House Of Horrors

Pooling is for everyone!! Ghostbusters code next week? Elvira’s House of Horrors Early comments Post leak comments Doctor Who / Radagast coming to TPF Jurassic Park code Stern book update Data east Battle Royale results Current games lastability Joe Tips the Top 100 – Doctor Who Walking Dead / Attack From Mars Stream Joe’s Critical…Read more Episode 109 – Dr Who In The House Of Horrors


Episode 108 – LIONMAN!!

Playfieldgate update Car problems Fixing humans is also hard Data East Battle Royale Vote here: https://www.polltab.com/bracket-poll/_KuGVfeeI Englishman in OZ Joe Tip the Top 100 – Swords of Fury Pinball History Lord of the Rings vault Batman 66 Tutorial video New slap save update


Episode 107 – Pindemonium with Mrs & Dr Pin

Mrs Pin and Dr Pin join the show Fun in Hershey Playfieldgate What’s causing it? What’s the fix? Who fixes it? Joe moves machines Dutch pinball update Coast 2 Coast – Roger Sharpe with Sam Stern TNA soundtrack expanded Houdini production over Paul Jones on TV Stolen machines Joe / Pins Tip the Top 100…Read more Episode 107 – Pindemonium with Mrs & Dr Pin


Episode 106 – The GOAT featuring Keith Elwin

Keith Elwin interview Iron Maiden retrospective Lessons learned Code update coming Adjusting the loop Bugs of success Jurassic Park The difficult 2nd album We digress about Sega machines Design process Homage to JPDE – Tri-Ball!! Designing the T-Rex Layout Rules Animations / Art New code and heading to 1.0 Pinburgh highlights Joe / Keith Tip…Read more Episode 106 – The GOAT featuring Keith Elwin