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Every week, Mort White shares his love affair with mother nature and over 1.5 million listeners. The Magic Garden is a mix of well hewn garden wisdom, whimsical humor and theater. On air since 1981, Mort's naturalness comes through loud and clear. With a quick pun, he can turn a listeners driest question into a springboard for a zany reply. Asked once the wisdom of killing slugs with beer, Mort's response was simple and direct: "It only works with the alcoholic slugs." A member of the pioneers in broadcasting and the Garden Writers of America, Mort White continues to write a nationally syndicated column, ads for key sponsors and makes regular appearances around the country for various organizations. Mort also has produced television programs of gardens throughout North America. He has been a consultant to major horticultural companies, but his true love is the connection he makes with his audience on The Magic Garden Show