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B+ Player Radio was founded by professional wrestling ring announcer Mark Adam Haggerty and features brand new podcasts every day from wrestlers, comedians, actors, musicians, and more!


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B+ Player Radio was founded by professional wrestling ring announcer Mark Adam Haggerty and features brand new podcasts every day from wrestlers, comedians, actors, musicians, and more!






Mario, Chaos & The Kid: Episode 41 Welcome Back / Taking It To The Streets

Episode 41: Mario & Chaos welcome The Kid back from his assignments. Chaos talks about almost getting thrown through a plate glass window. Mario recounts getting smacked by The Dynamite Kid. Mark Adam Haggerty gets book in 105 states, AND MCK Podcast will be taking it to the streets next week LIVE!!! On September 30th 7PM at Odies Place in Hamden, CT. Come on out and see the boys LIVE!!!!


Mario, Chaos & The Kid Episode 40 - The Cuban Panini

Episode 40 - The Cuban Panini : This week, Mario and Chaos MINUS The Kid discuss Dieselmania 4 results and potential fallout including the crowning of the new PAPW heavyweight champion. They also talk about the return of Dangerous Dan Spivey. and much more.


Mario, Chaos Ft. The Kid Episode 39 - He Had An Aneurysm

Episode #39 - He Had An Aneurysm: The Kid is still MIA. Mario & Chaos talk about EVERYTHING from Hurricane Dorian to Cher to Michael Bolton, to Holliday rewatching The Sopranos, to PAPW DieselMania IV. DM4 Predictions from The One. And Mario wants to know who the fuck Mike Babchik is???


Mario, Chaos & The Kid Episode #38 - Triple Trouble

MCK Episode #38 - Triple Trouble: The Kid is still on assignment. Covering for him this week are PAPW Tag Team Champions The Haven and Kylon King. All three discuss their careers, and life at the PAPW training facility. The Kid phones in. We also get a call from Big Steve Tracey and hear how he feels about The Haven, and his bid for Mayor of East Haven. Also news on matches scheduled for DieselMania IV coming up Friday September 13th. Don't miss it.


Mario, Chaos & The Kid Episode #37 - The One

Episode #37 - The One: Perez covers for The Kid who is on assignment as Mario & Chaos discuss Friday Night Alley Fights Results and the upcoming Dieselmania 4 which will take place Friday September 13th, 2019. Who the fuck is "The One"??? Mario gets the stink face from The Nasty Boys ,then EVERYONE gets the stinker as a skunk invades the studio.


This Week In Wrestling - Monday August 19th 2019

This Week In Wrestling - Monday August 19th 2019 by B+ Player Radio


Shot Of Wrestling Ep. 176 - BCW 25 And Counting

It's time to get together and celebrate the 25th show by BCW, and what a show they put together. The tournament to crown the first tag team champions begins with round 1, another qualifier for the King of the Monsters match and Darius Carter defends his championship against Eric Jayden. Listen in to hear what happened and feel the immediate fall out of all the action! What a way to send MJP off on vacation.


This Week In Wrestling - Tuesday August 13th 2019

This Week In Wrestling - Tuesday August 13th 2019 by B+ Player Radio


Wrestling IQ 101 Ep. 132 - Overtime TJ Crawford

In this episode the WIQ 101 Guys talk to TJ Crawford. We talk to TJ about separating from The Beach Bums and going solo. He also tells us about his experiences with Create-A-Pro and all he has learned under Pat Buck. We talk about his experiences of working on Impact wresting and his upcoming unsanctioned match against Aaron Bradley for Syngery Pro Wrestling. TJ also answers the question we all want to know. Who has better pizza Chicago or New Jersey? All this and tons more on this episode...


Shot Of Wrestling Ep.175 - Bryce Remsburg

Fresh off his honeymoon, Marc Chouen is back. He's a little wiser, little darker and a little heavier. Together we learn the locations of the next few AEW tapings, the salaries of some big names in the WWE and could the Smackdown fist be making a comeback. We look back at BWF and learn who espacped New York and look forward to BCW's 25th show. All this and Green Man sits down with newly signed AEW offical, Bryce Remsburg!


Mario & Chaos (and The Kid) Ep. 36 - Shut the Fuck Up!!

Episode #36 (David Cone): Mario, Chaos & The Kid discuss Friday Night Alley Fights and Rumble In Paradise results. Mario discusses hierarchy and respect. Has Paradise Alley found a new home??? Who will face Marcel Williams at Dieselmania IV? Listen and find out...


Wrestling IQ 101 Ep. 131 - American Murder Society

In this episode the WIQ 101 Guys sit down and talk to Aaron Bradley and Steve Off, collectively known as American Murder Society. AMS tells us their future plans and how this team was formed. They tell us why they believe they can both be successful getting to the next level as a tag team. We discuss Steve's influence on Aaron and they have both helped each other professionally. Aaron also tells us about his upcoming Unsanctioned Fight against TJ Crawford at Synergy wrestling on September...


Shot Of Wrestling Ep. 174 - Ophidian

This episode, MJP breaks down he news of the week. We stop to remember the late King Harley Race, AEW sells out in hours & Broken Skull IPA beer could be heading to a store near you. After teasing it on our social media, we finally reveal our big announcement and Green Man chats with Ophedian the Cobra!


Mario & Chaos (and The Kid) Ep. 35 - She Joined The Convent

Episode 35 - She Joined The Convent: Ten Bell Salute for the great Harley Race. Special guest MLW Tag Team Caampion and Former PAPW Champion Richard Holliday joins Mario, Chaos and The Kid. Holliday discusses his career and future plans in wrestling. He also gives advice to young workers on how to stay healthy. Mario talks about working with Harley Race, and respect in the business. Also, The Big Rumble In Paradise event On 8/10/19 In Shelton, CT. with 30 participants including Richard...


Shot Of Wrestling Ep. 173 - RAW Reunion, WWE Network Face Lift, More...

Busy week in the world of pro wrestling. Raw Reunion took place, and we got to see some old faces we haven't seen in a while. Some people loved it, while some others didn't, so basically a typical episode of Raw. AEW and TNT officially announced the date and location for their weekly show, and people are eagerly awaiting the tickets to be released. All this plus Jimmy Uso get arrested, WWE Network gets a make over and we listen to the sneak peek of our interview with Bryan Idol.


Wrestling IQ 101 Ep. 130 - GLOW's Lightning

Straight outta your favorite comic book all the way to Wrestling IQ 101 it’s Glow’s Lightening. This superhero proves that she can kick butt in the ring and out! From wrestling in Japan, to modeling, acting and being a successful stunt double this Glow girl is hitting her stride! We chat about her meeting her fans and so much more! Cheryl Rusa shares some information on the 2019 GLOW Cruise taking place from September 7th though 19th. 7 unforgettable nights out at sea with some of GLOW...


Shot Of Wresting Ep. 172 - Curt Stallion

This week, Hollywood brings his best friend to the show, and we don't mean MJP. Carson makes his podcast debut and realizes the boyhood dream. They debate what is the launching point of the attitude era, chairs to the head and the impending debut of AEW. We get to listen to Carson and Marc promo battle, listen in to find out who came out on top and who walks out Jeopuddy Champion!


This Week In Wrestling - Tuesday July 23rd 2019

It's a brand new episode of "This Week in Wrestling" presented by the American Sports Connection and powered by B+ Player Radio. Discussing the latest and greatest news from throughout the worlds of mixed martial arts and professional wrestling. Follow the American Sports Connection all throughout social media @ASCPods


Wrestling IQ 101 - Synergy Garden State Invitational Coverage

Andrew on this episode of Wrestling IQ 101 heads over to Synergy 12th event as they presented the “Garden State Invitational” on Saturday July 20th. Hear exclusive interviews from the roster both prior and after their matches. Interviews include: Mark Adam Haggerty Brandon the Bull Josh Briggs Warhorse Terra Calaway “Retro” Anthony Greene “ King of Chaos” Logan Black David Adams Mike Del “Overtime” TJ Crawford TJ Blade Apostles of Chaos: Chris Benne & Jason Sinclair Functionised: Jim Goetz,...


Wrestling IQ 101 - Synergy Garden State Invitational 2019 Card Preview

Join Colin West and Andrew on this episode of Wrestling IQ 101 as they preview Synergy 12th event as they present “Garden State Invitational” live on Saturday July 20th. Matches include: Mike Del vs Blk Jeez vs Jordan Oliver vs Eric Corvis Matt Macintosh vs Frightmare GSI Tournament Matches Homicide vs Jonathan Gresham Warhorse vs Brandon Kirk Anthony Greene vs Jimmy Rave Josh Briggs vs Joe Gacy Plus so much more! Follow WIQ 101 on Twitter & Instagram : @wrestlingIQ101 Follow Derrick on...