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Empowerment Radio Network is the nation’s only Black Economic & Financial Empowerment Platform dedicated to the dissemination of financial information and wealth creation 24/7. The network specializes in financial education and training which attracts High Net Worth African Americans and those interested in becoming High Net Worth Individuals. Founded in 2012 by Dr. David M. Anderson Sr. and partially financed by textile Billionaire Peter Nygard. Empowerment Radio Network is a 100% Black owned radio network and has been home to powerful radio shows and great voices including Bev Smith, Warren Ballentine, Roland Martin, and Dr. Rashad Richey. This unique target demographic has the capacity to create an incredible amount of wealth over the next 30 years. In order to accomplish this a select group of Proven Subject Matter Financial Wealth Experts must impact the radio, TV and social media with real financial solutions and strategies. Empowerment Radio Network has built the platform for these ideas to take root in the minds of the people who have been disenfranchised and misinformed by the status quo. Prospectus advertisers interested in tapping into this demographic to create awareness for their products have a huge opportunity to access this powerful demographic.




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